S14, EP9

Airs: Dec 10, 2022

Budding entrepreneurs get the chance to bring their dreams to fruition, presenting their ideas to five titans of industry who succeeded in making their own dreams a reality.

ABC • 61m

S14, EP8

Airs: Dec 03, 2022

Daniel Lubetzky guest sharks; a way to attract hummingbirds; easing anxiety with an entertaining product; a fire-defense system; a wearable fitness design makes it easier and faster to sweat; an update on Basepaws, a pet genetic testing company.

ABC • 61m

S14, EP7

On Demand

An artisan cheese delivery service; a product line designed to keep cars fresh; a stylish lighting kit for sports equipment; a solution designed to refresh and enhance all shaving needs.

Original Air Date: Nov 18, 2022 • ABC • 43m

S14, EP6

On Demand

Guest shark Peter Jones; a luxury apparel line designed to elevate one's office look; a portable way to enjoy beverages on tap; a fruit preservation device; a fruit-infused wine collection; an update on Curie, a natural product line.

Original Air Date: Nov 11, 2022 • ABC • 43m

S14, EP5

On Demand

Emma Grede, the CEO of Good American guest sharks; a napping product designed to reduce stress; a product which allows kids to unleash their creativity without the mess; a line of cozy accessories for the great outdoors.

Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2022 • ABC • 43m

S14, EP4

On Demand

A solution to make moving to and from college easier; an African-inspired home-decor line; a natural nonalcoholic beverage; a product for bringing clean air into homes; update on the Mad Rabbit tattoo aftercare line.

Original Air Date: Oct 14, 2022 • ABC • 43m

S14, EP3

On Demand

A unique tool for carving pumpkins; a foldable 2-in-1 fitness product; a new version of a traditional Korean dish; a sculpting play set designed for children.

Original Air Date: Oct 07, 2022 • ABC • 43m