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GunsmokeMarshal Matt Dillon (then-newcomer James Arness) tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kan. Helping to keep him grounded are saloon proprietor Miss Kitty Russell and Doc Adams. The television series grew out of the long-running radio serial of the same name, although for a short time they were both on the airwaves.
S20, EP10 "In the Performance of Duty"Dillon is frustrated by Judge Kendall's order to release a gang of outlaws for lack of evidence.
S5, EP29 "Colleen So Green"A lovely, helpless Southern belle charms the men in town, who all want to help when she is robbed.
S5, EP30 "The Ex-Urbanites"On the prairie and far from Dodge, Chester must fend off outlaws while saving Doc's life.
S9, EP36 "Journey for Three"A young ruffian traveling to California causes a girl's accidental death.
S19, EP5 "The Widowmaker"A former gunfighter (Steve Forrest) tries to live a quiet life with the woman he loves.
S19, EP6 "Kitty's Love Affair"A reluctant gunfighter (Richard Kiley) risks his life to save Kitty, who has fallen in love with him.
S4, EP2 "The Patsy"Matt thinks a man accused of murder is being framed, despite an apparent eyewitness account.
S4, EP3 "Gunsmuggler"Matt investigates unknown smugglers who supplied a band of Pawnee with guns for attacking local ranchers.
S11, EP14 "The Avengers"A judge accuses Kitty and Festus of killing his son and holds them hostage.
S9, EP17 "Friend"A man who saved Matt's life 10 years earlier arrives in Dodge City.
S17, EP8 "Lynott"A former lawman saves Matt's life then agrees to take his place while the marshal's wounds heal.
S5, EP31 "I Thee Wed"A battered wife pays her jailed husband's fine to free him against Matt's advice.
S5, EP32 "The Lady Killer"A saloon girl claims she killed a man in self-defense, but Matt is suspicious.
S10, EP1 "Blue Heaven"A cowboy wanted for a murder he didn't commit teams up with a runaway.
S19, EP7 "The Widow and the Rogue"A friendly thief (James Stacy) facing a mandatory two-year jail sentence attempts to escape from Festus en route to Dodge City.
S19, EP8 "A Game of Death ... An Act of Love"A man (Morgan Woodward) seeks revenge after renegades kill his wife and burn his house.
S19, EP9 "A Game of Death ... An Act of Love"A lawyer (Paul Stevens) agrees to defend the Indians accused of murdering Bear Sanderson's wife.
S19, EP10 "Lynch Town"Matt forces a drunken, corrupt judge (David Wayne) to hold an inquest into the death of a woman saloon owner.
S4, EP4 "Monopoly"Matt must bluff to uncover a dangerous murderer who is targeting citizens of Dodge.
S4, EP5 "Letter of the Law"A rich landowner tries to have a homesteader and his pregnant wife evicted.
S11, EP15 "Gold Mine"Kitty inherits a gold mine; Matt is too busy to escort her, so she goes alone to claim it.
S9, EP18 "Once a Haggen"A man is stabbed after winning a poker game, and the wrong man may have been arrested.
S17, EP9 "Lijah"A prejudiced jury sits in judgment of a stern, quiet mountain man accused of committing three wanton murders.
S5, EP33 "Gentlemen's Disagreement"A man is charged in the death of his wife's ex-beau because of a previous threat.
S5, EP34 "Speak Me Fair"Matt investigates when cattle-rustling coincides with an Indian boy's beating.
S10, EP2 "Crooked Mile"Quint's life is threatened by his girlfriend's father, who doesn't approve of their romance.
S19, EP11 "The Hanging of Newly O'Brien"Doc Adams sends Newly out to check on families in the back country.
S19, EP12 "Susan Was Evil"A widow (Kathleen Nolan) falls in love with Matt's wounded prisoner at a remote way station.
S19, EP13 "The Deadly Innocent"Festus' ward, a mentally impaired young man with no family, is arrested after he injures a drover for tormenting a cat.
S19, EP14 "A Child Between"A fugitive and his Indian wife seek Newly's medical help for their baby then refuse to take his advice.
S4, EP6 "Thoroughbreds"An odd stranger comes to Dodge with money and two thoroughbred horses.
S4, EP7 "Stage Hold Up"Matt tries to capture bandits who rob a stagecoach on which Matt and Chester are riding.
