In Sickness and in Health

S4, EP18 "In Sickness and in Health"

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As T.K. and Carlos prepare for their wedding day, tragedy strikes.

Original Air Date: May 16, 2023 • FOX • 44m
Best of Men

S4, EP17 "Best of Men"

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Owen is conflicted when his brother Robert asks him for help.

Original Air Date: May 16, 2023 • FOX • 44m
A House Divided

S4, EP16 "A House Divided"

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When Tommy and Judd disagree on protocol during a rescue at a paper mill, a feud develops between the 126 EMS and Fire; Owen awaits news that could change his and T.K.'s lives forever.

Original Air Date: May 09, 2023 • FOX • 44m

S4, EP15 "Donors"

On Demand

Grace and Carlos work together when they suspect a young woman was a victim of a black market organ trafficking ring; Owen's brother Robert comes to visit and meet T.K., but surprises Owen with news that can affect the Strand family.

Original Air Date: May 02, 2023 • FOX • 43m
Tongues Out

S4, EP14 "Tongues Out"

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Owen enlists Paul's help in proving Kendra's innocence; Tommy deals with church gossipers over her relationship with Pastor Trevor.

Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2023 • FOX • 43m

S4, EP13 "Open"

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Owen is shocked by a secret Kendra has been keeping from him; Grace confronts her father about his past infidelity.

Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2023 • FOX • 44m
Swipe Left

S4, EP12 "Swipe Left"

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The 126 helps Marjan enter the dating world through a series of chaperoned dates; Owen and the team are called to the rescue when a pregnant woman takes her anger out at a motel where she suspects her husband is cheating on her.

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2023 • FOX • 44m
Double Trouble

S4, EP11 "Double Trouble"

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The 126 races to rescue a woman with an arrow shot into her head; Judd is doubly surprised by news Wyatt shares; Mateo helps a family member in need and comes to regret it.

Original Air Date: Apr 04, 2023 • FOX • 44m

S4, EP10 "Sellouts"

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Tommy faces off against her former employer, Paragon Medics, as they deal with emergencies; Owen hits it off with a beautiful woman he meets at a fundraiser.

Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2023 • FOX • 44m
Road Kill

S4, EP9 "Road Kill"

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On her way back to Austin, Marjan is in for the fight of her life when she is targeted by a killer.

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2023 • FOX • 44m
Control Freaks

S4, EP8 "Control Freaks"

On Demand

The 126 must rescue a father and son involved in drivers ed lesson gone haywire; a self-help guru who has lost his self-control; Owen helps plan T.K. and Carlos' wedding; Marjan is suspicious when she meets a couple on her road trip.

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2023 • FOX • 43m
Tommy Dearest

S4, EP7 "Tommy Dearest"

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Capt. Strand and the 126 help a husband whose wife "dies" when she is not upside-down; Grace takes a call from a pizza delivery driver who is in for the shock of his life; Tommy is worried Trevor's young daughter is a bad seed.

Original Air Date: Mar 07, 2023 • FOX • 44m
This Is Not a Drill

S4, EP6 "This Is Not a Drill"

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Capt. Strand reveals to the 126 he has been working with the FBI to help bring down a domestic terrorist group; the team responds to a bomb threat at the State Capitol.

Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2023 • FOX • 44m
Human Resources

S4, EP5 "Human Resources"

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Owen helps defend Marjan when a rescue complaint forces her to make a challenging ethical decision; Grace befriends a young boy who becomes a frequent 911 caller, but when she discovers he may be in some real danger, she must step in.

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2023 • FOX • 44m

S4, EP4 "Abandoned"

On Demand

As Owen wears an FBI wire for his meeting with O'Brien, The Honor Dogs crash the meet-up and let them know there's an infiltrator in their midst; a frantic TK desperately searches for a missing Carlos, who is being held captive.

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2023 • FOX • 44m
Cry Wolf

S4, EP3 "Cry Wolf"

On Demand

As Owen is pulled deeper into the FBI's investigation of the motorcycle gang, Sgt. O'Brien makes a confession to him; Grace and the 126 answer a call from a man who says his girlfriend slipped over the side of a cliff; Carlos searches for a friend.

Original Air Date: Feb 07, 2023 • FOX • 44m
The New Hot Mess

S4, EP2 "The New Hot Mess"

On Demand

Strand and the 126 race to the rescue when a woman is trapped in her mobile house; Owen has a run-in with former nemesis Sgt. O'Brien; Tommy asks Grace for dating advice.

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2023 • FOX • 44m
The New Hotness

S4, EP1 "The New Hotness"

On Demand

The 126 is called into action to a county fair when a fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms hits Austin, Texas; Owen's newfound passion for motorcycling puts him on a potentially dangerous path; Tommy meets an attractive single father.

Original Air Date: Jan 24, 2023 • FOX • 44m