NeNe's Bridesmaids
S7, EP18 "NeNe's Bridesmaids"
On Demand
Reality-TV star NeNe Leakes asks Patti to help two of her bridesmaids find love: intimidating Dawn and single mother Diana.
Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
The Narcissist Meets the Inner Geek
S7, EP17 "The Narcissist Meets the Inner Geek"
On Demand
An egotistical socialite wants a woman to join him in his travels; an astronomy-loving former Air Force captain wants to find his soul mate.
Original Air Date: Apr 10, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
Return of the Tough Teddy Bear and the Shredder
S7, EP16 "Return of the Tough Teddy Bear and the Shredder"
On Demand
Steve Lobel returns to give it another try; a single mother who lost her fiance is ready to try again.
Original Air Date: Apr 03, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
Make Time for Love and Betting on Change
S7, EP15 "Make Time for Love and Betting on Change"
On Demand
Vegas Dave, a professional sports bettor, has never had a girlfriend for more than two weeks; mentalist Gerry McCambridge is a Las Vegas entertainer.
Original Air Date: Mar 27, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
Frat Brat and Numb With Fear
S7, EP14 "Frat Brat and Numb With Fear"
On Demand
A financial advisor living the frat boy life wants to settle down; a cosmetic dentist wants a wife, but is afraid of what his mother thinks.
Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
The Fixer and the Dick
S7, EP13 "The Fixer and the Dick"
On Demand
An advertising sales executive has high standards for his girlfriend; a 34-year-old who loves to surf has trouble finding a real relationship.
Original Air Date: Mar 13, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
The Technical Brain and Moonstruck
S7, EP12 "The Technical Brain and Moonstruck"
On Demand
Patti surmises that a highly educated surgeon is too technical to woo a woman; the owner of a T-shirt company has been waiting for the perfect woman to fall into his lap.
Original Air Date: Mar 06, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
The Trust Fund Brat & the Cliffdiver
S7, EP11 "The Trust Fund Brat & the Cliffdiver"
On Demand
Patti asks a friend for help finding a spoiled man the right partner; a former NFL player who has been married twice wants to find the right woman.
Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
"Mr. President" Meets the "Beverly Hillbilly"
S7, EP10 ""Mr. President" Meets the "Beverly Hillbilly""
On Demand
Patti plans a Valentine's Ball for two young millionaires; Matt is a serial dater; Adam looks for something hard to find.
Original Air Date: Feb 06, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
S7, EP9 "Workaholics"
On Demand
Patti must convince a singer/songwriter that she can have both a career and a relationship; a chiropractor who is constantly working wants a relationship.
Original Air Date: Jan 30, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
Kid in a Candy Store and Groundhog Day
S7, EP8 "Kid in a Candy Store and Groundhog Day"
On Demand
Patti's friend, a celebrity chef, needs her help; a real estate entrepreneur keeps dating party girls.
Original Air Date: Jan 23, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
The Shy Extrovert and the Rescuer
S7, EP7 "The Shy Extrovert and the Rescuer"
On Demand
A shy TV host needs Patti's help to find a man; a fire insurance salesman has a habit of dating women who need help.
Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
Mr. Superficial and the Nutjob Magnet
S7, EP6 "Mr. Superficial and the Nutjob Magnet"
On Demand
A superficial man has a hard time connecting with women; a divorced entrepreneur needs help filtering out the crazies.
Original Air Date: Jan 09, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
The Late Bloomer and the Gay Hugh Hefner
S7, EP5 "The Late Bloomer and the Gay Hugh Hefner"
On Demand
Patti advises 46-year-old Rosie Pierri, a furniture project manager; Patti gives pointers to famous underwear designer Andrew Christian who is looking for his special mate.
Original Air Date: Jan 02, 2014 • Bravo • 43m
The Running Man; Great Expectations
S7, EP4 "The Running Man; Great Expectations"
On Demand
Entrepreneur Joe Bayen is ready to settle down and have a family but continues to circle the globe for business; a lawyer cannot find a woman who meets his high expectations.
Original Air Date: Dec 26, 2013 • Bravo • 43m
Courtney and the Peacock
S7, EP3 "Courtney and the Peacock"
On Demand
Courtney Kerr needs help moving forward; the owner of a clothing line needs Patti's help.
Original Air Date: Dec 19, 2013 • Bravo • 43m
The Know-It-All; Bigger Better Berman
S7, EP2 "The Know-It-All; Bigger Better Berman"
On Demand
Kim Kardashian's BFF Jonathan Cheban is ready to let Patti set him up; a 41-year-old entrepreneur who's always looking for the bigger better deal.
Original Air Date: Dec 12, 2013 • Bravo • 43m
Softy Swayze and the Boy in a Bubble
S7, EP1 "Softy Swayze and the Boy in a Bubble"
On Demand
Patti finds out her first millionaire this week is actor Don Swayze; entertainer Randy Lehrman.
Original Air Date: Dec 05, 2013 • Bravo • 43m