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Walker, Texas RangerTexas Ranger Cordell Walker kicks posterior -- usually in slo-mo. Because of his martial-arts skills, he has a competitive edge against the bad guys. With the help of retired ranger C.D. Parker, partner James Trivette and A.D.A. Alex Cahill, Walker ruthlessly fights for justice.
S7, EP1 "The Wedding"As Alex barely clings to life, a vengeance-minded Walker scours Dallas for Karl Storm, the man who shot her.
S5, EP2 "Patriot"White supremacists take Alex and TV-station employees hostage in retaliation for the arrest of their leader.
S5, EP3 "Ghost Rider"Walker connects with a dead boy's spirit to help solve the mystery surrounding the boy's death eight years earlier.
S5, EP4 "The Brotherhood"Walker and Trivette fight to stop a vengeful brotherhood of police officers out to correct the inefficiencies of the justice system.
S5, EP5 "Plague"The lives of Walker's friends at the Cherokee Federal Reservation are put into jeopardy by the risky business of an experimental dairy farm.
S5, EP6 "Redemption"The head of a crime ring hires Alex Cahill's long-estranged, alcoholic father to defend him against Alex's prosecution.
S5, EP7 "Codename: Dragonfly"A traitor in the Vietnam War who is an old foe of Walker's steals a multimillion-dollar military helicopter to transport drugs for the cartels.
S5, EP8 "Silent Cry"Walker scours the nightclubs of Dallas in search of the attackers who victimized a friend's daughter using the "date rape" drug.
S5, EP9 "Swan Song"Walker searches for clues to an eight-year-old crime when the wreckage of a plane involved in the deadly bank robbery is found in Utah.
S5, EP10 "Cyclone"Before a cyclone hits, Walker must rescue 10 kidnapped children in a buried school bus who are being held for a $1 million ransom each.
S5, EP11 "Lucky"Walker relies on the help of a homeless man's dog to investigate the death of a priest; Alex and C.D. plan a charitable Thanksgiving dinner.
S5, EP12 "The Deadliest Man Alive"Walker and an Interpol agent race to stop an assassin from killing an Israeli ambassador on his visit to Dallas.
S5, EP13 "A Ranger's Christmas"Walker tells disenchanted orphans about an 1876 Ranger who saves a child and regains the Christmas spirit.
S5, EP14 "Mayday"Walker must lead plane-crash survivors, including a key trial witness and a woman in labor, to safety.
S5, EP15 "Last Hope"Drug dealers attack a camp for underprivileged teenagers, leaving Walker and an abused boy named Eddie to fend them off.
S5, EP16 "Full Contact"Walker must clear the name of a karate student framed for murder and drug possession, then coach him for a kickboxing title match.
S5, EP17 "99th Ranger"A woman threatened by her abusive ex-husband nearly gives up her dream of becoming a Texas Ranger until Walker convinces her otherwise.
S5, EP18 "Devil's Turf"Powerful steroids are killing high-school athletes; substitute teacher Walker must find their source.
S5, EP19 "Days Past"Walker recalls his fiancee in painful flashbacks when her killer, a man now determined to murder Walker, is released from prison.
S5, EP20 "Trial of Larue"Victor LaRue makes a bloody escape from his competency hearing, holding the courtroom hostage to exact his revenge against Alex.
S5, EP21 "Heart of the Dragon"Walker must rescue a young man sought by a powerful Chinese gang that wants to retrieve from him a jade dragon they believe possesses magical powers.
S5, EP22 "The Neighborhood"A 10-year-old miraculously recovers from a drive-by shooting and enlists Walker to help her stop the violence.
S5, EP23 "A Father's Image"Ranger Bobbie Hunt goes under cover to rescue a 10-year-old boy whose father is grooming him to take over the family's criminal empire.
S5, EP24 "Sons of Thunder"Walker helps the talented but directionless son of an old friend find purpose in his life; Trivette tracks a cop killer in Dallas.
