Outback Opal Hunters

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Outback Opal HuntersFollowing six teams across Australia as they search for the country's most iconic gemstone.
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S10, EP4 "The Solar System"The Digi Diggers get their solar plant installed, but the power hungry mine triggers a total system shutdown; Lisa jeopardizes a sale with a bespoke jeweler designer; Rod goes toe to toe with ratters who stole opal and equipment from their mine.
S10, EP3 "Soldier of Fortune"The broke Bushmen are forced to trade opal to get a shaft drilled on a new claim; the Mooka Boys attempt to revive a dump truck and their opal processing plant with disastrous results; the Digi Diggers get lost exploring a terrifying abandoned mine.
S10, EP2 "The Reward of the Effort"A busted dirt hauling bogger bucket threatens the Cheals' ambitions for mammoth back-to-back opal hauls; the Opal Whisperers partnership with veteran miner Uwe ends abruptly; Angel attempts her first opal sale at the Lightning Ridge Opal Festival.
S10, EP1 "A Glimmer of Hope"Mooka Boys brothers Matt and Cozza topple their excavator while attempting to reach a new mine on a treacherous opal field; The Blacklighters are almost buried alive while mining opal in unstable tunnels.
S9, EP8 "Succession Of Opal Joe"The Blacklighters discover opalised sea creatures in an ancient seabed; the Cheals close in on their biggest opal haul ever, but all is not as it seems.
S9, EP7 "Hit or Miss"The Mooka Boys may lose a potential investor due to their little mining progress; disaster strikes for the Opal Whisperers when Sofia's hoist fails.
S9, EP6Gale force winds threaten the Digi Diggers' dreams of an eco-mine; the Bushmen discover dangerous old workings while clearing out their new mine.
S9, EP5 "Bad Luck"The Opal Whispers are forced to leave behind a rich opal seam in a mine on the verge of collapse; the Cheals are cut off from their mine by crippling floods.
S9, EP4 "A Well That Takes on Water"The Digi Diggers, Josiah and Lisa, need to explore new ground after mining opal too brittle to sell; they discover their entire claim is at risk of being flooded.
S9, EP3 "In Search of Fuel"The Opal Whisperers work underground together for the first time on a legendary claim; the Mooka Boys are forced to work Leif's late father's abandoned mine.
S9, EP2 "Baptism by Fire"The Cheals take on their most dangerous dig ever; the Bushmen trial a rookie to operate their exploration drill, but it doesn't go as smoothly as they'd hoped.
S9, EP1 "Start With a Bang"The Bushmen bring in an explosives expert to blast through the toughest rock in Grawin; plus, a brand-new team brings cutting edge technology to the opal fields.
S8, EP12 "No Risk, No Reward"A massive lightning storm forces the Young Guns to work on a series of flooded dirt roads; the Bushmen risk it all in a dangerous area vandalized by opal thieves; the Blacklighters take their chances with night mining.
S8, EP11 "Digging with a Dinosaur"The Misfits prove their worth to Opal Joe with an ancient bulldozer on their last dig; the Opal Whisperers suffer from infighting; the Cheals race against the clock and seasonal storms to rescue their mission.
S8, EP10 "Smashed"The Young Guns' hopes of breaking their drought get shattered after they accidentally smash a valuable gemstone; the Bishop loses Scotty underground; the Tarantos' hopes of exposing a rare opal pocket fall in jeopardy.
S8, EP9 "Dangers of the Abandoned"Scott and the Bishop cause an avalanche while trying to secure a wall; the Mooka boys' bobcat suffers a critical failure; the Blacklighters dig into a rich and dangerous abandoned mine.
S8, EP8 "Treachery"The Bushmen are dismayed after taking over their new recruit's mine and finding it is both treacherous and light on opal; the Bishop turns to explosive means to move a wall; the Misfits work underground for the first time.
S8, EP7 "Free Falling"The Bushmen find a hidden shaft by falling into it and the Blacklighters brand-new investment is dead in the water; a busted jackhammer forces JC and the Young Guns to make emergency repairs halfway down the mine shaft.
S8, EP6 "Sparks Fly"The Young Guns face dangerous roads; impenetrable mine walls and faulty electronics spark a fire in the Opal Whisperers' headquarters; the Blacklighters risk losing their plan as their generator dies.
S8, EP5 "A Mine That Stings"The Bushmen drill with a 50-year-old exploration rig for the first time and the Mooka Boys hunt for treasure in a scorpion-riddled mine; the Cheals close in on a promising pocket.
S8, EP4 "Cathedral Secrets"Greg explores the hidden tunnels on his massive claim searching for white opal; the Tarantos' excavator springs a leak and the Blacklighters look for a new house.
S8, EP3 "Follow the Clues"Handwritten clues left by Leif's late father help the Mooka Boys hunt for an abandoned mine; the Blacklighters battle choking dust on their dry claim and the Tarantos make emergency repairs on their bulldozer.
S8, EP2 "Impenetrable No More"A bomb expert comes in to blast impenetrable rock for the Bishop; the Cheals race to move a rock-extracting blower before heat damages their machine and the Misfits battle avalanches and dust storms.
S8, EP1 "Rookie Mistake"The Bushmen's new rookie rushes into a deadly no-go zone while the Cheals attempt to revive their season; the Mooka Boys try a new technique to expose opal in colorless rock.
S7, EP8 "Walls Closing In"Machinery woes cause the Cheals to end their opal dreams and consider splitting ways; the Blacklighters move to a new site while Jaymin and JC work alone in claustrophobic tunnels.
S7, EP7 "Scrap Noodler"Joe and Tash fossick on the surface with hand tools after the Tarantos fails to bring up any color; the Opal Whisperers try constructing a noodler from scrap material while the Misfits narrowly avoid an avalanche.
