Father Knows Best

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Father Knows BestJim Anderson copes with the everyday problems of his growing family.
S3, EP15 "The Angel's Sweater"The Christmas holiday is threatened when Jim's sister spends the holidays with the Andersons.
S5, EP14 "Christmas Story"The Andersons recall an earlier Christmas they spent out in the country.
S6, EP32 "Betty's Graduation"Jim recounts to Kathy how Betty once had to face graduating from high school.
S6, EP31 "Not His Type"Betty's friends almost have a falling out just as they're planning to get married.
S6, EP30 "Bud Lives It Up"Bud tries to impress a girl in Chicago with money he does not have.
S6, EP29 "Betty's Career Problem"Betty finds that she is competing with the same young man for several positions.
S6, EP28 "Blind Date"Betty chastizes her friends for poking fun at a college student.
S6, EP27 "Love and Learn"Margaret gets a tutor for Bud to help him with his English class.
S6, EP26 "Family Contest"The Andersons enter a picture contest with the winners going to Hawaii.
S6, EP25 "Adopted Daughter"Kathy recalls when she thought she was adopted.
S6, EP24 "The Five Hundred Dollar-Letter"A $500 check arrives as reward for a kindness.
S6, EP23 "Bud, the Speculator"Betty secretly plans to help Bud out of a jam he's gotten himself into.
S6, EP22 "Time to Retire"Bud tells Jim that he would like to work for him when he gets out of college.
S6, EP21 "Jim's Big Surprise"The Andersons are initially disappointed with Jim's surprise.
S6, EP20 "The Big Test"Bud is unfairly accused of cheating.
S6, EP19 "Cupid Knows Best"Frank asks Margaret's help to romance a girl.
S6, EP18 "Kathy's Big Deception"Kathy is terrified when she realizes that a white lie she started has snowballed.
S6, EP17 "Second Best"Betty is dismayed when she realizes that she has never won first place in any event.
S6, EP16 "Togetherness"A magazine writer is asked to write an article on the Anderson family.
S6, EP15 "Bud Hides Behind a Skirt"When Bud is stopped for reckless driving, he fears he will lose his license.
S6, EP14 "Father, the Naturalist"Margaret recalls an earlier time when Jim went all out to help Kathy with a school project.
S6, EP13 "Betty's Double"Betty wins a movie star's look-alike contest.
S6, EP12 "Good Joke on Mom"Margaret tries to convince her family that her new job is a very important one.
S6, EP11 "Turn the Other Cheek"Jim and Kathy both learn a lesson when each is cheated by someone they trusted.
S6, EP10 "Bud, the Willing Worker"Bud takes a job at the same gas station where Betty's boyfriend works.
S6, EP9 "Kathy Becomes a Girl"Kathy is hurt when she realizes that all her girlfriends are shunning her.
S6, EP8 "Margaret's Old Flame"Jim and Margaret decide to attend their college homecoming.
S6, EP7 "First Disillusionment"Bud tells Kathy about his first disillusionment.
S6, EP6 "Bicycle Trip for Two"Jim tries to repeat a remembered bicycle trip.
S6, EP5 "Bud Plays It Safe"Bud dates the daughter of the football coach to ensure he gets on the team.
S6, EP4 "The Impostor"A young lawyer who just arrived in town tries desperately to meet Betty.
S6, EP3 "The Gardener's Big Day"The Andersons' gardener is chosen to make a presentation to the governor.
S6, EP2 "Bud Branches Out"Bud's first day at college is a little more than he can handle.
S6, EP1 "A Day in the Country"The Andersons are not overjoyed at the prospect of going to Margaret's family reunion.
S5, EP38 "The Gold Turnip"Bud wants to break tradition at graduation.
S5, EP36 "The Great Anderson Mystery"The Andersons are too engrossed in a TV show to pay any attention to Kathy.
S5, EP35 "Bud Has a Problem"Bud is told that if he does not pass physics, he will not graduate.
