In the Heat of the Night

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In the Heat of the NightCarroll O'Connor stars as a small-town police chief (and later a sheriff) in fictional Sparta, Miss. For a small town, Sparta has its share of murder, rape, corruption, racism and drunken driving, so O'Connor's Chief William Gillespie has his hands full. The TV series is based on the novel and film of the same name.
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S7, EP22 "Dangerous Engagement"Harriet and Bill become targets of a crazed gunman on the eve of their wedding; guest William Gannon.
S7, EP21 "Poor Relations"Against Gillespie's warnings, Parker's rowdy stepfather (Pat Hingle) returns to Sparta followed by homicidal art thieves; guest Anne Meara.
S7, EP20 "Time's Long Shadow"The discovery of slave artifacts at a construction site leads to an archaeological survey and murder.
S7, EP19 "Hard Choices"Harriet DeLong's son Eugene witnesses a robbery in which a store owner is wounded and his friend is involved.
S7, EP18 "The Rabbi"Gillespie confronts Sparta's racist past after a synagogue is vandalized; guests Jerry Stiller; Mindy Rickles.
S7, EP17 "Conspiracy of One"A client who murdered his wife accuses counselor Tibbs of encouraging a police investigation, prompting Tibbs' resignation from his firm.
S7, EP16 "Ches and the Grand Lady"Threats against a blues singer (Bobby Short) coincide with the arrival in Sparta of his biggest fan, a wealthy heiress (Jean Simmons).
S7, EP15 "The Last Round"Chief Forbes' fiancee arrives in Sparta to give him an ultimatum about their relationship; Forbes' young boxing protege commits a burglary.
S7, EP14 "Maybelle Returns"A former madam returns to Sparta to run a phone-sex service and assures police that her employees are doing nothing illegal.
S7, EP13 "Good Cop, Bad Cop"Tibbs (Howard Rollins) defends Parker against charges he assaulted an ex-girlfriend's (Victoria Jackson) fiance.
S7, EP12 "Your Own Kind"An interracial relationship between two teens stirs up strong emotions when the girl is shot in the back.
S7, EP11 "Little Girl Lost"A woman with a history of emotional problems and drunken driving is involved in a girl's hit-and-run death.
S7, EP10 "A Baby Called Rocket"LuAnn takes in an abandoned baby found in a crack house; the welfare agency wants the child returned to its addict mother.
S7, EP9 "Every Man's Family"Bubba (Alan Autry) pursues a drug dealer (Damon Pooser) while his nephew lies in a coma from a heroin overdose.
S7, EP8 "Virgil Tibbs, Attorney at Law"Tibbs returns to Sparta with a law degree, news of his failed marriage, and a murder suspect to defend.
S7, EP7 "Singing the Blues"Officer LuAnn Corbin (Crystal Fox) tries to help when her boyfriend (Willie Gault) is blackmailed by a drug dealer (Judson Vaughn).
S7, EP6 "A Love Lost"Sheriff Gillespie's daughter suspects her boyfriend may be involved with the distribution of illegal automatic weapons.
S7, EP5 "Incident at Brewer's Pond"A mysterious caller leads police to a body at the bottom of a pond; guests Steve Kanaly, Shannon Eubanks.
S7, EP4 "A Depraved Heart"Bubba's friend Lorie Foster is accused of murder following the death of the man who infected her with AIDS.
S7, EP3 "Hatton's Turn"Gillespie becomes sheriff; the murders of two Spartans link to a mentally impaired youth; guests Stacy Keach, Burgess Meredith.
S7, EP2 "Hatton's Turn"Gillespie becomes sheriff; the murders of two Spartans link to a mentally impaired youth; guests Stacy Keach, Burgess Meredith.
S7, EP1 "Child's Play"After threatening two boys (John Aaron Bennett, Zach McLemore) who trespassed on his property, a dangerous man (Jason Byce) is shot dead in his home. With Carroll O'Connor.
S6, EP22 "A Correct Settling"Harriet consults Gillespie after she reluctantly agrees to help her son get his imprisoned father's murder conviction reversed.
S6, EP21 "Lake Winahatchie"Gillespie discovers a major New Orleans mob real estate scam is behind the scheme to force his daughter from her home and acquire her land.
S6, EP20 "Even Nice People"Mobsters buying land near Sparta try to drive Gillespie's daughter from her home; guest Burgess Meredith.
S6, EP19 "Legacy"A businessman gives up land his father willed to a black sharecropper, raising tensions in Sparta. Written by Denise Nicholas.
