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Judge MathisJudge Greg Mathis is unlike most adjudicators you'd see in a courtroom. The former Detroit-area district court judge infuses his court sessions with a generous dose of humor as he listens to diverse litigants plead their small-claims cases in his TV courtroom. A regular segment, Ask Judge Mathis, features the judge answering viewer questions to advise people with legal situations that they face. Prior to entering the legal world, Mathis was involved with gangs and spent time in jail as a young man before turning his life around.
S20, EP18 "Judge Mathis"The plaintiff hired the defendant to plan her 30th birthday party, but is suing because she claims she was dissatisfied with the defendant's services.
S20, EP38 "Judge Mathis"Plaintiff sues defendant for an impound fee and airfare; defendant countersues for defamation of character and emotional distress.
S23, EP37Woman sues her ex for repayment of a loan, claims he cheated on her throughout their relationship, and says she had to file a restraining order against him after he tried to burn down her house.
S23, EP56A woman sues her ex-husband for rent, saying their marriage fell apart due to trust issues and infidelity; he says she became addicted to pain pills after surgery and was unable to function, which damaged the family.
S23, EP26A hairstylist sues her client for repayment of a loan and emotional distress, saying the defendant portrays having a lavish lifestyle on her social media but is really a fraud.
S23, EP83The plaintiff says the defendant harassed her and posted an explicit photo of her on social media without her permission.
S23, EP19The plaintiff says that after she found a provocative message from another woman in her live-in boyfriend's phone, he became violent, and she was forced to hide in a closet; she sues him for repayment of loans; he says she was the aggressor.
S23, EP38The plaintiff dated the defendant and says she cheated on him around the time she got pregnant, so he has petitioned the court for a paternity test for her son.
S23, EP62A man sues his great aunt, saying she hired him to paint her house but failed to pay; she says the paint job wasn't completed.
S23, EP27A man who bought a car from a married woman says it was a lemon, so he's suing to get his money back; they argue over who was being flirtatious.
S23, EP84The plaintiff says that after her son was murdered in 2014, she learned that he may be the defendant's father, so she has petitioned the court for a DNA test to find out if he is her grandson.
S23, EP20A photographer says the defendants told her their wedding ceremony was canceled due to the pandemic, so she refunded their money; she now believes that was a lie, so she's suing.
S20, EP19 "Judge Mathis"A woman sues her son and daughter-in-law for repayment of a loan and airline tickets, saying their relationship is toxic and that her son gave up custody of his child to stay with his wife.
S20, EP39Plaintiff claims she took the defendant to rehab for his crack addiction, but he left the next day; she is suing for repayment of three loans.
S20, EP20The plaintiff says she bought an airline ticket for the defendant to go to Las Vegas, but the defendant backed out and failed to repay her.
S20, EP40Plaintiff says she lived with the defendant until he cheated on her with his new girlfriend; she sues for breach of contract.
S23, EP39The plaintiff says her neighbor falsely accused her of pulling a gun on her daughter; the defendant says she had to file a three-year restraining order against the plaintiff after the incident.
S23, EP63A couple say they bought a trailer from their neighbor, but he never gave it to them; he says they called the police and made death threats against him, so he's counter-suing for harassment.
S23, EP28A woman says her ex-husband cheated on her several times, but he insists they were in an open relationship; she sues for an illegal eviction and emotional distress.
S23, EP85The plaintiff sues her ex-boyfriend for breach of contract, saying he attacked her after falsely accusing her of sleeping with his cousin.
S23, EP46A man and his wife petition the court for a paternity test because they believe the defendant may be the man's daughter.
S23, EP40A woman says that soon after she started dating the defendant she caught him texting other women, so she broke things off; she sues for a birthday gift and emotional distress; the defendant countersues and claims she is stalking him.
S23, EP29A woman who agreed to care for her friend's dog when she checked herself into rehab resists returning the animal because she feels it now belongs to her.
S23, EP86A woman sues her baby daddy for the value of a car, saying she left him because he's an abusive drunk; he denies the accusations and says she uses their son against him.
S23, EP47A man sues his ex-girlfriend for emotional distress and claims she trapped him into a relationship and gave him an S.T.D.
S20, EP41 "Judge Mathis"The plaintiff says that after she found out that she and the defendant were dating the same man at the same time, the defendant started harassing her and posting her personal information on Facebook.
S23, EP41A woman says her ex was abusive, and she broke up with him after he choked her, then she discovered she was pregnant with his baby; she comes to court to sue him for child support and emotional distress.
