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Young & HungryFeisty young food blogger Gabi is desperate for a job. When she finds out wealthy tech entrepreneur Josh needs a personal chef, she wants the position. But Gabi must prove herself to Josh's aide, Elliot, who would rather have his boss hire a famous chef. Gabi gets help from best friend Sofia and Josh's housekeeper, Yolanda, in order to turn the opportunity into employment ... and maybe love. Actress Ashley Tisdale ("High School Musical") is an executive producer of the comedy series.
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S5, EP20 "Young & Yacht'in"Josh takes the gang for a getaway on his new yacht, where Gabi hits it off with the yacht's chef and receives an amazing opportunity; Sofia has a terrible misunderstanding about her boyfriend; Elliot and Alan meet a flirty steward.
S5, EP19 "Young & Magic"Gaby is initially supportive when Josh reveals he is a magician, but becomes frustrated when magic takes over their lives; Sofia is terrified to introduce her stern grandmother to her boyfriend; Yolanda's prison pen pal wants to meet in person.
S5, EP18 "Young & Bullseye"Gabi and Sofia organize a double date in the hopes that their boyfriends will become friends, but when the guys don't hit it off, their conflict spreads to Gabi and Sofia; Yolanda meets a handsome doctor when he confuses her with his online date.
S5, EP17 "Young & Motorcycle"Gabi is excited when she inherits a motorcycle, but Josh's reaction to her new bike is not what she expected; Sofia is nervous about taking the next step in her relationship with her new boyfriend, especially when all of their plans seem to go awry.
S5, EP16 "Young & Mexico, Part 2"Gabi's attempts to reunite Sofia with her vacation love, Juancarlo, create even more problems for Sofia's love life; Yolanda becomes strangely drawn to Elliot's piano playing.
S5, EP15 "Young & Mexico, Part 1"Gabi takes Sofia on a last-minute vacation to Mexico to cover up the fact that she forgot her birthday; while taking care of Josh after surgery, Elliot and Yolanda accidentally ruin his new multimillion-dollar purchase.
S5, EP14 "Young & Handsy"Gabi panics that her relationship with Josh is over when it seems that he may be getting his needs met elsewhere; Elliot and Yolanda go to extreme lengths to land tickets to a Bruno Mars concert; Sofia moonlights as a driver for a ride-share company.
S5, EP13 "Young & Communication"Josh pretends to join a swim club to get some "me" time, but Gabi learns of his ruse and concocts an elaborate plan to get him to admit his lie; Yolanda and Elliot scheme to meet their celebrity neighbor.
S5, EP12 "Young & Third Wheel"Josh sets Sofia up with his dentist, but after the two hit it off, Gabi isn't so sure he's the right one for her friend; Elliot turns to Yolanda for help in reigniting the spark between him and Alan.
S5, EP11 "Young & Downton Gabi"Elliot and Yolanda worry about how their work lives will change now that Josh and Gabi are a couple; Gabi asks Josh to spend more time at her apartment, but Josh is horrified when he learns how messy Gabi is.
S5, EP10 "Young & Amnesia"After Josh develops amnesia following a bump on the head, Gabi attempts to re-create their first meeting in the hopes of making him remember her.
S5, EP9 "Young & Hold"Gabi and Josh's friends-with-benefits relationship is put to the test when one of them meets someone else; Elliot battles with a squirrel he discovers in Josh's penthouse; Sofia uses Gabi and Josh's relationship drama as fodder for her article.
S5, EP8 "Young & Vegas Baby"Gabi and Sophia take a road trip to Las Vegas with Ms. Wilson in the hopes of reuniting her with a lost love; Josh tries to learn why Gabi is so depressed about her birthday; Yolanda and Elliot plot to keep Gabi's forgotten birthday presents.
S5, EP7 "Young & Bridesmaids"Gabi and Sofia scheme to become bridesmaids when they learn their high-school frenemy is throwing a lavish destination wedding with all expenses paid; Elliot pretends a multimillionaire has offered him a job.
