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Say Yes to the DressInside Kleinfeld Bridal, the Manhattan-based bridal salon that is arguably the world's finest. More than 250 professionals, most of them veterans from the shop's early days in Brooklyn, bend over backward to make each bride's experience unforgettable. Part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session, each "Say Yes to the Dress" episode looks at the personalities and craftsmanship that come into play as the Kleinfeld staff goes to sometimes extreme lengths to realize each bride's dreams.
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S22, EP6 "Not a Good Day, An Incredible Day"The trip down memory lane continues as Randy and Kleinfeld Bridal consultants, both past and present, trade stories of their favorite surprises, wildest weddings, most touching moments and most memorable celebrity encounters.
S22, EP5 "Now I Just Need to Find a Husband"Personal trainer Jessica needs a gown that shows off her muscular back; Marie-Therese is shopping for a wedding dress despite still being single; Ryleigh's mom has a laundry list of changes to make before she lets her daughter walk down the aisle.
S22, EP4 "The Just in Case Dress"Red already bought a just-in-case dress at another salon, but she doesn't want to settle; Randy gets a blast from the past; bride Shatava gets a taste of her own medicine.
S22, EP3 "Let's Give the Man What He Wants"Amanda's back at Kleinfeld to find a second dress after her fiancé tells her he hates her first pick; the pressure is on for Randy to find the perfect compromise; Courtney fights indecision; Kindra and Jamel forget a key element of their wedding.
S22, EP2 "The Three B's: Back, Biceps and Booty"Victoria wants to show off her back, her booty and her biceps, but Grandma wants her to cover up; Dominique has a little panic in the stockroom; Rachel hopes her decision to buy a dress before getting engaged was worth it.
S22, EP1 "I'm Gonna Be the Problem Child Here"Bride Nina is pressed for time to find a reception dress she can bust a move in; couple Ashley and Amber need to find a jumpsuit for Amber and a gown for Ashley to use her legs comfortably since she was born without use of her arms.
S21, EP4 "Can't We All Get Along and Get This Dress?"Liana heads to Kleinfeld to find a dress for her wedding that's only four months away; Meredith wants a dress that gives her that fairy-tale feeling; Bria brings her family to her final fitting, hoping they're all onboard with her choice.
S21, EP3 "Diva With a Capital D"Emerald tries to convince her wedding-planner mom to let her double her dress budget, and singer Jillian looks to her dad for approval; Elaina is back for her fitting with her sister, a diva with a capital D.
S21, EP2 "Is Anyone Even Listening to Me?"Kayla's overbearing family threatens to take over her appointment unless she stands her ground; Milan has many requests and may end up getting a customized dress instead; Prashanthi's last fitting goes a little bumpier than expected.
S21, EP1 "You Went From Snickers Bar to Caviar"Kerry wants to look like a snack on her wedding day, but her outrageous entourage keeps stealing her spotlight; Gretchen needs a gown all four of her sisters will love; Alex is back for her fitting, but she's wondering if she made the right choice.
S21 "Twenty Freakin' Seasons!"Randy and the Kleinfeld Bridal family, both past and present, gather to reminisce about the most outrageous, emotional and dramatic moments in "Say Yes" history.
S20, EP11 "A Season of Surprises"Some brides dream about their weddings their whole lives; with expectations this high, there are bound to be some shocking moments while searching for dresses; Randy takes a look back at some of the best surprises to happen this season.
S20, EP10 "Kleinfeld, Here I Come!"Randy shocks Kleinfeld with a surprise return and awes fellow designer Kim with his Beyonce dress; Elaina must take back control of her appointment from her bossy sister; Morgan worries her mom will reject her dress three months before her wedding.
S20, EP9 "Mom, You've Said Just Enough"It's new consultant Peter's first appointment; Christie's mom doesn't like plunging necklines or the energy of certain dresses; Monique is so picky that she has Mindy and Randy both stumped.
S20, EP8 "Thank You, Next"LaQuesha wants two blingy dresses fit for her royal highness; Jessica is convinced she's too picky; Isabella hopes her final look will come together before her wedding.