S23, EP65A woman says the defendant began cheating on her after she got pregnant with his child; she sues him for unpaid child support; the defendant claims he has fallen on hard times since the pandemic.
S23, EP30A woman who hired a party planner to rent a venue for her 50th birthday says it was filthy and not decorated to her liking.
S23, EP87The plaintiff says her baby daddy rarely sees their child, and she sues him for the cost of ballet classes, medical bills and emotional distress; he insists he's not a deadbeat dad and is counter-suing for emotional distress and defamation.
S23, EP48A woman claims she promoted the defendant's cosmetic line on social media but never got paid; the defendant says the plaintiff dragged his name and his products through the mud.
S23, EP42 "Exes in Court"A woman says her baby daddy was abusive, and she had to file a restraining order; a man has doubts about fathering a defendant's 17-year-old daughter; a plaintiff returns to the show to find out if a defendant is her 18-year-old daughter's father.
S23, EP66A woman hired her friend of 15 years to do her son's and husband's tax returns, but says the friend failed to complete them, so she's suing for a refund.
S23, EP67A woman sues a salon owner, saying that after her second visit, her hair started falling out; the salon owner says she offered her client a $175 gift card, which was accepted, but she's not giving her another dime.
S23, EP1A woman sues her son for parking tickets and emotional distress and says that, because her past drug addiction ruined their relationship, she's been trying to make amends, but he refuses to let go what has happened in the past.
S23, EP49A woman sues a tattoo artist, claiming his shoddy work gave her an infection; she's suing for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.
S20, EP21 "Judge Mathis"A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for wrecking her car.
S20, EP22 "Judge Mathis"A woman sues her former roommate for stolen property and says the defendant was passive-aggressive and verbally abusive; the defendant counter-sues for defamation of character.
S20, EP42 "Judge Mathis"A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for harassment and repayment of two loans; he says he caught her in bed with another man.
S23, EP43A man sues the owner of an entertainment company for breach of contract, saying the female dancers he hired for a party were not the ones he requested, and they arrived late and were on their phones during the performance.
S23, EP72A man asked his roommate to watch his puppy when he was out of town, but the puppy died in her care, so he is suing; she says she had nothing to do with the puppy's death and denies owing anything.
S23, EP69A woman says her relationship went downhill when her boyfriend let his female friend, who is a stripper, move in with them; she sues her ex for breach of contract.
S23, EP12A woman says her best friend started hooking up with her ex while they were in Las Vegas, so she's suing for the trip expenses.
S23, EP50A mother claims her son punched her in the face three times after getting into an argument and then put her in a choke hold; her son claims he was only acting in self-defense.
S23, EP44A man sues his wife for damaging his property and says she constantly accuses him of cheating, even though he has never been unfaithful.
S23, EP73A woman says her former roommate moved out after three months because he wanted more from their relationship than she was willing to give, and she sues him for unpaid rent.
S23, EP70A woman says football is her baby daddy's life and he chooses it over her and their child; she sues for the cost of a car.
S23, EP13Trying to regain custody of her children, a woman wants to prove that her ex, a fellow drug addict, is the father of her youngest child, so she has petitioned the court for a paternity test.
S23, EP96A man says his ex vandalized his van, and while they were dating, she punched him in the face and ended up in jail.
S20, EP23 "Judge Mathis"A woman says she and the defendant started out as friends with benefits and decided to move in together and start a business, but the relationship failed and she is suing him for unpaid rent and late fees.
S20, EP43 "Judge Mathis"A woman sues a former co-worker she says defamed her by claiming she was a prostitute.
S20, EP24A man sues his former roommate for an unpaid electric bill and emotional distress, saying he could hear her and her boyfriend having sex.
S20, EP44The plaintiff sues the defendant for a cable bill and emotional distress because she badmouthed her on social media.
S20, EP45The plaintiff says she put her 12-year-old daughter in a group home for acting out, but the girl ran away to the defendant's home.
S20, EP25After meeting online, the plaintiff started dating the defendant, who she claims is a pathological liar with eight children; she sues him for three unpaid loans.
S20, EP46 "Judge Mathis"The defendant says he and the plaintiff used protection, so he has petitioned the court for a paternity test.
S20, EP26 "Judge Mathis"A woman says her children's father drinks excessively, cheated on her, and damaged her car.
S20, EP27 "Judge Mathis"A woman sues her former friend and neighbor, claiming that her two dogs attacked her cat.