S5, EP6 "Young & Couchy"Gabi creates a problem when she sells the ugly, used couch Sofia received from her boss; Yolanda reconnects with the rabbi from Elliot and Alan's wedding, and begins dating him behind his mother's back.
S5, EP5 "Young & Softball"Josh and his father have difficulty finding common ground until a misunderstanding brings them together; Yolanda and Sofia attempt to win a cruise by selling cookies.
S5, EP4 "Young & Josh's Dad"Gabi takes matters into her own hands when Josh refuses to meet with his estranged father; Elliot pays the price when Yolanda goes on a strict diet.
S5, EP3 "Young & Kiki"Gabi and Josh's efforts to dog-sit a lifestyle guru's pampered pooch go awry; Elliot attempts to deceive Sofia and Yolanda after his plans to procure VIP concert tickets fall through.
S5, EP2 "Young & Valentine's Day"Gabi turns to her oft-married neighbor for some advice about her relationship with Josh; Elliot and Alan have different ideas about how to spend Valentine's Day; Sofia and Yolanda team up for an anti-Valentine's Day celebration.
S5, EP1 "Young & Punch Card"Gabi and Josh try to prove to everyone that they won't let feelings get in the way of their new arrangement as friends with benefits; Yolanda's attempt to cut corners at work leads to disastrous complications for Elliot.
S4, EP10 "Young & Screwed"The girls stay at Josh's place while their building is treated for termites, which creates an uncomfortable situation for Gabi; Alan hopes a weekend getaway will cheer up Elliot.
S4, EP9 "Young & Matched"Josh and Gabi make a bet about who can get the most dates at a speed dating event; the two set rules but don't trust the other to stick to them; Elliot enlists the help of Yolanda and Sofia for ideas on how to bond with Keisha.
S4, EP8 "Young & Sofia"After securing a job working for media entrepreneur Logan Rawlings, Sofia must land an exclusive interview with a hot new artist in order to prove herself to her intimidating boss.
S4, EP7 "Young & Bowling"Gabi searches for her long-lost aunt; Josh relives a childhood trauma involving bowling; Elliot joins Yolanda's poker game.
S4, EP6 "Young & Assistant"Gabi, Elliot and Yolanda scheme to get Josh's new assistant fired after he proves to be too good at his job; Sofia has a change of opinion about her annoying new neighbor.
S4, EP5 "Young & Fostered"Elliot and Alan react with surprise when their new foster daughter turns out to be not an infant, but a teenager with an attitude problem.
S4, EP4 "Young & Piggy"New co-workers Gabi and Sofia compete for a promotion; Gabi's attempt to order bacon in bulk does not go as planned; Elliot wants to become an outdoorsman after he learns that Alan likes to camp.
S4, EP3 "Young & Fried"Josh is led to believe that Gabi has landed a job with celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis; the gang celebrates Yolanda's 50th birthday party at Josh's penthouse.
S4, EP2 "Young & Hurricane"Before Gabi can return to San Francisco, a hurricane traps her in Hawaii with Josh; Elliot gets angry when Yolanda comes to his rescue instead of Alan.
S4, EP1 "Young & Hawaii"Gabi and a fellow traveler pose as newlyweds at a couples-only resort in Hawaii; Yolanda, Elliot and Alan are mistaken for an unconventional couple.
S3, EP10 "Young & No More Therapy"Josh considers ending his therapy sessions following a breakthrough; Elliot and Alan's final attempt at a honeymoon comes with a catch; Sofia finds romance at spin class.
S3, EP9 "Young & Lottery"A massive lottery jackpot causes Sofia and the gang to fantasize about their dream lives; Elliot learns that Alan's design experience is sorely lacking after he is hired to redecorate Josh's office.
