Little People, Big World

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Little People, Big WorldMatt and Amy Roloff, both 4 feet tall, face a variety of challenges in raising their four children: twins Jeremy and Zach, who is 2-feet shorter than his brother, and younger siblings Molly and Jacob, who like Jeremy are average height. The family's 34-acre Oregon farm serves as part playground and part moneymaker. As the series ages, Matt and Amy deal with personal strife, embrace their kids getting older and leading lives of their own, become grandparents, and attempt to keep Roloff Farms operational.
S25 "Back to the Farm: Time to Move On?"With bonus scenes; Chris is still MIA with guests arriving at the charity event; Zach, Tori and the kids head to the zoo; after taking some time to decompress, Matt, Caryn, Amy and Chris return to the farm to ponder what is next.
S25 "Big Love"A look back at the lives of the Roloffs and to see where the road of life has led them, from their beginnings when Matt and Amy first started their family in Oregon to present day.
S25, EP10 "Time to Move On?"Chris is MIA with guests arriving at the charity event; Zach, Tori and the kids head to the zoo; after the fundraiser, Matt and Caryn and Amy and Chris each take trips away to decompress, amd later return to the farm to ponder what is next.
S25, EP9 "Where's Amy?"Dealing with the fallout of the farm sale going south, Matt surprises everyone when he proposes to Caryn. Amy looks to bring everyone together by throwing a fundraiser on the farm, and Zach and Tori's lives are turned upside-down by an emergency surgery.
S25, EP8 "Ms. Deniability"With their charity event fast approaching, tensions erupt when Matt accuses Amy of overstepping her authority; meanwhile, Jackson faces his fears and follows through on a promise he made to his mom.
S25, EP7 "So Old Matt Roloff's Gonna Die?"Matt's medical procedure leaves him and Caryn on edge as they think about their future together; Amy and Chris make plans for the upcoming fundraiser; to celebrate the beginning of summer, Zach and Jackson plan a family campout.
S25, EP6 "This Will Be a Disaster"Zach and Tori worry about Lilah's sleep study; Amy faces the challenges of being in charge of the big charity event on the farm; Matt and Caryn try to stay out of the line of fire.
S25, EP5 "Let's See the Ring"Dealing with the fallout of the farm sale going south, Matt surprises everyone when he proposes to Caryn. Amy looks to bring everyone together by throwing a fundraiser on the farm, and Zach and Tori's lives are turned upside-down by an emergency surgery.
S25, EP4 "A Complete and Total Surprise"Zach and Tori deal with a challenging revelation from Jackson; Amy reacts to seeing Matt's new house build; Matt has a surprise for Caryn that will change their relationship forever.
S25, EP3 "We'll Do It My Way"Zach's parenting skills are put to the test when Tori goes on a girls' trip, leaving him to watch all three kids by himself; Amy pushes forward with her plans for the charity event but struggles to get Matt, Caryn and Chris on board with her ideas.
S25, EP2 "Get Your Girlfriends Straight"Matt and Caryn realize how much their tastes clash when shopping for their new home; Matt invites Chris over to hang with his inner circle, and no topic is off limits; Zach and Tori take the kids bowling for a friendly family competition.
S25 "Back to the Farm: Where's Amy?"With bonus scenes; with the fundraiser quickly approaching, Amy, Chris, Matt and Caryn scramble to get everything ready in time; chaos ensues as the guests arrive, and Amy and Chris are nowhere in sight; Zach races to finish his new shop.
S25 "Sitting on a Knife's Edge"The family rallies around Zach as he suffers a major medical crisis that lands him in emergency surgery; Matt forges ahead with his new house build despite the upset it caused; Amy is left dumbfounded when Matt reveals his future plans for the farm.
S25 "A Farm Divided"The legacy of Roloff Farms is at stake as Matt and Zach fail to reach an agreement on a farm deal; Zach and Tori relocate to Battle Ground, Wash., and welcome a new addition to the family; Matt makes a big decision about what's next for the farm.
S24, EP10 "You Have Got to Be High"The gates open for pumpkin season, and Matt wonders if the kids will come; Amy and Chris join Zach and family on an RV camping trip; Matt shows Amy and Chris the refurbished farmhouse rental property, and he makes an announcement that stuns Amy.
S24, EP9 "Roloffs Don't Talk About Their Feelings"Amy and Chris have a serious discussion about growing their family; Zach and Tori hash out some relationship issues; although he hasn't yet talked to the family about the idea, Matt dives into his alternative plan for the farmhouse.
S24, EP7 "This Is a Problem in Our Marriage"Matt comes to a realization about his family when he spends time with his mother in Arizona; Josiah's sleep schedule puts a strain on Zach and Tori's marriage; Amy makes a decision about her involvement in pumpkin season.
S24, EP6 "Surprise!"Amy throws a surprise party for Chris, but she worries whether she'll be able to keep him in the dark until the big day; Matt makes a trip to Battle Ground, Washington, and reflects on the importance of family after the loss of his father.
S24, EP5 "Witous or Against Us"Zach and Tori's friends, the Witouses, visit them in Washington; with the farm up for sale, Amy reassesses her involvement in pumpkin season; Zach and Tori face harsh truths about Jackson's future; Matt deals with a heartbreaking tragedy.
S24, EP4 "Left Behind"Matt and Caryn meet Josiah for the first time; Zach worries Jackson might lose his confidence once he realizes he's a little person; Matt gets news that will affect his future with Caryn.
S24, EP3 "We Feel Outnumbered!"An unfortunate interaction with Chris forces Amy to think about her past; naughty secrets are revealed when Matt hosts a barbecue for old friends; Zach and Tori find themselves at a crossroads with Matt and Caryn.
S24, EP2 "One Word Short of Saying the Right Thing"Zach, Tori and the kids adjust to life with a newborn; Chris comes to a revelation about his past decisions; Matt and Caryn open up to friends about their strained relationship with Zach and Tori.
S24, EP1 "Lucky Number Three!"Matt's decision to sell the farm continues to cause a rift in the family; Zach and Tori scramble to make it to the hospital when baby number three decides to come early; Tori worries how the kids will react to the new baby.
S23, EP10 "The Legacy of the Farm"Matt updates the family with news about Roloff Farms; when no one responds, Matt is left hoping that his relationship with Zach is not in jeopardy yet again; Amy confronts Matt about the conflict he's caused with the family.
S23, EP9 "Time for a New Chapter"As Matt prepares to put the farmhouse up for sale, Amy and Chris contemplate what it could mean for the entire Roloff family; Zach and Tori take Jackson and Lilah on separate playdates to enjoy some one-on-one time before the new baby arrives.
S23, EP8 "Break in the Matrix"Amy and Matt continue to find friendship in unexpected ways; tensions rise as Zach, Tori and Matt negotiate over the farm; a surprise move creates new family challenges; Matt makes a decision that may change things forever.
S23, EP7 "My New Husband Helping My Ex..."Amy and Chris head to Arizona to visit Matt and Caryn; the fearsome foursome explore Sedona; Zach and Tori worry about getting Lilah to sleep in her big girl bed before baby number three arrives.
S23, EP6 "A Roloff Party-Off"Matt and Caryn host a festive charity event in the cabin; Zach and Tori prepare for their first Christmas in their new home.
S23, EP5 "Two Two Cute"Lilah's birthday brings friends and family together, but everyone struggles with the new normal for Christmas now that Zach and Tori live in Battle Ground, Wash.; Jackson undergoes leg surgery, and his recovery takes longer than expected.
S23, EP4 "We're Gonna Pop Out That Baby"It's not all sunshine and rainbows when Matt visits Zach's new home for the first time; Amy babysits Jackson as Chris adjusts to being a grandparent; the entire family prepares for Lilah's second birthday; Zach and Tori have a big announcement.
S23, EP3 "Battle Ground"Pumpkin season is underway, but things are still tense between Matt and Zach; Zach and Tori focus on their move; Jackson needs surgery for his bowed legs; Chris gets off to a rocky start as a wagon tour guide.
