Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon

S4, EP24 "Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon"

Airs: Jun 02, 2023

The Clubhouse pals gather to compete in a series of games to win the Golden Mickey Medal while demonstrating teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Disney Junior • 30m
Oh, Toodles!

S4, EP23 "Oh, Toodles!"

Airs: Jun 02, 2023

Toodles helps Mickey find Professor Von Drake's four missing tools with Mouseketools and a checklist.

Disney Junior • 25m
Pop Star Minnie!

S4, EP21 "Pop Star Minnie!"

Airs: Jun 04, 2023

Minnie sings at Mistletoe Mountain; the instruments are missing.

Disney Junior • 30m
Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure

S4, EP19 "Mickey's Mousekedoer Adventure"

Airs: May 31, 2023

Mousekedoer malfunctions and needs to be fixed.

Disney Junior • 30m
Donald's Brand New Clubhouse

S4, EP18 "Donald's Brand New Clubhouse"

Airs: Jun 09, 2023

Donald complains everyone is in his way; Mickey and pals build a clubhouse.

Disney Junior • 55m
Mickey's Mousekeball

S4, EP17 "Mickey's Mousekeball"

Airs: May 30, 2023

Professor Von Drake shows the Clubhouse pals a high-tech new game, Floatin' Fun-Time Mousekeball! But when the ball escapes, the game takes to the skies!

Disney Junior • 30m
Around the Clubhouse World

S4, EP16 "Around the Clubhouse World"

Airs: May 28, 2023

Professor Von Drake gives Mickey a Clubhouse Passport for a big trip around the Clubhouse World along with Minnie and Pluto! They will need to help Mickey get his passport stamped at four different 'farrrrr-away' locations.

Disney Junior • 30m
Mickey's Happy Mousekeday

S4, EP14 "Mickey's Happy Mousekeday"

Airs: May 29, 2023

Mickey's friends celebrate his big day by trying to organize fun activities that they can all enjoy together.

Disney Junior • 30m
Sea Captain Mickey

S4, EP12 "Sea Captain Mickey"

Airs: Jun 08, 2023

There's something down at the bottom of Mickey Lake; Mickey and the gang suit up and head out on a watery adventure.

Disney Junior • 25m
Donald Jr.

S4, EP11 "Donald Jr."

Airs: Jun 09, 2023

With the help of his friends, Donald teaches Donald Jr. a song and dance routine for "Show Your Special Talent Day."

Disney Junior • 25m
Mickey's Clubhouse Rocks

S4, EP10 "Mickey's Clubhouse Rocks"

Airs: Jun 07, 2023

Mickey and the gang are prepared to rock with a battle-of-the-bands showdown filled with epic guitar solos.

Disney Junior • 25m

S4, EP9 "Minnie-rella"

Airs: May 30, 2023

Minnie is transformed into Minnie-rella just in time to attend Prince Mickey's Ball; she loses track of time and the spell ends at midnight.

Disney Junior • 30m
Minnie's Pet Salon

S4, EP8 "Minnie's Pet Salon"

On Demand

Fur flies when Minnie and her pals prepare their pets for Pluto's All-Star Pet Show held at Minnie's Pet Salon.

Original Air Date: Jun 01, 2023 • Disney Junior • 30m
Daisy's Pony Tale

S4, EP3 "Daisy's Pony Tale"

Airs: May 31, 2023

A new invention causes Daisy's adorable ponytail to grow even longer; the group is unsure of how it happened.

Disney Junior • 30m
Quest for the Crystal Mickey!

S4, EP2 "Quest for the Crystal Mickey!"

Airs: Jun 03, 2023

Pete sneakily steals the Crystal Mickey statue from the clubhouse; the gang gears up to retrieve their statue.

Disney Junior • 30m
Mickey and Donald Have a Farm!

S4, EP1 "Mickey and Donald Have a Farm!"

Airs: May 29, 2023

After the animals on Mickey's farm go missing, his pals rally together for a rescue mission to save the animals.

Disney Junior • 30m