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Love It or List ItInterior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin compete for the affections of fed-up homeowners looking to either renovate or sell, as Farr transforms their worn-out space into a welcoming one while Visentin works to find them a new home. At the end of each hourlong episode, the homeowners decide if the changes designed by Farr are enough for them to stay in their current home, or if the new property Visentin has found better suits their needs. So whether they love it or list it, the homeowners come out on top.
S13, EP7 "Jeff and Callie"Jeff and Callie bought their home sight-unseen while living overseas, and it's too small and dysfunctional for their growing family.
S14, EP7 "Maria and Chris"Chris and Maria moved into their home with two kids, but now with four children, the house and its tiny kitchen feel cramped and cluttered; Maria wants a gourmet kitchen closer to her work, but Chris loves the neighborhood.
S15, EP1 "Picture-Perfect Kitchen"A couple compromised on a fixer upper on 1.5 acres near a nice neighborhood; the woman is eager for David to find them a new house with a gourmet kitchen, but the man insists that they can make the house work with Hilary's help.
S18, EP5 "Design Intervention"Hilary and David work to find more functional space for a family of five.
S15, EP7 "Family and Future"Empty nesters disagree over whether they should improve their current home or find something smaller and easier to maintain; she can't see the potential in their closed-off quarters, while he holds on to the memories created in their home.
S9, EP13 "Jody & Sam"Jody needs space to breathe; Sam wants to make their current home work.
S15, EP10 "Betting the Horse Farm"Their family home on a large horse farm is a dream for this horse lover, but her city-raised husband has had all he can take; she loves the amazing views and abundant outdoor space, whereas he no longer feels like there's enough space indoors.
S19, EP17 "A Sunroom With a View"After purchasing their house sight unseen 11 years ago, a couple are finally tired of the dated bathrooms and tight galley kitchen.
S19, EP11 "Storage Wars"Now with two kids, a couple has outgrown their home and deals with a lack of storage and an awkward layout; he grew up in the neighborhood and hopes Hilary can come up with a plan to stay, but she thinks David's new properties might be better.
S19, EP9 "The Old Crooked House"A couple is too busy with their two young children and full-time careers to address their 100-year-old house; with her extended family just blocks away, she hopes Hilary finds the right design, but he thinks David can find a new forever home.
S19, EP8 "Builder Grade Boring"Busy parents purchased their home just two years ago, but now they're concerned with their kids' safety in a three-story house; she wants David to find a new forever home, but he thinks Hilary can renovate their place to make it work.
S19, EP7 "Third Floor Charmer"Years after updating their main living area, a couple looks to remedy their dysfunctional space with a third-floor renovation; one feels their dream home is within reach, but the other wants to find a new, perfect place.
S19, EP6 "A Crowded House"A newly married couple purchase the house she grew up in, but there's plenty wrong with it; now with a baby on the way, she hopes Hilary can work her magic on the place, but he thinks David can find a new home better suited for their growing family.
S19, EP5 "Midcentury Modern Makeover"Nina and Earl are ready to make a decision on whether or not they should renovate their dated, split-level home or find a better option that suits their love of mid-century modern design; Nina wants to prove their house can be mid-century fabulous.
S19, EP4 "Old Home, New Tricks"A couple and their three sons have been in their outdated home for almost 20 years, and it's in need of a major overhaul; she thinks if Hilary gets it right, they'll fall in love with their house again, but he feels David can bring the best solution.
S19, EP3 "Kitchen Crisis"Hailey and Kevin bought their small starter home when they had one daughter, but now they have three children, and have outgrown their very tight space, and on top of that, they're a traditional Jewish family who keep a kosher home.
S19, EP2 "Hilary Loves It or Lists It"Hilary Farr pulls back the curtain as she reveals the creative process and obstacles of renovating her own home; David is by her side as a supportive friend, but that doesn't stop him from trying to woo her away with the other homes in the area.
S19, EP1 "Moms at Odds"A married couple with twin teen sons are in a home that's been causing tension and stress for a long time; one has a sentimental attachment and thinks Hilary can transform the space, but the other can't wait for David to find them the new place.
S18, EP10 "The '80s Get an Overhaul"A man bought his mother's house when he got married, but decades later, his wife feels like she could never make it her own; he hopes that Hilary can make this all-original home feel new, and she's excited by the possibilities David has to offer.
S18, EP9 "Dark and Dated Overhaul"A couple's family home was move-in ready over a decade ago, but now they're struggling with its dark, dated and cramped style; Hilary brightens things up with an open and airy update, while David finds an open concept home that doesn't need any work.
S18, EP8 "Bachelor Pad Overhaul"Hilary and David find more space for a family living in Dad's bachelor pad.
S18, EP7 "Time for a Change"When Faissal and Farihah bought their house six years ago, they had always planned on doing a major renovation to the oddly laid out space; with three small children and busy jobs, there has been no time to change the function of the house.
S18, EP6 "No Room to Salsa"A couple who love to entertain enjoy living near her family, but their dated home desperately needs a facelift; Karen has no intention of ever leaving her home and is attached to the area; Jose, on the other hand, has never truly loved the house.
S18, EP4 "A Tale of Two Davids"Hilary and David help a family find the space and functionality they need.
S18, EP3 "Downtown Determination"A woman never wants to leave her charming 1985 home that's blocks from downtown, and her husband thinks they made a big mistake; he wants an open floor plan for entertaining, which Hilary and David try to deliver for this couple.
S18, EP2 "Love It, List It, Love It?"A couple love their home so much they purchased it twice, but while he still enjoys the house after moving back in, she's done with the dated dysfunction; they must choose between Hilary's full renovation and David's promise of a perfect new place.
S18, EP1 "Into the Great Wide Open"Hilary and David try to save a family from years of constant renovations.