S23, EP2 "True Bromance"Amy and Chris invite Matt and Caryn to dinner; Caryn buys Matt a new contraption to help recharge their relationship; as Zach prepares to break a powerlifting record, injuries and weight issues threaten his goal.
S23, EP1 "The Roloff Crazy Train"Zach and Tori dream of raising their family on the farm, but negotiations with Matt take a turn for the worse, and the two parties are left at odds; Amy and Chris look forward to life as a married couple, but Zach reveals a shocking family decision.
S22, EP14 "Are We Moving to the Farm?"The boys give Amy a hard time when Matt joins in on a farm scout with Chris and friends; it's the unveiling of the log cabin; Matt invites the family to attend for campfire fun; Zach takes Jackson on his first farm camping trip.
S22, EP13 "About the Bride"Things get real when it's finally time for Amy to shop for a wedding dress; Matt preps for the big day; Amy's friends still worry that getting married on the farm may come with some unwanted surprises.
S22, EP12 "Life Isn't Fair"Chris adjusts to a more chaotic living environment than he's used to but pushes back on aspects of the wedding planning, leaving Amy frustrated; Zach and Tori share devastating news that rocks the whole family.
S22, EP11 "Are You Ready for This?"Tensions arise when Matt invites Amy and Chris over to Caryn's house; Amy and Chris butt heads when Chris decides he wants to be more in charge of the wedding prep; Zach and Tori adjust to pregnant life again; Jackson struggles when he starts school.
S22, EP10 "What's Your Surprise?"It's Valentine's Day, and Chris and Amy reminisce about their relationship as they get closer to their wedding date; Matt makes a big mistake in readying the farm for Amy's summer wedding; Zach and Tori have a huge secret.
S22, EP9 "A Very Chaotic Summer"Zach and Tori take Jackson on a playdate that spins out of control; Amy and Chris have decided to get married on Roloff Farms; Matt and Chris' budding bromance may cause tension for Amy; Matt has big ideas for Caryn's new house.
S22, EP8 "Can You Handle It?"Chris makes a major move as he and Amy finally make an important decision regarding their wedding; Zach and Tori celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their first date as Matt and Caryn babysit the kids.
S22, EP7 "Bad Energy"Matt has a surprise for the holiday party; Amy is feeling the pressure of planning a wedding with little time and still undecided on the venue; Zach and Tori fear there will be endless drama if Amy and Chris get married at Roloff Farms.
S22, EP6 "Bromance"Zach contemplates his future on the farm as pumpkin season comes to a close; Zach and Tori deal with Lilah's eye issue; Amy and Chris host soup night and share some big news; Caryn has big news to share.
S22, EP5 "The Reason for the Madness"2020 brings challenges for the Roloffs that could derail pumpkin season; Matt hopes Zach can take on more duties, but they butt heads while trying to work together; Amy struggles to deal with her new role as employee rather than owner.
S22, EP4 "Hidden Secrets!"Zach and Tori have concerns about Jackson's bowing legs; Chris tells Amy that she must make room for him in the house if she hopes to set a wedding date; Matt finishes his treasure capsule sandbox.
S22, EP3 "She Must Be a Gold Digger"Zach and Tori stress over medical issues their kids are facing; Matt worries about the fate of pumpkin season; Chris drops a bomb that he isn't willing to move in with Amy yet.
S22, EP2 "Champagne or Tissues"Matt presents Amy with a new buyout offer for the farm, and she grapples with her emotional ties; Zach and Tori take Jackson and Lilah for a swim; The Tower of Terror gets demolished as one chapter of the farm comes to an end.
S22, EP1 "Let's Rumble"Wedding planning gets real for Amy and Chris, but they may not be on the same page; Zach contemplates living on the farm; Amy and Chris' housewarming party has some unexpected twists, especially when Matt and Caryn show up.
S22 "Amy and Chris' Happily Ever After"As the wedding day approaches, Amy and Chris scramble to get everything done while Matt takes on a new project that puts stress on everyone; the Roloff clan gathers to celebrate the marriage of Chris and Amy.
S21, EP5 "Farmhouse Farewell"Matt clears out the farmhouse in preparation for a new renter; Zach has a revelation; Amy takes a farewell tour through her home.
S21, EP4 "The Roloff Quaranteam"Matt's frustration grows as Amy continues to delay her move out of the farmhouse; a new normal; Zach and Jackson celebrate their birthdays in quarantine.
S21, EP3 "Lilah's Big Scare"Valentine's Day is coming, but problems get in the way of romance; when Lilah's cold turns into something serious, Tori's worst fears are realized; as Chris puts pressure on Amy to move out of the farmhouse, Amy and Matt battle over missed deadlines.
S21, EP2 "Boxing Up the Past"Matt is eager to get the farmhouse in order, which leaves Amy stressed out and struggling to pack up 30 years of memories. Zach is up for the challenge of watching Jackson and Lilah alone for the first time, but two kids are a lot harder than one!
S21, EP1 "To Sell or Not to Sell"Matt surprises Amy with an offer to buy the north side of the farm; she struggles to meet his deadline; Zach and Tori plan for a low-key Christmas as they adjust to life with baby Lilah.
S20, EP8 "Who's Afraid of Baby Lilah?"Jackson meets baby Lilah, and everyone is surprised by his reaction; Tori struggles with her recovery from the C-section; Matt and Caryn find new ways to entertain little Jackson; Amy and Chris move one step closer to moving in together.
S20, EP7 "Lilah's Big Debut"Zach and Tori make final preparations for baby Lilah's arrival; Matt and Caryn prepare to babysit Jackson; Amy is in a cooking frenzy preparing meals for Tori's post-C-section recovery. Then, everyone scrambles when Tori goes into labor unexpectedly.
S20, EP6 "The Last Dance"It's another pumpkin season at Roloff Farms, but when Amy decides to take a step back, the Roloffs realize it may never be the same again; Amy and Chris host a 1980s throwback prom, but Amy struggles when sad news upends her life.
S20, EP5 "Engaged and Enraged"Amy and Chris are officially engaged; the nerves set in when it comes time for Amy to tell Matt that she's engaged; Zach is shocked about the news of his mom's engagement and can't believe that she forgot one request.
S20, EP4 "A Proposal"Matt holds an auction to help clean up the farm; Amy's offer on a house is accepted and she is a step closer to becoming a homeowner.
S20, EP3 "Matt Roloff's Wall"Amy has big news on her house search but grapples with the reality of finally moving off the farm; it's the end of an era as the treehouse has to come down.
S20, EP2 "If the Ring Fits..."Zach and Tori are rocked by news about their unborn daughter; Jackson tries to sleep in his own bed for the first time.
S20, EP1 "Amy's Next Chapter"Amy prepares to move off the farm, but Matt worries it will be a slow departure; Zach and Tori are pregnant with a baby girl; Amy searches for a new house; Chris reveals he has a big surprise for her.
S19, EP10 "Whose Farm Is it Anyway?"Zach faces his greatest fear when he gets injections for his back; big changes are on the horizon for the Roloff family as Amy finally decides what she wants to do with the farm.
S19, EP9 "To Buy Out or Not to Buy Out"Matt and Caryn learn the art of compromise as they start to make their new life together in Arizona; Amy feels the pressure when Chris asks her why it's taking so long to make a decision on the farm; Zach learns he may need surgery on his back.
S19, EP8 "Is This the End?"Matt faces his most stressful pumpkin season yet as he struggles to run it without Caryn by his side; when Chris gets a tractor lesson from Matt, Amy is forced to accept their growing friendship.
S19, EP7 "A New House Hang"When Amy returns home from Michigan without a definitive farm decision, a frustrated Matt considers all options; now finally moved into their dream home, Zach and Tori celebrate this momentous occasion by throwing a huge housewarming party.
