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Ink MasterAll-star artists return to compete in the ultimate tattoo competition.
S12, EP1 "The Ink Will Speak for Itself"Eighteen artists arrive ready to fight for themselves but instead find they must work in teams divided by gender; battle lines are drawn, then tested, in the "Ink Master" Battle of the Sexes; in the end, only one will win $100,000.
S12, EP2 "A Storm Is Brewin'"Team leaders emerge in a shocking new season-long twist that sends the Artists a wake-up call and shakes up the competition; The Battle of the Sexes continues for $100K and the title of Ink Master.
S12, EP3 "Down to the Wire"The artists must fight even harder to win the Battle of the Sexes as the field thins and the competition intensifies; one artist is not wired properly for the competition and must pack up and close shop.
S12, EP4 "The Hunter & the Hunted"The judges are looking for color contrast and the artists are out for blood with full color neo-traditional animal tattoos.
S12, EP5 "The Art Stands Alone"It's every man or woman for themselves when the artists are subject to a blind critique.
S12, EP6 "Art of War"The artists must put needle to skin consistently to take out their competitors; the battle of the sexes continues for $100K and the title of Ink Master.
S12, EP7 "Sabotage"The artists must prove their strength by facing off against each other.
S12, EP8 "Pins & No Needles"The judges test the artists' understanding of color theory; two coaches take the artists to school; the battle intensifies for $100K and the title of "Ink Master."
S12, EP9 "Drawing Alliances"The teams are out of balance as the artists cross enemy battle lines to pick secret alliances; a freehand drawing challenge tests the competitors' artistic ability.
S12, EP10 "By Accident or By Design"The battle for the grand prize and title of Ink Master continues as the judges test the artist's adaptability.
S12, EP11 "Roll of the Dice"The Artists find themselves in a dicey situation with confrontational coaches Josh Payne and Nikki Simpson.
S12, EP12 "Put Your Ink Where Your Mouth Is"The competition tests the artists' ability to market themselves when the power is in the hands of the canvases.
S12, EP13 "Moving Pictures"The artists are on their own in a test of finesse as the six remaining competitors fight for the cash prize and the title of Ink Master.
S12, EP14 "Unfriendly Fire"It's a battle of the sexes as the men's team takes aim at the women during an illustrative portrait challenge.
S12, EP15 "Step Up or Shut Up"The last four artists remaining battle it out in a tattoo marathon to secure their spot in the season finale.
S12, EP16 "Battle of the Sexes Finale"Seven veteran artists battle it out in the "Clash of the Coaches Face Off"; the battle of the sexes comes to an end as the three finalists reveal their 35-hour Master Canvas tattoos and one artist wins the title of Ink Master.
S8, EP1 "Weeding Out the Weak"The judges show no mercy as 30 artists fight to earn one of the 18 spots on teams Peck and Nunez.
S8, EP2 "The Game Begins"In the first Flash Challenge, Team Peck and Team Nunez must work together in an intense tattoo challenge.
S8, EP3 "Ruffled Feathers"Team Nunez is out for revenge in the Flash Challenge; an artist betrays Team Peck in the elimination.
S8, EP4 "Put on Your Armor"No artist is safe when both teams must transform canvases into warriors.
S8, EP5 "Sparks Fly"Team Nunez has their legibility tested in an electrifying Flash Challenge; a gendered alliance has the women out for blood.
S8, EP6 "Sticky Situation"A conflicted Team Peck fights for control in a Flash Challenge that tests contrast; one artist turns the tables on the girls' alliance.
S8, EP7 "New School, Old Scars"The artists tattoo former smokers who have been scarred for life in the Flash Challenge; the six artists on Team Nuñez battle for a spot in the team's top five.
S8, EP8 "Bent Out of Shape"The artists must manipulate metal in the Flash Challenge; the remaining Team Peck artists fight for the final spot in their team's top five.
S8, EP9 "Head Games"The artists quickly adapt before tattooing an excruciatingly painful spot on the head.
S8, EP10 "Like Sand Through the Hour Glass"It's all in the details when the artists create powerful designs for Dodge Chargers; the clock is ticking in the Elimination Tattoo.
S8, EP11 "Duck and Cover Up"One artist cracks under pressure after one of the most difficult Flash Challenges ever; artists must tastefully cover up lower back tattoos.
S8, EP12 "Road to the Finale"Dave digs deeper into the lives and strategies of the final six artists in the Peck vs. Nunez competition; with new footage a a deeper look at the season's most talked about moments.
S8, EP13 "Heavy Lifting"The artists must carry their own weight in a team Flash Challenge; head-to-head portraits in the Elimination Tattoo adds to the fire.
S8, EP14 "Bio-Mechanical Failure"Stakes are high when the artists work in teams to transform canvases into cyborgs.
S8, EP15 "No One Is Safe"The top four artists must endure a grueling tattoo marathon.
S8, EP16 "Peck vs. Nunez Live"The final three artists tattoo for America's vote, and the eliminated artists return for a fiery confrontation; a 24-hour chest tattoo determines the winner.
S3, EP1 "Baby Got Back"16 new artists find themselves giving tattoos in prison; the human canvases vote to eliminate one artist.
S3, EP2 "Thrills for Grills"The artists create gruesome tattoos of blood and guts; a betrayal leads to an explosive fight; guest judge Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans.
S3, EP3 "Fire and Lace"Skimpy lingerie heats up the flash challenge; a difficult human canvas leads to the most shocking elimination in show history.
S3, EP4 "Elysium Challenge"The canvases get crooked bar code tattoos when the artists assemble tattoo machines from scratch; the house turns on Joshua.
S3, EP5 "Baby Beat-Down"The artists ink over scars as they create "Day of the Dead" tattoos; one canvas wants Tatu Baby's face as a tattoo.
