Episode Eight
S2, EP8 "Episode Eight"
On Demand
The survivors prepare for a final attack on the aliens that could change the entire course of recent events; Bill understands that humanity's survival depends on him.
Original Air Date: Aug 01, 2021 • EPIX • 49m
Episode Seven
S2, EP7 "Episode Seven"
On Demand
Catherine, Sophia and Nathan are finally united with Bill and the group in London; as Catherine and Bill share their knowledge of the aliens they make a devastating realization about how the alien race came into existence in the first place.
Original Air Date: Jul 25, 2021 • EPIX • 48m
Episode Six
S2, EP6 "Episode Six"
On Demand
Catherine focuses on computer algorithms left by a human survivor which explain the behavior of the alien creatures and makes a startling discovery about how the aliens traveled to earth.
Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2021 • EPIX • 48m
Episode Five
S2, EP5 "Episode Five"
On Demand
Catherine makes new discoveries about the aliens as she, Nathan and Sophia continue their search for Bill in London; Bill explains his plan to infect the aliens with a virus.
Original Air Date: Jul 11, 2021 • EPIX • 49m
Episode Four
S2, EP4 "Episode Four"
On Demand
Catherine, Nathan and Sophia find an ally to help them get to London, but their trip is not without danger; as Adina, Reuben and the other aliens search to find Bill Ward, they realize that they're not immune from danger themselves.
Original Air Date: Jun 27, 2021 • EPIX • 49m
Episode Three
S2, EP3 "Episode Three"
On Demand
Bill secretly injects Emily with a biological weapon he hopes to use on the aliens; when she becomes sick, some of the survivors head out to find insulin in order to treat her; the resistance base is attacked and the survivors are forced to flee.
Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2021 • EPIX • 49m
Episode One
S2, EP1 "Episode One"
On Demand
Six months after Emily disappeared on an alien ship, the London survivors have set up a resistance base from which they plan to fight back; the aliens have since appeared and they look exactly like humans.
Original Air Date: Jun 06, 2021 • EPIX • 49m