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Flip or FlopTarek and Christina El Moussa lead dizzying professional lives. After finding success as real estate agents and then experiencing the drastic downside of the housing market, the Californians switched career gears: They now buy distressed properties -- foreclosures, short sales and bank-owned homes -- remodel them and sell them at a profit. At least, that's the way it's supposed to work. "Flip or Flop" tracks the El Moussas' roller-coaster journey in each episode, beginning with a cash purchase at auction of a home -- often sight unseen -- and the fix-it-up process, to the nail-biting wait to find a buyer.
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S10, EP15 "Stairway To Nowhere"Tarek and Christina try out a new contractor on a high-end flip in Sunset Beach, Calif., but new connections come with new problems.
S10, EP14 "Spanish Lessons"Tarek and Christina take on a huge project with an elaborate Spanish design that has proven to be difficult and costly in previous flips; they hope their past experiences will be enough to get everything just right and master this complicated style.
S10, EP13 "Red Hot Flip"Tarek and Christina head out of their comfort zone to flip a house in Covina, Calif.; the property seems like a good deal, but they need to get everything perfect to take advantage of a fast-moving market.
S10, EP12 "Suburban Flip"Tarek and Christina find a suburban house they believe is ripe for the flipping; while modernizing such a small home should be no problem, the duo may have bitten off more than they can chew when faced with costly but necessary upgrades.
S10, EP11 "Century Flip"Tarek and Christina take on a 100-year-old house in a historic neighborhood of Santa Ana, Calif., where they're faced with the challenges of preserving the home's original charm while modernizing it to today's standards.
S10, EP10 "Townhouse Flip"Tarek and Christina take on a huge project in the upscale beach community of Corona del Mar, California, where trying to meet the highest standards of architecture and design proves to be no easy task in this seaside townhouse flip.
S10, EP9 "Surf City Flip"Tarek and Christina head to Huntington Beach, CA to check out a large home in a nice neighborhood; the home is dated and has a boxy layout that could deter buyers.
S10, EP8 "Lucky Lakewood"Tarek and Christina head to Lakewood, CA to flip a home on a street where they have flipped multiple other houses; they have always gotten lucky by taking risks in this neighborhood.
S10, EP7 "Take It or Leave It"Tarek and Christina take on a house in Costa Mesa, California, with major foundation problems; while they lean on their past experience to leverage a good deal, the amount of work needed to fix the issues could crack their budget wide open.
S10, EP6 "Back to the Basics"Tarek and Christina find the perfect flip in Norwalk, California, but to avoid blowing their budget on over-improving the home, they'll need to utilize all of the fundamentals and rely on their experience to sell this house quickly.
S10, EP5 "Addition Condition"Tarek and Christina find a house in Anaheim, California, with some strange additions that could cause problems down the line; they team up with contractor Izzy Battres to make the most of this house without blowing their budget.
S10, EP4 "Flashback Flip"Tarek and Christina head outside their comfort zone to flip a house that needs some work in Walnut, California; with few fixed-up homes nearby, the couple hopes to leave their mark by setting the standard for local comps in this new neighborhood.
S10, EP3 "Time is Money"In order to take advantage of a hot market, Tarek and Christina plan a quick flip for a small house on a big lot; while their fast moves could land a big payday, they risk rushing the important details and creating bigger problems down the road.
S10, EP2 "Groovy Flip"Tarek and Christina are challenged by a home with unique style in Fullerton, Calif.; while they try to go with the flow of the home's design, they are met with problems that just don't jive with their renovation vision.
S10, EP1 "Takeover Flip"Tarek and Christina take over a project in Highland Park, Calif., that the previous owner abandoned mid-flip; when their inspection reveals that it doesn't have a roof, they'll have to piece this puzzling house together.
S9, EP15 "Prickly Flip"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a house in Lakewood, Calif., but can't get inside because tenants are still in the home; after buying it sight unseen, they learn a huge water bed has leaked all over the floor.
S9, EP14 "Enamored by the View"Tarek and Christina get a chance to flip a house in San Clemente, Calif.; when the cost to fix the foundation catches them by surprise, they realize they may have been too enamored by the panoramic views of the ocean to see the potential problems.
