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Flipping OutSo you think you have a high-maintenance friend or co-worker in your life? Meet Jeff Lewis, one of the most colorful real estate speculators in Los Angeles, whose obsessive-compulsive tendencies are exceeded only by the eccentricities of his friends -- and the success of his business. With the downturn in the housing market, Lewis subsequently lessened his interest in flipping properties and focused on his design consulting business. Whether he's flipping or designing, Lewis relies on his staff to help him get his projects done.
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S11, EP10 "The Final Flip"Lea Black leads a productivity seminar at Jeff Lewis Design, which brings a lot of issues to the surface and sparks a mass exodus; Jeff and Jenni have it out; Jeff and Jenni's relationship may not survive, and Jeff may not have any employees left.
S11, EP9 "Destructive Criticism"Jeff is concerned with pleasing his new client's girlfriend who will be making most of the design decisions; Lea Black is in town to get started on her kitchen demolition; Jeff realizes his employees lack motivation; Megan makes a difficult decision.
S11, EP8 "Trimming the Fat"Attempting to start fresh, Jeff turns to friend Teddi Mellencamp's accountability program; JLD finds out that clients Liat and Trevor are headed for divorce; Jenni finds her dream home and hopes to quickly sell her house.
S11, EP7 "Diamonds Aren't Forever"Julie's overly-involved approach to the flipping process clashes with Jeff's working style; with construction completed, the group sets out to furnish Heather's place; Valley Vista sees more personnel changes.
S11, EP6 "The Straw(berry) That Broke the Camel's Back"Jeff's grandmother is rushed to the hospital; the added pressure doesn't stop any of his projects from moving forward; Jeff takes his frustration out on his employees and reevaluates who should remain on the payroll.
S11, EP5 "Edward vs. Lewis"Jeff and Gage compete over who does what around the house and whose flip is moving along the fastest; new troubles pop up at Valley Vista and Old Hollywood; team JLD is rehired by Calabasas clients Liat and Trevor.
S11, EP4 "All That Glitters"Jeff's project managers clash, only adding to the chaos he was hoping to alleviate; neighbor Lea Black is back in town and ready to get to work on renovating her kitchen; Jeff runs into trouble with another neighbor.
S11, EP3 "A Very Lewis Christmas"The team heads to New York City; it's Monroe's first trip, making Jeff and Gage nervous; Jeff charters a private plane and brings along Monroe's nanny and grandparents; the team searches for real estate for Jeff's client, Julie Grossi.
S11, EP2 "Furniture Porn"Gage lands a photo shoot for Jeff with furniture company Alder & Tweed; while the JLD crew scrambles to get everything in place, Jeff remains focused on Valley Vista; Jeff fails to endear himself to his new clients.
S11, EP1 "A Series of Unfortunate Flips"Jeff focuses on flipping properties; there have been multiple additions to the team, with Jeff relying heavily on his new full-time assistant, Tyler; when Jenni returns from maternity leave, Jeff is not exactly sure where she fits in.
S10, EP10 "Full Circle"Jeff and Gage face numerous challenges, caring for a newborn, moving into a new home and pushing the business into different directions, but Monroe's baptism is an opportunity to celebrate their blessings.
S10, EP9 "The Good, the Bad, the Goodbye"In the wake of Gema's exit, Jeff receives a text message full of shocking accusations; drama ensues between the remaining housekeepers; Jeff and Gage juggle work and home life; when Jeff and Zoila meet, their conversation takes an unexpected turn.
S10, EP8 "The Gema Dilemma"Back from Orlando, Fla., Jeff prepares his father's condominium for the market, schedules more demolition at Valley Vista and goes house hunting with one of his favorite clients, Jeanne Shaw; then, the childcare situation takes a turn for the worse.
S10, EP7 "Oh My, Versailles"Monroe's new nanny seems to be a great fit; the team heads to Florida to tour socialite Jackie Siegel's Versailles mansion, which is the largest and most expensive single-family house in the United States and represents a job opportunity for Jeff.
