Mayberry R.F.D.
S8, EP30 "Mayberry R.F.D."
Airs: May 26, 2022
Sam Jones brings his friend Mario from Italy to help him on the farm.
FOX • 30m
The Wedding
S8, EP26 "The Wedding"
Airs: Jun 02, 2022
Howard's mother remarries and moves away, so Howard remodels their home.
FOX • 30m
Emmett's Anniversary
S8, EP25 "Emmett's Anniversary"
Airs: Jun 01, 2022
Emmett buys his wife a mink coat for their 25th wedding anniversary.
FOX • 30m
Helen's Past
S8, EP24 "Helen's Past"
Airs: May 31, 2022
Andy learns that Helen was once arrested for gun possession, gambling and keeping company with a hoodlum.
FOX • 30m
Aunt Bee's Big Moment
S8, EP23 "Aunt Bee's Big Moment"
Airs: May 30, 2022
Aunt Bee does well with her flying lessons, until her instructor tells her that she is ready to solo.
FOX • 30m
Goober Goes to the Auto Show
S8, EP22 "Goober Goes to the Auto Show"
Airs: May 27, 2022
Goober tries to impress an old friend from mechanics school by claiming to own a chain of gas stations.
FOX • 30m
Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting
S8, EP21 "Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting"
Airs: May 25, 2022
Barney is on the spot when he gets Andy to let him use the Taylor home for an East-West summit meeting.
FOX • 30m
The Church Benefactors
S8, EP20 "The Church Benefactors"
Airs: May 21, 2022
A $500 bequest to the Mayberry church almost provokes a schism over how to spend it.
ABC • 30m
Opie's Drugstore Job
S8, EP19 "Opie's Drugstore Job"
Airs: May 24, 2022
Opie breaks a bottle of expensive perfume at his new job as a drugstore clerk.
FOX • 30m
Emmett's Brother-in-Law
S8, EP18 "Emmett's Brother-in-Law"
On Demand
Emmett's wife and his brother-in-law needle him to become an insurance salesman.
Original Air Date: May 19, 2022 • FOX • 30m
The Mayberry Chef
S8, EP17 "The Mayberry Chef"
Airs: May 20, 2022
Andy and Opie are thrilled when a station owner offers Aunt Bee a job as a television chef.
FOX • 30m
Howard's New Life
S8, EP15 "Howard's New Life"
On Demand
Howard quits his boring job as county clerk and becomes a Caribbean island beachcomber.
Original Air Date: May 18, 2022 • FOX • 30m
Aunt Bee's Cousin
S8, EP13 "Aunt Bee's Cousin"
On Demand
Andy learns the truth when he sees his cousin alight from a freight train.
Original Air Date: May 17, 2022 • FOX • 30m
Howard and Millie
S8, EP12 "Howard and Millie"
On Demand
Howard proposes marriage to Millie at the bakery where she works.
Original Air Date: May 16, 2022 • FOX • 30m