S3, EP6 "Animal Instinct"Models and jungle animals get mixed together for a new challenge; Asian tattoos send the judges reeling.
S3, EP7 "Monumental Mistakes"Artists clash over the chance to work on Dave Navarro; allies become enemies and the destruction is permanent.
S3, EP8 "Baby Don't Go"The artists must tattoo each other; last season's artists return to get inked; Tatu Baby faces elimination.
S3, EP9 "Skulls and Villains"The artists engrave human skulls using their tattoo skills; the artists must make tattoos of DC Comics characters.
S3, EP10 "Eyes of the Beholder"The artists have a difficult time with eyelid tattoos; the Human Canvas Jury ends in tears; Joshua and Tatu Baby exchange words.
S3, EP11 "Heroes & Heads"The Artists honor military heroes; complex head tattoos; Oliver has a meltdown; the Judges are deadlocked.
S3, EP12 "Enduring the Pain"All four finalists tattoo the same canvas simultaneously in a marathon session to win a place in the final.
S3, EP13 "The Epic Finale"The final three artists battle it out on their toughest canvas yet; the second chance vote winner is revealed; the Ink Master is crowned.
"Ink Master"All-star artists return to compete in the ultimate tattoo competition.
S7, EP13 "Revenge Live"The final three artists reveal two master canvases; eliminated artists return and confront each other for the first time since the competition; a winner is crowned.
S7, EP12 "Turning the Tables"The tables are turned on the veterans when the new artists call the shots in the Elimination Tattoo and finally get their revenge; the battle for a spot in the live finale is more intense than ever before.
S7, EP11 "Head in the Game"The stakes are high when the artists must ink the ultimate in-your-face tattoo; rival alliances vie for control of the game.
S7, EP10 "Shipwrecked"Alliances are tested for the remaining six artists when they have to complete tattoos in teams of three.
S7, EP9 "Sink or Soar"The remaining artists work in pairs to execute large-scale back tattoos, testing texture and each other's nerves.
S7, EP8 "Breathing Fire"The artists are pushed to their limits in the Flash Challenge; the final veteran artist returns to the competition for a challenge in legibility.
S7, EP7 "Knuckle Sandwich"Alliances are broken during an intense Flash Challenge; a veteran artist returns to prove his merit through the ultimate precision test.
S7, EP6 "Under Pressure"Bonds are tested and new alliances are formed during an intense Flash Challenge; a veteran joins the New Artist Alliance to take down a common enemy.
S7, EP5 "New School, Old Artist"The artists use plenty of color during a contortionist body painting Flash Challenge; a veteran artist returns and adds a new-school twist to an old subject.
S7, EP4 "The Devil's in the Details"The artists face the most extreme test of detail ever attempted; a veteran artist returns and sparks old rivalries.
S7, EP3 "Salt in the Wound"Some of the artists have a tough time working in teams of two for the Flash Challenge; a veteran artist schemes to take back control.
S7, EP2 "One Man's Trash"Egos collide when the artists get their hands dirty in a team Flash Challenge; another veteran returns.
S7, EP1 "Initiation"The battle for $100,000 begins as new artists compete in the most intense Flash Challenge to date; the competition heats up when the first veteran artist returns seeking revenge.
S6, EP16 "Master vs. Apprentice Finale"The three final artists tattoo live for $100,000; eliminated artists confront each other; a huge announcement.
S6, EP15 "Go Big or Go Home"The last four artists fight for a spot in the finale, but must survive a tattoo marathon first; a twist is announced.
S6, EP14 "Active Duty"Artists fight for a spot in the top four and must tattoo portraits of active military and their loved ones before they are separated for deployment.
S6, EP13 "Player's Choice"Artists are knocked off their game when professional football players call the shots; superfans get inked with permanent autographs.
S6, EP12 "Slitting Throats"Artists and guests join forces; an artist must prove loyalty to Chris; artists are thrown off their game by painful throat tattoos.
S6, EP11 "Hail Mani"Religious tattoo virgins get their first ink -- on their fingernails; tattooing famous works of art means the smallest errors result in failure.
S6, EP10 "Hell on Wheels"Artists have to paint their most valuable canvas yet; an artist's tricks raise suspicions; drawing skills are put to the test and judges lay the smack down.
S6, EP9 "Like a Moth to the Flame"Artists paint with fire in the Flash Challenge; mounting pressure causes major mishaps; a romance between artists tests loyalties.
S6, EP8 "Composed and Exposed"Artists create mind-blowing masterpieces and experience some mind-boggling mistakes using an insane new tattoo style.
S6, EP7 "Predator/Prey"Artists have to tattoo 4 on 1 to transform canvases into wild animals; an unexpected twist results in a shocking elimination.
S6, EP6 "Firing Lines"Artists go head to head with a legend in the Elimination Challenge; a devious strategy forces on artist to face an insanely demanding canvas.
S6, EP5 "Problem Parts"Creating mind-blowing illusions using naked models; one artist gets a chance at vengeance; tattoos on challenging body parts cause panic.
S6, EP4 "Tut for Tat"Teams must create beautiful sarcophaguses; one artist's skull picks for Egyptian tattoos infuriate the competition.
S6, EP3 "Sink or Swim"Artists join teams to create underwater ocean scenes on the back of canvas' hands; new rivalries; and an explosive elimination arises from an outrageous head-to-head style.
S6, EP2 "Fight or Flight"Guest judge Oliver Peck delivers a smack down when artists take on his specialty; a twist puts power in the hands of the artists and loyalties are tested.
S6, EP1 "Meet Your Maker"Apprentices battle their masters to prove their skills; the judges must critique blind for the first tattoo.
All-star artists return to compete in the ultimate tattoo competition.
Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2012
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (29 episodes)
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