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PumpedUncovering the latest and greatest fitness trends across America.
S5, EP8Checking out pickleball in NYC; an inclusive softball league in Philadelphia.
S4, EP3A romantic workout; air hockeying it up; running to beat Parkinson's; a fun aerial workout; an inspiring adaptive athlete; friends getting paid to work out.
S4, EP8A dance program teaches cultural diversity; getting in shape watching the NYC skyline; a digital axe throwing range.
S4, EP11A boxing instructor and father of 12 builds confidence for kids; Houston area's only female high school head strength coach; an organization called Black Girls Run.
S4, EP1A Texas-sized bike park; the center of the new skating world; a swim with a view.
S3, EP1An 84-year-old power lifter; Central Park Skaters; double amputee won't slow down; identical triplet fitness trainers; bungee workouts; the Duchess of Ropes.
S4, EP9Houston's first marathoner is still running 50 years later; Black People Will Swim is an organization smashing stereotypes; customized sport wheelchairs.
S4, EP13A high-octane rodeo clown now brews high-octane coffee; a kids golf tournament giving back to the community; a miracle baseball league.
S3, EP8A new water sport in town; a Black running group changing their community; boxing skills to reach higher in life; biking for seniors.
S5, EP2One man's 285 pound weight loss journey; a vet helping other vets heal.
S6, EP1 "Pumped"A program for youth replaces the street with soccer; meet pickleball players with passion; hear an athlete describe her recovery from a serious car crash.
S4, EP14Finding grief relief through fitness; an artistic swimmer goes viral on TikTok; hometown soccer players kick their way into the big time.
S4, EP6Rock climbing for mental health; a trailblazing female MMA fighter; the renaissance of the roller rink.
S4, EP22011Getting to know the dance studio helping moms get in shape for 5 dollars and more.
S1, EP1The ultimate beer run in Philly, an insane workout in LA, roller derby and yoga with your cat.
S2, EP1A fast six-year-old in Texas; an underwater spin class; a deaf football player defeating the odds on the field.
S2, EP5The legless Crossfit trainer; strongest one-armed man on earth; mistakes don't define you.
S2, EP7A Parkinson's ping pong group; a karate class for the blind and autistic; a ballet cast championing diversity; an inclusive cheer squad.
S5, EP3Learning about charreria, Mexico's oldest sport; kiteboarding in Houston; a paralympian's story.
S5, EP4A San Francisco group mixes choreography and climbing; 16" softball is Chicago's game; and a look at what a "scraper bike" is.
S5, EP5A Chicago group plays quidditch; a 7-year old BMX champ speaks; seniors compete in Olympic-style games.
S5, EP6A Houston boxing gym caters to women; a double amputee helps vets achieve Paralympic dreams; a family runs a marathon together.
S5, EP1An ultra-competitive pickleball league in NYC; down to box trains DA youth in Philly; athletes use sports to battle disease.
S5, EP7A Chicago basketball player who doesn't let vision impairment stop him.
S4, EP2Pole dancing is the unexpected new workout; a pro tennis player makes an inspirational recovery from a tragic event.
S4, EP7A diverse, new-generation takes over the ballet world; a treetop obstacle course; motor cross kid is setting records.
S4, EP10Van Gogh Yoga, a running club, combines exercise with fostering dogs; ladies make history in rodeo's fastest event.
"Pumped"Uncovering the latest and greatest fitness trends across America.
Uncovering the latest and greatest fitness trends across America.
Original Air Date: Dec 2, 2019
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (1 episodes)
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