S10, EP6 "Baby's First Move"Moving day proves difficult for Jeff and Gage, as they have to work around Monroe's nap and feeding schedules; following the tumultuous move, the trio is finally able to settle into a routine; a client introduces Jeff to socialite Jackie Siegel.
S10, EP5 "Baby Brain"Jeff refuses to let his newborn baby slow him down; he plans to move into his New Hollywood project to make room for the end of construction at Vista Valley; Gage lags behind, leaving Jeff to wonder if the tension between them will ever subside.
S10, EP4 "Welcome Home, Monroe"Jeff and Gage bring baby Monroe home; a three-month hiatus sees major changes at the JLD office, including Vanina's absence and a revolving door of nannies; the office assistant leaves after writing a detailed criticism of his time at the office.
S10, EP3 "Well, Hello, Monroe"As the baby's due date approaches, Jeff and his team rush to make final preparations; worried about missing the birth, Jeff and Gage head to northern California to wait for the call; after nine months of pregnancy, they finally meet their daughter.
S10, EP2 "Two Week Notice"Vanina continues to report to work after her breakdown; Jeff has an opportunity to buy another house, which means more change is on the horizon; Jenni has good news, then an illness threatens her health and her hope for a growing family.
S10, EP1 "What Will Jeff Do?"The countdown to the baby's due date leaves no time for slowing down; while demo at home in Valley Vista starts on the master suite, Jeff and his team continue to work with clients; Gage's stress becomes obvious.
S9, EP10 "The End Is Nigh"Desperate to make progress on his house, Jeff decides to cram the entire kitchen into his office; Jeff and Gage find themselves in a power struggle before leaving town to meet up with Alexandra; Zoila moves out to make room for the nursery.
S9, EP9 "What the Duck?"Jeff's paternal instincts kick in when ducklings show up in the backyard; Gage tries to pick up the slack after Matt's resignation; Jeff and Gage face problems with their architect; Jenni switches to in vitro fertilization.
S9, EP8 "Unagi You Didn't!"Zoila takes a weeklong leave of absence after a series of mistakes pushes Jeff to his breaking point; Jeff consults with his therapist, Dr. Donna, and admits his worries over having to balance his business with a new baby girl.
S9, EP7 "I Know What You Did Last Saturday"Jeff gets more clients and believes his luck has turned around; Jeff begins to suspect that Gage's assistant, Matt, may be leaving JLD; the pressure of living in a house under construction takes a toll on one of Jeff's longstanding relationship.
S9, EP6 "It's Not Your Fault"Jeff explores forming a partnership with a furniture company; stress mounts as the team realizes it has to impress the entire family behind the retailer; Jenni struggles with fertility issues as Jeff and Gage look forward to the birth of their baby.
S9, EP5 "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary"Jeff struggles to please his client, forcing him to make a difficult decision; after constant bickering, Jeff and Gage try to reconnect and listen to their unborn child's heartbeat at Alexandra's first ultrasound.
S9, EP4 "Scope of Work"Attempting to diversify his business, Jeff heads to San Diego to meet with a new client who has million-dollar condominiums; Jenni reveals that she and her husband have decided to have a second baby; problems arise with Jeff's contractor, Frank.
S9, EP3 "Ready Set Glow"Jeff and Gage finally receive the happy news that Alexandra is pregnant; Jeff struggles to keep his longstanding client, Chaz Dean, happy; Jeff wonders if his new assistant, Ashlyn, wants to remain with the company.
S9, EP2 "Todo Limpio"Jeff and Gage head to the doctor's office with their surrogate, Alexandra, for the implantation of their embryos; Jenni strives to keep a new client happy while heading to her first parent-teacher conference.
