Pit Bulls and Parolees

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Pit Bulls and Parolees"Pit Bulls and Parolees" follows the work of Tia Torres, a renowned trainer of pit bull terriers and a founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center. The rehabilitation and placement center houses hundreds of abused and abandoned dogs of all breeds, and the center has a crew of paroled felons who help Torres and her daughters Tania and Mariah care for the animals. It is a chance at redemption for both man and man's best friend.
S8, EP10 "A New Best Friend"Tia and her crew race to rescue an abandoned pit bull stranded in an empty house; at Villalobos, Tia's dog Jethro falls dangerously ill while a mother and daughter arrive seeking a new best friend.
S8, EP7 "First Time for Everything"Trying to rescue a tied up dog in an abandoned house proves to be a challenge for Tia; Tania tries her hardest to find a unique dog a home, but a health scare puts the adoption at risk.
S8, EP1 "New Frontiers"The new season introduces a new satellite shelter for Villalobos in nearby Assumption Parish.
S8, EP8 "Blindsided"Tia races to save the life of a dog that's been shot; a scared and sick puppy running loose near heavy traffic is pursued by Matt and Lizzy; Tia faces an agonizing decision after a home inspection raises red-flags.
S8, EP4 "New Heights"Adventurous Californian couple want to find a new dog to replace their recently passed one; Matt must hurry to save puppies trapped under railroad ties; sad news comes to Villalobos.
S12, EP6 "A Puppy's Journey Home"Villalobos is stretched thin when rescue calls come in one after another; a couple from rural Idaho visits the shelter; Mariah Torres and parolee Leigh help a neighbor whose dog has become too much to handle.
S13, EP3 "A Family Connection"A VRC senior dog finally gets a chance to have a forever home when a couple from Idaho comes to New Orleans to find a new family member.
S11, EP3 "Live From the Bayou: The Dogs Who Made Us"Remembering the first pit bull that Tia rescued, and the dog that walked Tania down the aisle; the family looks back at the most memorable dogs.
S12, EP2 "A Brother's Return"Country Matt returns to help his brother, a new parolee, overcome his fear of dogs; M2 races to save a stray exposed in the hot sun; at the Villalobos Rescue Center, a couple is eager to adopt a new friend.
S19, EP6 "The Road Ahead"As the new VRC location nears completion, Tia and the team prep to welcome the public for a volunteer day; an Ohio couple feels a powerful connection with deaf dog Ben; Mariah draws on her passion for motorcycles to honor her beloved pit bull Tater.
S18, EP6 "Change on the Horizon"Tia's plans to handle the flooding at the Claiborne Warehouse change when a hurricane heads toward the city of New Orleans; M2 and Kenani rush to prepare for baby number two, and Tia and Tania's Texas rescue mission takes a sudden turn.
S18, EP5 "Sound of Silence"At a Mississippi shelter, Tia gives a hybrid wolf-dog a second chance; at the vet, Lizzy is forced to make a tough call for a new VRC resident and later helps a pair of hearing-impaired canines; a California man visits to find a fur-friend.
S18, EP4 "Mother of Chaos"Now a mother of two, Lizzy leans on Tia to help find a work-life balance; a California couple hopes to adopt a dog that will be comfortable in the pool; Mariah's mission to save an injured dog leads her to something completely unexpected.
S18, EP3 "Life in a Cage"VRC is at its limit when the amount of rescues and drop-offs rise; Lizzy and Toney travel to a remote part of the city to save a trio of orphaned dogs in a dire state; veteran tenant Lil Rocky faces a cancer scare.
S18, EP1 "Evading Capture"On the streets of New Orleans, the VRC crew is on a mission to catch a runaway dog; a Californian family wants a new furry family member; a paralyzed pup named Polly takes a trip to the vet; Mariah pitches a fundraising idea to the parolees.
S17, EP5 "Befriending a Beast"After rescuing 30 hybrid wolf-dogs, Tia, Tania and the twins return to Texas; in the French Quarter, the pandemic forces Tia to shut down her restaurant, and Toney and Earl band together to deliver meals to the elderly using Tahyo Tavern's resources.
S17, EP4 "Diamond in the Rough"In the midst of the global pandemic, Tia and Mariah must shut down their beloved restaurant and boutique, but they look to a new beginning; a Villalobos senior canine veteran finally finds a forever home.
S17, EP3 "Earl's Path"Earl and Toney join forces to rescue a canine from an abandoned home; Mariah is forced to make a difficult decision for her fur-baby, Tater.
S17, EP1 "Invisible Enemy"Tragedy strikes after Tia and M2 agree to take two malnourished hounds from a rural shelter; Mariah and Lizzy give two dogs a positive outcome while working through the global pandemic; M2 reveals an exciting new life chapter.
S17 "200th Episode"The Villalobos crew celebrates 200 episodes and recounts precious memories, from Mariah's beauty pageant days to memorable rescues; the highs and lows of living the rescue life.
