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I (Almost) Got Away With ItFor the lowlifes profiled in this series, their stories may be different, but the motive is always the same -- to live life on the lam. They evaded justice for years, sometimes decades, by using all means necessary, until law enforcement finally caught up to them. Along with a re-enactment of the story, each episode features a prison interview with the one-time fugitive, who tells of his adventures while on the run, how he survived and stayed one step ahead of the law ... and how he almost got away with it.
S1, EP13 "Got to Get Bike Parts"Marvin Carson settled an argument with rival gang member Richard Hawk by shooting him multiple times with an AK-47.
S8, EP10 "Got to Hit Homes on Halloween"Desperate for their next high, Michael Kidd, Kevin Crandall and Marcus Thompson break into upscale homes on Halloween night in search of money, then their crime spree ends in a terrifying hostage situation.
S8, EP9 "Got to Be Part of the Pittsburgh Six"After Andrew Heim's prison buddy finds a way to tunnel out of the prison, he escapes along with five other inmates, and they are dubbed The Pittsburgh Six.
S8, EP8 "Got to Crawl My Way to Freedom"Facing a long prison sentence, Darryl Norris pulls off a brilliant escape through the ceiling of his cell and plans to flee the country.
S8, EP7 "Got to Get Out of Debt"Deeply in debt after suffering a serious injury, Jaime Jones dons a disguise and robs banks to pay off his debts and take care of his family.
S8, EP6 "Got to Get Home to Mother"After getting handed a stiff sentence for robbery, Robert Nielsen escapes prisons and lives under the radar with his family, but they cannot shield the young fugitive from the challenges of being on the run.
S8, EP5 "Got to Escape with a Battleaxe"Serving a 60-year sentence for a crime he says he didn't commit, Russell Kerr colludes with a fellow inmate, Christopher Stout, to hatch an elaborate escape plan.
S8, EP4 "Got to Send a Bomb in the Mail"Albert Paul is arrested for murder and spends the next couple of decades pulling off daring prison breaks only to get captured after every attempt.
S8, EP3 "Got to Taunt the Cops"Prison escapee Jimmy Maxwell's volatile nature makes him a menace to authorities every time they corner him.
S8, EP2 "Got a Handsome Face"Bank robber Steven Ray Milam is dubbed the Handsome Guy Bandit, then he makes a costly mistake forcing him to leave his family and go on the run with the FBI in pursuit.
S8, EP1 "Got to Pretend to Be a Cop"Career criminal Peter Gibbs faces decades behind bars for a string of robberies but refuses to go down without a fight.
S7, EP8 "Got to Be MacGyver"Serving a life sentence for a double homicide, Harold Laird gets creative to escape from prison and evades the law on several occasions.
S7, EP7 "Got to Watch Those Country Girls"Brothers plan a daring escape from a county jail and flee to Kentucky before one of the escapees' ex turns them in.
S7, EP6 "Got to Escape Through an Air Duct"A man convicted of murder, and his cell mate, escape through an air duct, but his freedom ends following a car crash.
S7, EP5 "Got to Pose as Katrina Refugees"On the run after killing his mother, Scott Webb, and his wife, take refuge in a Texas church until a news report leads them to flee.
S7, EP4 "Got to Be Part of the Texas Seven"Patrick Murphy and six other inmates conduct the largest prison escape in Texas history, only to kill a police officer and face a showdown with authorities.
S7, EP3 "Got a Rich Widow"After serving time for stealing from wealthy people, Brian Fuller returns to his ways of robbing the rich.
S7, EP2 "Got to Fall in Love With a Prison Guard"After a man in prison for life falls in love with a guard, she helps him escape and they go on the run together.
S7, EP1 "Got to Be a Ladies Man"Career criminal David Corbin launches a crime wave following a prison stint; a jealous girlfriend turns him in and he is sent to prison where he pulls off a daring escape.
S6, EP8 "Got to Be the Green Baron"Even after getting caught, Tony Darwin continues working for a notorious smuggler until a deadly plane crash forces him to flee the country; the pressure mounts when his girlfriend threatens to rat him out.
S6, EP7 "Got to Be Bonnie and Clyde"A robber is arrested and put in jail, then escapes during a hurricane and goes on a crime spree.
S6, EP6 "Got to Rob a Pawn Shop"A stolen weapons dealer is caught, but later escapes from prison.
S6, EP5 "Got to Be the Black Market Maestro"A 19-year-old's crimes escalate until he becomes the target of a nation-wide manhunt.
S6, EP4 "Got to Escape With One Leg"A man violates parole and refuses to go back to prison.
S6, EP3 "Got to Pose as a War Vet"A man is wanted in four states for posing as a veteran and preying on women to get money.
S6, EP2 "Got to Escape Through a Toilet"A pair of friends and criminals escape from prison in 2009 and lead police on a manhunt across the Southeast.
S6, EP1 "Got to Kill My Step-Dad"A man arrested for killing his stepfather, with a friend, escapes from jail twice.