S11, EP16 "Death Watch"Two bounty hunters vie for a $30,000 reward for a wanted Mexican bandit.
S9, EP19 "No Hands"A rowdy clan of hunters assaults a carpenter, but justice is served in Dodge.
S17, EP10 "My Brother's Keeper"Seeking refuge from a storm, Festus stumbles into a cave where an elderly Indian lies dying.
S5, EP35 "Belle's Back"An outlaw's girl is back in town and may know more than she admits.
S5, EP36 "The Bobsy Twins"Two eccentric brothers declare their intentions to kill Indians.
S10, EP3 "Old Man"Danny must help an old man framed for a murder that he didn't commit.
S19, EP15 "A Family of Killers"A jailbreak reunites an outlaw family which then waits to ambush Matt and a lawman.
S19, EP16 "Like Old Times"A reformed criminal (Nehemiah Persoff) meets with his former sweetheart (Gloria DeHaven).
S19, EP17 "The Town Tamers"Matt and another marshal are ordered to restore peace and order in a lawless town.
S19, EP22 "Cowtown Hustler"A high-stakes match gives an aging, down-and-out pool player the chance to regain his self-respect.
S4, EP8 "Lost Rifle"Matt is reluctant to make an arrest when a friend is accused of murder.
S4, EP9 "Land Deal"Trouble results when a con man meets an immigrant's wife outside of Dodge City.
S11, EP17 "Sweet Billy, Singer of Songs"Festus works to find a wife for a his nephew, who must find enough money for her dowry.
S17, EP11 "Drago"An elderly trailblazer sets out to track down the slayer of a woman who had befriended him.
S5, EP37 "Old Flame"Matt's old flame seeks protection from him after claiming to have been robbed, but Kitty is suspicious of the woman's intentions.
S5, EP38 "The Deserter"A thieving deserter's parents defend him at gunpoint against Matt.
S10, EP4 "The Violators"Indian-style murders panic the citizens of Dodge, but Matt suspects that all is not as it seems.
S19, EP18 "The Foundling"A homeless baby triggers maternal instincts in two women, one of whom is Kitty.
S19, EP19 "The Iron Blood of Courage"A threatening range war brings a mercenary gunman to Dodge City.
S19, EP20 "The Schoolmarm"A widower finds himself charged with murder after attempting to protect the reputation of his son's schoolteacher.
S19, EP21 "A Trail of Bloodshed"A boy tracks down the man who killed his father and will avenge his death at any cost.
S4, EP10 "Lynching Man"Rancher Charlie Drain takes matters into his own hands when traveling cowboys lynch a newcomer and steal his horse.
S4, EP11 "How to Kill a Friend"Gamblers unwittingly hire Matt's old friend to protect them from the law.
S11, EP20 "Killer at Large"Festus kills a drunken sharpshooter in self-defense, then leaves town to avoid arrest.
S3, EP12 "How to Kill a Woman"Matt and Chester keep watch for a killer who is murdering stagecoach passengers in cold blood.
S1, EP30 "The Preacher"Matt substitutes himself to save newcomer Seth Tandy from a beating at the hands of Sam Keeler, a loud braggart of a man.
S1, EP31 "How to Die for Nothing"A man swears to avenge his brother, whom Matt killed in self-defense.
S5, EP39 "Cherry Red"A robber's widow is sought out by a man who was involved in her husband's death.
S10, EP5 "Doctor's Wife"A new doctor's wife spreads malicious rumors about Doc Adams to get patients to the new practice.
"Gunsmoke"Marshal Matt Dillon (then-newcomer James Arness) tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kan. Helping to keep him grounded are saloon proprietor Miss Kitty Russell and Doc Adams. The television series grew out of the long-running radio serial of the same name, although for a short time they were both on the airwaves.
S4, EP12 "Grass"A practical joke quickly turns into a deadly feud between friends.
S4, EP13 "The Cast"Doc finds himself a target after he is unable to save a friend's wife during surgery.
S11, EP18 "The Raid"A gang of bank robbers heads for Dodge City, but must deal with Matt before they can hit the bank.
S9, EP20 "Mayblossom"Festus' cousin Mayblossom arrives from Texas to fulfill a pact from childhood and marry him.
S17, EP12 "The Bullet"A bushwhacked Matt will die or become paralyzed unless a bullet is removed.