S6, EP18 "A Dish Best Served Cold"A woman wants to reopen the 20-year-old case of a man who embezzled from her late husband; guest Karen Black.
S6, EP17 "The Leftover Man"A sniper kills a white supremacist's campaign manager who staged, for sympathy votes, an attempt on his candidate's life.
S6, EP16 "The Leftover Man"A sniper kills a white supremacist's campaign manager who staged, for sympathy votes, an attempt on his candidate's life.
S6, EP15 "Deadly Affection"Gillespie worries about Harriet's involvement in a landlord dispute case when he learns her client was acquainted with a murder victim.
S6, EP14 "A Step Removed"Parker Williams is placed in a difficult position when his hot-tempered stepfather is arrested for the murder of his former employer.
S6, EP13 "Falsely Accused"Sgt. Sweet is accused of soliciting a bribe by two men who created a disturbance outside a private party that ejected them for insulting Harriet.
S6, EP12 "Judgment Day"A local judge running for public office frames an ex-con for the murder of his alcoholic wife and kills him, claiming self-defense.
S6, EP11 "Private Sessions"Virgil's investigation into the apparent suicide of a waitress leads him to an old college acquaintance who was the last person to be seen with the victim.
S6, EP10 "Flowers From a Lady"DeLong warns Gillespie about a carjacking victim, a lawyer (Linda Gehringer) who has taken a romantic interest in Bubba.
S6, EP9 "When the Music Stopped"A country singer (Robert Goulet) accused of stealing songs accidentally kills his accuser; guest Gary Crosby.
S6, EP8 "Last Rights"A doctor who is treating Virgil's terminally ill aunt falls under suspicion when Chief Gillespie investigates a series of mercy killings.
S6, EP7 "An Occupational Hazard"Althea withholds the truth about a murder from Virgil when a friend confides that she killed her boss during a sexual attack.
S6, EP6 "Random's Child"Gillespie tries to befriend the daughter he never knew when she returns to Sparta to settle her deceased mother's estate.
S6, EP5 "Discovery"Althea goes into a deep depression sparked by the suicide of a troubled student while his former girlfriend falls for a biker.
S6, EP4 "A Frenzied Affair"Gillespie and Virgil search for the killer of a married man who was having an affair with a high-school student.
S6, EP3 "Brother's Keeper"Officer Corbin is forced to pursue her ex-con brother when he returns to Sparta and becomes a suspect in a robbery.
S6, EP2 "A Small War"Chief Gillespie is caught between Harriet and her son when Eugene agrees to identify the gang members responsible for his best friend's murder.
S6, EP1 "A Small War"Councilwoman DeLong's son objects to her romance with Chief Gillespie and refuses to cooperate after witnessing the gang-style execution of his best friend.
S5, EP22 "The Law on Trial"Gillespie and Tibbs are tried on charges that their actions led to the death of the fugitive they were trying to save from deportation.
S5, EP21 "Sanctuary"Tibbs and Gillespie are charged with obstruction of justice when they aid a fugitive who wishes to avoid returning to his homeland and certain death.
S5, EP20 "Family Reunion"An insurance investigator's murder points to an ex-convict (Robert Donner) seeking his 14-year-old stash.
S5, EP19 "Moseley's Lot"A man (Warren Kendrick) comes to his son's (Justin Lazard) rescue when the lad is caught gambling with someone else's money. With Carroll O'Connor.
S5, EP18 "Trundel's Will Be Done"Harriet DeLong asks Chief Gillespie to mediate a custody dispute when a wealthy woman attempts to take guardianship of her nephew.
S5, EP17 "By Means Most Foul"A suspected revenge bombing may be a smoke screen for a restaurateur's (Shannon Eubanks) insurance scam.
S5, EP16 "A Time to Trust"Althea is at odds with Virgil over his pursuit of a suspected drug dealer because it threatens to break up the home life of one of her students.
S5, EP15 "Odessa"The police department attempts to prevent racial incidents when the city honors the first black woman to register to vote in Sparta.
S5, EP14 "Love, Honor and Obey"While investigating an assault, Parker discovers an abused woman whose husband holds the key to her life -- or death.
S5, EP13 "Fool for Love"Gillespie and Virgil become suspicious of a local doctor who implicates his mistress in the death of his wealthy but invalid wife.
S5, EP12 "The Landlord"Gillespie is leery of the evidence in the murder of an abusive landlord (Hunter Van Leer). Directed by Larry Hagman.