S9, EP1 "Appetite for Demolition"After his business takes an unexpected turn, Jeff Lewis is determined to find new clients, and he faces bigger challenges than ever before; Jeff causes upheaval by moving the gang into a flip that is still under construction.
S8, EP8 "The House That Jeff Built"While Jeff and Gage meet the woman who will carry their baby for the first time, Jeff starts to have second thoughts due to the constant bickering between Gage and Zoila.
S8, EP7 "Trouble in Paradise"From failing to adequately mourn the loss of their cat to stressing out over the move, things start to go wrong for Jeff and Gage, and tensions build to an unbearable pitch.
S8, EP6 "Say Hello to Hollywood"Jeff and his team settle into their new Hollywood office, but personnel issues follow them to their new space; Jeff strives to keep his current clients happy even though Joe is off his game and Vanina has lost her focus.
S8, EP5 "DSI: Design Scene Investigation"When the design team puts the finishing touches on George Eads' residence, it finds out the "CSI" actor has a sensitive side; Jeff needs to find his own place in which to live and work, but a rainstorm threatens to wash away his plans.
S8, EP4 "It's Sabotage"While Jeff and his crew organize an epic furniture catalog shoot, he and Gage decide to put their dream home on the market.
S8, EP3 "Womb for Rent"Jeff and Gage decide to use an egg donor and a surrogate to help them realize their dream of having a baby.
S8, EP2 "A New Gage in Town"When business manager Gage decides to hire an assistant, Jeff brings in a "ringer" to help him out.
S8, EP1 "What the Flip!"After firing employees, Jeff expands his design empire while delegating more work to his remaining staff members than they can handle; everything blows up in Jeff's face leading to one of his largest meltdowns of all time.
S7, EP10 "Retreat"The design team arrives in New Mexico and participates in team-building exercises; confrontations between staff members.
S7, EP9 "No Respect"Jenni tries to restore order in the office; Jeff must calm his clients; Jeff plans a team-building retreat.
S7, EP8 "Out of Bounds"Jenni returns to the office and finds it out of control; Jenni brings Jeff to a counseling session.
S7, EP7 "I Want You Back"Megan steps in as Jeff's executive assistant; a client refuses to raise the budget; Jeff begs Jenni to return to work.
S7, EP6 "Flipping Nashville"Jeff flies to Nashville to help his friend buy a home; Megan is in charge of the office; Jeff talks with Gage about selling Gramercy.
S7, EP5 "Due Date"Jenni's due date arrives; Jeff juggles design projects for important clients.
S7, EP4 "Back Flipping"Jeff is frustrated with project delays; a new client is indecisive; Jeff decides to sell Gramercy and go back to flipping; the team introduces a new paint line.
S7, EP3 "Road Trip"Jeff takes a job to Arizona and brings the whole team along for the trip; Zoila asserts her authority.
S7, EP2 "The New Girl"Jeff prepares for Jenni's maternity leave by hiring his friend Megan; Andy acts out; Jeff helps a friend redesign her home on a budget.
S7, EP1 "When the Water Breaks"Jeff is settled into his new home; actor George Eads and his wife are remodeling their home, and Jeff is suspicious of their contractor; Andy is in charge of finding a little person to help the team at a trade show; Jenni is seven months pregnant.
S6, EP12 "Til Death Do Us Part"Jeff and Jenni work to resolve their issues; Gage worries about Jeff's work habits effecting a new paint line; Jeff and Gage's move to their home is bittersweet.
S6, EP11 "Cabogate"Jeff battles with his favorite client over design plans; Jeff discovers Jenni used a client's vacation home for her honeymoon.
S6, EP10 "Grandma's House"Financial and logistical issues drive Jeff to therapy; Andrew tries to win Gage's trust back.
S6, EP9 "Barbie Bitch"Laura asks Jeff to fire Roberto the contractor; Jeff sends Gage and Zoila to therapy.
S6, EP8 "Windy City Wedding"The whole staff travels to Chicago for Jenni's wedding; Jeff butts heads with the wedding planner.