S3, EP8 "Young & Getting Real"Actress Kym Whitley and the rest of the "Young & Hungry" cast recall their favorite moments from the series and take questions from a studio audience.
S3, EP7 "Young & Rob'd"The girls are distracted by a mystery man who steals more than just hearts; Josh channels his energy into something positive.
S3, EP6 "Young & Rachael Ray"Josh attempts to mend all the hearts he has broken; Gabi and Sofia's creative idea to get over their exes attracts the attention of television host Rachael Ray.
S3, EP5 "Young & Therapy"Gabi gets sneaky to learn what's going on inside Josh's head; Yolanda believes that someone in the house is being unfaithful.
S3, EP4 "Young & Parents"Gabi's plans for romance are ruined when her father drops in for a visit; Sofia calls for a boycott after believing that she has been the victim of discrimination.
S3, EP3 "Young & First Date"The arrival of a surprise guest turns Gabi's dinner date into a nightmare; Sofia makes a big confession; Josh has a near-death experience.
S3, EP2 "Young & Coachella"Gabi chases her dreams and brings her food truck to an outdoor music festival; miserable Sofia seeks new company; Elliot and Alan attempt to save their honeymoon.
S3, EP1 "Young & the Next Day"Gabi's mind plays tricks on her during a road trip to the desert; honeymooners Elliot and Alan return home following a lovers' spat; Josh misses a chance at love.
S2, EP20 "Young & Younger Brother, Part 2"Gabi is excited when Jake buys her a food truck, then learns the problems that come with running such a business; a rabbi is reluctant to give Elliot and Alan his blessing; Sofia and Yolanda find romance at the wedding reception.
S2, EP19 "Young & Younger Brother, Part 1"Josh realizes he has made a mistake when he hires his younger brother, Jake, to help Gabi with preparations for Elliot and Alan's wedding; Yolanda panics when she can't locate Elliot's wedding ring.
S2, EP18 "Young & Doppelganger"Gabi and Sofia share similarities with a pair of strangers who want to rent their apartment; Josh suffers from stage fright during an important lecture; Yolanda and Elliot's wild weekend has surprising results.
S2, EP17 "Young & Trashy"After Gabi and Sofia learn that the thrift-store turtleneck they purchased for Josh once belonged to Steve Jobs, they try to get it back.
S2, EP16 "Young & How Sofia Got Her Groove Back"Gabi attempts to keep Sofia from moving back to Florida; Elliot and Yolanda's exercise routine yields more pain than gain; Josh is emasculated following a date with a spin instructor.
S2, EP15 "Young & Earthquake"A fortuneteller's accurate prediction of an earthquake causes problems for Gabi and Sofia; Yolanda helps Josh confront his fear of aftershocks.
S2, EP14 "Young & Oh, Brother!"Sofia's younger brother arrives in San Francisco and asks Gabi out on a date; Josh and Yolanda scramble to plan a bachelor party for Elliot.
S2, EP13 "Young & Unemployed"Gabi tries to land unemployed Sofia an internship with Josh, then must keep her busy and out of the way when the plan falls through; Elliot's mother mistakenly believes that he is engaged to Josh.
S2, EP12 "Young & Back to Normal"Gabi is reluctant to date a cute guy until she sets Josh up with a neighbor; Elliot recruits Yolanda for "Drag Queen Bingo."
S2, EP11 "Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back"Gabi returns from her internship in Switzerland; Josh spies on his new neighbor after Gabi begins working for him.
S2, EP10 "Young & Part Two"Gabi is bewildered when long-held secrets are revealed, then must make an important decision when a big opportunity lands in her lap.
S2, EP9 "Young & Pretty Woman"Josh's opportunity to make a confession to Gabi is spoiled when Cooper returns from China to be with her; Elliot's boyfriend reveals surprising news.
S2, EP8 "Young & Sandwich"Gabi believes that she has found the perfect romantic match for Sofia; Josh takes a break from the dating scene; Yolanda learns that her new boyfriend shares a connection with Elliot.