S5, EP25 "Sons of Thunder"After an attack on Trivette, Walker and Trent race to take down a cop killer before he can fulfil a personal vendetta.
S5, EP26 "Texas vs. Cahill"All the evidence points to Cahill when she is found in bed with a dead man, until her estranged father agrees to defend her.
S7, EP2 "Trackdown"Walker and Carlos must find an escaped convict who was framed for a murder in prison by corrupt, drug-trafficking guards.
S7, EP3 "Royal Heist"Trivette goes under cover to infiltrate a gang of military-style robbers led by Walker's nemesis Garrett Stone.
S7, EP4 "War Cry"Walker's investigation of children's deaths leads to a factory which may be dumping toxic chemicals into the reservation water supply.
S7, EP5 "Code of the West"Walker and Trivette must prevent a vengeful convict from killing the judge-turned-author who sentenced him to prison.
S7, EP6 "The Children of Halloween"The owner of an occult bookstore helps Walker and Trivette in their search for children held hostage by devil worshippers.
S7, EP7 "Survival"A camping trip in the mountains of Utah turns nightmarish after the Trammel brothers kidnap Alex (Sheree J. Wilson). Guest stars: Randall "Tex" Cobb, Jan Shultz and John Henry Whitaker.
S7, EP8 "Second Chance"IRA terrorists kidnap a peace negotiator's ailing daughter, who is in Dallas for a bone-marrow transplant.
S7, EP9 "Paradise Trail"In a story set in the 1800s, Walker's hero, bounty hunter Hayes Cooper, protects Mormon settlers from bandits.
S5, EP27 "Rookie"Walker's former student, Dallas police officer Joey Prado, is assigned to stop a plan by drug dealers to distribute heroin to schoolchildren.
S6, EP1 "The Fighting McLains"An AWOL Marine is joined by his younger siblings in a vengeful quest to kill the man who murdered their older sister.
S6, EP2 "The Ice Man"Walker gets ex-con pal Charlie Brooks (Terry Kiser) to impersonate a look-alike crime boss in exchange for amnesty.
S6, EP3 "Lucas"Walker tries to track down the mother of a 7-year-old boy with AIDS while protecting him from her abusive, drug-dealing boyfriend.
S6, EP4 "Lucas"Walker turns to White Eagle for help in telling Lucas that he has AIDS, news that inspires the boy to become a crusader against the disease.
S6, EP5 "Forgotten People"Walker and Trivette convince C.D. to go under cover as an Alzheimer's patient after an old friend of Trivette's mysteriously dies.
S6, EP6 "Last of a Breed"Walker finds the long-lost diary of the legendary Hayes Cooper, a man who saved his town from a band of killers.
S6, EP7 "Last of a Breed"Cabe Wallace, about to arrest Hayes Cooper for murder, makes a deal with the outlaw that would allow him to go after Kilgore and the rest of his band.
S6, EP8 "Brainchild"A young genius escapes from a scientific research center and enlists Walker's help in finding his missing mother.
S6, EP9 "Mr. Justice"Trouble erupts at a boot camp for young criminals when one of them is shot and killed during an escape attempt.
S6, EP10 "Rainbow's End"Walker suspects a corrupt racehorse owner of killing a rival owner, his prize horse and its trainer.
S6, EP11 "A Woman's Place"A carpenter suspects her superiors are intentionally overlooking code violations at a low-income housing project.
S6, EP12 "Small Blessings"Walker and his friend Soldier race to find two orphans who witnessed a murder before the killers can execute them too.
S6, EP13 "Tribe"Walker tries to clear his friend Sam of murder charges after an archaeologist is murdered while conducting a dig on a Cherokee site.
S6, EP14 "Saving Grace"Escaped felons hiding in a church take two nuns hostage and threaten to kill a group of battered women if their demands are not met.
S6, EP15 "Money Talks"Walker and Alex go under cover at a posh resort to prevent a possible terrorist strike against some of the world's wealthiest businessmen.
S6, EP16 "The Crusader"A wrestler with an aneurysm is alienated from his son, and mobsters are after his ex-wife; guest Roddy Piper.
