Go Getters Gonna Go Getcha

S1, EP10 "Go Getters Gonna Go Getcha"

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Krystal helps Judd out of a jam; Cody finds himself pulled in two directions; Bets puts her foot down; Buck and Pat see an opportunity.

Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2019 • Showtime East • 49m
Wham Bam Thank You FAM

S1, EP9 "Wham Bam Thank You FAM"

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The Orlando FAM community braces for the Wham Bam Thank You FAM 37th Anniversary Jam; Krystal's loyalties are tested; Obie opens his heart to some orphans; Harold says a cuss word.

Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2019 • Showtime East • 42m
Birthday Party

S1, EP8 "Birthday Party"

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Krystal loses her job, but gets a personal invitation to Paradise Cay; Roger trains Cody in security protocols; Ernie and Bets cha-cha.

Original Air Date: Oct 06, 2019 • Showtime East • 46m
Flint Glass

S1, EP7 "Flint Glass"

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Krystal takes initiative and drums up some press for her business; Cody finally gets some one-on-one coaching; Bets isn't sure about FAM.

Original Air Date: Sep 29, 2019 • Showtime East • 46m
American Merchandise

S1, EP6 "American Merchandise"

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Krystal rubs elbows with the upper crust; Cody makes a surprising business proposal; Ernie finds his rhythm as a recruiter and celebrates with pizza.

Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2019 • Showtime East • 44m
Many Masters

S1, EP5 "Many Masters"

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Obie and Louise Garbeau host a lavish motivational retreat at Paradise Cay for Washington-level entrepreneurs.

Original Air Date: Sep 15, 2019 • Showtime East • 52m
Manifest Destinee

S1, EP4 "Manifest Destinee"

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Stricken with a bird disease; Krystal goes on an odyssey; a collection of vintage motivational tapes changes Cody's destiny; Ernie tries recruiting.

Original Air Date: Sep 08, 2019 • Showtime East • 43m
A Positive Spin!

S1, EP3 "A Positive Spin!"

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Krystal and Cody throw a rally; Ernie tries to connect with his son; Stan finds a new supplier for the water park.

Original Air Date: Sep 01, 2019 • Showtime East • 49m
The Gloomy-Zoomies

S1, EP2 "The Gloomy-Zoomies"

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Krystal networks her way into an opportunity in the beauty pageant industry; Cody tries to be his own workhorse; Ernie builds a time capsule.

Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2019 • Showtime East • 49m
The Stinker Thinker

S1, EP1 "The Stinker Thinker"

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Krystal Stubbs doubles down on her husband's dreams while he wrestles with leaving his job; Cody loses a friend, but meets his hero.

Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2019 • Showtime East • 44m