S22, EP17 "Bias"

Airs: Mar 31, 2023

When a public defender is murdered, Cosgrove and Shaw are surprised to find Price at the crime scene; his involvement in the trial compromises the case.

NBC • 60m

S22, EP16 "Deadline"

Airs: Mar 24, 2023

When a celebrated journalist is killed, Cosgrove and Shaw explore an unpublished report involving a prominent politician; Price and Maroun fight an uphill battle when their only credible witness is currently awaiting trial for another heinous crime.

NBC • 60m
Fear and Loathing

S22, EP15 "Fear and Loathing"

On Demand

Cosgrove and Shaw must unravel a string of false crime reports to get to the truth surrounding a respected doctor's murder; Shaw becomes the target of retaliation when he files a complaint against two patrol officers.

Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2023 • NBC • 42m

S22, EP14 "Heroes"

On Demand

After shots are fired in a popular nightclub, Cosgrove and Shaw suspect the spree was a ruse to target a sole victim; when security footage mysteriously disappears, Price and Maroun must rely on a witness who values reputation over facts.

Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2023 • NBC • 42m

S22, EP13 "Mammon"

On Demand

When a graduate student is found dead, Cosgrove and Shaw follow the evidence to a suspect with no clear motive; Price and Maroun uncover a money-grabbing scheme within a church; McCoy warns them to focus on the suspects and not the institution.

Original Air Date: Feb 02, 2023 • NBC • 42m
Almost Famous

S22, EP12 "Almost Famous"

On Demand

After a teenager is killed, Cosgrove and Shaw discover what lengths kids will go to become internet famous; Price and Maroun take a risk to go after whom they believe to be the real criminal in the case, but they wind up back where they started.

Original Air Date: Jan 26, 2023 • NBC • 42m
Second Chance

S22, EP11 "Second Chance"

On Demand

When an ex-con is found beaten to death, Cosgrove and Shaw arrest an unlikely culprit; Maroun must put her personal feelings for the suspect aside and take the lead in court when she and Price can't agree on the best trial strategy.

Original Air Date: Jan 12, 2023 • NBC • 42m
Land of Opportunity

S22, EP10 "Land of Opportunity"

On Demand

When a homeless migrant is murdered, evidence leads Cosgrove and Shaw to a mysterious cover-up at a construction site; Price and Maroun push a key witness to testify, knowing that speaking out could lead to legal consequences.

Original Air Date: Jan 05, 2023 • NBC • 42m
The System

S22, EP9 "The System"

On Demand

A suspect arrested for murder escapes police custody after months of waiting for his day in court; as a hostage situation erupts, Shaw must re-examine his conduct as the arresting officer; Price questions his faith in the justice system.

Original Air Date: Dec 08, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Chain of Command

S22, EP8 "Chain of Command"

On Demand

When a decorated military veteran is found murdered in his own home, Cosgrove and Shaw work with his daughter to uncover an important clue; Price and Maroun must untangle the stories of other service members to make their case.

Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Only the Lonely

S22, EP7 "Only the Lonely"

On Demand

A crisis consultant who's made many enemies on behalf of her clients is murdered; Price and Maroun must set aside the potential damage to a witness's reputation to strengthen their case.

Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Vicious Cycle

S22, EP6 "Vicious Cycle"

On Demand

When a fashion designer is killed on the night of his boutique opening, Cosgrove and Shaw must track down a suspect with very little evidence and no witnesses; Maroun is shocked to find her own name on the defense's witness list.

Original Air Date: Nov 03, 2022 • NBC • 41m
12 Seconds

S22, EP5 "12 Seconds"

On Demand

Cosgrove and Shaw piece together the clues of what happened to a murdered law student, uncovering a web of blackmail and lies; Price fights to have a piece of shocking testimony thrown out.

Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Benefit of the Doubt

S22, EP4 "Benefit of the Doubt"

On Demand

When the young author of a tell-all book is found dead, Cosgrove asks a former mentor for help with the case; Price has an uphill battle in court when a search and seizure is deemed illegal.

Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2022 • NBC • 42m

S22, EP3 "Camouflage"

On Demand

A deadly subway shooting has Cosgrove and Shaw racing to find the culprit before another attack is orchestrated; Price and Maroun struggle to put their ethical principles aside when the U.S. Attorney's office pushes for the death penalty in the case.

Original Air Date: Oct 06, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Battle Lines

S22, EP2 "Battle Lines"

On Demand

A politician's daughter is found dead after an apparent mugging; once Cosgrove and Shaw start to unravel the details behind her trip, they realize this isn't a random act of violence; Price makes a risky move; Maroun works to salvage their case.

Original Air Date: Sep 29, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Gimme Shelter -- Part 3

S22, EP1 "Gimme Shelter -- Part 3"

On Demand

A girl is shot and Cosgrove teams with Detective Jalen Shaw to track down her killer; Benson and Stabler assist and realize it's more than a typical homicide; McCoy and Price seek justice against an international crime ring; part 3 of 3.

Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2022 • NBC • 42m