S4, EP9

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The end of term is fast approaching; The school is trashed after the Christmas party; Bob is getting married in the playground.

Original Air Date: Dec 21, 2004 • Crackle • 49m

S4, EP8

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While trying to find an excuse to get out of Bob's stag night, Ben is reminded of a ouija board prediction.

Original Air Date: Dec 14, 2004 • Crackle • 49m

S4, EP7

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After announcing that he doesn't need a girlfriend, Damien falls for Anna, the substitute teacher; An unfortunate incident with a pupil and an icing bag has rendered Damien impotent.

Original Air Date: Dec 07, 2004 • Crackle • 48m

S4, EP6

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After discovering that Penny's real surname is Eichmann, the others take great pleasure in winding her up.

Original Air Date: Nov 30, 2004 • Crackle • 48m

S4, EP5

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During religious tolerance week Bob finally takes delivery of his new wife; The teachers prepare to represent their allocated religions for the tolerance fair.

Original Air Date: Nov 23, 2004 • Crackle • 48m

S4, EP4

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During Obesity Awareness Month Ben becomes obsessed with Lindsay's weight; He is worried that her death would be bad for his own stress levels.

Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2004 • Crackle • 48m

S4, EP3

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Ewan is thrown into turmoil when he finds out that a male pupil likes him; His attempts to handle the situation sensitively backfire.

Original Air Date: Nov 09, 2004 • Crackle • 48m

S4, EP2

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Penny makes a pass at Ewan, but it all ends in humiliation; Penny annoys everyone with news that she has a new admirer.

Original Air Date: Nov 02, 2004 • Crackle • 47m

S4, EP1

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Summerdown has merged with another school in the area and Bob has some big life changes to adjust to.

Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2004 • Crackle • 47m