The Asian Unicorn
S2, EP18 "The Asian Unicorn"
In Vietnam, Forrest treks through the world's largest cave searching for the saola in a hidden oasis; this exotic species was only recently discovered, but rumors swirl that The Asian Unicorn might already be extinct.
Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf
S2, EP17 "Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf"
The southern Rocky Mountain wolf hasn't been seen in almost 80 years, but recent cattle attacks spark the possibility that is still exists; trekking high into the Sierras, Forrest is determined to bring it out of hiding.
Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Ivory Billed Woodpecker of the Bayou
S2, EP16 "Ivory Billed Woodpecker of the Bayou"
Forrest is determined to find out if the famously reclusive Ivory Billed Woodpecker still exists; the alligator and poisonous snake infested swamps of Louisiana make for a challenging mission, but he is prepared for anything.
Original Air Date: Dec 11, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Colombian Dinosaur
S2, EP15 "Colombian Dinosaur"
Deep in the jungles of Colombia, Forrest is on a mission to prove the Rio Apaporis Caiman still exists. Locals believe this crocodilian resides within a lawless land inhabited by guerilla rebels, kidnappers, and deadly predators.
Original Air Date: Dec 04, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
The Hidden Turtle of Vietnam
S2, EP13 "The Hidden Turtle of Vietnam"
In Vietnam, Forrest teams up with a conservation group to save the largest turtle species in the world from extinction; using cutting edge technology, they attempt to find a suitor for the last and only surviving Giant Softshell.
Original Air Date: Nov 27, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Madagascar Dwarf Hippo
S2, EP12 "Madagascar Dwarf Hippo"
Known for being a pint-size version of its African cousin, the Malagasy Dwarf Hippo has been written off as extinct for 1000 years; Forrest and a local biologist to trek through the bush of Madagascar to prove it still survives.
Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
The Caribbean Monk Seal
S2, EP11 "The Caribbean Monk Seal"
Forest sets off on a dangerous, shark-infested search for the extinct Caribbean monk seal, to prove its existence, he and the crew descend into deep waters where they come face-to-face with a giant tiger shark.
Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
The Legendary Cape Lion
S2, EP10 "The Legendary Cape Lion"
Forrest ventures home to Zimbabwe in search of the mysterious Cape lion; he and the crew navigate the African bush determined to get DNA proof, facing threats of charging rhinos and huge prides of lions.
Original Air Date: Nov 06, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
The Dracula Monkey of Borneo
S2, EP9 "The Dracula Monkey of Borneo"
Forrest returns to the volcanic islands of Indonesia to find the Millers grizzled langur, otherwise known as the Dracula monkey.
Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
The Galapagos Giant
S2, EP8 "The Galapagos Giant"
Forrest is in the Galapagos seeking the Fernandina tortoise, an animal that was only seen once, over 100 years ago; the clues are here, along with an abundance of unique species, raising hopes of a historic discovery.
Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Sneak Peek
S2 "Sneak Peek"
Wildlife adventurer and biologist Forrest Galante explores the real stories behind animals thought to be gone forever and tries to prove their existence so he can protect them and help them thrive again.
Animal Planet • 1m