S20, EP7 "Ugly Duckling"After transitioning, Chloe hopes to find a dress that makes her feel like her true self; Jenny looks for a dress that takes the term center stage to a whole new level; Danielle is just hoping her dress fits.
S20, EP6 "Our Dress Has to Go Viral"Amanda obsesses over a Randy Fenoli dress; Kindra's pastor mom wants a modest dress, but Kindra has something sexier in mind; Kelsey's second dress fitting hits a snag when her belt goes missing.
S20, EP5 "I'm Not Crying, You're Crying"Alex looks for a black gown fit for Morticia Adams and Lucille Ball; Prashanthi needs a dress ASAP, but her appointment is in trouble when her future brother-in-law asks to see a topless dress; Jen's dress might not fit.
S20, EP4 "The Struggle Is Real"Chef Huda looks for a mermaid gown; Valerie seeks a black dress she can fit her bust into.
S20, EP3 "This Is My Husband, and This Is My Fiancee"An unconventional throuple need dresses for their wedding; one bride may have to compromise so the other can shine; Ashley, a doctor on the front lines of COVID-19, is tying the knot.
S20, EP2 "I'm Going by the Feel"Stacey needs a last-minute stunner for her reception; she's not convinced that she'll have an emotional reaction to an off-the-rack dress; Shaela is blind, but she knows what kind of dress she wants and just needs her mom to see her vision.
S20, EP1 "We Don't Always Have a Say Yes"Kendall Vertes of "Dance Moms" tries to help sister Ryleigh find a dress and stand up to their mom, Jill; Randy's assistant, Daniela, gets an unexpected dose of honesty from Randy.
S19, EP10 "Is It Crown-Worthy?"Alex searches for a sexy and sparkly Pnina; Jaqueline wants something unique; Emily needs her dress cleaned.
S19, EP9 "This Is a Randy Situation"Indecisive bride Jacqueline has a challenge for Randy; a hip-hop medium is on the hunt for the perfect black dress for her special day.
S19, EP8 "Whose Side Are You On?"Michaella is getting married in an Irish castle, and she wants a princess dress for less than a king's ransom; fashionista Shavonne has a high-style reputation to maintain.
S19, EP7 "Hollywood Meets Bollywood"Stephanie tries to please her squabbling parents, and a former pageant queen wants a dress with a Hollywood-meets-Bollywood vibe.
S19, EP6 "Watteau Is the Word of the Day"Jennifer wants to break out of her taekwondo uniform; Madison is forced to choose sides when the opinions of her two mothers collide.
S19, EP5 "She Popped the Thigh at Me"After Samantha meets her weight-loss goals, she must convince her mother to like the dress; a bride has a glam wedding in Puerto Rico.
S19, EP4 "You Look Like a Chicken!"A country girl is looking for a gown with bling; a socialite needs an extravagant dress for her royal Kentucky wedding, and a vintage Randy dress emerges.
S19, EP3 "Big Brother Hits Kleinfeld"A bride and groom from "Big Brother" shop together; social media pro Kristin must look perfect; chef Cat Cora gets married.
S19, EP2 "I Wanna Be Naked"The consultants have a client who wants to show all of her body on her wedding day; Randy is pushed for time when a bride has only a month until her big day.
S19, EP1 "A Birthday Surprise"Bachelor alum Caila finds her real-life prince charming, but to find her fairy-tale gown she must listen to her heart; ridicule for her love of feathers has Jocelyn heartbroken and her consultant scrambling; a birthday surprise is in the works.
S19 "Say Yes to the Dress at Home"The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the bridal industry upside down, forcing Kleinfeld to temporarily shut its doors. During the shutdown, brides continue to email Randy and the Kleinfeld family, and these are some of their stories.
S19 "Bride's Best Friend"Shopping for a wedding dress can get a little dicey, but brides can always count on their consultants to protect them from mean moms, nasty entourages and sometimes even themselves.
S18, EP11 "Dressed to Thrill"From dresses fit for royalty to dresses that are barely there, the brides take their shopping to a whole new level this season; Randy recalls the looks that killed and the dresses that thrilled.