S5, EP13 "Got to Make You a Superstar"A scam artist cons aspiring singers and models out of millions of dollars; a man's criminal past forces him to become a fugitive.
S5, EP12 "Got Hammered on a Sailboat"A man runs to New York after committing a murder; a man overpowers a guard to get out of jail.
S5, EP11 "Got to Take Down My Ex-Boyfriend"A serial robber accidentally shoots a man; a woman goes on the run after becoming violent with her ex.
S5, EP10 "Got to Become a Neo-Nazi"A man devoted to the American Nazi Party murders a neighbor he perceives as an enemy of the white race.
S5, EP9 "Got to Make It in the Big Easy"A violent con artist uses his girlfriend to forge bad checks and then murders her and her son so he can go free.
S5, EP8 "Got to Prey on Tourists"A band of thieves breaks into higher crime at the airport when they begin ramming rental cars and robbing vacationers at gunpoint; the ringleader then kills a tourist and finds a place to hide out.
S5, EP7 "Got to Run to Costa Rica"A man's drug habit leads him into a life of daring crimes; after being caught he escapes, but a so-called friend turns him in.
S5, EP6 "Got to Rob Vacation Homes"A man who robs others in order to support his girlfriend and her daughter goes on the run after a botched robbery leaves a man dead.
S5, EP5 "Got to Run With My Brother"A group of youths who break into cars and rob houses send a threatening tape to authorities and go on the run.
S5, EP4 "Got to Build a Meth Lab"After killing a man in a fight over money, a man hides out in his sister's Ohio home; he gets caught, but escapes prison until authorities catch up with him.
S5, EP3 "Got to Build a Bridge to Freedom"After escaping from a high-tech prison, a young thief calls upon family members to help him avoid the law.
S5, EP2 "Got to Murder My Own Family"A man doing a life sentence for murdering his step-mom and three young brothers escapes and hides under the wheel of a big rig that is racing down the highway.
S5, EP1 "Got to Hide Out in Suburbia"A man loses his drug business to a fire and robs a bank to pay his debt to the supplier; after spending time in jail, he escapes and settles down with a woman, but the FBI finally catches up with him.
S4, EP13 "Got to Escape Underground"Career criminal Toby Young enjoys drugs and violence and when he breaks out of jail, police go in hot pursuit.
S4, EP12 "Got to Pretend I'm a Priest"Con artist Fred Brito has reinvented himself dozens of times; wth no formal training, he's conducted a symphony orchestra, been elected to a public office, and administered mass as a fake catholic priest.
S4, EP11 "Got to Run to Mexico With My Kids"A woman robs a bank and flees with her three children.
S4, EP10 "Got to Escape From the Rock"By the age of 17, William Van Poyck is convicted of robbery and serves six years behind bars before escaping from a maximum security prison, then, in 1987, he prepares to ambush a prison transport van.
S4, EP9 "Got to Make a Dummy Out of Sheets"While facing five life sentences for a spree of robberies, Frankie Lee Bass makes a daring escape and goes on the run.
S4, EP8 "Got to Steal a Rich Woman's Jewelry"A woman murders an elderly widow as revenge for firing her.
S4, EP7 "Got to Be a Car Salesman"A man who served time but turned his life around may end up back in prison following a freak accident.
S4, EP6 "Got to Pose as a Firefighter"A man kidnaps a co-worker and terrorizes her.
S4, EP5 "Got to Burn a Truck"Man and his friends kill a man and steal his truck; the friends confess to the crime.
S4, EP4 "Got to Copy Movies"A man scams the film industry and sells pirated videos.
S4, EP3 "Got to Silence a Witness"A man kills another as revenge and flees to Mexico to stay out of prison.
S4, EP2 "Got to Wear a Pink Shirt"Man changes his identity but it's not enough to keep authorities from tracking him down.
S4, EP1 "Got to Ride the Rails"William Baldi is found dead in the apartment he shared with Ricky Sleight.
S3, EP13 "Got to Work on a Crab Boat"Kenneth "Speedy" Raulerson is wanted in Florida and flees to Alaska to work the crab boats.
S3, EP12 "Got to Hide in a Swamp"Escapee Dominic Reddick goes on the run; while searching for food, he finds doughnuts in a dumpster, not knowing that police are waiting inside the shop.
S3, EP11 "Got Shot in the Leg"A man and his friends rob a restaurant after he gets fired, which results in three deaths.
S3, EP10 "Got to Impersonate a Guard"Handsome, intelligent thief Dennis Hope pulls off a series of daring robberies and goes on the run while living a life of luxury.
S3, EP9 "Got a Boyfriend to Support"Man escapes from jail when his inmate love is released and the two live a lavish life on the outside.
S3, EP8 "Got Caught in Love Triangle"A man obsessed with a woman kills her husband in a fit of jealousy.
S3, EP7 "Got to Run With My Buddy"Man escapes from prison with seven others and hides in shacks, muddy pigpens and even dresses up as a woman to evade the cops.