S6, EP2 "The Blacksmith"A rancher and a bully disrupt a blacksmith's wedding by burning down his house.
S6, EP3 "Small Water"Matt and Chester are threatened by a prisoner's family who swears he is innocent.
S10, EP6 "Take Her, She's Cheap"A man offers to sell his daughter to Matt, who refuses; trouble ensues when the girl falls for Matt.
S4, EP14 "Robber Bridegroom"The victim of a stagecoach robbery and kidnapping refuses to testify against her abductor.
S4, EP15 "Snakebite"A man wrongfully accused of murder dies before the real killer is found.
S11, EP19 "The Raid"A gang of bank robbers kidnap Doc Adams after one of them is injured.
S9, EP21 "The Bassops"A killer handcuffed to unconscious Matt claims to be the marshal.
S17, EP13 "The Bullet"Festus and Newley overpower outlaws transferring stolen gold from a train to a wagon and head off with the wagon and the gold.
S6, EP4 "Say Uncle"A man pursues his uncle, who he believes to have murdered his father.
S6, EP5 "Shooting Stopover"Robbers attack the stagecoach Matt and Chester are using to transport a prisoner.
S10, EP7 "Help Me Kitty"Kitty tries to help an expectant mother, but the two end up on a perilous journey.
S4, EP16 "Gypsum Hills Feud"In pursuit of a shooter, Matt and Chester become caught in a blood feud between two families.
S4, EP17 "Young Love"A murder victim's widow loves one of the men suspected of the crime.
S11, EP21 "My Father's Guitar"A boy's intense love for the guitar that used to belong to his father leads to murder.
S9, EP22 "The Kite"Festus finds a girl on the prairie who saw her mother get killed by a stranger.
S17, EP14 "The Bullet"Doc must decide whether to risk operating on the gravely wounded Matt.
S6, EP6 "The Peace Offer"A nearby town wants Matt's help in getting rid of its corrupt sheriff.
S6, EP7 "Don Matteo"Matt finds that he must kill a friend in the line of duty when the man plots a murder.
S10, EP8 "Hung High"Matt is framed for the murder of a convicted killer while transporting the prisoner to be hanged.
S4, EP18 "Marshal Proudfoot"Matt, Doc and Kitty resort to deception to make Chester look good in the eyes of his visiting Uncle Wesley.
S4, EP19 "Passive Resistance"A non-violent sheepherder refuses to identify the people who burned his house and killed his sheep.
S11, EP22 "The Wishbone"Festus tries his best to help when Doc Adams is bitten by a snake.
S17, EP16 "No Tomorrow"A man becomes caught up in a falsified rustling charge, jailbreak and murder.
S6, EP8 "The Worm"A knife-fighting hunter and his partner come to town and threaten Matt and Chester.
S15, EP19 "The Badge"After seeing Matt wounded again, Kitty closes the Long Branch and leaves to form a partnership with a friend.
S10, EP9 "Jonah Hutchison"A man returns to Dodge City after 30 years in prison, ready to take back what was his.
S4, EP20 "Love of a Woman"An ex-con whom Matt wrongly arrested years ago comes to Dodge City to get revenge.
S4, EP21 "Jayhawkers"Matt helps a trail boss escape prairie raiders by escorting his cattle herd to Dodge.
S11, EP23 "Sanctuary"A bandit holds hostages inside a church while Doc Adams treats his wounds.
S18, EP14 "Jubilee"A Kansas farmer (Scott Brady) dreams of making it rich with his quarter horse.
S18, EP15 "Arizona Midnight"A little cowboy riding a giant horse rides into Dodge claiming that the horse turns into an elephant when the moon is full.
S18, EP16 "Homecoming"Two outlaws return to visit their dying mother, then take Doc and Kitty hostage to ensure their safe escape.
S18, EP18 "Patricia"Deputy Newley marries Patricia Colby, whom he had courted while both were tending the injured from a Kansas tornado.
S18, EP17 "Shadler"Newly and a convict disguised as a priest unite to protect a small town from outlaws.
S18, EP19 "Quiet Day in Dodge"Exhausted Matt returns with a dangerous prisoner, only to find chaos and confusion in Dodge City.
S18, EP20 "Whelan's Men"A vengeful gunman and his band of outlaws terrorize Dodge City during Matt's absence.