S9, EP13 "Smelly Time Capsule"Tarek and Christina find themselves in a stinky 1958 home in Whittier, Calif., that hasn't been updated in decades; as they make costly decisions to open up the floor plan and create an en suite, they also encounter termite damage and a water leak.
S9, EP12 "Filthy Flip"Tarek and Christina have seen some nasty houses during their years of flipping, but a home in Garden Grove, Calif., might take the cake; as they attempt to update the old house, they encounter new problems that make them question their choices.
S9, EP11 "Fifties Flip"Christina convinces Tarek to take on a classic '50s flip in Norwalk, Calif., but updating the vintage home and creating a more functional layout for contemporary buyers proves to be a challenge as they navigate a tight profit margin.
S9, EP10 "Flew the Coop"From dirty carpets to rotten food, Tarek and Christina thought they had seen the worst of this house in Cerritos, California.
S9, EP9 "Go Big or Go Home"Tarek and Christina take on one of their biggest projects to date in Anaheim Hills, Calif.; modernizing this '90s mansion will cost them a fortune, and if they don't get the design just right, it could jeopardize the profit and their investment.
S9, EP8 "Tilted Flop"A flip in Mission Viejo, California, looks promising until Tarek and Christina discover cracks and uneven floors -- this house is slipping off the hillside! After receiving a hefty quote for the fix, they realize this home may put them over the edge.
S9, EP7 "Covered Costs"Tarek and Christina buy a house sight unseen in Orange, Calif.; when they discover it's been vandalized and the owners covered a gross pool in the backyard, Tarek and Christina fear they will not be able to recoup their costs.
S9, EP6 "Far Out Flip"Tarek and Christina are lured to North Hollywood, CA, by a 1930s Spanish home. They want to appeal to trendy Los Angeles buyers by preserving the historic architecture, but the home's inconvenient distance causes unexpected issues during renovations.
S9, EP5 "Cut and Run"Tarek and Christina flip a house in a cookie cutter neighborhood of Laguna Hills, Calif.; the drywall has been torn up, exterior siding has been left off and it looks like someone left the house in a hurry.
S9, EP4 "Stiff Competition"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a house in an upscale neighborhood of North Tustin, Calif.; when they show up to view the house, they face competition from other investors.
S9, EP2 "Better Be Quick"With so many flips in play, Tarek and Christina take out an expensive hard money loan to flip a house in Fountain Valley, Calif.; with the added pressure to flip the house fast, they juggle design decisions amidst a tight timeline.
S9, EP1 "Back House Flip"Tarek and Christina find a small house in Lakewood, CA and discover an unpermitted addition; Tarek and Christina must bring the addition up to code or tear down the nicest part of the house.
S8, EP18 "Broken Flip"Tarek and Christina flip a house with a weird vibe in Anaheim, Calif.; they can't tell if someone is squatting in the house or if someone is pranking them.
S8, EP17 "Treasure Hunt"Tarek and Christina flip a house in Fullerton, CA, with a fantastic view. When strange additions and design challenges collide, however, this quick flip turns out to be harder than anticipated.
S8, EP16 "Million-Dollar Cookie Cutter"Tarek tackles a cookie-cutter home in Newport Beach, Calif.; he works with contractor Jeff Lawrence and pulls out all the stops to take his flip to the next level.
S8, EP15 "Big House, Big Budget"Tarek and Christina take a risk on a huge home in Anaheim Hills, Calif., in hopes of making more money after sharing the profits.
S8, EP14 "Small House, Big Problems"Tarek and contractor Izzy Battres take on a small house in Fullerton, Calif.; the seemingly easy flip becomes difficult when removing a wall creates a nightmare with the city.
S8, EP13 "Buyer's Remorse"Tarek and Christina get a smoking deal in Yorba Linda, Calif.; they spend big money to remove a fireplace, but when Tarek goes behind Christina's back and changes a tile design, she tackles the new fireplace herself.
S8, EP12 "Hoarding Potential"Tarek's friend, Robert, wants to get into flipping, and they buy a home sight unseen in Lakewood, Calif.; when they discover it's a major hoarder house filled with junk, Robert worries they made a mistake.
S8, EP11 "Turf Wars"Tarek and Christina team up with their friend Pete De Best to renovate a house in Yorba Linda, Calif.
S8, EP10 "Cliff Makeover"Tarek and Christina take on an expensive mid-century house in Anaheim, Calif., designed by architect Cliff May.
