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Christina on the CoastGaining a large following initially as the co-star of the hit series "Flip or Flop," Christina Haack begins her new TV life as the focus of her own docuseries. It highlights the real estate and house-flipping professional as she helps clients transform outdated properties into high-end spaces filled with distinctive design elements and "cool SoCal style." The series also delves into Christina's personal journey, including finding the perfect home, her engagement and wedding, all while balancing parenthood and career.
S4, EP12 "Renew for the Ocean View"Homeowners Shawn and Michael want Christina's help to transform their outdated coastal home into a modern-day retreat; Christina takes on remodeling the kitchen and living area so that Shawn and Michael can make the most out of their ocean view.
S4, EP15 "The 16 Year Kitchen"Engineers Cliff and Nadine have been planning their renovation for over 15 years, and they need Christina to help bring the vision of their kitchen and living room into reality; Christina and Josh complete the renovation of their own kitchen.
S4, EP14 "New Bathroom, New Baby"Repeat clients mean happy clients, so Christina's excited to update Gina and Eric's primary bathroom to match the renovation on their kitchen; also, Christina's friend Cassie has a baby on the way and enlists her help to create a nursery.
S4, EP13 "Every Foot Counts"Christina helps homeowners Jenny and Tobias renovate their cramped house for their family of five; while it has a stunning view, the home needs a functional layout; Christina and James have quality time together while Josh is in Tennessee.
S4, EP11 "Friendship for Ages"Christina gets a call from childhood friend Carlos and his wife, who need to revamp their kitchen, bathroom, fireplace and bar to make the house cohesive; Christina's daughter, Taylor, is getting older and ready for a more grown-up style.
S4, EP10 "Taking the Plunge"As homeowners Jon and Lindsay take on two renovations at once, Christina ensures the living area and kitchen match the updated pool and outdoor space; with wellness in mind, Christina and Josh update their backyard by adding a sauna and ice plunge.
S4, EP9 "Always Upgrading"Christina helps Teri and Bradley transform their family home of almost 30 years into a modern coastal retreat; Christina and Josh begin the process of upgrading their automated kitchen into a warmer, more functional space for their family.
S4, EP8 "Delays for Days"Christina helps couple Leanna and Chis renovate their 1970s-style bedroom into a peaceful space to unwind after a busy day; with unforeseen delays, Christina puts in the extra effort to make sure this family receives the full Zen they deserve.
S4, EP7 "Vacation Vibes"Christina helps Terri and Sam create a five-star resort style bathroom and a spacious walk-in closet in their primary retreat.
S4, EP6 "A Dog's Life"Christina helps fellow French bulldog parents create a living space perfectly suited for entertaining both their two and four-legged friends; with the help of a pet communicator, Christina and Josh create a deeper bond with their dogs.
S4, EP5 "Outgrowing Old Spaces"Christina helps Amy and Scott transform their home to better serve their active family of five; Christina's best friend Cassie, and husband James, reveal an important detail of expanding their own family at their daughter Jules' first birthday party.
S4, EP4 "Big Family, Tiny Kitchen"Grade-school sweethearts enlist Christina's help to expand their tiny kitchen into an indoor-outdoor entertainment space for the entire extended family; Christina prepares to take a leap, expand business, and take on design clients in Tenn.
S4, EP3 "Put Another Dime in the Jukebox"Christina and James help clients revamp their kitchen, living space and two bathrooms to better suit their growing family and give a fresh, beachy feel to their coastal home; Christina and Josh find the home of their dreams in Newport Beach, Calif.
S3, EP14 "Reno Before Wedding"Christina takes on a kitchen redesign for elementary school sweethearts on an expedited schedule, as she races to finish this renovation before the imminent wedding.
S3, EP13 "Zen Kitchen Transformation"Christina's new Long Beach clients have lived in their 1950s-era home for over a decade, and now they want to overhaul their walled-in kitchen and living room to create an open indoor-outdoor living space.
S3, EP12 "Massive Kitchen Makeover"Christina takes on new clients who recently moved from Colorado to her hometown of Yorba Linda, Calif.; along with her design partner James, Christina works with the family to redesign their outdated kitchen and living room.
S3, EP11 "Midcentury Kitchen Reno"When Christina takes on the redesign of a 1950s midcentury home, she helps a family preserve its history while turning a dark, closed-off kitchen into an open and bright entertaining space that will create new memories for years to come.
S3, EP10 "Traditional Meets Modern Kitchen"Christina must stick to a strict budget as she helps a young couple with differing, eclectic styles redesign their kitchen; Christina deals with lots of new changes in her personal life.
S3, EP9 "Pink Plight to Contemporary Delight"When Christina makes friends with a new neighbor, she finds out her primary bathroom is in need of a major design makeover in order to complement the rest of their contemporary, bohemian home.
S3, EP8 "Home Run Reno"A sports-loving family are in over their heads after trying to take on a major rehab themselves, so Christina steps in to assist with their bathroom, kitchen and living room.
