The Turducken of Golf
S3, EP10 "The Turducken of Golf"
Finalists face off on three of the course's most popular holes; the round one winners battle it out in the second knockout round, where one is eliminated; the final two champions face off on the longest extreme mini-golf hole ever created.
Original Air Date: Sep 23, 2021 • ABC • 60m
The Classic Dipsey-Doodle
S3, EP9 "The Classic Dipsey-Doodle"
Golfers launch themselves into Agony of Defeat, leaving the other pairs to fight through their nerves on Dutch Courage En Fuego; semifinalists try to stay dry on Hole Number Two and pay a visit to King Parthur's Court.
Original Air Date: Sep 09, 2021 • ABC • 43m
It's Family Night!
S3, EP8 "It's Family Night!"
Competitors face off against their own family members on Parcade, Putt-A-Saurus and Donut Hole; rivalries heat up on Dutch Courage En Fuego and one pair takes the plunge on Holey Matrimony.
Original Air Date: Aug 19, 2021 • ABC • 43m
These Boots Are Made for Putting
S3, EP7 "These Boots Are Made for Putting"
Competitors give it their all on the Agony of Defeat and test their balance on Turfing USA; Rob Riggle officiates Course Marshall Colin's wedding on the Holey Matrimony green.
Original Air Date: Aug 12, 2021 • ABC • 43m
Another One Bites the Donut
S3, EP6 "Another One Bites the Donut"
Golfers test their putting skills on Corn Hole, Putt-a-Saurus, Parcade, The Fishing Hole, Dutch Courage En Fuego, Donut Hole and King Parthur's Court.
Original Air Date: Jul 22, 2021 • ABC • 43m
Pretty Tee-rrific
S3, EP5 "Pretty Tee-rrific"
One contestant attempts a comeback after taking a big bounce on Putt-A-Saurus; another competitor makes an impressive near-save while jousting on King Parthur's Court; Rob Riggle shares more about the legend that is Curry the Kid.
Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2021 • ABC • 43m
Earth, Wind, Fire, Donuts
S3, EP4 "Earth, Wind, Fire, Donuts"
Golfers face three new holes, including Putt-A-Saurus, Parcade and Donut Hole; those who succeed face off on Dutch Courage En Fuego and joust their way to victory on King Parthur's Court.
Original Air Date: Jul 01, 2021 • ABC • 43m
No Apparent Fear of Death
S3, EP3 "No Apparent Fear of Death"
Two players face off on Holey Matrimony; a psychic goes up against a basketball mentor on the Agony of Defeat; the first contestant of the season survives the North Pole's Ho Ho Hole.
Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2021 • ABC • 43m
Silent Night, Holey Night
S3, EP2 "Silent Night, Holey Night"
The competition -- and two contestants' love lives -- heats up on a surprisingly romantic episode.
Original Air Date: Jun 17, 2021 • ABC • 43m
Holey Moley Goes Pro!
S3, EP1 "Holey Moley Goes Pro!"
Stephen Curry is determined to take the sport of "Holey Moley" pro; commentating dream team Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore return to the booth to watch the action unfold.
Original Air Date: Jun 17, 2021 • ABC • 43m