S8, EP9 "Additional Problems"Tarek and Christina find a house in Long Beach, Calif. with tons of potential; as work begins and problems spring up, they hope they haven't bitten off more than they can chew.
S8, EP8 "Money Mirage"Tarek and Christina buy a tri-level house in Irvine, Calif., sight unseen; after opening up the tiny kitchen and updating the master bedroom, there's still a lot to do with a shrinking budget.
S8, EP7 "It's a Dump"Tarek and Christina flip a house in Lakewood, Calif., near one of their previous flips; they hope to repeat their past success, but modernizing an old house comes with a high price tag.
S8, EP6 "Midcentury Money Pit"Tarek and Christina flip a house in Fullerton, Calif., right across the street from Tarek's first flip; before renovating, they have to deal with crumbling concrete and figure out the market for the house.
S8, EP5 "Alarming Flip"Tarek and Christina return to the street of a previous flip in Cypress, Calif; when they can't agree on a design for the kitchen, they decide to settle matters with a quick game of hoops.
S8, EP4 "Bankrupt Flip"Tarek and Christina find a good deal in a familiar neighborhood in Anaheim, Calif.; they need to act fast if they want to lock it in, but they have to make an offer without seeing the inside.
S8, EP3 "Flea Bag Flip"Tarek and Christina believe they have a lead on an easy house to flip in Rowland Heights, Calif., but once they get inside, they find a lot of problems that will test their skills.
S8, EP2 "Fish Out of Water"Tarek and Christina take on a flip in West Covina, Calif., but the distance and their uncertainty of what buyers expect in the area lead to disagreements on the scope and design of the house.
S8, EP1 "Unpermitted Flip"Tarek and Christina flip a home in Rowland Heights, Calif., that is jam-packed with issues including a large pool in a small backyard.
S7, EP24 "We've Been Through It All"Tarek and Christina open up with their rags-to-riches story; from the casting tape that started it all, to Tarek's near fatal cancer scare to the birth of a child, Tarek and Christina share their inside story on their most emotional moments.
S7, EP23 "From Drab to Fab Design"Tarek and Christina open up about how the look of their flips has changed over the years and how they've come into their own as designers; the drab-to-fab designs that helped shape their journey from rags to riches.
S7, EP22 "No Business Like the Flipping Business"Tarek and Christina give the inside scoop on everything from being a young couple with a new baby and lots of debt, to watching their breakup become a tabloid headline; the duo describes their worst purchase ever as well as their largest flip.
S7, EP21 "Risky Business"Tarek and Christina reveal the biggest risks they've ever taken including dangerous security issues, losing a family member, keeping up a post-divorce working relationship, and more.
S7, EP20 "Infested Flip"Tarek and Christina land on a small three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that needs a lot of work in Santa Ana, Calif.; while deciding how to rehab the home, the duo clashes over style so they decide to compete to see whose design is better.
S7, EP19 "Fantastic Flip"Tarek and Christina take on a home in a trendy Costa Mesa, Calif., neighborhood; Christina shoots for the stars with her designs, but Tarek has a hard time spending the money.
S7, EP18 "Rotten Flip"Tarek and Christina gamble on a million-dollar possibility in Anaheim Hills, Calif., rotted with mold; Tarek wrestles to keep the project on track while Christina tip-toes around her ex being in a bad mood as things get worse with the home.
S7, EP17 "What's Old Is New Again"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a home in Hacienda Heights, Calif., where they find some outdated designs and others that are back in style; the retro property could be profitable in this hot market, or they may find something hiding inside.
S7, EP16 "Rock Bottom Flip"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a house in Whittier, Calif.; the home is dirty and dated, with a large fireplace in the center that will cost a fortune to update; they struggle to find a happy medium between design cost and profitability.
S7, EP15 "Midcentury Markup"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a Santa Ana, Calif., home with mid-century architectural details that could sell for top dollar; they're forced to outbid other investors to snag the home, leaving them wondering if more money means more problems.
S7, EP14 "Tri-Level Flip"Tarek and Christina flip a four-bedroom, tri-level home in Orange, Calif. with a pool full of problems and a dated interior floor plan.