S6, EP7 "Cleaning House"Jeff considers firing Zoila and decides to bring her to couples therapy; Lisa G. thinks the Calabasas house is haunted and Jeff volunteers to stay overnight and prove her wrong.
S6, EP6 "Bad Move"Jeff decides to move to an interim house, which upsets Gage; Jenni tries to lose weight for her wedding; Jeff begins remodeling his grandmother's house.
S6, EP5 "House of Lies"Jeff and Jenni struggle to complete Andrew's work; Jeff has to manage an uncooperative contractor; Andrew calls to ask for his job back.
S6, EP4 "The Talented Mr. Coleman"Andrew tries to impress Jeff after a poor performance review; Jeff finds inconsistencies in Andrew's background.
S6, EP3 "Drawing the Line"Jeff argues with a client over a budget issue; new assistant Andrew oversteps his boundaries.
S6, EP2 "Showdown in Chi Town"Jeff tries to convince a favorite client to remodel her home and helps her finalize wedding details.
S6, EP1 "A House Divided"Arguments over a home remodel strain Jeff and Gage's relationship.
S5, EP11 "Reunion"Andy Cohen brings the entire Flipping Out cast back together.
S5, EP10 "There's No Place Like Home"Jeff looks for a home; Jeff re-considers Jenni's future at the company.
S5, EP9 "Substitutes"Randy threatens legal action.
S5, EP8 "Money Changes Everything"Jeff hires one of his trusty contractors, Randy.
S5, EP7 "Showdown at Sunshine Terrace"Jeff has to decide what's more important - keeping his client happy or protecting the few loyal employees he has left.
S5, EP6 "Don't Be Tardy to the Party"Jeff continues to take on more business.
S5, EP5 "Dropping the Axe"Zoila returns to the house where the doctor has prescribed bed rest.
S5, EP4 "What Stays in Vegas"The motto at Jeff Lewis Design has always been to work hard and play hard.
S5, EP3 "New York or Bust"Jeff and Jenni hit the streets of New York City with their longtime friend and client, Chaz Dean.
S5, EP2 "Wake-Up Call"Jeff erupts at both Zoila and Sarah.
S5, EP1 "New Kid on the Block"Business is booming for Jeff and his crew at Jeff Lewis Designs.
S4, EP10 "Rock, Paper and the Kitchen Sink"Jeff and the gang travel to New York City for the Kitchen of the Year unveiling.
S4, EP9 "Never According to Planner"Jeff suspects Jenni when his day planner goes missing; Trace has his chance to shine while dealing with a difficult client.
S4, EP8 "It's Not Me, It's You"Sarah makes careless mistakes, straining her relationship with Jeff.
S4, EP7 "Hazard: Jeff at Work"Jeff is forced to consider what is most important to him; Jeff asks Sarah personal questions.
S4, EP6 "Too Much of a Good Thing"Feeling the pressure, Jeff considers cutting back on jobs.
S4, EP5 "Bright Lewis, Big City"Jeff is asked to design the "Kitchen of the Year"; Zoila gets a birthday surprise.
S4, EP4 "Never Mix Food With Business"Jeff takes Casa Vega on as a client; when Jett brings his son to work, Jeff and Zoila compete.
S4, EP3 "Urine Trouble"Jeff decides to focus on customer service and professionalism; a concerning pet issue.
S4, EP2 "Hard to Break Family"Jeff feels that Sarah needs tough love to get up to speed; Jenni makes a mistake with a major client.
S4, EP1 "Hot Streak, Lots of Baggage"Moving forward, Jeff decides to "trim the fat" off his business.
S3, EP11 "Season 3 Reunion"Highlights from the season.
S3, EP10 "Baby Boom"Jeff takes on a new client in Toluca Woods and tries to rekindle his friendship with Ryan.