S19, EP6 "God Doesn't Make Mistakes"Amy, Chris and her kids are enjoying an old-fashioned Michigan summer on the lake to celebrate Amy's dad turning 90; Matt enjoys the peace and quiet of being alone on the farm but still anxiously awaits Amy's decision about the property.
S19, EP5 "Home Sweet Home"Amy is preparing for a family trip back to Michigan; Chris plans on coming and Amy is nervous to share details about her past; Zach and Tori rush to move out of their old house before the family trip; Matt is eager to get a decision out of Amy.
S19, EP4 "Two Houses, Two Mortgages"With their home still unsold, and bills mounting, Zach struggles to come up with the perfect low-cost anniversary surprise for Tori; when the guys crash the ladies' beach trip, Amy and Chris butt heads; tempers flare between Matt and Amy.
S19, EP3 "The Other Side of the Farm"Matt and Amy spar over the future of the farm after Amy proposes a bold new path forward; as Zach and Tori struggle to sell their house, Jackson tries to take his first steps; Matt deals with a potentially life-threatening situation with Lucy.
S19, EP2 "Welcome Home, Murphy!"As Zach and Tori prepare to welcome a new member to the family, they receive some concerning news from their realtor; after another disagreement with Amy over the farm, Matt makes a proposal to separate the two properties.
S19, EP1 "Happy Birthday Jackson"Zach and Tori juggle Jackson's first birthday party and buying a new house; Matt presses Amy to make a decision about the farm; the Roloffs come together to celebrate Jackson's first birthday; Amy realizes she needs to move forward with her decision.
S18, EP11 "Grandkids' First Christmas"Jackson and Ember's first Christmas; as Amy and Matt plan separate holiday parties, Amy hopes her kids will enjoy celebrating with Chris; at Matt and Caryn's party, he shares big news with Zach and Jeremy.
S18, EP10 "The Kid's Got More Bags Than We Do!"The Roloffs meet to discuss the future of the farm; Matt gets serious about making investments on his own; Zach and Jeremy take their wives and new babies on an overnight getaway to the Oregon coast; featuring bonus scenes.
S18, EP9 "A Lot to Think About"Matt and Caryn consider buying a vacation home in Arizona; Amy ponders her own future and if she will continue to live on the farm; Zach worries Jackson's 6-month checkup could uncover LP medical concerns; Jeremy and Audrey must deal with a disaster.
S18, EP8 "A Learning Curve"As pumpkin season comes to a close, Matt is helped by friend and "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor Martin Klebba; Amy and Caryn work together to plan a closing party; Jeremy and Audrey face a health scare; Zach and Tori have a date night.
S18, EP7 "There's No Plan B"As Matt struggles to get everything ready for pumpkin season, Jeremy and Zach juggle their duties as fathers with their farm responsibilities; Amy must negotiate selling her baked goods at the farm; the new pirate ship may be a money pit.
S18, EP6 "It's Been Pretty Tough"New parents Jeremy and Audrey are faced with unexpected and emotional challenges; when Zach and Tori struggle to sleep train Jackson, Matt gets to work on a fun solution; Amy's birthday is coming up, and she has no idea what's in store.
S18, EP5 "Trying Not to Freak Out"When Audrey's due date passes, she and Jeremy play a stressful waiting game; Amy and Chris attend a launch party for Matt's children's book, which has been dedicated to Zach and Tori's son; the family gets news about Baby Roloff Two.
S18, EP4 "Any Day Now"Now that Jeremy and Audrey's daughter could be born any day, Amy grapples with her decision to travel with Chris and risk missing the birth; Zach and Tori embark on their first family trip together; Matt gets serious about moving away from the farm.
S18, EP3 "The Butterflies Are Kicking In"Jeremy and Audrey feel overwhelmed now that their due date is less than two weeks away; Zach wants to remind Tori how important she is to him; Matt and Caryn head to the beach; Amy and Chris celebrate one year together by taking a wild plunge.
S18, EP2 "A Balancing Act"Amy is determined to balance her family life with her personal life as she throws Audrey a baby shower and hosts a birthday party for Chris; Tori is nervous to parent alone when Zach travels; Jeremy's nearly out of time to finish his home repairs.
S18, EP1 "Four Generations of Roloffs"Zach and Tori navigate life as new parents to baby Jackson; Jeremy works hard to finish home renovations before Audrey gives birth; when Tori plans a Father's Day party for all the Roloff dads, Amy celebrates Zach's first Father's Day in her own way.
S17, EP9 "The Best Gift Ever"The countdown begins for the birth of Zach and Tori's baby; Jeremy and Audrey stress out, but happily finish their big move; while Amy and Matt's separate romances continue to grow, they hope for a civil and fun future as co-grandparents.
S17, EP8 "When It Rains It Pours"With less than two weeks to go before their baby is born, Zach and Tori schedule the C-section, but the baby could come at any moment; Zach's recent health episodes place added concern on the soon-to-be parents.
S17, EP7 "This Is Going to Be a Stressful Time"Despite their fears, Tori and Zach face the reality that she may need a C-section; Jeremy and Audrey are nervous as they try to finalize the purchase of their dream home; Amy and Matt prepare to become grandparents in their own special ways.
S17, EP6 "He'll Be Whoever He's Meant to Be"On the eve of their baby shower, Tori and Zach find out whether their son has dwarfism; Jeremy and Audrey face a new hurdle after finding their dream home; Matt helps with the nursery; Amy and Chris have a serious talk about their size difference.
S17, EP5 "It's a Little Awkward"Jeremy and Audrey want a low-key gender reveal party, but family tensions may interfere; Zach's serious illness emphasizes all the hardships his child may face in the future; Amy pursues a different business venture; Matt tackles a big project.
S17, EP4 "All the Unknowns"Zach and Tori's vision of their family is forever changed by sudden tragedy and unexpected news; Jeremy and Audrey decide where they want to raise their family; Amy is excited to take her first step toward financial independence from the farm.
S17, EP3 "Just Take It as It Comes"Amy struggles to define her relationship with Chris after 6 months together; Zach realizes he needs a new job to support his family, but he's skeptical when Matt offers a solution; Jeremy and Audrey are running out of time to make a big decision.
S17, EP2 "Twinning Through Life"Jeremy and Audrey surprise the family with big news; to escape home nesting renovations, Zach and Tori leave town for a weekend; Amy and Chris face a potential bump in their relationship during a getaway; Matt and Caryn balance dating and work.
S17, EP1 "Navigating Pregnant Life"The family gathers to learn the gender of Zach and Tori's baby; both Matt and Amy navigate romantic relationships post-divorce; while Jeremy and Audrey ponder where to put down roots.
S16, EP8 "Life's About to Change"Matt has big plans for the future of the farm, but he'll need to get everyone on board; Amy gets cozy with Chris after a romantic date; Zach and Tori deliver unforgettable news to the family.
S16, EP7 "Are You Dating?"Zach and Jeremy confront Amy about her dating life; tired of his living situation, Matt dreams up something big for the farm; Amy plans a birthday boat ride with friends; Jeremy surprises Audrey for their second anniversary.
S16, EP6 "Time to Go Wild"Amy shocks the kids when she gets picked up on a motorcycle for a date with her new man; Amy feels Matt's frivolous spending habits for farm toys are getting out of hand; Zach takes on his biggest home improvement project yet.
S16, EP4 "What's a Lamping?"Amy pursues her longtime dream of opening a bed and breakfast on the farm; Matt's surgery propels him to pursue his own dream of writing an inspirational children's book.
S16, EP3 "Embrace the Booty"Amy continues to dive into the dating world and plans a pool party with single friends; Matt wants to install surveillance cameras around the farm; the family tries to come together peacefully for a game night.
S16, EP2 "Pumpkins in Jeopardy"Matt is home from the hospital, but his relief is short lived when he discovers a problem on the farm that could destroy pumpkin season; Zach and Tori plan a wedding anniversary trip; Amy takes a big step forward when she attends a singles mixer.
