Switched in the hospital
S6, EP8 "Switched in the hospital"
Lisa tackles the challenging mystery of why a woman was abandoned in a trash can as a baby; unexpected DNA results throw a woman's entire identity into question.
Original Air Date: Dec 13, 2019 • TLC • 43m
The Missing Piece
S6, EP7 "The Missing Piece"
Chris tries to solve the 50-year-old mystery of why a woman was abandoned at a laundromat days after being born; a family enlists Lisa's help to track down the firstborn son that was placed for adoption, hoping to fulfill a father's dying wish.
Original Air Date: Dec 06, 2019 • TLC • 43m
What Family Feels Like
S6, EP6 "What Family Feels Like"
A woman enlists Lisa's help to find her birth mother, but unearths a 40-year-old secret in the process.
Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2019 • TLC • 43m
An Adult Orphan
S6, EP5 "An Adult Orphan"
Lisa hopes that locating a man's biological mother will finally allow him to overcome his lifelong struggle with abandonment; Chris locates a woman's only child and delivers the difficult details of her daughter's birth story.
Original Air Date: Nov 22, 2019 • TLC • 43m
Not My Child to Keep
S6, EP4 "Not My Child to Keep"
Chris unwraps the mystery of a woman's origins, which at a Korean orphanage; Lisa desperately searches for a woman's only child, hoping it will heal her.
Original Air Date: Nov 15, 2019 • TLC • 43m
Are They Looking For Me?
S6, EP3 "Are They Looking For Me?"
Chris and Lisa join forces in an attempt to solve the childhood mystery of why a woman was separated from her birth family at the age of two.
Original Air Date: Nov 08, 2019 • TLC • 43m
I'm the Only One Left
S6, EP2 "I'm the Only One Left"
Lisa helps a man find answers about his adoption; a breast cancer survivor searches for her birth mother.
Original Air Date: Nov 01, 2019 • TLC • 43m
Why Couldn't They Raise Us?
S6, EP1 "Why Couldn't They Raise Us?"
Identical twins enlist Lisa's help to unlock the mystery of why they were placed for adoption; Chris hopes to fulfill the wishes of a deceased father by tracking down the first-born son he and his wife had placed for adoption.
Original Air Date: Oct 25, 2019 • TLC • 43m