S7, EP13 "Dark and Dingy"Tarek and Christina find a good flip in Garden, Calif., but Christina is worried that Tarek's penny-pinching will prevent them from making the necessary design decisions to maximize profits.
S7, EP12 "Shattered Flip"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Lakewood, Calif.; their hopes and dreams of a great deal in a good neighborhood shatter when they discover that the dilapidated house has been vandalized.
S7, EP11 "New Normal in Arcadia"Tarek and Christina flip a large home in the unfamiliar neighborhood of Arcadia, Calif., but their differing opinions threaten their profit margin in an area with a high market standard.
S7, EP10 "Pigeonhole Flip"Tarek and Christina take on a home full of surprises in Santa Ana, Calif.; they work to modernize the house as much as possible to appeal to the modern-day buyer, but with every challenge comes many problems.
S7, EP9 "Two Houses For Sale"Christina wants to sell the home she got after her divorce, but she fears telling her husband, Tarek, because the news could send their house-flipping plan off the rails if they can't put the past behind them.
S7, EP8 "Bursting at the Seams"Tarek and Christina are out of town when they get a lead on a house in La Mirada, Calif., and are forced to buy the house sight unseen; Christina worries the house may be packed with problems, but Tarek believes big risks come with big rewards.
S7, EP7 "Junk-Pile Flip"In Long Beach, Calif., Tarek and Christina flip a small home that has big problems; what seems like a great home reveals an avalanche of problems, from the front door to the garage; this junk-pile flip is filled to the brim with hidden obstacles.
S7, EP6 "Flipping and Dating"Tarek gets a lead on a house in Diamond Bar, Calif., and asks Christina to meet him to view the property; Tarek rushes off for a date, however, and Christina relentlessly pokes fun at him, leading to a blowout.
S7, EP5 "Infringing Flip"A seller is looking to offload a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Garden Grove, Calif. that has an open floor plan, but one of its bedrooms may be illegally permitted.
S7, EP4 "Midcentury Maze"Tarek and Christina check out a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Garden Grove, Calif. that is dirty with a mosquito-infested pool but has the potential to be charming.
S7, EP3 "Post-Purchase Problems"Tarek and Christina head to Anaheim, Calif. to a home that appears to be in great shape and already has some major renovations completed, but the owner doesn't know how much they want to sell it for.
S7, EP2 "Switching Rooms"Tarek and Christina are contacted by a homeowner wanting to sell their four-bedroom home in Garden Grove, Calif., but they find the layout strange and question whether it's actually a four-bedroom house at all.
S7, EP1 "A Deceiving Deal"Tarek and Christina see an opportunity to purchase a three-bedroom house in Whittier, Calif. for a low price because the seller is looking to unload it quickly, and it's still tenant occupied.
S6, EP15 "Beaming With Potential"Tarek and Christina give an old home a colorful design in Cypress, Calif.
S6, EP14 "False Start Flip"Tarek and Christina hear about a home in El Monte, Calif., but they can't take a look at the inside before making an offer.
S6, EP13 "Hillside Horror"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a property in the upscale neighborhood of Palos Verdes, Calif., and while it may be small, it could sell for over $1 million.
S6, EP12 "Diving Into a Flip"Tarek and Christina buy a large home in Anaheim, Calif., with some strange additions that could end up costing them thousands and sacrificing footage; after a delay, Tarek and Christina finally have time to work on their own backyard remodel.
S6, EP11 "Lessons in Laguna Beach"Tarek and Christina head to Laguna Beach, Calif., for a look at a small home with an ocean view, but they aren't sure what to offer, having never flipped in the area before.
S6, EP10 "Wishful Workshop"Tarek and Christina renovate a home with a large workshop addition.
S6, EP9 "Hot Market, Fast Flip"Tarek and Christina get a sweet deal on a house; however, some problems arise during the flip and complicates the plans.
S6, EP8 "Ready-to-Flip Ranch"A seemingly easy flip in Anaheim turns out to have an issue with one of the bathrooms in the house; a wrench is thrown into the plans when it is discovered the bathroom is only a half bathroom and fails to meet code.
S6, EP7 "Double Lot Limbo"A home in Buena Park, California, with enormous potential; the home has a large lot in the back which can be divided from the house; however, the house has a list of issues which can set the project back.
