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Marvel Super Hero AdventuresSpidey teams-up with other inspiring and brave Marvel heroes.
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S4, EP10 "Obstacle, of Course"Spidey goes to Black Panther's birthday party.
S4, EP9 "Building Bridges"Captain Marvel and Spidey's relaxing day gets ruined.
S4, EP8 "One for All and All 4 One"Spidey helps the Fantastic Four work as a team.
S4, EP7 "It's Too Darn Hot"Spidey and the Human Torch team up.
S4, EP6 "It's Clobberin' Time"Super heroes clobber crime, not themselves.
S4, EP5 "Outside the Box"Diamonds are being stolen one-by-one from the jewelry store; Spidey partners up with the Invisible Woman, aka Sue Storm, to solve the mystery.
S4, EP4 "Promises Promises"After Mr. Fantastic and Spidey are visited by Mittens the kitten, Spidey promises to put him outside; when he doesn't keep his promise, it's catastrophic kitten chaos.
S4, EP3 "It's on Me"Spidey and Captain America learn a thing or two about responsibility when Cap decides to leave his new Victory Bike unlocked, only for it to get stolen.
S4, EP2 "Aww... Do I Have To?"When Hulk has his super-strength stolen by the magical Morgan Le Fay, he and Spidey are forced to think outside the box.
S4, EP1 "Charge Ahead"Spidey swings into his arc-powered pal Ironheart as the city loses electricity; with Ironheart's suit shorting out, these amazing friends find a creative solution together.
S3, EP10 "Things That Go Ha Ha! in the Night"Spidey and Spider-Girl take on magical menace Morgan Le Fay, but when she conjures a mystical monster, the spider-heroes are forced to face their fears.
S3, EP9 "Happy Birthday"Spidey and Captain America celebrate Cap's birthday, but no Avenger's birthday can go uninterrupted when Loki gets up to his usual mischief.
S3, EP8 "That's What Friends Are For"When his webs won't work during a fight with Green Goblin, Spidey is reminded by Ms. Marvel that he has more than one superpower: he also has supersmarts.
S3, EP7 "Bend, Don't Break"Spidey and Ghost-Spider chase the rampaging Rhino, but when their original plan doesn't slow him down, Spidey is swiftly reminded that heroes need to be flexible with their plans.
S3, EP6 "Try It, You'll Like It"When Spidey feels nervous about a mission to space, Iron Man reminds his apprentice that trying new things is just as important as being confident in what one already knows.
S3, EP5 "Sticky Rain"Spidey, Miles Morales and the citizens of New York band together to show the hideous Hobgoblin that keeping the community clean and safe is everyone's responsibility.
S3, EP4 "From Hulk to Eternity"She-Hulk accidentally smashes Hulk's sandcastle on their day off at the beach, making Hulk angry; the heroes are reminded that paying attention is always important.
S3, EP3 "Not So Dry Cleaners"Spidey is recruited by Doctor Strange to turn sorcerer-spring-cleaning into fun; the most difficult chore is convincing the Cloak of Levitation to take a bath.
S3, EP2 "The Claws of Life"Spidey runs into Rocket and Groot while they track down Blackjack, the duo's furriest foe; Spidey reminds Rocket that yelling is never the best way to get things done.
S3, EP1 "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word"Spidey and Black Panther have an unfortunate run-in with Nebula, which leads to unfair accusations; even in an intergalactic traffic accident, the heroes learn that an apology goes a long way.
S2, EP10 "You Go High, I'll Go Low!"Spidey collides with The Falcon.
S2, EP9 "It's An Alien"Spidey and Captain Marvel investigate an alien threat but discover that looks can be deceiving.
S2, EP8 "That's Why They Make Chocolate and Vanilla"Spider-Girl and Spider-Man find out that someone's melting all of the ice cream in town.
S2, EP7 "Cloudy With a Chance of Smiles"After Spider-Man gets taken over by Venom, Hulk has to control his emotions.
S2, EP6 "Sticky Mittens"Ms. Marvel and Spidey have to think outside the box when all of the bees in New York go missing.
S2, EP5 "Listen Better"Spider-Man accidentally loses Captain America's shield.
S2, EP4 "Now That's Funny"Black Panther arrives in New York with a new Vibranium rescue vehicle.
S2, EP3 "Mine!"Spidey runs into Iron Man who invented a device to stop the rampaging.
S2, EP2 "Doctor Octopus's Garden"Doctor Octopus leads Spider-Man and Ghost-Spider on a frustrating chase through a museum.
S2, EP1 "Evil Mittens"When Ant-Man and Wasp try to help Mittens out of a tree, the tiny heroes face a much bigger problem.
S1, EP10 "Are You Sure? I'm Positive!"During a frustrating chase to stop Stegron from destroying a museum, Spider-Man gets a boost from his pal Reptil, who teaches him the power of positive thinking.
S1, EP9 "Stomp and Listen"Spidey joins forces with Wasp to stop the rampaging Rhino and soon learns that the best way to get what you want is to speak clearly and stand up for yourself.
S1, EP8 "Family Friendly"When Absorbing Man destroys a bridge, separating kids from their parents, Spider-Man teams with Black Panther and is reminded that there's nothing more important than family.
S1, EP7 "Way Outer Space"A manned shuttle malfunctions and Spidey, with the help of Captain Marvel, must overcome his fear of space to save the astronauts.
S1, EP6 "The Toys Are Back in Town"Spidey teams up with Captain America to track down a toy thief known as the Tinkerer.
S1, EP5 "Electric Youth"Spidey and Ms. Marvel have to put aside their differences to work together to stop the evil Electro.
S1, EP4 "Rock and Roll"Spidey and Ant-Man try to rescue people on a collapsing bridge, but Hulk's efforts to help make the situation worse.
S1, EP3 "That Drone Cat"After a battle with Doc Ock, Spidey and his friend Miles Morales try to catch a cat that they accidentally scared.
S1, EP2 "Uh-Oh, It's Magic!"Thor and Spidey enjoy a summer day at the pier until Loki freezes everyone.
S1, EP1 "One Big Mess"Iron Man teams with Spidey to clean up the city when Ultron steals Tony Stark's high-tech garbage truck.
Spidey teams-up with other inspiring and brave Marvel heroes.
Original Air Date: Dec 19, 2017
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
4 seasons available on demand (40 episodes)
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