Whom Shall I Fear?
S10, EP7 "Whom Shall I Fear?"
Airs: Nov 04, 2021
Gallo clashes with the new lieutenant temporarily filling in for Casey; Severide closes in on a dangerous and deadly arsonist.
NBC • 60m
Dead Zone
S10, EP6 "Dead Zone"
Airs: Oct 28, 2021
A major security breach in the city's computer networks forces Firehouse 51's senior leaders to take matters into their own hands; Severide gears up for an arson investigation.
NBC • 60m
Two Hundred
S10, EP5 "Two Hundred"
On Demand
Casey makes a life-altering decision; Gallo, Ritter and Violet agree to an interview and photo shoot; Brett and Mouch launch the paramedicine program; Cruz comes closer to fatherhood.
Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2021 • NBC • 42m
The Right Thing
S10, EP4 "The Right Thing"
On Demand
Kidd spreads her wings as a lieutenant; Chief Hawkins rides with Ambulance 61 to learn more about Brett; Casey takes a trip out of town; a Ritter date night turns into an emergency situation.
Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2021 • NBC • 42m
Counting Your Breaths
S10, EP3 "Counting Your Breaths"
On Demand
Griffin learns the truth about his father's death and reveals why he really came to visit Casey; Gallo, Ritter and Violet take steps to expand their microbrewery business.
Original Air Date: Oct 06, 2021 • NBC • 42m
Head Count
S10, EP2 "Head Count"
On Demand
A video of Casey from the roof rescue goes viral; Mouch sets up a Little Free Library at Firehouse 51; Herrmann breaks protocol.
Original Air Date: Sep 29, 2021 • NBC • 42m
S10, EP1 "Mayday"
On Demand
Firehouse 51 deals with the aftermath of the capsized boat rescue; Gallo, Ritter and Violet discuss plans for a side gig.
Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2021 • NBC • 42m