S6, EP6 "Addition and Subtraction"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a home in Garden Grove, California, that is in need of a major makeover; the house is small and needs a lot of work but it does have a large yard where they could add an extra bathroom or bedroom.
S6, EP5 "Poolside Potential"Christine and Tarek spot a house in Whittier, Calif., drenched in summertime potential; the large pool and backyard have seen better days, but the couple plan to make it an entertainer's oasis.
S6, EP4 "Pooling Value"Tarek and Christina find a large home in Cypress, Calif.; they take a gamble on adding a pool and updating the backyard, convinced that it will significantly increase their profit.
S6, EP3 "Backyard Staycation"A lead on a home in Riverside with a massive backyard and great views; Tarek and Christina envision a major transformation for the property.
S6, EP2 "Split-Level Falls"Tarek and Christina take on a split-level home in Long Beach, Calif.; as the backyard takes shape, unexpected interior costs threaten the budget.
S6, EP1 "Beachside Beauty"Tarek and Christina find a house that is miles from the ocean, with a small, tiered yard, and buyers in the area demand luxury.
S5, EP15 "Midcentury Miss"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a mid-century house in La Habra, California, that is towards the top of a hill; however, the margin of profit on this home is tight.
S5, EP14 "Doll House Flip"Tarek and Christina are contacted by a homeowner in Garden Grove, California, about a house they want to sell quickly.
S5, EP13 "Beached Bungalow"Tarek and Christina buy a charming bungalow home on the edge of a historic Long Beach, California, neighborhood; Christina loves the period details and design while Tarek loves that the good condition of the interior could mean savings in the budget.
S5, EP12 "Fast Money Flip"A home in Whittier, CA, is renovated on a tight profit margin.
S5, EP11 "Narrow Margin Flip"A partnership is tested by a tough flip in Anaheim, California.
S5, EP10 "Substitute Flip"A traditional single-story house gets a fresh makeover from Tarek and Pete.
S5, EP9 "Hidden Potential"A house on a busy street goes from unkempt to unbelievable.
S4, EP15 "A Family Friendly Flip"Tarek and Christina help a friend and novice flipper get his family home ready for sale, and at a higher price.
S4, EP14 "House of Hidden Horrors"Tarek and Christina consider an off-market listing in La Habra, Calif., which appears to need only cosmetic updates.
S4, EP13 "Pesky Flip"Tarek and Christina travel to Santa Ana, Calif., to check out an off-market listing, that appears to be in good shape.
S4, EP12 "Million Dollar Flip"The couple finds a short sale listing for a large home in the upscale neighborhood of Yorba Linda, Calif.
S4, EP11 "A Frantic Fiasco"Tarek and Christina find a mid-century property in Placentia, Calif., that is dated, but has a desirable size and layout.
S4, EP10 "Dilapidated Flip"Tarek and Christina find a property in Santa Ana, Calif., that could be a great entry level family home.
S4, EP9 "Natural Disaster"Tarek and Christina have a lead on a house in an upscale neighborhood, but it will be an expensive flip.
S4, EP8 "Boxed in Flip"Tarek and Christina find a house in Fullerton, Calif., that is in a good neighborhood, but the cramped floor plan poses a problem.
S4, EP7 "Trickle Down Flip"A rundown, overgrown house in Chino, Calif., may have more than cosmetic problems, which could threaten the profit.
S4, EP6 "Breaking Up"A potentially bad buy will need a lot of work to clear up known issues, but the exploding market could make the flip worth the risk.
S4, EP5 "Big Money Flip"An out-of-state seller desperately wants to sell an old family home and it has potential to be a great flip.
S4, EP4 "Diamond in the Rough"Tarek and Christina find a listing for a small home near the beach in Costa Mesa, Calif., but it will require a large renovation.
S4, EP3 "Fun House Flip"A short sale in Anaheim, Calif., will attract investor interest, but Tarek and Christina only have hours to determine whether or not they will flip the property.
S4, EP2 "Of Wreck and Ruin"An owner-listed property in La Puente, Calif., is in rough shape, and as the property is tenant occupied, Tarek and Christina cannot assess the inside.
S4, EP1 "No Risk, No Reward"Despite their project manager's numerous concerns, Tarek and Christina take the plunge with an Anaheim, Calif., trust sale property.