S5, EP10 "An Eye for an Eye"Gillespie and Virgil try to outwit FBI agents who are searching for the man who kidnapped the daughter of District Attorney Darnelle.
S5, EP9 "Sparta Gold"When Bubba stumbles upon a marijuana farm in a neighboring county, he finds local law officers less than cooperative in smoking out the growers.
S5, EP8 "Sweet, Sweet Blues"A blues singer (Bobby Short) claims he witnessed the 40-year-old race-motivated slaying of Sweet's grandfather.
S5, EP7 "The More Things Change"A woman is the prime suspect in the murder of her father, while a more likely culprit continues an affair with the dead man's wife.
S5, EP6 "Unfinished Business"While in Los Angeles to testify in an organized-crime case, Bubba tries to protect a boy who is the state's key witness.
S5, EP5 "Ruda's Awakening"Virgil's Aunt Ruda observes the shooting of a black man who was resisting arrest, but her rage clouds her recollection of the incident.
S5, EP4 "Liar's Poker"Gillespie attempts to prove the innocence of a prostitute charged with murdering one of Sparta's wealthiest citizens.
S5, EP3 "Obsession"Gillespie and Tibbs meet legal resistance trying to protect a high-school teacher from a disturbed admirer.
S5, EP2 "Baby for Sale"A friend of Bubba's, fearing the loss of his adopted son, is coerced by the boy's biological father into committing a fatal armed robbery.
S5, EP1 "A Woman Much Admired"While investigating the death of the woman he once loved, Gillespie meets his daughter for the first time.
S4, EP22 "A Turning"Gillespie and Tibbs track the killers of two drug dealers; Althea worries about the dangers Virgil faces and suggests he change careers.
S4, EP21 "No Other Road"Lonnie Jamison and Virgil show a despondent Eugene DeLong, whose father is facing the death penalty for murder, that life continues.
S4, EP20 "Just a Country Boy"Bubba and an insurance investigator (Debra Sandlund) search Los Angeles for a bail jumper from Sparta.
S4, EP19 "First Deadly Sin"A man prohibits his son from contacting the police after the boy witnesses a rape, fearing it will affect his future.
S4, EP18 "Laid to Waste"A young blind woman reports hearing what she thinks is a murder, but Gillespie and Tibbs cannot find a body.
S4, EP17 "Paper Castles"Virgil suspects the promoters of a crooked real estate deal in the murder of his friend, even though their alibi appears to be airtight.
S4, EP16 "Child of Promise"Virgil's arrest of a young drug pusher has serious side effects for the youth's family, particularly his brother, and for Althea.
S4, EP15 "Execution of Trust"A psychiatrist protects a patient who confessed to a murder for which an innocent man stands to be executed.
S4, EP14 "Shine on Sparta Moon"An accident related to moonshine whiskey blinds a high-school football star and kills his girlfriend.
S4, EP13 "Blessings"A local reporter (Judith Robinson) writes an article on an unconsenting Chief Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor), who suspects her motives. With Howard Rollins and Alan Autry.
S4, EP12 "Bounty Hunter"Gillespie must stop a hired bounty hunter who plans to kill a Sparta man wanted for questioning in a Houston murder.
S4, EP11 "Family Matters"Virgil's cousin is the prime suspect in a robbery-murder, complicating Virgil's attempts to reconcile his aunt with the family.
S4, EP10 "A Final Arrangement"All signs point to bookstore owner Carl Tibbitts as a suspect in his wife's murder, but Sweet believes in his friend's innocence.
S4, EP9 "A Problem Too Personal"Gillespie appears to be apathetic about prosecuting Harriet DeLong's ex-husband, who has been arrested on a murder and robbery charge.
S4, EP8 "Homecoming"Willing suspects hamper the investigation after a paroled convict is murdered; Gillespie is held responsible for the convict's earlier release.
S4, EP7 "Quick Fix"Evidence indicates a mentally impaired girl is the mother of an infant found in a shallow grave.
S4, EP6 "Hearts of Gold"Bubba's romance with a high school sweetheart conflicts with the murder investigation of an attorney.
S4, EP5 "... And Justice for Some"Gillespie and Virgil have different game plans concerning the fate of a federal criminal who is linked to a local hit-and-run case.
S4, EP4 "Perversions of Justice"Gillespie tries to calm public furor while investigating charges a science teacher molested a student.