S5, EP34 "Live My Own Life"Kathy decides that she's had enough and wants to leave home.
S5, EP33 "The Meanest Professor"Bud is amazed to learn that his class yearbook is to be dedicated to an unpopular teacher.
S5, EP32 "The Promised Playhouse"Jim recalls when he promised Kathy a playhouse.
S5, EP31 "Bud and the Debutante"Jim and Margaret become alarmed when Bud starts dating the daughter of a very rich man.
S5, EP30 "Formula for Happiness"Jim is puzzled after he is awakened in the middle of a strange dream.
S5, EP29 "Art of Romance"The Andersons recall a near catastrophe when Jim decided to "help" Bud with his romance.
S5, EP28 "An Extraordinary Woman"Jim and Margaret are pleasantly surprised when they are visited by a mutual college friend.
S5, EP27 "Two Loves Has Bud"Bud has problems deciding between two girls whom he wants to date.
S5, EP26 "It's a Small World"Margaret has a problem of conflicting dates when Jim goes to New York and she has a club meeting planned.
S5, EP25 "Betty Makes a Choice"Betty learns a dance competitor's secret.
S5, EP24 "A Man of Merit"Jim learns that he is being considered to receive an outstanding citizen award.
S5, EP23 "Kathy Grows Up"Kathy decides that she wants to be an adult.
S5, EP22 "Crisis Over a Kiss"Bud finds himself with more than one problem when he "rescues" his sister.
S5, EP21 "Bud, the Campus Romeo"Bud gets a swelled head after he hears several girls talking about him.
S5, EP20 "Hard Luck Leo"Jim tries to help his cousin Leonard find a job.
S5, EP19 "Big Shot Bud"Bud finds he cannot replace the money he borrowed.
S5, EP18 "The Ideal Father"Uncle Charlie is sure that Jim has spoiled his children rotten.
S5, EP17 "The Good Samaritan"Bud tries desperately to do a good deed for a stranger.
S5, EP16 "Kathy, Girl Executive"Kathy becomes president of a family corporation.
S5, EP15 "The Basketball Coach"Jim offers to coach Bud's basketball team.
S5, EP13 "The Great Experiment"Jim gets the Anderson family into discovering the wonders of modern living.
S5, EP12 "Margaret Wins a Car"Margaret wins a car in an orphanage's raffle.
S5, EP11 "Bud, the Snob"When Bud phones a girl for a date, Jim thinks he's rude and suggests an apology.
S5, EP10 "Fair Exchange"An Indian exchange student (Rita Moreno) visits.
S5, EP9 "Betty, the Pioneer Woman"Betty decides to re-enact the town's founding.
S5, EP8 "Bud, the Caretaker"Bud is given the responsibility of taking care of a neighbor's car.
S5, EP6 "Always Plan Ahead"Jim plans to teach the children a lesson and almost loses the class.
S5, EP5 "Frank's Family Tree"The Andersons' gardener lies about his family.
S5, EP4 "Voice From the Past"Bud plans a homecoming week with the accent on the space age.
S5, EP3 "Kathy's Romance"Kathy is stricken by puppy love for a neighborhood boy.
S5, EP2 "Be Kind to Bud Week"Betty is assigned to write a theme on devoted brothers and sisters.
S5, EP1 "Vine Covered Cottage"Ralph, Betty's boyfriend, asks for her hand in marriage.
S3, EP17 "Margaret Hires a Gardener"A kindly Spanish man adopts the Andersons and becomes their gardener.
S1, EP12 "The Christmas Story"Jim is disappointed by his family's attitude toward Christmas and decides to do something about it.
S1, EP11 "Margaret Goes Dancing"Jim and Margaret go their separate ways when Margaret signs up for dancing lessons.
Jim Anderson copes with the everyday problems of his growing family.
Original Air Date: Oct 3, 1954
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
4 seasons available on demand (70 episodes)
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