S3, EP7 "Tall Family, Big Reno"Christina's delivery nurse for Hudson needs help with a recently purchased fixer-upper; Christina promises to redesign the kitchen and living room, but she has no idea what's in store at this old Huntington Beach home.
S3, EP6 "Modern Kitchen Meets Waterfront Dream"When Christina's contractor brings her a new kitchen project, she must find a compromise between the homeowners' contrasting modern and rustic design styles; Christina works at warp speed to style a San Diego beach house.
S3, EP5 "Midcentury Boho Home"Christina works on a design store owner's home; a beach side project.
S3, EP3 "New Design in the Old Hood"When Christina's old neighbors contact her for design help, she's tasked with remodeling a large, water-damaged home; working with a floor plan similar to her old house, Christina remakes parts of their home in ways she never got to do in her own.
S3, EP2 "Heartfelt Hacienda Makeover"When Christina's design partner, James, brings her a project from a musical family in Fullerton, Calif., she learns that their house is full of memories and tailors her design to underscore a homeowner's nostalgia.
S2, EP12 "A Marriage of Styles"When a friendly play date turns into a request for help, Christina takes on a coastal couple's primary bathroom redesign; she's finding a way to satisfy a design-centric mom while meeting her Hollywood stutman husband in the middle.
S2, EP11 "A Touch of Indecision"Empty nesters tackle a long overdue kitchen remodel in their midcentury modern home, and the couple want it to sing with Liberace glam, but all that fabulousness comes with some sticker shock.
S2, EP10 "Industrial Kitchen With Boho Flair"Christina's clients want to update their dark and outdated kitchen, challenging her to balance their contrasting styles; she's further put to the test when rain delays the renovation and materials go out of stock.
S2, EP9 "A Clash of Style"A kitchen and living room makeover.
S2, EP8 "Bold Kitchen for a Brit"Designing a modern-Craftsman look for an outdated kitchen.
S2, EP7 "Wellness Remodel"Remodeling a couples's bedroom and bath; unexpected costs begin to mount.
S2, EP6 "Dysfunctional to Functional Kitchen"Christina returns to work after having her baby, but she needs help from her friends as she juggles dealing with a newborn and the stresses of her job; a couple wants a bright kitchen with a modern-farmhouse design and an open layout.
S2 "Fab New Life: Firehouse Functional Kitchen"Featuring new, fun facts; a family wants to upgrade its kitchen into an open-concept living space; the dad is all about function, while the mom is concerned with style.
S2 "Fab New Life: Blowing Walls"Featuring new facts, a couple dives into a huge renovation to create their dream kitchen after saving up for 12 years.
S2 "Fab New Life: Pando Express"A recently married couple is blending family and style; he made upgrades to the house years ago, and now she's ready to insert her own personality into the space.
S2 "Fab New Life: Counting Down"A pregnant couple takes on a kitchen renovation and hopes to complete it before the baby arrives.
S1, EP8 "Wedding Special"The house hunt begins after Christina and Ant decide to move in together; the clock is ticking as they rush to renovate and move into their dream home before hosting a secret wedding.
S1, EP7 "Killer Kitchen for Mom"A busy mom of three requests the ultimate kitchen; she wants Christina to give the dated space an open-beachy feel while still keeping it functional for her family.
S1, EP6 "Getting A New Kitchen"A couple is in a rush to renovate their kitchen before the arrival of their second child; they have faith that Christina will help them figure out the perfect makeover for their growing family in time.
S1, EP5 "Sweet Master Suite"A couple who has been steadily renovating their Huntington Beach home has only one room left to conquer; they hope Christina can turn their cramped, dark master suite into the bathroom of their dreams.
S1, EP4 "Tore Down From the Floor Down"In Costa Mesa, Calif., a couple wants to update their master bedroom and bathroom, and they need Christina's help to merge their tastes into a cohesive design; while she's a fan of rustic decor, he prefers modern, clean and contemporary.
S1, EP3 "A Colorful Kitchen Makeover"In Tustin, Calif., a couple starts to work on cosmetic changes to their new home, but they have to put the kitchen on hold when their daughter is born; now, they need Christina's expertise to update the space.
S1, EP2 "Master Suite Makeover"A couple's master suite is very outdated and in desperate need of a makeover; Christina rolls up her sleeves and turns the run-down room into a chic and functional space.
S1, EP1 "A New Kitchen for an Old Friend"Christina's lifelong friend, Cassie, is moving back to her childhood home in Anaheim Hills, Calif.; it has not been renovated in over 17 years, and she hopes Christina can make her kitchen and dining area look better than ever before.
Gaining a large following initially as the co-star of the hit series "Flip or Flop," Christina Haack begins her new TV life as the focus of her own docuseries. It highlights the real estate and house-flipping professional as she helps clients transform outdated properties into high-end spaces filled with distinctive design elements and "cool SoCal style." The series also delves into Christina's personal journey, including finding the perfect home, her engagement and wedding, all while balancing parenthood and career.
Original Air Date: May 23, 2019
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVG
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