S20, EP47 "Judge Mathis"The plaintiff says her ex-boyfriend threatened her with a gun, grabbed her neck and also slashed the tires on her car.
S23, EP100A man sues his ex-fiancée for unreturned property and an engagement ring; she says she left him because he's a raging alcoholic and drug addict.
S23, EP82A woman sues her best friend's daughter for a gas bill, an electric bill and court costs; the defendant says the plaintiff falsely accused her of child abuse and called child protective services on her.
S23, EP81A man sues his stepdaughter for the balance due on a loan; she says that when she was younger, he was a drug abuser, forcing her into the foster care system, and her life was never the same.
S23, EP80A man sues his longtime friend for a collections bill; the defendant says he was arrested because the plaintiff came to his house and caused a commotion, so he's counter-suing.
S23, EP77The plaintiff, who took guardianship of the defendant's baby because she was born with meth in her system, sues the birth mother for breach of contract; the defendant counter-sues for unreturned property and says the plaintiff is vindictive.
S23, EP76The plaintiff says that after her 9-year-old son passed away, she became addicted to heroin but has been clean for 30 years; she is suing her former friend for repayment of a loan, while the ex-friend denies owing her for anything.
S23, EP68The plaintiff believes that the defendant may be the daughter of her brother, who has been deceased for 18 years, so she has petitioned the court for a paternity test.
S23, EP64Plaintiff rented a room from the defendant; he's suing for the return of his security deposit.
S23, EP61A woman sues her mother, because after she bred her dog, her mother gave two of the puppies to her sister, when she was entitled to only one.
S23, EP60A man sues his ex-wife, because he lent her money for their 18-year-old daughter to have surgery on her jaw, but he has yet to be repaid.
S23, EP59A woman sues her former nail tech, saying she paid her to take a nail class, but the defendant breached their contract; the nail tech counter-sues for slander and harassment.
S23, EP55A woman says her daughter is lying about her being a bad mother, so she's suing for defamation, saying that by the time her daughter turned 17, she had two kids and was a stripper.
S23, EP54The plaintiff says the defendant signed her birth certificate, but he has been in and out of her life over the years, and she doesn't know if he is her biological father or not, so she has petitioned the court for a paternity test.
S23, EP53A woman petitions the court for rehab for her son, saying he's an addict who started using drugs as a teen and is running with the wrong crowd.
S23, EP52A man sues his mother for assault and hotel bills, saying that when he moved in with her during the pandemic, she admitted that she hated him and assaulted him.
S23, EP36A man says he became a single father and started selling drugs to support his child, but ultimately fell victim to opioids.
S23, EP18A woman sues her father, who she says was a great role model who was always there for her, for unpaid rent.
S23, EP17A woman accuses her cousin of crashing her car with the plaintiff's children inside.
S23, EP16A man says he dated the defendant for 20 years, and they have a child together, but now that he's married, the defendant has become extremely jealous of his new relationship; he sues for breach of contract, an electric bill and emotional distress.
S23, EP6A man sues his sister for repayment of two loans and says her 20-year heroin addiction has put a strain on their entire family; she says she's ready to get some help and become a productive member of society.
S23, EP5The plaintiff says she dated the defendant at the height of her drug addiction and is suing him for stolen money and emotional distress; he says they never dated and is counter-suing for unpaid rent and emotional distress, saying she assaulted him.
S23, EP4A woman sues her mother for unreturned property and emotional distress; mom says her daughter's boyfriend is physically and mentally abusive.
S20, EP37 "Judge Mathis"A woman sues her former friend, saying he's a convicted felon who lied about being a TV producer; he countersues for a pair of headphones and missing money.
S20, EP36 "Judge Mathis"Plaintiff insists the defendant is her child's father; the defendant says she cheated and believes the plaintiff's witness may be the father.
S20, EP17 "Judge Mathis"A woman sues her ex-fiance, who says she lost custody of her child due to her heroin addiction.
S20, EP16 "Judge Mathis"A woman sues her ex for wrecking her car, saying they used to drink excessively and use drugs together until she checked herself into rehab.
Judge Greg Mathis is unlike most adjudicators you'd see in a courtroom. The former Detroit-area district court judge infuses his court sessions with a generous dose of humor as he listens to diverse litigants plead their small-claims cases in his TV courtroom. A regular segment, Ask Judge Mathis, features the judge answering viewer questions to advise people with legal situations that they face. Prior to entering the legal world, Mathis was involved with gangs and spent time in jail as a young man before turning his life around.
Original Air Date: Sep 20, 1999
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