S4, EP3 "Lessons Learned"Chief Gillespie is shocked by the seemingly uncaring reaction of the father of a murdered teenage prostitute.
S4, EP2 "Brotherly Love"Gillespie travels to Philadelphia to help Tibbs, who has been arrested for a murder he did not commit.
S4, EP1 "Brotherly Love"While in Philadelphia to investigate a former partner's death, Virgil (Howard Rollins) is arrested for the murder of a city cop.
S3, EP22 "Citizen Trundel"Councilwoman DeLong ventures outside Sparta to find the powerful figure responsible for her sister's murder.
S3, EP21 "Citizen Trundel"Chief Gillespie refuses to point out the obvious suspect in the murder of Councilwoman DeLong's sister.
S3, EP20 "Night of the Killing"Tempers flare over the arrest of a black man (Steve Coulter) suspected of murder. With Howard Rollins and Carroll O'Connor.
S3, EP19 "Indiscretions"Althea (Anne-Marie Johnson) does not know that a visiting friend (Patrice Chanel) is a fugitive from justice. With Carroll O'Connor.
S3, EP18 "An Angry Woman"Althea finds a woman's death especially tragic, and Gillespie investigates whether the woman's ex-husband ran her down.
S3, EP17 "Home Is Where the Heart Is"When a fundamentalist preacher is found dead, an ironclad alibi prevents Gillespie from pursuing the case against a traveling madam.
S3, EP16 "Bubba's Baby"Bubba downplays the gossip that he is the father of a baby left on his doorstep; blackmail and murder surface in the search for the baby's parents.
S3, EP15 "A Loss of Innocence"Althea suspects a student has problems at home, then learns one parent is dead, the other is missing.
S3, EP14 "December Days"A retired detective (Ken Curtis) assists Gillespie's probe of a murder at a rest home; guest Louise Fletcher.
S3, EP13 "Hello in There"A councilwoman (Denise Nicholas) tries art therapy on a mute boy who may have witnessed his father's murder.
S3, EP12 "Triangle"A murderer (John Diehl) is on the run, and Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor) does everything he can to prevent him from killing again. With Alan Autry.
S3, EP11 "Epitaph for a Lady"After the wife of a close friend dies because of a doctor's misdiagnosis, Gillespie fights his suspicions when the doctor is murdered.
S3, EP10 "King's Ransom"A down-and-out former boxer decides to earn his living by blackmailing an organized-crime faction over a murder he once witnessed.
S3, EP9 "My Name Is Hank"An Amerasian suspected of robbery and murder claims to be the son of a former Sparta cop. With Carroll O'Connor and Howard Rollins.
S3, EP8 "Vengeance"Bubba (Alan Autry) becomes a target after fatally shooting a former Spartan during an attempted robbery. With Carroll O'Connor and Howard Rollins.
S3, EP7 "Time of the Stranger"The death of a stranger has serious repercussions for Parker when the woman he loves is linked to the unfortunate occurrence.
S3, EP6 "Anniversary"Released by his kidnappers, Chief Gillespie hunts for Dugan's killers while attempting to prevent the assassination of a civil rights leader.
S3, EP5 "Crackdown"Sweet (Geoffrey Thorne) defies Chief Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor) when he takes a personal interest in saving a 13-year-old crack addict (Dana Barron).
S3, EP4 "First Girl"Sparta's first black female cop is killed while on duty, and an angry Chief Gillespie assumes responsibility for tracking down her killer.
S3, EP3 "Murder Most Ancient"Chief Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor) attempts to trap a pair of lovers (Grainger Hines, Clare Wren) who have murdered the woman's husband. Guest star: Tim Griffin.
S3, EP2 "The Fairest of Them All"After a beauty contestant suffers what appears to be an accidental death, Gillespie and Virgil discover otherwise and fight to uncover the perpetrators.
S3, EP1 "Rape"Althea is raped by an acquaintance, and Tibbs is faced with the possibility that they do not have enough evidence to prosecute the man.
S2, EP22 "Missing"When Chief Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor) is kidnapped, Virgil (Howard Rollins) suspects Capt. Dugan (Joe Don Baker) has inside information.
S2, EP21 "The Pigwoman of Sparta"An odd character (Shirley Stoler) becomes a suspect when a skeleton is found on a wealthy eccentric's property. With Howard Rollins and Joe Don Baker.
S2, EP20 "Ladybug, Ladybug"Capt. Dugan (Joe Don Baker) keeps close tabs on Tibbs (Howard Rollins), who is searching for a lethal arsonist.
