Queen High
S10, EP11 "Queen High"
Airs: Aug 25, 2022
A crooked mill owner blocks the Cartwrights' attempts to reopen an ore-processing facility won by Little Joe and Candy in a poker game.
INSP • 60m
The Survivors
S10, EP9 "The Survivors"
Airs: Aug 24, 2022
After four years as a captive, a woman (Mariette Hartley) returns to a town and husband who reject her and her half-Indian baby.
INSP • 60m
Little Girl Lost
S10, EP8 "Little Girl Lost"
Airs: Aug 23, 2022
A distant relative (Antoinette Bower) sends her unruly daughter (Linda Sue Risk) to the Ponderosa.
INSP • 60m
The Passing of a King
S10, EP5 "The Passing of a King"
Airs: Aug 20, 2022
Ben delivers a bull to a Texas rancher, whose son has declared the man incompetent and refuses to pay for the animal.
INSP • 60m
The Real People of Muddy Creek
S10, EP4 "The Real People of Muddy Creek"
Airs: Aug 19, 2022
Only a few brave souls remain to help Ben and Little Joe defend a town jail and its occupant from outlaws.
INSP • 60m
S10, EP2 "Child"
Airs: Aug 18, 2022
Arriving in a town on a dead man's horse, Hoss is jailed for murder but freed by an itinerant ranchhand (Yaphet Kotto).
INSP • 60m
Different Pines, Same Wind
S10, EP1 "Different Pines, Same Wind"
Airs: Aug 17, 2022
An ailing old woman's refusal to file a legal claim blocks Little Joe's attempts to save her land from timbermen.
INSP • 60m