S3, EP15 "Abort Flip"Tarek and Christina must decide on a purchase based on what they can see from their car, but they feel it may be worth the risk.
S3, EP14 "A Pig in a Poke"Tarek and Christina invest in a trust sale in Fullerton, Calif., but could not have anticipated what they find.
S3, EP13 "A Dinky Flip"Tarek and Christina take on a small, outdated property in Downey, Calif., that has potential to be a fast, cosmetic flip.
S3, EP12 "Thrifty vs. Glitzy"Tarek is ready to move quickly with a friend on a cosmetic updating, easy flip, but Christina is not so easily convinced.
S3, EP11 "The Money Pit"When a Norwalk, Calif., property looks like a chance to make a profit, Tarek and Christina offer for the house without seeing it.
S3, EP10 "Big Lot, Little Flip"Tarek and Christina find a small, rundown listing on a large lot in Buena Park, Calif., with a low asking price.
S3, EP9 "A Flip With the Enemy"Tarek and Christina are offered the chance to split a flip, but it is difficult to work with competitors.
S3, EP8 "Too Good to Be True"After finding a clean house in good shape, Tarek and Christina rush to snatch up a simple cosmetic flip.
S3, EP7 "Freeway Flip"Tarek and Christina find a well-priced fixer upper in Anaheim, Calif., but in spite of the character, historic homes hide unknown problems.
S3, EP6 "Pipe Dreams"Tarek and Christina find a property in Garden Grove, Calif., that needs only cosmetic repairs and improvements.
S3, EP5 "Junk Yard Flip"Tarek and Christina find a small house with a huge structure in the backyard in Long Beach, Calif., but must buy without seeing it first.
S3, EP4 "Abandoned Flip"A short sale could prove to be a promising investment but the renovations are only partially finished.
S3, EP3 "Custom Craftsman"After buying a craftsman-style home in Santa Ana, Calif., a flipper needs help from Tarek and Christina with keeping on budget.
S3, EP2 "Toxic Flip"Although a house is boarded up and in rough shape, Tarek and Christina believe the numbers are worth the calculated risk.
S2, EP1 "Foreclosure Shock"Bidding on a distant property without a preview.
S1, EP13 "The Foreclosure Heebie-Jeebies"Tarek and Christina use their life savings to buy a house without seeing the interior.
S1, EP12 "Awkward Floor Plan"Tarek and Christina check out a foreclosure in Yorba Linda, Calif.
S1, EP11 "Inland Empire Cosmetic Nightmare"Tarek and Christina learn a house in Ontario, Calif., is going up for auction.
S1, EP10 "Facelift Flip"Tarek and Christina make an offer on a short sale.
S1, EP9 "The Moldy Mess"Tarek and Christina's hopes are dashed by mold in an upstairs master bathroom.
S1, EP8 "A Flip With a View"A high-end hilltop home with a beautiful view.
S1, EP7 "Keeping Up With the Joneses"A family home in Fullerton, Calif., will need a full remodel and a new roof.
S1, EP6 "The Bungalow Gamble"A studio may be a major selling point for potential owners.
S1, EP5 "Double Trouble Flip"A couple realizes that their recent flip purchase is a money pit.
S1, EP4 "Underwater Flip"Tarek i Christina dostrzegają wspaniały rodzinny dom w ekskluzywnej dzielnicy w Cypress w Kalifornii. Zwiedzają dom ze swoją kontrahentką, Izzy Battres, aby sprawdzić czy powinni złożyć swoją ofertę.
S1, EP3 "Vandalized Foreclosure"A couple learns the house they have had their eyes on has been vandalized.
S1, EP2 "Spanish Style Salvage"A foreclosed 1920s Spanish-style house in Santa Ana, Calif.
S1, EP1 "Flop House Flip"A couple buys a property at an auction and strives to flip the house.
Tarek and Christina El Moussa lead dizzying professional lives. After finding success as real estate agents and then experiencing the drastic downside of the housing market, the Californians switched career gears: They now buy distressed properties -- foreclosures, short sales and bank-owned homes -- remodel them and sell them at a profit. At least, that's the way it's supposed to work. "Flip or Flop" tracks the El Moussas' roller-coaster journey in each episode, beginning with a cash purchase at auction of a home -- often sight unseen -- and the fix-it-up process, to the nail-biting wait to find a buyer.
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