S16, EP1 "Gonna Be a Long Road"Matt enters the operating room for his risky spinal surgery, leaving Amy to manage the farm on her own; the family faces another devastating blow they never saw coming.
S15, EP13 "10 Big Years"The 10th anniversary celebration with favorite moments and comical mishaps, as the Roloffs open up like never before.
S15, EP12 "The Next Chapter"The Roloffs go through a busy time as Matt and Amy finalize their divorce, Molly graduates from college and Matt fearfully leaves for spinal surgery.
S15, EP11 "Expect the Unexpected"Matt must undergo high-risk surgery near his spine; Zach plans a surprise party for Tori's birthday, but Jeremy puts things at risk when he accidentally reveals the secret.
S15, EP10 "Getting Back on Track"When it's time to take the new mule out for a spin, the weather creates a recipe for disaster; Amy steps out as single for the first time and gets a new look guaranteed to attract attention.
S15, EP9 "No Pain, No Gain"After the divorce, Amy explores her rebellious side and makes a permanent decision; Zach enlists Jeremy's help when Sully's safety is threatened.
S15, EP8 "Big Island or Bust!"Matt and Amy take the kids on a memorable trip to Hawaii, but tensions rise when the divorce comes up in conversation.
S15, EP7 "Little People, Big Goals"Amy and Matt meet with their divorce lawyers; Matt thinks that more space might make it easier to co-exist on the farm; Zach uses soccer to bring awareness to dwarf athletics.
S15, EP6 "Marriage Do's & Don'ts"As divorce looms, Matt and Amy are unsure how much longer they can work and live on the farm together; Jeremy and Audrey work on making their marriage last forever.
S15, EP5 "Campfire Confessions and Salsa Lessons"Matt feels alone and questions his success as a father, prompting Zach to propose a boys camping trip; Amy tests her courage on the dance floor.
S15, EP4 "A Roloff Winter Wonderland"The Roloff kids will be doing their own thing for Christmas, so Amy brings the family together to host a charity event on the farm; Matt doesn't tell Amy about a secret project.
S15, EP3 "A New Kind of Thanksgiving"Matt and Amy learn that they won't get to have Thanksgiving with their kids for the first time in 25 years.
S15, EP2 "Seeds of Change"Jeremy, Zach, Audrey, and Tori take on larger roles at the Pumpkin Festival, and worry that tension between their parents could escalate during this crucial farm event.
S15, EP1 "When Matt's Away, Amy Will Play"Amy decides to throw an elaborate dinner party while Matt's out of town; Zach and Tori visit Jeremy and Audrey's new home for the first time.
S15 "Big Fans, Big Questions"The Roloffs give a select group of fans the opportunity to join them on the farm for a personal question and answer session, and a day filled with spirited trivia games.
S15 "The Wedding Story of Zach and Tori"The Roloff Family shares never before heard stories about Zach and Tori's wedding, and the love story that brought them to their special day.
S14, EP10 "The Hamills Head to The Roloff Farm"The Roloffs welcome Dan and Michelle Hamill and their three children to the farm; they get a taste of country life, meeting the animals, seeing the farm's castle and going on a treasure hunt.
S14, EP9 "A Bigger Conversation"The Roloff family sits down with correspondent Andrea Canning to discuss the highs and lows from the most recent season.
S14, EP8 "Zach and Tori Tie the Knot"Everyone is feeling the heat as the wedding countdown begins; Jeremy is stressed over his best man speech; a storm threatens to ruin the dream ceremony.
S14, EP7 "Gone With the Windmill"Matt and Jeremy construct a windmill cocktail bar for Zach and Tori's wedding; Amy and Matt pitch their salsa to a local grocery store.
S14, EP6 "Ready, Set, Mud Run!"Zach and Tori feel the pressure as they continue planning their wedding; Amy hosts a charity mud run on the farm to give back.
S14, EP5 "Finding Our Way Back Home"Launching the family's new salsa business; Zach gets fitted for his custom suit; Tori goes dress shopping with the girls.
S14, EP4 "It's Not Easy Letting Go"Matt and Amy's marriage; Amy's DIY project with Lisa to help with a sudden empty nest; a special role for Jeremy in Zack's wedding.
S14, EP3 "Making Marital Moves"Zach learns about married life in LA; Matt tries to improve his health; Zack and Tori challenge Matt to move the church to help set the scene for their wedding.
S14, EP2 "Wedding Prep and a Reality Check"The entire family comes together to help prepare the farm for the big day; Matt and Amy are still unsure what the future holds; Jacob makes a huge announcement.
S14, EP1 "Jeremy & Audrey's Journey to I Do"A look into Jeremy and Audrey's relationship, from their first meeting up to the wedding day; the family shares home movies and behind-the-scenes stories.
S13, EP6 "A Roloff Gets Married"Jeremy and Audrey are feeling nervous and excited as their wedding approaches. When Matt becomes sick, everyone worries he may not be able to attend the big day.
S13, EP4 "Don't Rain on Our Parade"Matt and Amy invest in an elaborate float hoping to bring in business this pumpkin season; Jeremy and Audrey are knee deep in wedding preparations.
S13, EP3 "The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together"Matt and Amy confront their relationship problems; the family spends time together on a weekend ski trip.
S13, EP2 "The Proposal"Jeremy decides to take his relationship with Audrey to the next level; Amy seeks out her own business opportunities; Jeremy's graduation.
S13, EP1 "New Year, Big Changes"The Roloff kids are home to celebrate the holidays but the family dynamic has changed dramatically.
S12, EP8 "Crossroads for the Roloffs"Jeremy and Molly go back to school; Zach moves into a new house; pumpkin season catastrophes cause Matt and Amy to question their future together.
S12, EP7 "Come Rain or Come Shine"Preparing for pumpkin season; the last wedding of the summer; shoulder pain; rain threatens a couple's big day.
S12, EP6 "All Tangled Up"After Matt brags that he and Amy work well together, Zach challenges his parents to spend 24-hours tethered together.
S12, EP5 "A Bride and a Bulldozer"Grand plans for the third wedding of the season; hiring an assistant could do more harm than good.
S12, EP4 "Forever Young"Matt convinces Amy that a pre-fab home is the best option for a bridal suite solution.
S12, EP2 "Till Death Do Us Part"Tensions between Matt and Amy rise with pressure of the first wedding; the family is unprepared as the bride arrives; Rocky's health continues to decline.
S12, EP1 "Playing With Fire"All four children are home for the summer for the first time in years; everyone chips in to get the farm ready for wedding season; Matt's scheme; tragic news.
S10, EP26 "Down Under"The family gets together for a trip to Australia.
S10, EP24 "Battle for the Farm"Matt's dream of tripling the size of the Roloff Farm ignites a battle over the future of the place; Amy is about to realize her dream of creating her own cookbook.
S10, EP21 "Big Changes"The family deals with a dramatic change; one of the twins moves away from the farm and goes to another state; Amy and Matt come to terms with the state of their marriage and the future of Roloff.
S10, EP20 "Moving Out"The twins work on getting their own apartment; Matt and Amy consider selling the farm.
S10, EP19 "Twins at Twenty"Zach puts off buying a new car; Jeremy has trouble getting a job.
S10, EP18 "Ask the Roloffs: One By One"Each member of the Roloff family answers questions about their personal experiences over the past five years.
S10, EP17 "Ask the Roloffs: Farm Life"The Roloffs answer frequently asked questions about their life on the farm.
S10, EP16 "Giving Back"Matt launches a bicycle donation program; Amy and the boys head to Haiti to provide relief for earthquake victims.
S10, EP15 "Little Brother, Big Sister"Jeremy is inspired by his uncle Sam; Molly tries to balance all of the activities she has taken on.
S10, EP14 "Amy in Command?"Amy's fellow board members are at odds; can Amy pull the members together in time for the big fundraiser?