S18, EP10 "Crazy Uncle Randy"Tracey's determined to find a black gown but mom says no; Randy helps his niece Danielle find the perfect dress.
S18, EP9 "Bedazzled Truck Driver"Rebecca has lost 90 pounds and won't let her mom keep her from her dream dress; Cassidy has her heart set on one particular Hayley Paige gown.
S18, EP8 "Fashionably Late"Chelsea's princess dream dress goes missing from the store; Cheryl finds fault with every gown she sees.
S18, EP7 "Cinderella Gone Wrong"After losing her dress in the California wildfires, Eryka comes to Kleinfeld hoping she can fall in love with a new dress; Shay helps Ashley feel sexy after losing over 100 pounds; Randy helps a desperate bride who's dress has disappeared.
S18, EP6 "Love at First Flight"Julianna wants the sexiest dress ever, but her fiancé's family are afraid she'll say yes to a dress she'll regret; jumpsuit enthusiast Randell wants a wedding onesie.
S18, EP5 "Randy Will Show You the Door"Randy steps in to quell Jessica's feisty friends as they help her make a decision; Marlo hopes she can keep her twin Margo's brutally honest comments in check.
S18, EP4 "Mom's Not on the Guest List"Kayla comes to Kleinfeld with her family to find a wedding dress but with one catch: they're not invited to the wedding; Dori wants to show her own style with a new dress while mom and Mama Dolly strongly encourage her to wear their 1950s gown.
S18, EP3 "200% Trouble With This Dress"Samantha falls for a dress that's twice her budget; Krystina wants simple while her mom wants over the top; Shannon orders a custom gown for her Irish ceremony.
S18, EP2 "I'm the Evil Mom Here"Samantha must rise above her bullying mom to find the perfect dress; Lia procrastinates so long that she's left with only one day to find her dress.
S18, EP1 "This Is Showtime"Jenna and Val from Dancing with the Stars waltz into Kleinfeld to find her dream dress; WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley steps out of the ring to help his friend Heather find a last minute dress after her first dress was ruined.
S17, EP11 "A Walk Down the Aisle"Emily needs a form-fitting dress to walk down the aisle with her fiancé, who will be taking some of his first steps after being paralyzed in a football accident; Tanya is an artist whose vision of a dress eludes Randy and Albany.
S17, EP10 "Bionic Bride"Crystal and her sisters have some severe sibling rivalry that she must rise above to find the perfect dress; Rebekah is known as the bionic model because of her prosthetic arm, and Randy makes it his mission to find her a dress.
S17, EP9 "Not With Those Chubby Arms"Angelica is looking for the perfect strapless gown, but her mom thinks her arms are too chubby to be seen; Tiffany and her crew of gospel singers are preparing for her holy matrimony, but may not sing praises to the same dresses.
S17, EP8 "Cheetah Bride"Sabrina Bryan of The Cheetah Girls has a dress-shopping date with designer Hayley Paige; one of Kleinfeld's own consultants is going to be a bride herself.
S17, EP7 "The WAG"Bride Lyndzie believes she was royalty in a past life and intends to have a royal wedding in this life; bride Ashley wants a dress that's not too revealing so her mom won't have a heart attack.
S17, EP5 "7 People With 7 Opinions"Superfan TK brings seven very feisty ladies with very different opinions to help her choose the "it" dress; actress Leslie has an unlimited budget but refuses to believe her opinionated mom chose the perfect wedding gown on the very first try.
S17, EP4 "Morticia Addams in a Good Way"Designer Hayley Paige drops in to help a bride who wants to look like a creepy fairy to match her skull centerpieces on her wedding day; with over 150 discarded dresses, Rachael is a bride with a penchant for pickiness.
S17, EP3 "A Purple Unicorn"Rock star and former bass player for Prince, bride Nik needs a one-of-a-kind dress for her aerial wedding ceremony; Teddi's wedding is only a few months away and she wonders if her dress will be ready in time.
S17, EP2 "Randy's Most Memorable Moments"Randy Fenoli revisits some of the most memorable appointments from the series; every bridal appointment is about finding an unforgettable gown, but often it's the brides and entourage members themselves that are truly memorable.
