Ultimate Bootlegger

S4, EP19 "Ultimate Bootlegger"

On Demand

With guest judge Rusty Wallace, three backwoods builders customize tricked-out cars to hide a thousand dollars' worth of shine and deliver it undamaged without getting caught by the law.

Original Air Date: May 03, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Amanda vs. Richard vs. Tater

S4, EP18 "Amanda vs. Richard vs. Tater"

On Demand

When Spring comes, everything is at stake for backwoods shiners; outlaw champions Amanda, Richard and Tater compete to make the top spirit with this spring's best ingredients as judged by Mark, Digger and guest judge Mike.

Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Still Builder Showdown

S4, EP17 "Still Builder Showdown"

On Demand

In the first-ever combo competition, three craftsmen-distillers compete to build working stills from raw sheet copper while mashing in a run of liquor from scratch ingredients; with catastrophic failure at stake, winning comes down to the final jar.

Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Race to the Finish Line

S4, EP16 "Race to the Finish Line"

On Demand

With the title on the line, Team Petty and Team Gaughan summon their bootlegging heritage to run championship liquor; as the competition heats up on the stills, Mark and Tim face off on the track, leaving one shiner crashing into the wall.

Original Air Date: Mar 01, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Stock Car Champions

S4, EP15 "Stock Car Champions"

On Demand

The King Richard Petty and racing champions Thad Moffitt and Brendan Gaughan team up with moonshine legends Mark, Digger and Tim in a backroads reunion 90 years in the making; only one team will earn the honorary title of Master Distiller.

Original Air Date: Feb 18, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Presidents' Day

S4, EP14 "Presidents' Day"

On Demand

In honor of all the past presidents who dabbled in distilling, moonshiners Josh, Howard and Kelly compete to make the best jar of a recently discovered presidential liquor recipe that was so tasty it may have led to the repeal of Prohibition.

Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Billion Buck Booze

S4, EP13 "Billion Buck Booze"

On Demand

To earn the title of Master Distiller and a stake in a booming billion-dollar ready-to-drink cocktail market, three legal and outlaw shiners compete to craft the best high-proof canned cocktail from scratch ingredients.

Original Air Date: Feb 01, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Armed Forces Face Off

S4, EP12 "Armed Forces Face Off"

On Demand

Tim, Mark and Digger judge the results as three U.S. military veterans who served their country overseas, battle to become the next master distiller; to nobody's surprise, Tickle takes on his duty as honorary drill sergeant a little too seriously.

Original Air Date: Feb 01, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Final Showdown Legal vs Outlaw

S4, EP11 "Final Showdown Legal vs Outlaw"

On Demand

Mark, Digger and Tim have saved one of the hardest distilling challenges for last in an epic tournament finale; just one outlaw and one legal distiller remain to battle for liquor supremacy.

Original Air Date: Jan 21, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Dual at Dawn Legal vs. Outlaw

S4, EP10 "Dual at Dawn Legal vs. Outlaw"

On Demand

Mark, Digger and Tim devise a diabolical challenge as a pair of outlaw shiners faces two legal distillers in a battle for corn liquor supremacy; only one distiller from each side of the law will survive to face the final showdown.

Original Air Date: Jan 11, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Team Digger vs. Team Tim

S4, EP9 "Team Digger vs. Team Tim"

On Demand

Digger coaches three outlaw shiners as they face off against Tim's three legal distillers in a three-round ultimate elimination tournament designed to determine once and for all which side of the law makes the best high-proof spirits.

Original Air Date: Jan 11, 2023 • Discovery • 42m
Family Feud

S4, EP8 "Family Feud"

On Demand

Families bring their inherited moonshine recipes to the Master Distiller arena; when couples, siblings, and a father-son team fire up stills together under the pressure of a ticking clock, sparks fly.

Original Air Date: Dec 31, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Bang for the Buck

S4, EP7 "Bang for the Buck"

On Demand

Mark, Digger and Tim taste the results as two outlaw shiners and a legal distiller take on record high prices in a competition to see who can make the best run of shine on a $30 budget.

Original Air Date: Dec 31, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Secret Santa Showdown

S4, EP6 "Secret Santa Showdown"

On Demand

It's a holiday extravaganza with guest judge Danielle Parton along with Mark Rogers and Tickle as St. Nick; presented with frugal Secret Santa gifts, Richard, Mike and Howard bring their backwoods skills to distill the cheeriest Christmas spirit.

Original Air Date: Dec 21, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Firehouse Flameout

S4, EP5 "Firehouse Flameout"

On Demand

Three firefighters famous for their shine compete to run their best off-duty recipes; veteran firemen Tim and Mark taste the results and, along with Digger, pay tribute to the history between the brotherhoods of firefighting and moonshining.

Original Air Date: Dec 07, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
American Agave

S4, EP4 "American Agave"

On Demand

By law, tequila and mezcal can only be made in Mexico, but outlaw distillers follow their own set of rules; three of the best bring American ingenuity to a 500-year-old recipe, but only one will be named Master Distiller.

Original Air Date: Dec 07, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Tim's Thanksgiving Throwdown

S4, EP3 "Tim's Thanksgiving Throwdown"

On Demand

When Tim announces the first Thanksgiving actually took place in Virginia, Tickle smokes a Virginia ham in honor of the occasion; champions Amanda, Richard and Daniel face off to run the best holiday liquor to complete the Thanksgiving feast.

Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Finger-Lickin' Shine

S4, EP2 "Finger-Lickin' Shine"

On Demand

When backwoods shiners and a professional distiller bring groundbreaking savory flavors to the competition, the judges are blown away by their original recipes for chocolate malt, loaded baked potato and Nashville hot chicken moonshine.

Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Big Box Store Showdown

S4, EP1 "Big Box Store Showdown"

On Demand

Two moonshiners and a pro distiller face off in a big box store challenge; with just three minutes to shop the discount aisles, each must turn bulk buys into a working mash then distill it into high-proof liquor.

Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2022 • Discovery • 42m