Alice and Gerald Uden
S15, EP10 "Alice and Gerald Uden"
On Demand
The unexplained disappearances of a young mother and her two sons in 1980 lead investigators on a three-decade quest for justice, exposing multiple murders and a homicidal love affair that left untold suffering and carnage in its wake.
Original Air Date: Jun 25, 2021 • Oxygen • 44m
De'Asia Page and Jared Kemp
S15, EP9 "De'Asia Page and Jared Kemp"
On Demand
When a beloved grandmother falls victim to a brutal crime, the search for her killers reveals a torrid romance between two young lovers willing to do anything to get what they desire.
Original Air Date: Jun 18, 2021 • Oxygen • 44m
Kristi Koslow and Brian Salter
S15, EP8 "Kristi Koslow and Brian Salter"
On Demand
When a wealthy couple falls victim to a deadly home invasion, the search for the killers exposes both a twisted relationship and a family betrayal no one saw coming.
Original Air Date: Jun 11, 2021 • Oxygen • 44m
Kyle Navin and Jennifer Valiente
S15, EP7 "Kyle Navin and Jennifer Valiente"
On Demand
The sudden disappearance of a wealthy couple rattles their small town and launches an investigation that exposes a web of deception, greed and a blood-soaked betrayal.
Original Air Date: Jun 04, 2021 • Oxygen • 44m
Mark Spotz and Christina Noland
S15, EP6 "Mark Spotz and Christina Noland"
On Demand
A horrific killing spree leads Pennsylvania investigators on the hunt for two young lovers willing to do whatever it takes to evade the law.
Original Air Date: May 28, 2021 • Oxygen • 44m
Carolyn King and Bradley Martin
S15, EP5 "Carolyn King and Bradley Martin"
On Demand
A young couple becomes the target of a nationwide manhunt after police connect the deadly lovers to two grisly murders in different states.
Original Air Date: May 27, 2021 • Oxygen • 44m
Kaleigh Fryer and Jay Chiles
S15, EP4 "Kaleigh Fryer and Jay Chiles"
On Demand
A beloved Oklahoma father is discovered murdered inside his home and the search for his killer uncovers a forbidden romance and a deadly double-cross.
Original Air Date: May 26, 2021 • Oxygen • 44m
Barbara Raber and Eli Weaver
S15, EP3 "Barbara Raber and Eli Weaver"
On Demand
An Amish community is turned upside down when a young wife and mother is found murdered inside her home, leading police to look deeper within the community, and exposing a secret romance that triggered a deadly conspiracy.
Original Air Date: May 25, 2021 • Oxygen • 44m
Carmen Stonemark and James Deese
S15, EP2 "Carmen Stonemark and James Deese"
On Demand
The disappearance of a well-respected businessman leads to an investigation that exposes a secret romance fueled by lust and greed.
Original Air Date: May 24, 2021 • Oxygen • 44m
Ailsa Jackson and Michael Walker
S15, EP1 "Ailsa Jackson and Michael Walker"
On Demand
When the wife of an Army medic is murdered in her Hawaii home, the investigation reveals a sordid tale of secrets, lies and a twisted romance that captured headlines across the country.
Original Air Date: May 23, 2021 • Oxygen • 44m