S16, EP7 "Everything for Emma"Mariah looks for a homeless woman needing to give up her beloved pit bull; Lizzy prepares her favorite rescue for a home after dealing with its medical issues.
S16, EP6 "One Man's Treasure"Toney and Earl rescue an aggressive dog that is found tied up in front of an abandoned home; Mariah helps a deserted canine that is struggling with neurological issues.
S16, EP5 "Last Chance Rescue"Tia races to a rural shelter in Louisiana to rescue four dogs from euthanasia; Mariah and Toney give a scared, shy dog a shot at a forever home; a unique canine gets a chance at a dog program in a Pennsylvania prison.
S16, EP4 "Danger Ahead"When Kenani is in a serious motorcycle accident, Tia and the Villalobos crew must band together to ensure him a speedy recovery; a retired Marine visits the center to find a forever fur-friend; Lizzy and Earl rescue a hound found in a parking lot.
S16, EP3 "Rescued From War"Tia takes in a pit bull that was rescued from terrible conditions in Kuwait; an adopter travels from Michigan in hopes of finding a new best friend; when a stray dog ends up at Villalobos, Earl is determined to track down its owner.
S16, EP2 "The Toughest Choice"Tia and Earl face a decision about an elderly hound needing medical attention at an Alabama shelter; an abandoned, aggressive dog is found roaming a trash-filled backyard.
S16, EP1 "Unexpected Call"When two lovable pups are dropped off at Villalobos' dog boutique, the VRC crew is determined to get them back to good health; a young woman comes in searching for a canine to experience the "Big Easy" lifestyle with her.
S16 "Fall From Grace"Mariah and Spencer rescue a dog with severe injuries; a parolee gets arrested; a couple hope to find a friend for their bulldog.
S16 "Rescue Dogs Reunited"Tia and M2 welcome back a couple who want to reunite their adoptee with her former best friend; Mariah and Toney discover a hound in desperate shape; Mariah does everything in her power to nurse VRC's first Louisiana rescue back to health.
S15, EP11 "Not Giving Up"The crew helps pregnant Lizzy find an injured, older dog roaming the Ninth Ward; a long-time employee gets some exciting news about his future; Mariah helps a pooch battling tumor surgeries that is in need of a forever home.
S15, EP10 "You Are Free"Tania tries to rescue a puppy that's hiding beneath a shed; a potential adopter visits Villalobos to find a friend for her dog and she's only interested in the hounds; a beloved employee learns he's finally off parole.
S15, EP9 "Dogs in Prison"A Pennsylvania prison offers to take 20 dogs from Villalobos; an emaciated pit bull fights for its life; a potential adopter travels from Michigan to meet a dog that stole her heart.
S15, EP8 "A Dream Realized"Two strays lead Lizzy and Villalobos employees on a wild goose chase; a grandmother comes to Villalobos looking for another canine companion, but her dog has other plans; Tania pursues her dream to write a children's book.
S15, EP7 "Unexpected Development"As Moe and Lizzy reveal they are expecting a second child, parolee Spencer announces he's expecting his first; alongside a busy road, an injured dog is found and things don't go as planned when Lizzy's favorite canine goes up for adoption.
S15, EP6 "The Villalobos Bowl"Before heading to New York City's Dog Bowl, Mariah and M2 prepare their most eligible rescues for the big day; Toney and Earl discover an emaciated stray dog roaming a nearby neighborhood; a lone trucker comes to VRC to find a forever friend.
S15, EP5 "Escaping Death"Tia heads to South Carolina to save an aggressive dog that is in danger of being put down; a couple from Florida comes to Villalobos, hoping to find a dog that will enjoy retired life with them; parolee Toney Converse takes on more responsibility.
S15, EP4 "Saved From the Fight"Tia is called in to help rescue five injured dogs from a dog fighting situation; parolee Spencer gets out of jail and returns to Villalobos; Tia asks Spencer to help out with an adoption as a way to keep him on the straight and narrow.
S15, EP3 "Pack of Puppies"A Harley-loving adopter arrives; Mariah and Lizzy struggle to catch a stray pit in New Orleans East; when a litter of black pit-mix puppies are dropped off at the Sanctuary, Tia and M2 turn to social media to adopt them out.
S15, EP2 "Twist of Fate"Tia and M2 take to the water to prepare a pit bull for her forever home; a new parolee comes to Villalobos from Boston, hoping stay on track so that he can make his teenage son proud; a stray dog is near death when Lizzy and Heidi find him.
S14, EP9 "The Sweetest Thing"The family of Mutt, a Villabos employee who recently passed away, meets the dog he chose for them; Tia and M2 go on a wild goose chase near a middle school.
S14, EP8 "Never Too Late"Lizzy tries to track down the owner of a dog tied up outside the rescue; an older couple comes looking for their first dog, but their choice requires some special temperament testing; when a dog develops allergies, Mariah looks for a natural cure.
S14, EP7 "Sisters in Rescue"When a three-legged dog has trouble finding a forever home, Amanda Giese from Panda Paws Rescue comes to New Orleans to help; parolee Troy shares life-changing news with Tia and the VRC crew; Villalobos helps an employee's dad find a new companion.