S3, EP9 "Spirit of the Land"Zoila's emotions run high when Jeff threatens to replace her; Jeff finds someone living outside of Chaz's studio.
S3, EP8 "Pledging Allegiance"Jeff faces setbacks with his Buena Park contractor; Ryan makes commitments.
S3, EP7 "Irreconcilable Differences"Jeff becomes frustrated by the demands of some high-maintenance clients; Jeff confronts Ryan about his business practices and their relationship.
S3, EP6 "Friend or Foe"Jeff turns to his father for advice after he learns some disturbing information about Ryan.
S3, EP5 "Jenni 911"Insufficient funds complicate a big deal in Bel Air; Jeff falls ill and accuses Zoila of poisoning him; Jenni is put in charge of the Buena Park project.
S3, EP4 "Bad Mojo"One of Jeff's employees commits the ultimate act of betrayal; Jeff seeks out a feng shui expert to help soothe over the chaos.
S3, EP3 "Never Trust a Contractor"Jeff takes charge after he loses trust with the contractors at his Buena Park job; Jeff wins a remodeling job with a major Hollywood stylist.
S3, EP2 "Pajamas and Other Games"Jeff attends a pajama party; new assistant Rachel struggles to keep up with Jeff's numerous demands; Jeff accuses Ryan of not sharing clients.
S3, EP1 "Beware of Falling Houses"Jeff puts his normal business practices on hold, focusing instead on remodeling and designing homes; Jenni and Zoila return, along with some fresh new faces.
S2, EP9 "Reunion"The house flippers look back at the past season's events.
S2, EP8 "Back in the Market"Commonwealth is sold and Jeff is homeless and desperate to find a new place to live.
S2, EP7 "Tapped Out"New problems arise when Jeff discovers that one of his projects is completely over budget.
S2, EP6 "Looks Like New"Jeff decides to go back to the historic restoration project.
S2, EP5 "Tear Down"Jeff must decide if, after many chances, he must finally fire Chris Elwood.
S2, EP4 "Closer Inspection"In order to find out what is going on when he's not there, Jeff installs a hidden camera in his office.
S2, EP3 "Good Cop, Bad Jeff"Jeff notices that work around his house isn't getting done, and he grows suspicious of his assistants.
S2, EP2 "The Flip Side"Jeff gets the wrong shade of drapes and has a meltdown; Jeff commissions an original abstract portrait for Zoila as a special birthday gift.
S2, EP1 "Selling Out"Jeff and his business partner Ryan have taken on a historic restoration project to cope with the changing real estate market; Jeff's new boss accuses him of not working hard enough.
S1, EP7 "Jeff Lewis' Open House"The entire team congregates at the empty Valley Oak One house for cocktails and dancing.
S1, EP6 "Moving On, Looking Forward"Lewis and his business partner plan to move into their new homes; Lewis shocks his staff.
S1, EP5 "Inspections"Lewis tries to find two much needed deals; the staff lets loose while the boss is away.
S1, EP4 "Bargaining Tactics"Lewis pits potential buyers against each other; Lewis' father visits.
S1, EP3 "Betting Men"Lewis and his business partner make a bet; Lewis questions having another psychic perform his house blessings.
S1, EP2 "Under Pressure"Lewis' home goes on the market; an eccentric seller won't move out; a cat named Monkey escapes and Jeff must find it.
S1, EP1 "A New Project"Jeff Lewis looks to his personal psychic for guidance as he deals with an overbearing employee and a troublesome piece of neglected property.
So you think you have a high-maintenance friend or co-worker in your life? Meet Jeff Lewis, one of the most colorful real estate speculators in Los Angeles, whose obsessive-compulsive tendencies are exceeded only by the eccentricities of his friends -- and the success of his business. With the downturn in the housing market, Lewis subsequently lessened his interest in flipping properties and focused on his design consulting business. Whether he's flipping or designing, Lewis relies on his staff to help him get his projects done.
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