S2, EP7 "Young & Ferris Wheel"Gabi creates an awkward situation for Josh when she takes it upon herself to find a special gift for Shauna; Elliot asks Yolanda to watch him while he sleeps.
S2, EP6 "Young & Moving"Gabi and Sofia hope to improve their chances of securing a new apartment by introducing Yolanda to their landlord; Josh's new girlfriend harbors a secret.
S2, EP5 "Young & First Time"Gabi's plan to take her relationship with Cooper to the next level is stymied when Cooper finds out about her last romantic interest; Josh learns that Yolanda is spending time with her ex-husband.
S2, EP4 "Young & Old"Gabi's efforts to ensure that Elliot has the perfect 40th birthday party do not go as planned; Yolanda decides to teach her ex-husband a lesson.
S2, EP3 "Young & Munchies"Gabi reaches out to a friend for an opportunity to write a magazine article, but learns that her recipes must involve the use of a special ingredient; Elliot decides to ask Josh for a raise.
S2, EP2 "Young & Cookin'"Gabi fears she will no longer have a job as Josh's chef when he begins dating a woman who loves to cook; Yolanda plans a date with the building's window washer.
S2, EP1 "Young & Too Late"Josh's canceled wedding creates an awkward day at work for Gabi; Elliot brings forlorn Josh along on his date with the wedding florist.
S2 "Young & Christmas"Gabi encourages Yolanda to reach out to her estranged sister; Josh tries to cheer up Elliot; Sofia feels guilty after a department store clerk makes an error in her favor.
S1, EP10 "Young & Thirty (and Getting Married!)"Josh and Caroline's wedding is arriving quickly and Gabi is sent into a panic over her feelings for Josh.
S1, EP9 "Young & Getting Played"Gabi tries to repair the relationship between Yolanda's son and his former girlfriend; Josh gets a startling glimpse of a cluttered life with Caroline.
S1, EP8 "Young & Car-Less"Josh makes a terrible mistake when he replaces Gabi's broken-down car; Yolanda and Elliot tell Josh that he treats them differently than he does Gabi.
S1, EP7 "Young & Secret"Gabi tries to hide her relationship with Cooper by having him pretend that he already has a girlfriend; Elliot and Yolanda go on a detoxification diet.
S1, EP6 "Young & Punchy"Sparks fly between Gabi and a computer genius seeking a job with Josh; Elliot and Yolanda each scheme to try out Josh's fancy new bathtub.
S1, EP5 "Young & Younger"Sofia encourages Gabi to start dating again; Josh discovers surprising news about Cam; Elliot tries to fit in with Josh's programmer friends.
S1, EP4 "Young & Pregnant"Gabi's worries that she might be pregnant cause Yolanda and Elliot to mistakenly believe that Caroline is the one with a bun in the oven.
S1, EP3 "Young & Lesbian"Elliot secretly arranges a date between Gabi and a magazine editor in order to finagle Josh a place on the publication's influential list.
S1, EP2 "Young & Ringless"Gabi begins her first day as Josh's personal chef, but elaborate dinner preparations and accusations of thievery make her wonder if she is truly cut out for the job.
S1, EP1 "Pilot"A food blogger lands an interview to become a tech millionaire's personal chef; Gabi plans a romantic dinner for Josh, but events take an unexpected turn.
Feisty young food blogger Gabi is desperate for a job. When she finds out wealthy tech entrepreneur Josh needs a personal chef, she wants the position. But Gabi must prove herself to Josh's aide, Elliot, who would rather have his boss hire a famous chef. Gabi gets help from best friend Sofia and Josh's housekeeper, Yolanda, in order to turn the opportunity into employment ... and maybe love. Actress Ashley Tisdale ("High School Musical") is an executive producer of the comedy series.
Original Air Date: Jun 25, 2014
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
5 seasons available on demand (71 episodes)
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