No Good Deed Unpunished
S18, EP11 "No Good Deed Unpunished"
Airs: Jun 29, 2022
With dock prices spiking, the fleet races to deliver; Jake witnesses a freighter severing his longline, forcing the Saga crew to drag the bottom for a valuable string of pots; Rip helps Johnathan locate the motherlode only to pay with a broken block.
Discovery • 121m
Dark Waters
S18, EP10 "Dark Waters"
On Demand
Jake and his niece set pots on the same waters their ancestor fished in the 1930s; Johnathan risks losing his entire live catch when the Time Bandit ventures into fresh water; Josh experiments with glow sticks to attract crabs at the darkest depths.
Original Air Date: Jul 05, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Rip Tide
S18, EP9 "Rip Tide"
On Demand
Mandy breaks news of a pregnancy complication, forcing Sig and Clark to reconsider their decision to keep fishing; Jake teams up with Rip Carlton in deep waters, but powerful Aleutian tidal currents unexpectedly shift Jake's string.
Original Air Date: Jun 28, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Deepest Alaska
S18, EP8 "Deepest Alaska"
On Demand
Johnathan sets mile-deep pots and pulls up an unknown species; Jake faces reality when his niece, Shyanne, gets injured on the Saga; Clark takes the helm in Sig's wheelhouse to help tank the Hansen family Bairdi quota.
Original Air Date: Jun 07, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Follow the Rainbow
S18, EP7 "Follow the Rainbow"
On Demand
Johnathan searches for a pot of golden kings at the end of a double rainbow; a medical mystery confounds Capt. Rip when his greenhorn regains consciousness on the Patricia Lee; Keith partners with Josh and Casey until John steps in.
Original Air Date: May 31, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Brother in the Bight
S18, EP6 "Brother in the Bight"
On Demand
Sig scrambles to get home for Bairdi and Mandy's baby as his crew finds a honey hole of Russian king crab; Josh's brother Shane gets caught in the bight as a typhoon slams the Cornelia Marie; Rip faces a crisis when a greenhorn collapses unconscious.
Original Air Date: May 24, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Desperate Measures
S18, EP5 "Desperate Measures"
On Demand
When Shyanne discovers a serious breach on the Saga, Jake and his crew scramble to save it from capsizing; in Norway, Sig drops pots on Russia's western line; as canneries close their doors, Josh and Casey call in a last-minute favor from Johnathan.
Original Air Date: May 17, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Invasive Russian Reds
S18, EP4 "Invasive Russian Reds"
On Demand
Sig struggles with a Norwegian crewman who thinks he knows more than the captain; Capt. Wild Bill fights to save his boat from the rocky Norwegian coastline with a line snarled in his propeller; Keith's greenhorn faces a violent brush with death.
Original Air Date: May 10, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
One Hell of a Story to Tell
S18, EP3 "One Hell of a Story to Tell"
On Demand
With his deckhand crushed by pots, Capt. Rip charges into the Arctic storm to attempt one of the riskiest USCG helicopter rescues in recent history; John fights to save the Time Bandit at anchor; Sig takes his first Norwegian rogue wave.
Original Air Date: May 03, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
No Sleep Till Rescue
S18, EP2 "No Sleep Till Rescue"
On Demand
An Arctic storm slams the fleet, which is already reeling from the closure of king crab season; Johnathan sets pots deeper than ever before; Sig struggles to launch his Norwegian operation; a deckhand fights for life on the Patricia Lee.
Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Long Live King Crab!
S18, EP1 "Long Live King Crab!"
Airs: Jun 25, 2022
Sig pursues invasive Russian king crab in Norway; Jake mortgages his beloved Saga; John chases golden kings; Josh reunites with a lost Harris brother.
Animal Planet • 120m
Who Let the Cod Out?
S18 "Who Let the Cod Out?"
On Demand
Jake hits paydirt taking his niece to an ancestor's fishing grounds, but after a crewman leaves a hatch open, their prized black cod escape by the hundreds; when the Time Bandit ventures into freshwater, Johnathan risks killing his entire live catch.
Original Air Date: Jun 22, 2022 • Discovery • 121m
Life on the Line
S18 "Life on the Line"
On Demand
As the fleet experiences the riskiest rescue scenario in recent memory, the U.S. Coast Guard prepares for the dangers to come.
Original Air Date: May 03, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
King Crab is Dead
S18 "King Crab is Dead"
On Demand
Capt.John Hillstrand and Capt. Sig Hansen rally their fellow Dutch Harbor skippers to devise a new fishing strategy that will help them turn the tide of a life-or-death season, or face financial ruin due to the closure of the king crab fishery.
Original Air Date: Apr 12, 2022 • Discovery • 86m
Long Live King Crab!
S18 "Long Live King Crab!"
On Demand
When the government closes the king crab fishery, captains must save an industry they worked so hard to create; Sig pursues invasive Russian King Crab in Norway; John, Josh and Casey chase rising prices for a new species, and Jake mortgages the Saga.
Original Air Date: Apr 24, 2022 • Discovery • 84m