S10, EP13 "Take a Hike"Amy trains hard for a hike up a mountain with the twins; the family gets together to boost Jacob's confidence.
S10, EP12 "Dating Daze"Zach takes a dating class; the family wonders if Molly would like a boy.
S10, EP11 "Get Off My Turf"Amy and Matt disagree about what land Amy can use for her garden; Matt thinks that bee's are the secret to pumpkin success.
S10, EP10 "Little Noah"Matt transports a replica of Noah's Ark onto the farm; although Amy is against the attraction, she defends the project and property against a trespassing government official.
S10, EP9 "Rocky's Last Stand"While the Roloffs worry about Rocky's health, Rocky has his hands full when the Roloff cats move in on his turf.
S10, EP8 "Micromanager Matt"Matt tries to help Amy and Jeremy on a couple projects but is met with a mountain of resistance.
S10, EP7 "Matt's Massacre"Following his dreams, Matt puts together a cast and crew to make a movie about a spooky pumpkin farm.
S10, EP6 "Zach Rides On"Zach is offered a job that causes him to address his dwarfism in new ways; making important decisions.
S10, EP5 "Camp Roloff"The boys go camping and face a snow-in and gasoline fire, while the girls battle broken cameras and seasickness on their trip to the Oregon coast.
S10, EP4 "On the Road with Matt and Zach"Matt takes Zach on a road trip in hopes of mending their relationship.
S10, EP3 "All Talked Out"Amy and Matt's public speaking schedule takes a toll on the family; with Amy on the road, it throws the family off balance.
S10, EP2 "Everything Must Go!"There is no room left; Matt decides to have a garage sale but the whole family resists.
S10, EP1 "Little Pain, Little Gain"After Matt suffers a vertigo collapse he realizes he has to do something about his health; Amy gets checked out and discovers she is clinically obese.
S9, EP20 "Twin Takeover"Matt and Amy are concerned about the twins' lack of motivation in college; Matt turns the management of Roloff Farms over to the twins at the height of pumpkin season.
S9, EP19 "Clash With the County"A county inspector threatens to shut down the farm before the start of pumpkin season.
S9, EP18 "Dwarfs in Space"Zach and Amy kick off the first LP Space Camp; Zach has trouble embracing a leadership role.
S9, EP17 "Molly's Sweet Sixteen"Matt and Amy plan separate celebrations for Molly's birthday; Molly struggles with her driving test.
S9, EP16 "Fort-A-Thon"Matt stages a "Fort-A-Thon" for disadvantaged children at the farm while hoping to inspire his own children to get off the couch and get outdoors.
S9, EP15 "In the Hole"Amy struggles to balance being a wife, mother and philanthropist with her golf tournament fundraiser facing financial failure.
S9, EP14 "Going, Going, Gone"Amy's fundraising leadership skills are pushed to the limit by logistical nightmares and personal meltdowns.
S9, EP13 "Par for the Course"Amy decides to learn how to play golf and organize a golf tournament fundraiser for the Dwarf Athletic Association; Matt tackles a woodshed project.
S9, EP12 "Going for Gold"Zach struggles to get his team focused on winning the soccer tournament at the World Dwarf Games; the team's gold medal hopes rest on Zach during a shootout.
S9, EP11 "Full Court Stress"Zach's basketball team vies for a gold medal at the World Dwarf Games; a health scare sends one of Zach's teammates to a hospital.
S9, EP10 "Belfast and Furious"With Matt skipping the opening days of the World Dwarf Games in Belfast, Amy is pushed to her limits trying to juggle the roles of coach, player, manager and mother.
S9, EP9 "The Statesmen"After Zach's soccer team gathers at the farm to train for the World Dwarf Games in Belfast, Matt stuns his son by announcing he won't be traveling with the team to Northern Ireland.
S9, EP8 "War of the World Games"Matt appoints himself as manager of Zach's soccer team for the World Dwarf Games; tension builds when Matt and Amy disagree about team sponsorship, jeopardizing her position as a Dwarf Athletic Association board member.
S9, EP7 "Field of Schemes"Matt goes on a project frenzy, building a huge locker room and mini Grand Canyon on the farm.
S9, EP6 "Vive La Roloff"The Roloffs reunite in Nice, France, and take a train north to Paris; Matt overbooks their schedule and Roloff chaos erupts on the streets of Paris.
S9, EP5 "The Burgermeister's Daughter"After Zach and Jeremy get lost in a small town on the edge of the Black Forest, the mayor's daughter invites them to spend the night; Molly, Amy and Jake take sights in Italy ranging from Florence to Venice.
S9, EP4 "Brothers in Bavaria"While traveling through Bavaria without a plan, Zach and Jeremy ride a tram to the top of Germany's tallest peak and make an eye-opening visit to the Dachau concentration camp; Amy, Jake and Molly travel from Rome to Pisa in Italy.
S9, EP3 "Roman Roloffs"Molly gets sick while flying to Italy with Amy and Jake; Zach and Jeremy encounter a language barrier in a small town in Germany.
S9, EP2 "Amsterdammed"The twins have fun in London, but in Amsterdam their personalities clash and a visit to the city's red light district causes friction.
S9, EP1 "Twins Go Commando"After years of growing apart, twins Zach and Jeremy try to reconnect during their first trip to Europe and go backpacking in Scotland.
S8, EP20 "Pomp and Circumstance"The Roloff twins graduate from high school; Zach approaches the transition with maturity despite barely making the grade and uncertainty about his future.
S8, EP19 "Diploma Drama"Jeremy surprises everyone by making the honor roll, but Zach's report card includes a failing grade that casts doubt on whether he'll graduate.
S8, EP18 "Zach's Ear"After months of increasing hearing problems, Zach learns he needs ear surgery.
S8, EP17 "Married at Mid-Life"Matt and Amy's relationship continues to deteriorate; Matt slips into a midlife crisis and spends freely, buying two Mercedes sedans at the same time the big home remodeling project is still being paid off.
S8, EP16 "Little Americans"Matt escorts the Salman family out of Baghdad to Washington, D.C., and Roloff Farms; the Iraqi immigrants experience a cultural whirlwind in the United States while seeking lifesaving surgeries for their children.
S8, EP15 "Amy on Her Own"Amy is the keynote speaker at a charity fundraiser and golf tournament in Florida; Amy volunteers for a relief organization and makes an inspiring visit to a children's home.
S8, EP14 "Unhappy Trails"Though there's more fun in store, Matt quits the dude ranch trip early, leaving Amy to finish another vacation alone with the children.
S8, EP13 "Little Slickers"The Roloffs rough it on a dude ranch in Utah, going on a cattle drive and playing poker.
S8, EP12 "Making the Grade"After failing a test that puts her perfect 4.0 GPA at risk, Molly stops speaking English in an effort to master Spanish; the twins' academic problems make a visit to a local university seem pointless.
S8, EP11 "Mother's Day?"Matt shocks everyone by announcing that he's going to Hawaii alone during Mother's Day weekend, which coincides with the twins' 19th birthday.
S8, EP10 "Coach Zach"Zach wonders if he's got what it takes when he pursues his coaching aspirations by working at Jacob's soccer camp.
S8, EP9 "Texting 1, 2, 3"Amy and Matt give Jacob a cell phone for his 12th birthday, then doubt whether he is ready for the responsibility after he racks up an outrageous bill with more than 8,000 text messages.
S8, EP8 "No Matt Is an Island"Matt's increasing lack of mobility leaves him on the sidelines after he travels to the British Virgin Islands to go sailing with Jeremy, Jacob, Papa Ron and two buddies.
S8, EP7 "Zach's First Stand"Zach leads a mutiny against his dad after Matt plans a Caribbean sailing vacation for a week Amy can't take off from work.
S8, EP6 "A House Divided"Matt organizes the basement after Amy encourages the kids' desire to have their friends visit.
S8, EP5 "School of Hard Knocks"Amy takes the twins to tour a local college, and they learn that they are behind the curve in applying and being accepted to a university.