S17, EP1 "Hell Yes to the Dress"The sister of NBA star Stephen Curry hunts for her dream wedding dress; Cami Lee returns with her over-the-top mom in search of the perfect black dress.
S17 "Extended: Don't Show the Goodies"Stephanie has a big budget and wants a show-stopper dress for her second marriage; Courtney Burson is back and she may have finally made up her mind about a dress.
S16, EP11 "That's How You Dress a Lady"Randy's runway show is a big opportunity to prove he's back as a bridal designer for good; "Gold Rush" star Monica Beets and her colorful family have fun being fish out of water at Kleinfeld; bride Jaqueline and her mom butt heads.
S16, EP10 "Did I Hear Someone Say $16,000?"Randy's day is nonstop as he assists brides and auditions models for his runway show; Emanuela wants a sexy ball gown and she's not afraid to throw her dad's budget out the window; Marlena is finally dress shopping for a wedding years in the making.
S16, EP9 "I'm the Bride, Leave Some Space!"Nikki is looking for a fun, party-ready dress for her wild New Year's Eve wedding; bride Natalie dreams of a finding a massive ball gown.
S16, EP8 "There's a Shark in the Salon!"It's sink or swim for Randy when Barbara Corcoran of "Shark Tank" comes to Kleinfeld; bride Bridgette needs a dress, and then immediately run in a Vegas half-marathon.
S16, EP7 "Launching a New Marriage"Dress shopping with Cat Cora ("Iron Chef") and her fiancee, Nicole Ehrlich; to keep things spicy the girls want to hide their final looks from one another with blindfolds; Rain needs a dress that fits inside one of Coney Island's scariest rides.
S16, EP5 "Coco Is Not Impressed"Doga instructor Mariah looks for a princess dress and wants dog Coco to match; Jami is eloping to Paris and needs a dress as magical as her destination.
S16, EP4 "I'm Having a Moment"Bride Courtney expects to look at every dress in Kleinfeld until she finds the perfect one; bride Brianna wants a dress inspired by the movie "50 Shades Freed"; bride Angela runs a circus, but doesn't want to look like a performer at the wedding.
S16, EP3 "A Dress to Match My Black Heart"Feisty Camila's desire to buy a black dress may push her equally fiery mother over the edge; after years working as Pnina Tornai's right-hand woman, it's Ally's turn to be the bride.
S16, EP2 "Randy Just Showed You the Door!"Twins Marlo and Margo return, with Marlo as the bride; in a cruel case of karma, Margo's sass comes out and family drama further escalates upon the revelation of a major secret; bride Val needs a gown for her icy wedding atop an Alaskan glacier.
S16, EP1 "Everything Is on the Line"Excitement is in the air at Kleinfeld because Randy is going back to his bridal design roots; "Flipping Out"'s Jenni Pulos has a huge surprise for her friend and nanny, Monica; bride Carly may be demanding, but Mother Nature rules all.
S16 "Say Yes to the Prom"New York City students win a nationwide contest to have the prom of their dreams; Monte Durham and Seventeen magazine's Tiffany Reid help them choose designer dresses and tuxes before they dance the night away.
S15, EP10 "Empire State of Bride"The entire Kleinfeld team comes together to help Emily, who needs a dress for her 10-year vow renewal atop the Empire State Building in two days; Olympian Queen Harrison faces new hurdles while deciding on her dream wedding gown.
S15, EP9 "This Is My Fiancé... and This Is His Wife!"Bride Jennifer arrives at Kleinfeld with her fiancé and his wife; Glori only wants the trendiest of gowns straight off the runway; Amanda needs to leave with a dress today for her wedding inside a chapel made of ice.
S15, EP8 "My Sisters Are Picking out My Dress!"Arlicia is letting her opinionated sisters plan her entire wedding, which includes choosing her dress; Ameena has an unlimited budget and bridezilla tendencies; Karen is especially thankful to be shopping after nearly losing her fiancé.
S15, EP7 "We Don't Do Anything Normal"Bodybuilder Melissa needs a dress that shows off her muscles; Shay loses his cool with Randy as they help Kat, a bride with a tight budget;.Jasmine wants a unique bridal look to match her one-of-a-kind wedding on top of the Grand Canyon.