S3, EP6 "Got to Get Revenge"A man goes on a violent spree searching for his ex girlfriend after she dumps him.
S3, EP5 "Got a Pen Pal"Brenda Wynn is out of jail and wants a new life but a co-worker steals her money so she hits him with her car.
S3, EP4 "Got to Escape in Underwear"Ricky McCurry, who has been in and out of prison his whole life, runs into bad luck with botched robberies and high speed chases.
S3, EP3 "Got a Bad Temper"Aurlieas McClarty kills the manager of a store for $200 and despite being wanted continues to go from state to state, defrauding banks, stores and women.
S3, EP2 "Got That Tough Girl Look"In Daytona Beach, Fla., Juanita Liebman and two friends fatally attack a Biketoberfest tourist, then police stake out a pharmacy to apprehend Liebman who requires medical attention due to her epilepsy.
S3, EP1 "Got a Country Legend's Tour Bus"Christopher Gay escapes from police custody to see his dying mother, then manages to steal country singer Crystal Gayle's tour bus while on the run.
S2, EP13 "Got 9th Place"A man is sentenced to 12 years in prison but due to technicalities he escapes and wins big in a Vegas poker tournament.
S2, EP12 "Got a Family Coming After Me"Man murders his ex-best friend after a fight and spends two years fighting extradition before being sent back to the U.S.
S2, EP11 "Got a Death Certificate"Anthony Ragno witnesses a murder, then goes on the run and builds a life trafficking pot in the Haitian islands.
S2, EP10 "Got to Fetch a Hooker"On a job to pick up a prostitute Lane Slettvet stabs a man, while trying to stay under the radar he still goes to parties for the drugs.
S2, EP9 "Got to Lock and Load"A Texas separatist group takes two hostages and rangers are able to negotiate the release but two of the members get away undetected.
S2, EP8 "Got Shot Above a Deli"Sean Salley shoots an actress and her friends above a deli then flees to New Orleans then to Miami where he plans to leave the country for good.
S2, EP7 "Got a Lot of Pot"Steve Lamb was a part of a group of traffickers until he got caught in a sting operation.
S2, EP6 "Got Raps"Raymond Ross skips town with his cousin after beating a teen into a coma; the police close in on this trail.
S2, EP5 "Got Plastic Surgery"Courtenay Savage is an ex-cop with a loaded gun aimed at a friend's trailer.
S2, EP4 "Got Caught Via Email"Edward Roberson and two fellow inmates escape jail and go on the run.
S2, EP3 "Got a Dead Man's ID"A prison escapee learns how to beat the system and enjoy his new life of work, weed and women before he is busted.
S2, EP2 "Got to Roll the Dice"With 41 arrests and no convictions Phillip Williams had no worries about stabbing his ex in a parking lot until he became a wanted man and went on the road living off his gambling wins.
S2, EP1 "Got Caught By a Cougar"Living his life as a party everyday after shooting his girlfriend and finding the affection of a friend's mother leads to Robert Spencer's arrest.
S1, EP12 "Got a Gun Made Out of Toilet Paper"Kerry Silvers and two other inmates overpower their guards and escape from prison.
S1, EP11 "Got to Go to Canada"A career criminal flees to Canada when a drug deals go bad; Canadian authorities identify the criminal by his tattoos and extradite him back to the U.S.
S1, EP10 "Got to Rob Banks"The latest in bank technology helps investigators end a bank robber's 13 month spree.
S1, EP9 "Got Revenge"The story of Marshall Brown's life on the run after spending 19 years in prison planning his escape.
S1, EP8 "Got to Sing Karaoke"Joe Crouch flees to Florida after shooting his wife and funds his love of karaoke by robbing banks.
S1, EP7 "Got Caught in the Shower"Richard Garber goes on the run after he becomes the lead suspect in his neighbor's death.
S1, EP6 "Got the Wrong Four People Killed"A man hires a hit man to kill a friend's wife but things go wrong and four people end up dead.
S1, EP5 "Got Two Homes in Mexico"A 17-year-old gang member flees to Mexico to avoid a 48 year prison sentence.
S1, EP4 "Got a Video Rental Store"A convicted killer escapes from prison to start a new life with the woman he married while he was incarcerated.
S1, EP3 "Got No Fingerprints"After being convicted of murder, Jerry Bowen erases his fingerprints with acid and assumes the identities of homeless men to hide from authorities.
S1, EP2 "Got Dumped"A jealous boyfriend is suspected of shooting his girlfriend and murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend.
S1, EP1 "Got Remarried"A man who shot his wife and fled to Mexico is found and brought into custody.
For the lowlifes profiled in this series, their stories may be different, but the motive is always the same -- to live life on the lam. They evaded justice for years, sometimes decades, by using all means necessary, until law enforcement finally caught up to them. Along with a re-enactment of the story, each episode features a prison interview with the one-time fugitive, who tells of his adventures while on the run, how he survived and stayed one step ahead of the law ... and how he almost got away with it.
Original Air Date: Jan 9, 2010
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
8 seasons available on demand (90 episodes)
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