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More in CommonInspiring stories of Americans who come together despite their differences.
Air Date: August 27, 2020Stories of women that are leading the way and inspiring others to vote.
Air Date: August 23, 2020Teachers adjusting to the new normal, inspirational students; the state of American education.
Air Date: December 26, 2023A candid conversation with a Chicagoan about gender expectations; the power of music melting differences in North and South Korea.
Air Date: September 11, 2020Parents getting creative entertaining and educating their kids at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Air Date: September 22, 2020Drive-by concert; post-it note neighbors; a father-daughter duo helping the homeless.
Air Date: October 1, 2020Stories of people overcoming the culture clash.
Air Date: May 7, 2023From burn victim to beauty pageant; a community gives bikes to Afghan refugees; a student with perfect attendance since kindergarten.
Air Date: March 12, 2020North Korean defector meets his South Korean bride; Muslims that favor forgiveness over revenge.
Air Date: May 2, 2020The changing world of sports during the pandemic, Eagles QB Carson Wentz.
Air Date: September 23, 2020Millions of people who have taken a stand -- enough is enough.
Air Date: October 6, 2020Robert E. Lee's descendant supports the removal of monuments; NASCAR bans the Confederate flag; America reckoning with its dark past.
Air Date: January 7, 2024Horses helping people heal; hospital salutes to gun violence victims; sports diplomacy in the Koreas; a refugee "Listening Loom"; Millennials meet for peace.
Air Date: May 26, 2023America's oldest ice cream company is rich in flavor and history; 100 Offerings of Peace unites artists all over the world; LGBTQ athletes speak out proudly.
Air Date: October 1, 2019Kids divided by the border wall unite across a tennis net; an artist capturing the humanity of the homeless; a mother with unconditional love for gay couples.
Air Date: September 8, 2020A landlord waiving rent during the pandemic; America's truckers getting you supplies; the Gaming Grandma.
Air Date: September 16, 2020Checking in on a teacher helping small business and front line workers and scouts making masks during the Covid crisis.
Air Date: September 24, 2020Policing reforms already being discussed and enacted around the country are featured.
Air Date: October 4, 2020"More in Common" celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by featuring Latinos making positive contributions to communities across America.
Air Date: October 26, 2020The migration occurring in pandemic-era America and exploring why people are making the move to greener pastures.
Air Date: December 6, 2020Highlighting some of the best neighbors across America.
Air Date: February 5, 2023A professor goes viral for holding a baby while teaching; IslaminSpanish builds a bridge between Muslim and Hispanic communities; kids get free bikes.
Air Date: September 21, 2020"More in Common" takes a look at America's criminal justice system and highlights stories of redemption; Michael Koenigs hosts.
Air Date: August 6, 2023Swimming with sharks without a cage; CrossFit gym owners speak out against racism; a community fridge helps feed Philadelphia.
Air Date: October 2, 2019A former neo Nazi joins hands with a daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.; a foster mom using love to help heal a broken family.
Air Date: September 9, 2020A kid who spent his savings giving back during the Covid-19 crisis; an athletic wear company making medical masks; family photos from the sky.
Air Date: September 17, 2020Checking in on an uplifting story around COVID-19 as a graduation ceremony is recreated digitally.
Air Date: September 25, 2020Celebrating the history of diversity in the LGBTQ+ community.
Air Date: October 13, 2020In the midst of the pandemic the tech revolution continues to radically change our lives.
Air Date: November 12, 2023Kidney Doctor donates his kidney to save a life; North and South Koreans brought to tears by emotional performance; service dogs help kids with disabilities.
Air Date: October 25, 2019Ohio teenagers drive their tractors to school; gay rodeo in Texas; workers see their autism as a strength not a weakness.
Air Date: September 10, 2020Unconventional weddings during the pandemic; a hotel opening doors for the sick; "Bachelor" star Colton.
Air Date: September 18, 2020Checking in as drag queens help out during the pandemic; meeting a dancing doctor; quarantining with spiders.
Air Date: September 29, 2020Shining a light on incredible Black entrepreneurs around America as entrepreneurship lies at the heart of the American ideal.
Air Date: March 9, 2020The future of dog mushing; Pennsylvania brew master; California nuns with a different kind of habit.
Air Date: October 8, 2020A look at economic inequality and ways Americans are trying to close the gap, from the agricultural system to the quality of schools.
Air Date: August 10, 2020Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act by sharing inspiring stories from across America.
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Inspiring stories of Americans who come together despite their differences.
Original Air Date: Nov 4, 2018
Rating: TVG
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