S15, EP6 "Not Hell Nor High Water"Randy is in Louisiana to save bride Kelli's big day after she lost everything in a devastating flood; social media star Claudia Oshry brings the sass to her appointment; Pnina Tornai feels the heat during Bridal Fashion Week.
S15, EP3 "I Want My Daughter to Look Like a Sexpot"Randy's mom visits for her 93rd birthday, and she's happy to share her fiery opinions with everyone; timid bride Courtney's appointment gets hijacked by her provocative mother; Katie needs a gown suitable for two big secrets.
S15, EP2 "The Shay Way"Jamiee and fiancée Lisa are shopping together, and to keep the brides from seeing each other's looks, the consultants plan a wild surprise; wedding planner Michelle tries to let go and enjoy being the bride; Shay confronts Randy.
S15, EP1 "10 Years Later and Busier Than Ever!"When Grammy-nominated rocker Elle King arrives, Randy and Shay have a dress disagreement; bride Lisa needs a gown for a wedding with dolphins.
S14, EP20 "Randy, I Think I Got This"New consultant Shay is excited to help with a surprise marriage proposal, but he rejects Randy's offer to help; former Miss USA Nia Sanchez has just one day to find her gown; comedian Jamie learns that dress shopping is no laughing matter.
S14, EP19 "There's a New Guy in Town"Randy discovers major changes at Kleinfeld, including the hiring of the first male consultant; bride Tolu contends with her opinionated sister; Amanda thinks her gown won't be modest enough for her orthodox wedding.
S14, EP11 "Bling, Lace and Cleavage!"Krystle loves attention, but her friends have reservations about her over-the-top dress; Maria shocks her pastor father with a sexy sheer bodice; only Pnina can help Jaclyn when she faces a major dress dilemma.
S14, EP10 "A Rainbow Unicorn Dress"Sharde dreams of a colorful dress to suit her rainbow unicorn wedding; bride Spencer wants a very avant-garde and dramatic gown for her big day; Sarah is shocked when the scissors come out during her fitting appointment.
S14, EP9 "I'm Not the Size of a Hanger!"Southern bride Danielle gets some help from her girlfriends to find the perfect glamorous gown; Jen wants a traditional dress for her beer-themed wedding; Katie worries that her large assets won't fit in her wedding gown.
S14, EP8 "You Are a Daredevil!"Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy, not afraid to take risks, waits until three weeks before her wedding to find a dress; Katie brings a list ranking her top gowns; Lori hopes her dress fits for her wedding in 9 days.
S14, EP7 "I Am Bride-yoncé"Bride Lauren loves dressing sexy, but she wants a gown that still feels bridal; Ali wants to look like Beyoncé on her big day, and needs a dress with tons of sparkle; Blair hopes her grandmother approves of her sexy dress.
S14, EP6 "I Won the Battle Against My Twin!"Bride Margo struggles to get her twin sister's approval of her dresses; Brenda needs all four of her sisters to agree with her dress choice; Amy worries her twin sister will think her dress is too revealing.
S14, EP5 "This Is Your Day"Randy gives back to Iraq and Afghanistan War veteran Alicia by surprising the shocked bride with a day at Kleinfeld; brides Margo, Brenda and Amy all struggle to get their sisters' approval.
S14, EP4 "I Am a Bride on a Budget"Lauren is in love with a dress that will blow her budget to shreds; Shoshana is paying for her own dress to complete her special day; Sara is over budget and must convince her father the dress is worth the money.
S14, EP3 "The Sasha Dress!""High School Musical" star Corbin Bleu helps his fiancé Sasha find her dream dress; bride Lauren loves a dress that will blow her budget; Liz is anxious to wear the Pnina dress she chose with friend Danielle Jonas.
S13, EP18 "The Sale Is On!"Brides come from around the country for Kleinfeld's famous sample sale where they will have only three hours to sort through hundreds of designer options to find their dream dress.
S13, EP17 "Sexy Sells"A bride's husband pushes her to choose a sexy gown; a bride returns for a dress that is even racier than her last; a bride is hesitant of her fiance's form fitting preference.
