Bellingcat; Sharswood
S54, EP35 "Bellingcat; Sharswood"
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Bellingcat, a team of online data detectives, investigates reports of war crimes in Ukraine; Fred Miller and his family buy a large house in southern Virginia and discover that their own ancestors were once enslaved there.
Original Air Date: May 15, 2022 • CBS • 60m
Mark Esper; Crisis; Ballet in Exile
S54, EP34 "Mark Esper; Crisis; Ballet in Exile"
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Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper; the pandemic's effects on the mental health of kids and teens; Russian dancer Olga Smirnova.
Original Air Date: May 08, 2022 • CBS • 43m
Harvest of War; Eurovision; Birds Aren't Real
S54, EP33 "Harvest of War; Eurovision; Birds Aren't Real"
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The World Food Programme's efforts to curb the hunger crisis in Ukraine; Iceland's contenders for Eurovision, the world's largest musical event; Peter McIndoe, founder of Birds Aren't Real.
Original Air Date: May 01, 2022 • CBS • 43m
Director of the FBI; Examining the Bin Laden Papers; Mayor Adams
S54, EP32 "Director of the FBI; Examining the Bin Laden Papers; Mayor Adams"
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Christopher Wray, FBI director; author Nelly Lahoud shares a rare look at the inner workings of al-Qaida; New York City Mayor Eric Adams.
Original Air Date: Apr 24, 2022 • CBS • 43m
Shields Up; Running Volkswagen; eVTOLs
S54, EP31 "Shields Up; Running Volkswagen; eVTOLs"
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The United States mounts a digital defense against Kremlin directed cyberattacks; Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess; electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.
Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2022 • CBS • 43m
President Zelenskyy; Bitcoin Beach
S54, EP30 "President Zelenskyy; Bitcoin Beach"
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy discusses the civilian attacks on Bucha; Bitcoin Beach on the coast of El Salvador.
Original Air Date: Apr 10, 2022 • CBS • 43m