S8, EP4 "Game Over"Zach scrambles to improve his grades before the soccer season ends.
S8, EP3 "Downhill Dwarf"Matt takes Jeremy skiing against Amy's wishes.
S8, EP2 "Last Dance"Amy helps Molly get ready for her first high-school formal dance, but it is bittersweet because it is Zach and Jeremy's last.
S8, EP1 "King of His Castle?"Matt sets out to complete Molly's castle, his most drawn-out and costly farm project yet, until Amy grows concerned over the cost.
S7, EP25 "Matt Maxed Out"Matt tries to micro-manage his oversized and inexperienced staff during the biggest pumpkin season ever at Roloff Farms, causing more stress for everyone -- especially him.
S7, EP23 "The Tractor and the Tortoise"Pumpkin season gets under way; tensions build between the twins after Zach has a tractor accident on the same day Jeremy is promoted to tractor supervisor; a giant tortoise named Ferdinand escapes from the petting zoo.
S7, EP21 "Biggest Season Ever?"Expecting to break attendance records, Matt makes big investments in preparations for the pumpkin season; opening day brings just a handful of visitors, leaving Matt wondering if he made a big mistake.
S7, EP19 "Try, Try Trebuchet"Matt hopes to finish a new and improved trebuchet in tribute to his late friend and business partner Mike Detjen.
S7, EP17 "Space Jake"While Jake attends Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala., Amy tours local historic sites and learns about Helen Keller and Rosa Parks.
S7, EP15 "Driving Miss Molly"Upon turning 15, Molly focuses on getting her driver's permit; Molly's chances of passing the driver exam seem ill-fated when Jeremy takes her for a driving lesson and they run out of gas, then a ride with Amy goes awry.
S7, EP14 "Big Twins on Campus"Zach and Jeremy have trouble balancing academics with their social lives during their senior year; the twins pack the house for a performance by a friend's band at a coffee shop, but they can't cram in enough study time for the SAT exam.
S7, EP13 "Who's in Charge?"Now that the twins are 18, Matt and Amy think they can leave them in charge, so after issuing a long list of rules and stern warnings, they head to Hawaii with friends.
S7, EP12 "A Bridge Too Near"Amy worries that Matt will forget their anniversary as he embarks on creating his most ambitious farm attraction ever: a long and curvy bridge that slopes from the highest point on the farm down to the treehouse.
S7, EP11 "Roloffs in Relief"After a long vacation, Amy wants the family to give something back by helping to repair a storm-damaged house and build new homes in Biloxi, Miss.
S7, EP10 "Southern Comfort"After the riverboat cruise ends, Matt returns home while Amy takes charge of the final days of the family vacation during a road trip through the South to New Orleans.
S7, EP9 "Troubled Waters"Matt wants to just relax and hang out on the riverboat during the family's cruise, but Amy pushes for them to seek new adventures and make the most of every moment during their vacation.
S7, EP8 "Roloffs on the River"Amy realizes a longtime dream by taking her family on a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi; Matt must rush home to take care of urgent farm matters, leaving Amy and the children wondering whether he'll be back before the trip ends.
S7, EP7 "Here Come the Hogkillers"Zach and his soccer team, the Grasshogs, face a tough and talented opponent in the Dwarf Athletic Association of America tournament championship game.
S7, EP6 "Where It All Began"The Roloffs travel to Detroit to attend the Little People of America National Conference, an event where Matt and Amy met during a Motor City Micronauts basketball game 22 years earlier.
S7, EP5 "Somewhere in Time"Continuing their visit with relatives in Michigan, Amy takes the children to see the house she grew up in and tearfully recalls her decision to leave Michigan to start a new life in Oregon.
S7, EP4 "Michigan Knights"Amy takes the children to visit her family, the Knights, in Michigan; after Amy's father, Gordon, takes his grandchildren for a hike in the woods, chaos erupts when Jacob gets a tick and no one knows how to get rid of it.
S7, EP3 "The Graduate"After being named valedictorian of her eighth grade class, Molly refuses to give a speech and picks a graduation dress that violates the school dress code.
S7, EP2 "Back to Iraq"Matt Roloff returns to the Middle East with an orthopedic surgeon to perform leg-straightening operations on Ali and Bara'a, two of the dwarf children Matt met during his first trip to Iraq.
S7, EP1 "Back to Iraq"Matt Roloff returns to the Middle East with an orthopedic surgeon to perform leg-straightening operations on Ali and Bara'a, two of the dwarf children Matt met during his first trip to Iraq.
S6, EP22 "Death in the Family"The Roloff family mourns dear friend Mike Detjen and recalls his special place in their lives while preparing for his funeral and a wake.
S6, EP21 "Friend of the Family"The Roloffs face coping with the death of family friend Mike Detjen, who helped build a new trebuchet and coached the twins' soccer team.
S6, EP20 "A Roloff Winterland"Coordinating a meal for 25 guests is a lot to manage as Amy and Matt's families gather for a holiday celebration; guests include Matt's brother Sam, a little person; Amy's parents and Santa Claus.
S6, EP19 "A Roloff Winterland"Since it's been nearly two years since Matt and Amy's families got together, they invite them to the farm for an early holiday celebration; Amy tries to deck the halls by turning their home into a "Roloff Winterland."
S6, EP18 "Big Sister, Little Brother"Amy joins her siblings in Taos, N.M., to celebrate her sister's birthday by going horseback riding, white-water rafting and experiencing an Indian sweat lodge; chaos back at the farm finds its way to Amy.
S6, EP17 "Twins at Eighteen"Zach and Jeremy turn 18, but don't seem ready to leave the nest; Matt drags his feet on pool repairs, putting Amy's party plans for the twins in jeopardy.
S6, EP16 "Surprising Amy"Amy visits a little people friend in Napa Valley, Calif., where she speaks to a church group for Mother's Day; Matt plans to surprise Amy by building a gazebo on her favorite spot at the farm.
S6, EP15 "The Bug Is Back"Now that their old, yellow Volkswagen Beetle has been overhauled at a body shop, Matt takes Zach and Jeremy on a road trip to trailer it home that becomes a journey of male bonding, discovery and discomfort.
S6, EP14 "Escape to Orlando"With the remodel finally behind them, the Roloffs go to Orlando for a much-needed vacation; it takes more than belly dancing, alligator catching and grub worm eating to loosen Zach up.
S6, EP13 "Addition Accomplished"The latest Roloff remodeling project is in its final stages after six months of work and inconveniences that are making Amy run out of patience; Jeremy crashes into the new garage door.
S6, EP12 "Keep It Together"As stress from the remodeling project takes a toll on the family, Matt adds to the chaos by announcing that he plans to move his business office into the house; Amy worries that she's lost control of her household.
S6, EP11 "Can't Win 'Em All"After the twins' school soccer team goes on a losing streak, Amy and Matt struggle to teach them life lessons in responsibility and perseverance; Amy's competitive spirit erupts on the sidelines.
S6, EP10 "License Revoked"After Jeremy and Zach are busted for off-road "mudding" with their cars and breaking state law by driving with an underage passenger, Amy and Matt suspend the twins' driving privileges.
S6, EP9 "What the Deck?"Matt hires his old buddy Romi to build a new deck; arguments with Amy flare up when Matt makes last-minute changes; Amy tries to focus on her preschool class graduation amid the construction chaos.
S6, EP8 "What Happens on the Farm..."While Matt and Amy are away on a business trip to Las Vegas, the Roloff children are on their own at home; the twins take their pesky little brother Jacob on an adventurous hike.
S6, EP7 "Matt's Big Gamble"Matt ups the ante for his accessibility kit business DAS by taking Amy and a group of their little people friends to Las Vegas for a convention; back at the farm an overflowing toilet causes chaos for the children.
S6, EP6 "Zach's Charge"For extra credit in history class, Zach makes a movie about the Civil War.