S14, EP6 "Match Made Perfect"Lizzy and Elise struggle to rescue a stray dog on the train tracks near the Villalobos warehouse; Mariah enlists help to get to the bottom of Tater's nagging pain; a senior dog with a long medical history finally has her shot at a forever home.
S14, EP5 "Treasure Not Trash"Tania is shocked by what she finds once she gets a stray dog back to the rescue; an empty nester brings her family to Villalobos to help her find a companion; the family is determined to solve a messy pigeon problem.
S14, EP4 "Happy Howl-o-Ween"Villalobos celebrates Halloween by throwing a costume party for dogs to help raise money for the rescue; an old friend from the TV crew comes to adopt a family member; Lizzy struggles to rescue a stray dog in the middle of the night.
S14, EP3 "Home Is Where the Dog Is"One of Earl's favorite senior dogs finally has a chance at his forever home; Tia heads to a small shelter in rural Louisiana to help with a hound; Tania, Mariah and Lizzy take on a project that showcases dogs in their forever homes.
S14, EP2 "Here in Their Golden Years"Wanting to give the senior dogs a special place, Lizzy, Tania, and Mariah create a retirement center at one of the warehouses. And, Lizzy rescues a dog that has one of the worst skin conditions she has ever seen.
S14, EP1 "Raised in Rescue"Return adopters visit Villalobos to find a dog that will feel at home on their boat; Tania and Mariah head out to rescue a stray that is hiding beneath a shipping container; parolee Jammall starts to slip up, risking his future at the rescue.
S13 "Sneak Peeks"It's a jam-packed season filled with higher stakes, and for Tia, another opportunity to fight for these special animals who deserve a chance at life.
S12, EP1 "Village of Wolves"Villalobos is tested like never before when Tia and her crew are called upon to rescue a pack of wolf-dog hybrids abandoned by a backyard breeder; with law enforcement threatening to kill the dogs, the pressure is higher than ever.
S9, EP4 "Down Below"A woman travels all the way from San Diego to give one of Villalobos' senior dogs a chance at a home; Lizzy and Marcel search for a mama dog's lost puppies out in the country; a new parolee makes a helpful discovery on his first day.
S5, EP17 "Perfect Match"Tia heads to a dangerous part of New Orleans to rescue a mama dog left to die; a tropical storm threatens to disrupt Tania and Perry's wedding.
S4, EP14 "Storm on the Horizon"Tia readies for the worst as hurricane season approaches; a clue may help Mariah and the twins locate a dog's owner; Rico's grandparents adopt a shy dog.
S2, EP4 "A Fighting Chance"Tia is touched by a heartfelt adoption application from a former prisoner turned mixed martial arts fighter.
S2, EP3 "A Final Verdict"With more dogs arriving every week and husband AJ heading to trial, an exhausted Tia struggles to maintain control at Villalobos; matters worsen when Tia gets a heart-wrenching call that puts her husband's fate in her hands.
S1, EP2 "Redemption"A cast of Renaissance fair pirates look to adopt a pit bull; Tia's husband faces a bail hearing.
S1, EP1 "Second Chance Ranch"Tia Torres works to rescue and rehabilitate pit bulls at the Villalobos Rescue Center with the help of her family and a team of parolees.
"Black & Decker Overcome the Curse of the Black Dog"Dogs Black and Decker were overlooked time and time again, likely due to the curse of the black dog, and lack of unique appearance; it was a long time coming, but they're both living their best lives in forever homes.
"Miracle Dog Hilda Finds a Greater Purpose"Hilda was on death's door when a good Samaritan found her on the side of a street in New Orleans; after much rehab and work, Hilda was adopted and became a therapy dog.
"Where Are They Now?"Tia remembers beloved dogs and parolees who have passed through the doors of Villalobos, sharing updates on their post-rescue lives.
"Lopez Finds His Perfect Match in Maryland"Found emaciated and alone in an abandoned house, Lopez's shy and quiet disposition made it difficult for him to find a home; fortunately, the right person came into his life and whisked him to a forever home in Baltimore.
"Swimmers Syndrome Pups Hannah & Caleb Find the Spotlight"Hannah and Caleb were found in deplorable conditions and had to work hard to overcome physical limitations; these two pups overcame the odds, with Hannah even landing a spot in Puppy Bowl XIV.
"Wolf Dog Hybrid Omega Finds Her Pack"Omega is born just one week after her mom's dramatic rescue; it doesn't take long for her to find her best friend - a girl named Shi.
"Pit Bulls and Parolees" follows the work of Tia Torres, a renowned trainer of pit bull terriers and a founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center. The rehabilitation and placement center houses hundreds of abused and abandoned dogs of all breeds, and the center has a crew of paroled felons who help Torres and her daughters Tania and Mariah care for the animals. It is a chance at redemption for both man and man's best friend.
Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2009
Genres: NatureTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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