S6, EP17 "In God's Hands"Walker (Chuck Norris) tries to clear Trivette (Clarence Gilyard) after he is suspended by an old enemy (David New Nurse) following the accidental shooting of a 6-year-old boy.
S6, EP18 "Under Cover"Walker and the Sons of Thunder team up to take on a drug lord.
S7, EP10 "Eyes of a Ranger"Walker encourages a talented 16-year-old with a lovely voice to defy her dangerous boyfriend and realize her dream of becoming a singer.
S7, EP11 "On the Border"A trucker is murdered by a corrupt lawman who uses fear and violence to control the residents of his border town.
S7, EP12 "Lost Boys"Carlos' innocent nephew is forced to confess to the murder of a Dallas police officer, or the youth's mother will be killed.
S7, EP13 "Special Witness"Trent (Jimmy Wlcek) is stabbed by an assassin (guest star Gary Busey) as he escorts a Special Olympics athlete (guest star Andrea Fay Friedman) to running practice. With Chuck Norris.
S6, EP25 "The Wedding"Alex is shot just as Walker is about to propose; Walker dreams that he is investigating a case with bounty hunter Josh Randall.
S6, EP24 "Test of Faith"Walker, working as a substitute teacher, investigates the murder of a teacher who stood up to a gang member.
S6, EP23 "Circle of Life"The residents of a halfway house for paroled convicts force the husband of one of Walker's close friends to join them in their next heist.
S6, EP22 "Soul of Winter"Walker and the Sons of Thunder unite to stop a gang of white supremacists that shot a boy in front of a friend's church.
S6, EP21 "Angel"With the help of Detective Sandoval, Trivette tries to capture a former love who is now a professional killer.
S6, EP20 "Warriors"Conspirators kidnap a scientist for a genetic discovery that will enable them to create invincible warriors.
S6, EP19 "Everyday Heroes"A woman needs Walker and Trent (Chuck Norris, Jimmy Wlcek) to defend her from her abusive, drug-dealing husband. With Clarence Gilyard.
S5, EP1 "Higher Power"Walker takes on a formidable foe for the freedom of a boy who is the reincarnation of a renowned Buddhist monk.
S4, EP26 "Hall of Fame"Just before he is to be inducted into the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, C.D. is taunted by a notorious serial killer.
S4, EP25 "Miracle at Middle Creek"Walker (Chuck Norris) is buried alive while helping to rescue a 6-year-old boy trapped 40 feet underground.
S4, EP24 "The Moscow Connection"The Rangers call in the Moscow police to help Walker and Trivette when a series of warehouse robberies leads to a Russian mobster.
S4, EP23 "The Siege"A vacation in the woods with Alex, Walker, Trivette and C.D. becomes a fight for their lives after Alex witnesses a drug deal.
S4, EP22 "Deadline"Budget cuts threaten the existence of Texas Rangers and committee hearings are held to decide their fate.
S4, EP21 "Blackout"While working under cover to bust a casino owner's money laundering operation, Walker is knocked unconscious and wakes up with amnesia.
S4, EP20 "Behind the Badge"Trivette pulls out all the stops to impress a national reporter doing a story on the Texas Rangers, but his efforts come to a screeching halt.
S4, EP18 "El Coyote"Jesse realizes one of the men at the farm knows him and may expose his cover, forcing Walker to take a daring risk; Trivette searches for an immigrant who was recaptured by a prostitution ring.
S4, EP17 "El Coyote"After Walker discovers Mexican nationals brought across the border are being sold as slaves, he poses as a peasant to infiltrate the operation.
Texas Ranger Cordell Walker kicks posterior -- usually in slo-mo. Because of his martial-arts skills, he has a competitive edge against the bad guys. With the help of retired ranger C.D. Parker, partner James Trivette and A.D.A. Alex Cahill, Walker ruthlessly fights for justice.
Original Air Date: Apr 21, 1993
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
3 seasons available on demand (17 episodes)
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