S6, EP5 "Nashville Blues"Matt and Amy are invited to speak at a corporate conference; the kids learn to manage on their own while Matt and Amy are away.
S6, EP4 "Happy Campers"Molly and her friends spend a night out in the Native American plank house; Zach and Jeremy organize a campout with their friends.
S6, EP3 "The Heat Is On"After months of renovation, Matt decides to install a geothermal heat pump system.
S6, EP2 "Operation Iraq"Matt Roloff travels to Iraq to help dwarf children in need of medical attention.
S6, EP1 "Operation Iraq"Matt Roloff travels to Iraq to help dwarf children in need of medical attention.
S5, EP26 "My Life As a Dog"The Roloffs share special moments with Rocky the bull mastiff.
S5, EP25 "The Boys of Summer"The twins continue to get distracted as they struggle to complete their Swamp Fort.
S5, EP24 "Growing Up Molly"Molly begins another season of volleyball and convinces the family to help her study Russian and plant a vegetable garden.
S5, EP23 "Summer of '06"Horseplay results in Jacob getting hurt; the kids are slow to help with chores.
S5, EP22 "Girls, Girls, Girls"Two female friends visit Zach at the farm unexpectedly; Amy, Molly, Jacob and some friends spend a blustery day at the beach.
S5, EP21 "Risky Business"Matt challenges the children to a board game; Jeremy gets his vintage pickup truck ready to be driven.
S5, EP20 "Addition Impossible"Matt's home renovation gets out of control, and the family complains about the condition of the house.
S5, EP19 "Amy's Outreach"At a college in Iowa, Amy enjoys some winter fun with students before giving a motivational speech.
S5, EP18 "A Formal First"Zach and Jeremy attend a high-school winter formal dance with their dates; Amy departs for a motivational speech.
S5, EP17 "Point of No Return"The Roloff family must all live together in the den while home remodeling is done.
S5, EP16 "New Addition"Matt starts an ambitious remodel of the Roloff house, but it proves to be more than his abilities can manage.
S5, EP15 "Roloffs Reach Out"Matt and a friend participate in a project to create community little-people awareness; Jeremy, Zach and their friends join in a relief effort to help flood victims.
S5, EP14 "Rob's Surgery"Matt and Amy's friend undergoes surgery to correct a dwarfism-related issue.
S5, EP13 "Bright Ideas"Concerned about the twins' poor grades, Matt and Amy enroll them in a learning center; Jeremy builds a working hovercraft.
S5, EP12 "Midterm Madness"Amy revokes Jeremy's driving privileges; both twins get poor grades.
S5, EP11 "Girls and Boys"Amy and Molly go whale-watching; Zach goes on his first date.
S5, EP10 "Trebuchet Take Two"Matt, Jacob and Mike D. work to build a trebuchet that is safer and stronger than the original.
S5, EP9 "Managing Molly"Matt and Amy cut Molly no slack when she shows up late for work with a bad attitude.
S5, EP8 "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'"While Matt and Amy are away on a cruise, pumpkin season at the farm is in chaos.
S5, EP7 "Pumpkin Season Shove-Off"Matt and Amy plan to go on a little-people cruise during the first week of pumpkin season, and tensions rise as the family prepares for them to leave.
S5, EP6 "Tribal Gathering"Matt decides to revamp the "Indian Village" and brings in local American Indians.
S5, EP5 "Sawmill Someday"Matt and a friend plan to build a sawmill with a working water-wheel.
S5, EP4 "Three Dates"Matt plans a surprise dinner for Amy for their 20th wedding anniversary; Jeremy and Kirsten celebrate their first year together, as Zach is in his first romantic relationship.
S5, EP3 "The Verdict"Matt takes the stand in his DUI trial.
S5, EP2 "Matt on Trial"When the DUI trial begins, Matt worries about his chances with the jury.
S5, EP1 "Before the Trial"Matt goes to court to learn the date of his DUI trial; Matt works with Amy to prepare his defense.
S4, EP20 "License to Drive"The twins take the final tests for their drivers' licenses.
S4, EP19 "In the Swim"Matt promises that the swimming pool will be finished for Molly's birthday party.
S4, EP18 "In Too Deep"After doctors recommend swimming to improve his health, Matt decides to build a swimming pool.
S4, EP17 "A Matter of Matt's Health"Matt goes to the doctor and discovers that his health is in jeopardy.
S4, EP16 "Roloffs on the Beach"The Roloffs connect with the culture of the Bahamas.
S4, EP15 "Roloffs on the Water"While on vacation in the Bahamas, Jeremy discovers he has a knack for sailing.
S4, EP14 "Passport to the Bahamas"The Roloff family scrambles to get passports in time for a Bahamas vacation, which starts with a sailing excursion.
S4, EP13 "Paducah"On a trip to give a motivational speech, Matt brings history buffs Zach and Molly along to Paducah, Ky., a town steeped in Civil War history.
S4, EP12 "A Little Competition"Zach and three friends have a paintball war against Jeremy and his friends.
S4, EP11 "Little People Weekend"Zach invites three friends to Roloff Farms for a weekend of paintball, horseplay and sports.
S4, EP10 "Jeremy Gets Swamped"Jeremy, Zach and their friends try to build a fort in the woods on the farm; Jeremy tries to throw a birthday party for Kirsten.
S4, EP9 "Kicking Into Gear"Matt customizes his car to fit him perfectly.
S4, EP7 "DAAA Games: Amy vs. Zach; The Rematch: Marty vs. Zach"Zach feels well enough to enter the Dwarf Athletic Association of America Games and is ready to face his soccer rivals.
S4, EP7 "DAAA Games: Amy vs. Zach"Zach feels well enough to enter the Dwarf Athletic Association of America Games.
S4, EP6 "Garden Up, Barn Down"The corn and pumpkin crops need to be planted; Amy, Molly and Grandma Peg plant a family vegetable garden.
S4, EP5 "Homeward Bound"The end of the road trip finds the family retracing its roots in California.
S4, EP4 "Roloffs & Red Rocks"Amy and Molly visit Sedona, Ariz., while Matt and the boys get their kicks on Route 66.
S4, EP3 "Roloff Road Trip: Grand Canyon"Amy and the children question Matt's trip-planning abilities as they travel through the heat of Death Valley.
S4, EP2 "Roloff Road Trip: Yosemite"The Roloff family embarks on a road trip in an oversized RV.
S4, EP1 "Twins at Seventeen"The twins finish out the school year, both failing math.
S3, EP30 "Zach Doesn't Dance"Matt, Amy, Jacob, Molly and Zach go to an LPA conference; Matt plans a road trip.
S3, EP29 "Roloffs & Rollercoasters"Matt takes the family to the theme park that inspired many of the farm attractions.
S3, EP28 "Amy's College Homecoming"Amy heads to Central Michigan University feeling unprepared for her upcoming speech.
S3, EP27 "Viva Little Vegas"Jeremy wants to help remodel the room; Amy's alma mater invites her to give a speech to the student body.
S3, EP26 "Big Deal, Big Deadline"Matt tries to get his custom-made stool kits into hotels.
S3, EP25 "Matt's Project-Palooza"Matt tries to juggle working on a new parking lot, repairing the church, finishing Molly's castle and completing the Men's Crisis Center.
S3, EP24 "Road Scholar"Matt and Amy have different approaches to getting Jeremy to keep up with his schoolwork.
S3, EP23 "Too Fast Too Soon"Zach's recovery from leg surgery progresses slowly.
S3, EP22 "A Tale of Two Trips"Zach has his cast removed and learns if his bowed leg was successfully straightened; Molly has a growing interest in geography.
S3, EP21 "Roloffs in the Snow"After a snowstorm, Jeremy and his buddies have a snowball fight, while Zach remains inside, recovering from his leg surgery.
S3, EP20 "Jake Turns Ten"Matt enlists a family friend to give Jake's room a glow-in-the-dark paint job.