S13, EP16 "V.I.Pnina"VIP brides with unlimited budgets meet with designer Pnina Tornai, and try on gorgeous gowns with bling.
S13, EP15 "Drama, Drama, Drama!"WyQuasia's family spends more time bickering with each other than listening to what the bride wants; Shelley's enormous entourage have so many opinions, they make dress shopping impossible; Zabrina's mother demands her custom gown be redesigned.
S13, EP14 "Like Mother, Unlike Daughter"A bride's father grants an unlimited budget, but her mother disagrees with her sexy dress choices; one bride wants a ball gown, but her mother thinks form fitting is best; one bride allows her mother to dress shop for her.
S13, EP13 "Daddy Dearest"Searching for the perfect princess gown with a very opinionated father; a bride who's father passed away hopes to find a gown he would have loved; a bride worries her conservative father won't like her custom Pnina gown.
S13, EP11 "Case of Dress Distress"A bossy bridesmaid picks out an over-budget gown, leaving a bride devastated; a bride has trouble committing to a dress with her ill mother absent.
S13, EP10 "Designer Dreams"A bride wants to show off her new body; a bride who said yes to a designer's sketch now awaits the real gown; looking for a fashion-forward dress.
S13, EP9 "Love at First Sight"HuffPost Live correspondent and host Caitlyn Becker is torn between two dresses; one bride claims her dream dress is the first she tries on.
S13, EP8 "Booby Trap"A brides size 34 chest is blowing her budget; a bride's mother does not want her showing off the goods; a bride hopes her bust will fit after loosing weight.
S13, EP7 "Please Love My Dress"A feathered or black ball gown; one bride loves every dress she tries on, but her family likes none of them; head over heels for a bohemian gown.
S13, EP6 "Breaking the Bank"A bride finds the gown she has been searching for only to learn it is double her budget; a bride is committed to going over budget on her see-through bodice.
S13, EP5 "Agree to Disagree"One bride's second visit and her picky entourage; a bride wants a nontraditional gown but her mother disagrees; a reception dress with a top that is completely sheer.
S13, EP4 "Vision Confusion"Bride Lauren wants to look like a classy porn star; bride Amanda is hoping her custom gown lives up to her vision.
S13, EP3 "A Situation in the Salon"Television personality Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and his brothers steal the spotlight from their sister Melissa in her search for a wedding gown; bride Ashley is upstaged by her flower girl's custom dress.
S13, EP2 "Performance Piece"Actor Tony Danza helps his Broadway co-star find a costume; a ballerina bride wants a gown that is nothing like her princess dance costumes.
S13, EP1 "A Comedian Walks Into a Bridal Salon..."Comic Kathy Griffin works with Randy to surprise her former assistant; The Biggest Loser's Tumi Oguntala experiences a dress disaster on her wedding day.
S12, EP17 "Sample Sale Madness!"At Kleinfeld's blow-out sale, Danielle and Kathryn want the same gown; Jessica searches for a very specific dress; artist Christine looks for a dress she can perform and walk down the aisle in.
S12, EP16 "Challenge After Challenge"Bride Rebekah is a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings and has only one month to find her dream dress; tall bride Gianna has high expectations for her dress, but needs extra length.
S12, EP15 "A Thorn in the Bride's Side"Miss USA Erin Brady looks for her dream dress but also has to please her mother-in-law; Monika wants lots of drama; Kat returns for her fitting, hoping her opinionated friend still loves her dress.
S12, EP14 "Style Therapy"Bride Callie is more concerned with pleasing her mother than her own style; bride Genevieve's entourage wants her to tone it down.
S12, EP13 "Dazed and Gown-fused"Bride Nicole has a specific dress style in mind, but finds out it may not suit her; another bride has tried on 50 gowns.
S12, EP12 "Dueling Visions"Bride Kristin is torn between a sexy or traditional look; bride Alexa has a conservative father but wants a dress with sex appeal.
S12, EP11 "Entourage Sabotage"Entourages that are bossy instead of helpful; bridesmaids insist on their styles; a mother demands her daughter try on a pink gown; a bride's family argues over the length of her hem.