S2, EP19 "Fifteen Forever"Filling in for Gillespie, a retired captain (Joe Don Baker) searches for a drunken driver who killed three teens.
S2, EP18 "Accused"Bubba (Alan Autry) is accused of the violent rape of a young black woman (Vanessa Bell Calloway). With Carroll O'Connor and Howard Rollins.
S2, EP17 "Walkout"An ambitious councilman (O.J. Simpson) won't support black workers who crossed an all-white picket line.
S2, EP16 "Sister, Sister"Two feuding sisters become murder suspects when it is discovered that their father died from poisoning, not heart failure.
S2, EP15 "The Creek"Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor) believes an assault victim (guest star Caryn West) is lying about her attacker. With Howard Rollins.
S2, EP14 "Intruders"Tibbs' father-in-law creates friction; Gillespie placates a city council angry over attacks on senior citizens.
S2, EP13 "These Things Take Time"Despite the evidence, Gillespie and Tibbs do not believe a teenage mother was responsible for the death of her abandoned infant.
S2, EP12 "AKA Kelly Kay"Joann (Lois Nettleton) makes a shocking confession to Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor) when her life is endangered by an escaped convict (Kevin Conway).
S2, EP11 "A Trip Upstate"A condemned man asks Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor) to visit him the evening before his execution. With Howard Rollins.
S2, EP10 "Tear Down the Walls"Tibbs (Howard Rollins) suspects racism played a part in the mysterious death of a progressive minister (J. Don Ferguson). With Carroll O'Connor.
S2, EP9 "Stranger in Town"The murder of a young prostitute leads Gillespie and Tibbs (Carroll O'Connor, Howard Rollins) to different suspects. Guest stars: Eric Pierpoint, Renee Jones.
S2, EP8 "Country Mouse, City Mouse"Tibbs' niece and Bubba's nephew witness a crime and try to prove a dangerous parolee is not dead, as believed.
S2, EP7 "Gunshots"Virgil (Howard Rollins) questions his abilities after he fatally shoots a robbery suspect. With Carroll O'Connor.
S2, EP6 "Hot Nights"Bubba (Alan Autry) falls in love with a deceitful siren (Barbara Stock). With Carroll O'Connor and Howard Rollins.
S2, EP5 "Prisoners"Gillespie (Carroll O'Connor) suspects Sheriff Thompson (Ed Ames), an old friend, may be responsible for a man's death. With Howard Rollins and Geoffrey Thorne.
S2, EP4 "The Hammer and the Glove"During Tibbs' old partner's (Michael Warren) visit two FBI agents and a protected witness are murdered.
S2, EP3 "Family Secrets"A woman (Susan Blakely) who is accused of patricide claims she was a victim of incest. With Carroll O'Connor, Howard Rollins.
S2 "Don't Look Back"As Tibbs and Gillespie fight for control of the department, a murderer re-creating an old voodoo case stalks Gillespie.
S1, EP8 "And Then You Die ..."A murderous escaped convict (Will Bledsoe) and his girlfriend take Althea (Anne-Marie Johnson) and a boy hostage.
S1, EP7 "A Necessary Evil"The six wives of an imprisoned polygamist bring him gifts of food, only to become murder suspects when the man dies of poisoning.
S1, EP6 "Blind Spot"Virgil narrowly escapes death at the hands of Richie Epson's henchmen, but Gillespie still hasn't garnered enough evidence to prove Epson is a major drug supplier.
S1, EP5 "Blind Spot"A supply of cocaine, a double disappearance and Virgil's reluctance to forget a grudge are somehow linked together.
S1, EP4 "Fate"Tension mounts when a black businessman is rumored to be romancing the married white owner of a newspaper.
S1, EP3 "Road Kill"Gillespie and Tibbs (Carroll O'Connor, Howard Rollins) are at odds when Virgil suspects that the chief's friend is a murderer. Lane Smith and Gail O'Grady guest star.
S1, EP1 "Pilot"The politically motivated mayor forces Gillespie and newcomer Tibbs to work togther on the investigation of a popular high school girl's murder.
Carroll O'Connor stars as a small-town police chief (and later a sheriff) in fictional Sparta, Miss. For a small town, Sparta has its share of murder, rape, corruption, racism and drunken driving, so O'Connor's Chief William Gillespie has his hands full. The TV series is based on the novel and film of the same name.
Original Air Date: Mar 6, 1988
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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