S7, EP6 "The Value of Misfits"The Misfits give it all they've got to prove their worth in the mine fields of South Australia. The Bishop loses his prized claim to competitors while the Tunnel Rats risk electrocution while operating their digger.
S7, EP5 "Trouble Underground"The Tarantos' excavator grinds to a halt at the bottom of their mine. The Cheals also face machinery failure as Rory busts their digger underground. The Bushmen's roof is on the edge of collapse.
S7, EP4 "Young Gun Returns"JC returns to White Cliffs after his accident while Blacklight Xavier misses a massive pocket of opal passing through the noodling machine; the Tunnel Rats start their season in a vermin-infested mine.
S7, EP3 "Glory Days"Rory and Oscar are forced to operate their dad's drill rig for the first time; the Tarantos are struck down by sickness, and the Bushmen build a dangerous mine roof.
S7, EP1 "Disaster Strikes"The Young Guns face an uncertain future when James gets injured; the Bushmen find opal on the boundary of their mine, and rain slows down the Cheals.
S6, EP2 "The Opal Whisperers"The Blacklighters run into devastating mechanical problems; the Opal Whisperers show there's big money to be made hunting a rare form of opal.
S2, EP13 "Last Chance"It's the end of the mining season and the last chance for all the opal hunting teams to make enough cash to survive; the Rookies gamble their hopes on one last haul of opal; the Opal Queen makes a final desperate dig.
S2, EP12 "Make or Break"Rookie Justin tackles a deal that could make or break him; the Boulder Boys race to save their claim from a monsoon flood; on their last dig of the season, the Cooke Brothers finally hit pay dirt.
S2, EP11 "Battling Back"The Fire Crew battles its way back from a disastrous setback; the Opal Queen battles rock hard walls alone, desperate to find opal; the Boulder Boys abandon their drill and hunt for opal by hand.
S2, EP10 "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures"Rookies Justin and Becky risk their lives underground, desperate for a find; opal hunting legend Col Duff is back to take on the Outback and hunt for long-forgotten treasure.
S2, EP9 "Race Against Time"The Rookies finally hit treasure; Aaron and Greg bring in an old monster about to self-destruct; the Cooke brothers race to beat the worst drought in a decade.
S2, EP8 "Blue Fire Opal or Bust"Justin recruits fiancée Becky to save him from financial ruin; the Fire Crew face deadly reptiles; the Cooke brothers go 21 meters under.
S2, EP7 "Against All Odds"Justin ropes in a stranger to get his excavator across a highway; Kelly battles a new claim with a new partner; Aaron and Greg must push on without Col.
S2, EP6 "Machine Mayhem"It's the last chance for the Rookies' partnership; Col's crew is on a crash course as his illness slows them down; the Cooke brothers fight busted hoses and breakdowns.
S2, EP5 "Hot Hot Heat"The Rookies battle their biggest claim yet; Col's Crew must bring out the old machines to hunt a new opal seam; things heat up as the Fire Crew races a fuel leak while chasing legendary red fire opal.
S2, EP4 "Risky Business"Justin gambles thousands of dollars as he struggles; opal queen Kelly is in desperate need of a big find; Aaron and Greg's claim might pay off.
S2, EP3 "Going Under"There's tension among the rookies as a new partner leads them on a wild goose chase; the Cooke brothers' season is off to a bad and dangerous start.
S2, EP2 "Wild Wild West"Justin's excavator has an expensive oil leak; Col's crew is a man down; the Fire Crew is on a wild goose chase hunting a bounty of fabled fire opal.
S2, EP1 "Rookie Mistakes"A new season of opal hunting begins; the Rookies face potential disaster from the get go; for Col's Crew, their mining quest is derailed by a serious illness; the Opal Queen brings in new muscle and new machines for an underground opal hunt.
S1, EP8 "Episode 8"The mining season is almost over so to reach their target, Col's crew takes one last gamble by opal spotting from the air; the Cookes make one final attempt to save their opal machine; the Rookies get lucky.
S1, EP7 "Cave-Ins and Explosions"With the end of the season fast approaching, the Rookies risk cave-ins at their abandoned mine claim; deep underground, Bomb King George is trapped in the blast zone.
S1, EP6 "Rookies Are the Bomb"Desperate to move more rock, the Rookies get a lesson in the dangerous art of bomb making; Al and Kelly's lease is up; Col returns to action after a health scare.
S1, EP5 "Episode 5"It's brother vs. brother as Peter and Mick Cooke go head-to-head in an epic scrapheap challenge to build a monster opal-hunting machine; the Rookies are forced to start hunting at night.
S1, EP4 "Episode 4"Daniel returns to Coober Pedy a new Dad, determined to find more white opal; Col raises the stakes, forking out thousands on an ancient and dangerous exploration rig; the Opal Queen and her Dad battle the clock, the weather and a deadly cactus.
S1, EP3 "The Legend Returns"Pete and Mick's mining operation grinds to a sudden halt, while Col's Crew heads underground; the Rookies are in despair until mentor John Dunstan steps in with a last-minute lifeline.
S1, EP2 "The Sky Is Falling"Rookies Justin and Daniel tread a dangerous path underground in Coober Pedy, while father and daughter mining team Kelly and Al race to stake a claim in Lightning Ridge in an attempt to turn their fortunes around.
S1, EP1 "Episode 1"In South Australia, rookie miners Daniel Becker and Justin Lang leave their lives behind, risking all to chase an opal fortune.
Following six teams across Australia as they search for the country's most iconic gemstone.
Original Air Date: Feb 8, 2018
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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