S12, EP10 "Top My Dream Dress!"Three brides who hope to top the dream dresses they've already found; Bride Lucille wants more bling; Dana loves a gown that her mother hates; Joan wants a dress unique to Kleinfeld.
S12, EP9 "The Quest for Perfection"An actress on tour with the musical "Wicked" wants a dress unlike her stage costumes; a picky bride who has tried on over 100 dresses.
S12, EP8 "A Dress Like None the Rest"Actress Sutton Foster searches for a dress; a wedding dress model fears she has worn too many gowns to find one that feels special; hope wants her dream dress for her vow renewal.
S12, EP7 "Father Knows Dress"A bride and her wedding planner father do not see eye-to-eye; A bride who lost her mother depends on her father for help making the big decision.
S12, EP6 "Brotherly Love"Searching for a $14,000 Pnina dress no one can find; a brides two NFL star brothers secretly plan to purchase her gown; one bride's unwanted addition to her dress.
S12, EP5 "Mom's Seal of Approval"A bride wants to look sexy, but her mother wants a more modest look; a second-time bride whose mother is very opinionated; a bride worries her mother won't approve of a $13,000 gown she bought without her.
S12, EP4 "All Hands on Deck"A former model flew from St. Louis to find a dress for her marriage to her baseball player fiance; a picky fashion buyer is back for her second visit; a meteorologist tries on her reconstructed gown for the first time.
S12, EP3 "Tight, Strapless, and Sexy!"Bride Whytnee wants sexy dress to suit a vixen image, bride Carla wants to show more skin than her mother would like and bride Dina wants a tight fitting gown.
S12, EP2 "When in Doubt, Customize"Host Courtney Cason only wants a Mark Zunino gown; bride Zabrina looks for a ball gown for her New Year's Eve wedding; bride Cheryl has never seen her custom dress.
S7, EP5 "Worth the Wait"Dale is renewing her vows; Taryn can't wait to buy a wedding dress; Denise has returned after four years to try on her dress.
S3, EP18 "Goals"Carmel desperately needs a sale to hit her monthly goal; a consultant works with a bride who recently donated a kidney to her fiance; a bride has an unlimited budget; Patricia has problems at her fitting.
S1, EP6 "Italian Dressing; Here Comes the Groom"Claudia has a last chance to prove that she can sell gowns; women line up for the biggest sale of the year.
S1, EP5 "To Buy or Not to Buy; What a Girl Wants"A future husband is on hand to help find the right dress; Alexandra becomes discouraged in her search for a budget dress.
S1, EP4 "Lucky in Love; Wedding Dress Blues"Employees of the bridal salon are on the go as sales continue to decline; Nitsa deals with an hysterical mother.
S1, EP3 "That's Not My Dress; Bridal Breakdown"The salon opens with designer dresses at discounted prices; a dispute surrounding a dress arises between two shoppers.
S1, EP2 "Rocking the Dress; I Do or I Don't"Some brides find it hard to commit to a dress, but the staff at Kleinfeld is proud that they are always able to find the perfect dress.
"Say Yes to the Dress"Inside Kleinfeld Bridal, the Manhattan-based bridal salon that is arguably the world's finest. More than 250 professionals, most of them veterans from the shop's early days in Brooklyn, bend over backward to make each bride's experience unforgettable. Part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session, each "Say Yes to the Dress" episode looks at the personalities and craftsmanship that come into play as the Kleinfeld staff goes to sometimes extreme lengths to realize each bride's dreams.
"What Does Martha Think?; I've Stalked This Dress on Instagram!"Brides-to-be on their search for the perfect wedding dress work with larger-than-life characters at premiere salon Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan.
Inside Kleinfeld Bridal, the Manhattan-based bridal salon that is arguably the world's finest. More than 250 professionals, most of them veterans from the shop's early days in Brooklyn, bend over backward to make each bride's experience unforgettable. Part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session, each "Say Yes to the Dress" episode looks at the personalities and craftsmanship that come into play as the Kleinfeld staff goes to sometimes extreme lengths to realize each bride's dreams.
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