S3, EP19 "Room for Improvement"Matt has a large trash-bin placed in the driveway and tells the children to empty their bedrooms into it.
S3, EP18 "Marty Comes to Town"Actor Martin Klebba drops by the farm to lift Zach's spirits.
S3, EP17 "A Little Surgery"Zach has leg surgery.
S3, EP16 "Final Prep"After celebrating Christmas, the family departs for Zach's leg surgery.
S3, EP15 "The Storm Before the Storm"Amy takes Zach to a surgeon who will perform an operation to correct his bowed legs.
S3, EP14 "Halloween Harvest Hustle"Matt decides to throw a party to promote his pumpkin business just one week before Halloween.
S3, EP13 "Zach's New Ride"An inventive bicycle designer custom builds Zach a bike that allows him to keep up with his average-height brother; apple war.
S3, EP12 "Amy's Work Is Never Done"Amy must find host families for three visiting soccer coaches on top of juggling her children's events, working two jobs and doing her chores at home.
S3, EP11 "Jacob's Got Game"Jacob's bad attitude causes frustration and concern for Amy.
S3, EP10 "That's Agri-tainment!"Matt hatches a scheme to raise cash by having truckloads of soil dumped on the farm, but Amy does not agree.
S3, EP9 "Men's Crisis Center"Matt turns a barn into a men's crisis center; Matt finds his childhood diary.
S3, EP8 "Of Moles and Men"Jeremy tries to trap a bothersome mole; Jacob has stinky feet.
S3, EP7 "The Twin's Big Play"Zach gives high-school soccer another shot; Jeremy learns he did not make the Olympic Development soccer team.
S3, EP6 "Drive Me Crazy"The twins become old enough to get their driver's licenses.
S3, EP5 "Big Matt on Campus"Matt makes a motivational speech at a Pennsylvania college.
S3, EP4 "While Matt's Away"Before leaving for a convention, Matt plots a surprise birthday party for Amy and Molly.
S3, EP3 "Safety First"Matt decides to order a professional safety inspection of the entire farm; Matt and Amy argue over finances.
S3, EP2 "Accident Aftermath"Jacob and Mike are treated at the hospital for their injuries; the local media is interested in the bizarre accident.
S3, EP1 "Trebuchet Trouble"Jacob and Mike are seriously injured while launching pumpkins.
S2, EP22 "Farm Overload"Matt celebrates his 45th birthday.
S2, EP21 "Matt on a Mission"Matt's new organization gets its first mission.
S2, EP20 "Twin Trouble"When the twins' laziness gets them grounded, they find themselves with extra work.
S2, EP19 "Mad About Mules"Matt threatens to quit his job because the children are out of control when he is away.
S2, EP18 "Little Farm, Big Apple"Matt meets with a hotel executive in New York City.
S2, EP17 "A Twin Experience"Zach's friend visits the farm.
S2, EP16 "A Big Little Conference"Amy, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob arrive at the Little People of America National Conference.
S2, EP15 "A Whole Lotta Little"Matt and Zach attend the Little People of America National Conference.
S2, EP14 "A Roloff Thanksgiving"Matt is eager to show off the farm to family members; a family photo session runs long, causing trouble in the kitchen.
S2, EP13 "A Roloff Thanksgiving"Matt decides to tear out the entire living-room floor, causing a last-minute remodeling nightmare.
S2, EP12 "Zip to My Lu"Matt sets out to build a zipline.
S2, EP11 "While Amy's Away ..."Matt makes a long-awaited purchase and decides to repaint the house while Amy is away for the weekend.
S2, EP10 "All Decked Out"The Roloffs prepare to put the finishing touches on their new deck.
S2, EP9 "Little Fort, Big Deck"Home remodeling; tree fort.
S2, EP8 "Game On!"The Dwarf Athletic Games begin.
S2, EP7 "Road to the DAAA"Conflict erupts when Matt tries to help Zach put together a soccer team for the Dwarf Athletic Association of America Games.
S2, EP6 "Aloha, Roloffs"The Roloffs' Hawaiian vacation includes an outrigger-canoeing adventure, a snorkeling trip and a zip-line tour.
S2, EP5 "Roloffs in Paradise"Amy has trouble adjusting to being pampered by the hotel staff in Maui; Matt challenges Zach to overcome his fear of surfing.
S2, EP4 "Get Out of Town"Matt returns home from a business trip to find that no one is ready for their upcoming trip to Hawaii.
S2, EP3 "The Greenhouse Effect"Matt hires the twins and their friends to plant pumpkin seedlings.
S2, EP2 "Organizing Amy"The Roloff children present handmade cards to Amy during a brunch.
S2, EP1 "Twins at Sixteen"Jeremy and Zach plan a beach trip for their 16th birthday.
S1, EP20 "Little Kitchen, Big Future"Matt rushes to complete the family kitchen before he leaves on a business trip to South America.
S1, EP19 "First Date"Zach brings a date to the winter formal banquet.
S1, EP18 "Matt's Big Change"Matt returns to the corporate world to alleviate Amy's fears for the future.
S1, EP17 "Zach's Emergency"Zach has a mysterious illness and must rush to the hospital for emergency surgery.
S1, EP16 "Calm and Chaos"Matt and Amy take a weeklong cruise.
S1, EP15 "Running With the Pack"Zach passes up a chance to socialize with girls his height.
S1, EP14 "Try, Try Again"Zach prepares to take his driving-permit test again.
S1, EP13 "Zach's Future"Matt introduces Zach to role models from the dwarf community, including a law professor who served in the Clinton administration and a welder who works on a top-secret Navy submarine.
S1, EP12 "New Year, New Plan"Matt makes plans for home remodeling, including designing a new kitchen for Amy.
S1, EP11 "Merry Little Christmas"The family celebrates Christmas.
S1, EP10 "Treb-U-What?"Matt Roloff hatches a plan to build a trebuchet to draw more customers to his pumpkin patch.
S1, EP9 "Growing Up"Jeremy brings his girlfriend home to meet his family; Molly works in a photo shoot.
S1, EP8 "One Farm, Two Dreams"Matt and Amy disagree when he rents out part of the farm for a corporate picnic.
S1, EP7 "Testing Zach"The twins head to the DMV for their learners-permit exams; Zach prepares to take his driving-permit test again.
S1, EP6 "Back to School"Amy is angered by Jeremy's lazy attitude as he and his twin brother Zach start their first week of high school.
S1, EP5 "Birthday Girls"Matt plans a birthday surprise for his wife, Amy, and their daughter, Molly.
S1, EP4 "Fathers and Sons"Matt hopes to bond with his 15-year-old twin boys, but their weekend camping trip doesn't go as planned.
S1, EP3 "Our Little Anniversary"Matt and Amy are too stressed out to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary.
S1, EP2 "Twins?"Zach Roloff is much shorter than his twin, Jeremy.
S1, EP1 "Living Little"Matt and Amy Roloff raise their four children.
"Molly Moves Out"When Molly moves out, Amy takes her to college.
"Little People, Big World"Matt and Amy Roloff, both 4 feet tall, face a variety of challenges in raising their four children: twins Jeremy and Zach, who is 2-feet shorter than his brother, and younger siblings Molly and Jacob, who like Jeremy are average height. The family's 34-acre Oregon farm serves as part playground and part moneymaker. As the series ages, Matt and Amy deal with personal strife, embrace their kids getting older and leading lives of their own, become grandparents, and attempt to keep Roloff Farms operational.
Matt and Amy Roloff, both 4 feet tall, face a variety of challenges in raising their four children: twins Jeremy and Zach, who is 2-feet shorter than his brother, and younger siblings Molly and Jacob, who like Jeremy are average height. The family's 34-acre Oregon farm serves as part playground and part moneymaker. As the series ages, Matt and Amy deal with personal strife, embrace their kids getting older and leading lives of their own, become grandparents, and attempt to keep Roloff Farms operational.
Original Air Date: Jan 7, 2006
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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