S1, EP10 "Diaspora"
Val makes a surprising request, with lasting repercussions; Ella surprises Beto in Mexico, and her presence brings up unexpected truths; Lucia goes out of her comfort zone; Emilio leans on Natalia when the family's social worker returns.
Original Air Date: Mar 04, 2020 • Freeform • 61m
S1, EP9 "Mexico"
An unexpected family reunion in Mexico exposes cracks in the happy facades both the Acosta children and their parents have put up; Emilio collaborates with Natalia on a new song and bonds over their romantic histories.
Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2020 • Freeform • 42m
Dos y dos
S1, EP8 "Dos y dos"
Lucia continues to try to impress activism mentor Sully; Natalie shares Val's secret with Emilio and as a result, Val tries to reconnect with her parents; Beto encourages Ella to move in with her mother and discovers a secret about Ella.
Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2020 • Freeform • 42m
Speak for Yourself
S1, EP7 "Speak for Yourself"
Lucia decides to host a fundraiser at the restaurant and finds her voice along the way; Emilio faces an identity crisis; Beto goes behind Ella's back; Val struggles to maintain her false identity, but is outed to a member of the family.
Original Air Date: Feb 12, 2020 • Freeform • 42m
Patch Job
S1, EP6 "Patch Job"
After Rafa's ER visit, Emilio realizes he needs help and finds himself opening up; Beto tries to impress Ella and falls short; Lucia becomes inspired by an immigration activist; Val enrolls in a dance class and takes on a new persona.
Original Air Date: Feb 05, 2020 • Freeform • 42m
S1, EP5 "Rafa"
Just when Emilio thinks he has it together, baby Rafa becomes ill; after a visit to the emergency room, the Acosta siblings reevaluate how to approach parental duties; Ella and Beto become closer; Lucia continues to risk her safety for Matthew.
Original Air Date: Jan 29, 2020 • Freeform • 42m
Authentic Mexican
S1, EP4 "Authentic Mexican"
Emilio sees an opportunity to make extra money catering on the side; at the party, Beto encounters Ella and a flirtation begins; Lucia finds her voice in an unlikely way; Val unravels when she learns about her mother's new job in Mexico.
Original Air Date: Jan 22, 2020 • Freeform • 42m
Long Distance
S1, EP3 "Long Distance"
Emilio renegotiates an unfair business deal; Beto is devastated to learn his older brother is dating Vanessa; Lucia attempts to help Matthew and discovers he too is undocumented; Val's dependency on her mother takes an unhealthy turn.
Original Air Date: Jan 15, 2020 • Freeform • 42m
Margin of Error
S1, EP2 "Margin of Error"
After their parent's deportation, Emilio struggles to adapt to his new responsibilities as primary caretaker for his siblings; Val prays for a miracle; Lucia makes a new friend; Beto feels the pressure to step up as an older brother.
Original Air Date: Jan 08, 2020 • Freeform • 42m
S1, EP1 "Pilot"
When ICE deports their parents, life for the five Acosta siblings is turned upside down; oldest son Emilio puts his music career on hold to move back home and take care of his siblings.
Original Air Date: Jan 08, 2020 • Freeform • 45m