S18, EP21 "Kimbrough"Matt hopes to rehabilitate his former mentor (John Anderson), now an itinerant drunk who sweeps out stables for whiskey money.
S18, EP22 "Jesse"Festus encounters an old friend (Brock Peters), now a fugitive from the law.
S18, EP23 "Talbot"An outlaw (Anthony Zerbe) falls in love with the widow (Salome Jens) of a man he killed in self-defense.
S19, EP1 "Women for Sale"Settlers and travelers are taken captive by renegade Indians and sold as slaves.
S19, EP2 "Women for Sale"A woman and girl are with Matt as he pursues captives en route to Mexico.
S19, EP4 "The Boy and the Sinner"A man (Ron Moody) is torn between keeping his self-respect and a boy's friendship, and honoring his drunken promise to aid two gunmen.
S19, EP3 "Matt's Love Story"Wounded Matt, also suffering from a case of amnesia, falls in love with a beautiful widow.
S17, EP7 "Trafton"Matt tries to catch a cold-eyed gunslinger who has killed a sheriff and a priest.
S17, EP6 "The Legend"Against great odds, the mother of two infamous outlaws tries to steer her youngest son into an honest life.
S13, EP10 "Prairie Wolfer"Festus, left in charge of Matt's office, gets into trouble with two hunters.
S11, EP13 "Outlaw's Woman"A young woman tries to leave an outlaw gang behind so that she can start over.
S11, EP12 "The Hostage"A group of escaped convicts hold Matt hostage to help them get into Mexico.
S11, EP11 "South Wind"Doc Adams saves a boy from starvation and exposure, but he goes out to kill upon recovery.
S9, EP35 "The Other Half"Twins run their father's store until one is murdered; Matt suspects a stranger.
S9, EP34 "Homecoming"Brothers get more than they bargained for when they go to visit their dying mother.
S9, EP33 "The Warden"An Indian woman seeks refuge with Festus from the man who bought her.
S5, EP28 "Crowbait Bob"The town bum's relatives are displeased when he dies and leaves everything he owns to Kitty.
S5, EP27 "Where'd They Go"A conniving farmer accused of robbery outsmarts Matt and Chester when they come to arrest him.
S5, EP26 "Unwanted Deputy"A hanged murderer's brother seeks to avenge his death.
S5, EP25 "Jailbait Janet"Matt is pressured by a railroad representative to solve the death of a baggage clerk that occurred during the robbery of a train.
S4, EP1 "Matt for Murder"Matt is suspended from his job after being accused of murdering a cattleman's partner.
S3, EP39 "The Gentleman"A charismatic gambler falls for a woman with a jealous suitor, and must fight for her.
S3, EP38 "Overland Express"Matt must trust his and others' lives to a murder suspect when they are all held at gunpoint.
S3, EP37 "Carmen"Matt has 48 hours to capture the thieves who killed two soldiers while stealing an Army payroll, or Dodge City will be placed under martial law.
S3, EP36 "Chester's Hanging"A jailed murderer's partner tries to break him out so they can both avoid punishment.
S3, EP35 "Widow's Mite"Matt is suspicious of a gambler's intentions when the man courts a robber's widow who may be able to lead him to loot.
S1, EP29 "Doc's Revenge"Doc Adams is arrested for murder after he vows to kill a stranger who comes to Dodge.
S1, EP28 "The Killer"Matt tries to prove a boastful bully is guilty of cold-blooded murder when he provokes gunfights with men who have no chance against him.
S1, EP27 "Cooter"A gambler uses a mentally disabled man as a pawn when Matt exposes him as a cheat.
S1, EP26 "Hack Prine"Matt arrests a man for murder and finds himself the target of a gunman hired by the accused man's brother.
S1, EP25 "The Big Broad"A meek man is challenged by a hulking hunter for the hand of his 6-foot tall fiancée.
S1, EP24 "The Pest Hole"Doc Adams fights to halt the spread of typhoid fever as well as the community hysteria that accompanies it.
Marshal Matt Dillon (then-newcomer James Arness) tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kan. Helping to keep him grounded are saloon proprietor Miss Kitty Russell and Doc Adams. The television series grew out of the long-running radio serial of the same name, although for a short time they were both on the airwaves.
Original Air Date: Sep 10, 1955
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
9 seasons available on demand (27 episodes)
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