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Lara Logan Has No AgendaAward-winning journalist Lara Logan investigates issues such media bias, immigration, socialism and veterans.
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S7, EP3 "Part 3: Global Extremism"Fr. Patrick Desbois talks about Islamic Terrorism and Fr. Andre Mahanna addresses kidnapping.
S7, EP2 "Part 2: Nigeria"Examining tenets of extremist Islamic movements; radicalization can teach punishments such as whipping, flogging and beheading.
S7, EP1 "Part 1: Sacrificing Afghanistan"Diving into the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.
S6, EP4 "Part 4: The Future is Tech"Lara Logan investigates future realities where big tech becomes the government in new smart cities.
S6, EP3 "Part 3: Censorship"Investigating how social media monoliths moderate content and show bias against conservative voices.
S6, EP2 "Part 2: Government Surveillance"NSA whistleblower William Binney discusses the programs behind data collection he helped create.
S6, EP1 "Part 1: Privacy in the Digital Age"A "White Hat Hacker" unveils how much user data is out there and why it's being collected.
S5, EP4 "Part 4: Laced With Death"Lara Logan goes inside a DEA lab where high-tech equipment is the only way to distinguish between a legitimate pharmaceutical or one laced with deadly fentanyl.
S5, EP3 "Part 3: An Endless Battle"Lara Logan investigates the rise of illicit drugs crossing into the United States.
S5, EP2 "Part 2: On the Front Line"Lara Logan travels to the rugged, mountainous border territory of southern Arizona to see the front line work of U.S. Border Patrol.
S5, EP1 "Part 1: The Unsecure Agenda"Mexican cartels rage war just a stone's throw from U.S. soil, an escalating national security nightmare for the United States; Lara Logan looks into the cartels' money-making methods of human smuggling, drug running and counterfeit goods.
S4, EP4 "Flight of the Oppressed"Lara investigates the impact of socialist rule in Venezuela and interviews opposition leader Juan Guaido.
S4, EP3 "Bolsheviks at the Gate"Diving deep into the anarchist group Antifa and the organization and tactics used.
S4, EP2 "End of the American Dream"Traveling up the coast of the Bay Area to see California's housing crisis firsthand.
S4, EP1 "Another Time for Choosing"Investigating California's Central Valley to see firsthand how decades of progressive policies have put a chokehold on the agriculture industry.
S3, EP4 "Part 4: Leave No One Behind"Lara speaks to a Vietnam veteran on a mission; and a son searches for his missing military father.
S3, EP3 "Part 3: The Price We Pay"Lara meets California veterans that hit the waves to cope with their post-combat symptoms.
S3, EP2 "Part 2: A Hot Cup of Freedom"Lara travels to Salt Lake City to meet the co-founders of Black Rifle Coffee Company, a successful veteran-owned coffee business.
S3, EP1 "Part 1: A Warrior's Faith"Lara speaks with Dave Eubank, director of the Free Burma Rangers, a humanitarian organization.
S2, EP4 "Part 4: All Bias Is Global"Journalist Lara Logan delves into the tactics of smear campaigns with two targets: Trevor FitzGibbon and Dinesh D'Souza.
S2, EP3 "Part 3: Bias Has Victims"Journalist Lara Logan explores media coverage of Antifa, a far-left militant movement, through the eyes of one of its victims: journalist Andy Ngo.
S2, EP2 "Part 2: The Hidden Faces of Hate"Journalist Lara Logan probes the liberal media's coverage of Russia's alleged involvement in the 2016 U.S. election.
S2, EP1 "Part 1: Two Sides to Every Story"In Washington D.C., journalist Lara Logan meets Nick Sandmann, dubbed "the Covington kid" by the media, to hear his side of a story that went viral in 2019.
S1, EP4 "Part 4: The Human Cost"Lara Logan investigates the staggering human cost of the border crisis, from the unforgiving terrain of the American Southwest to brutal exploitation that forces thousands of Mexican women into sexual slavery.
S1, EP3 "Part 3: North of the Border"Lara Logan travels along the Southwest border by air, land and water to see how U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents try to combat the flow of drugs; residents of Roma, Texas, describe living in the shadow of the Mexican cartels.
S1, EP2 "Part 2: The City of the Living and the Dead"Lara Logan goes to the notorious city of Culiacan in Sinaloa, the drug capital of Mexico, to report on how the powerful cartels have come to dominate its politics, crime and culture.
S1, EP1 "Part 1: Transformation"Lara Logan travels to the U.S.-Mexico border to investigate the evolution of Mexico's cartels from drug trafficking operations into multi-billion-dollar criminal organizations with global reach.
Award-winning journalist Lara Logan investigates issues such media bias, immigration, socialism and veterans.
Original Air Date: Jan 6, 2020
Genres: News/TalkTV Series
Playback: HD
7 seasons available on demand (27 episodes)
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