S17, EP18 "Intersection of Loud and Dated"After nearly two decades, a family's house has grown dated and dysfunctional and now resides on a busy street intersection; she thinks David can find a better layout in a quieter location, but he wants Hilary to work her magic.
S17, EP15 "Basement Blues"With three children and a new dog, a couple is ready to turn their dungeon of a basement into an inviting space for their kids; she thinks Hilary can deliver their dream home, but he believes David can find a better place for their family.
S17, EP12 "No Laughing Matter"Lauren suffers from buyer's remorse shortly after she and Jamelle moved into their new home; Jamelle is confident Hilary can reconfigure their dysfunctional layout, but Lauren hopes David can find a property that suits them better.
S17, EP11 "Work-Life Unbalance"Megan and Jeff both feel that their work-from-home life is no longer working for them; Megan wants a better family home; Jeff refuses to relocate.
S17, EP10 "Downtown Disconnect"Now that a couple has two young boys, he feels cramped and wants more space to entertain; he hopes David can find a new property with more space; but she loves their neighborhood and feels that Hilary can make their home suit their needs.
S17, EP9 "To Downsize or Not to Downsize"Two empty nesters who fell in love with their property's large, private lot consider downsizing; she wants a townhouse closer to her work downtown, but he needs to prove the current home can be a private oasis.
S17, EP7 "Triplex Troubles"A couple purchased a century-old triplex with big renovation dreams, but now it has become a money pit; Hilary wants to help them conquer the remodel, but David knows some properties with all the space and function this growing family needs now.
S17, EP5 "Parents and the Pantry"Anu and Samir rushed their first house purchasing shortly after getting married; Samir can't believe their luck in finding a home in this location, but Anu thinks they may have overlooked big issues in their rush to buy.
S17, EP4 "1970s Drab to Fab"A busy family life has taken priority over updating a 1970s home; Mom is ready to find a newer, open concept home, but Dad is not ready to give up on their original one.
S17, EP3 "No Love for the Land"Katherine reluctantly agreed to move into Tyler's well-established bachelor pad after getting married; while Tyler and their son Liam are in outdoor heaven, Katherine is not feeling the love for the inside of their house.
S17, EP2 "Right-Size Ranch Reno"Five years in, Aaron is still in love with the location while Jessica's priorities have changed; with a new baby in the mix, the once sufficient square footage is now feeling tight.
S17, EP1 "A Second Story"A couple expecting a second child needs more space, but they don't want to compromise on being minutes from downtown. David seeks a home fit for a growing family, while Hilary strives to create more space intheir beloved locale.
S17 "Hilary and David Tell All: House of Heirlooms"David and Hilary help fed-up homeowners decide whether to live with renovations or move.
S17 "Greg and Rodolfo's Change of Heart"Hilary and David reminisce about Greg and Rodolfo, and wonder if they're partying in the new pool palace David found for them.
S17 "Sharnee and Albert's Change of Heart"Hilary and David revisit Sharnee and Albert, who decided to list their starter home in favor of a house with more space.
S17 "Ryan and Ashley's Change of Heart"Hilary and David reminisce about some of their favorite challenges; David was shocked and thrilled when Ryan and Ashley decided to list it, but there may be even more surprises when he and Hilary check in on the couple.
S17 "Jeff and Callie's Change of Heart"David and Hilary check in on Jeff and Callie to see if Hilary's transformation still has an impact.
S17 "Hilary and David Tell All: Sisterly Love or List"Meet two differently-scheduled sisters who are desperate to create some sibling harmony and find the perfect home to accommodate their distinct lifestyles.
S17 "Don and Quincy's Change of Heart"Hilary loves to chide David whenever she wins a tough challenge, especially when her design decision was so hotly debated; they catch up with Don and Quincy to see if sacrificing a garage in favor of more living space gave them what they needed.
S17 "Decades-Long Debate"A couple's home is feeling more cramped than usual now that they have two teens; she's ready to ditch their choppy, dated home for a spacious property with no hassles; however, he loves their cozy house and hopes Hilary can reconfigure their space.
S17 "William and Ashley's Change of Heart"Hilary and David revisit William and Ashley to see how life in the new house is going.
S17 "Hilary and David Tell All: A One Story Story"A couple purchased a one-story bungalow after a medical diagnosis; she loves the community, but he thinks they need a new house to prepare for a future with more obstacles.
S17 "Hilary and David Tell All: Custom Chaos"Working with a couple that made mistakes building their home and need more space. He feels a design expert can improve the layout, but she thinks the best option is a new home.
S17 "Hilary and David Tell All: A Rock Wall"Featuring behind-the-scenes pop-up facts about Hilary and David, our hosts work with a couple that bought a foreclosure home in need of a lot of work.
S17 "Jeremy and Shana's Change of Heart"Hilary and David check in on Jeremy and Shana to see if their decision stuck.
S16, EP9 "Bachelor Pad Blues"After marriage and two kids, a man's bachelor pad is bursting at the seams; his wife wants Hilary to make a few aesthetic changes, but his bags are packed and waiting for David to find them a bigger home.
S16, EP8 "This Space Is Looking Up"A family of four has outgrown their home of ten years; David searches for a turnkey house, while Hilary designs outside the box to solve all their space challenges.
S16, EP7 "House of Heirlooms"A couple jumps at the chance to buy the quaint house next door, but they're overwhelmed by the interior updates; she wants Hilary to help create the perfect layout, while he hopes David can find them a larger forever home.
S16, EP6 "A One Story Story"After his muscular dystrophy diagnosis, a couple purchases a one-story bungalow; she has fallen in love with the community, but he thinks they need a new house to prepare for a future with more medical obstacles.
S16, EP5 "Sisterly Love or List"Two sisters lead very separate lives in their tiny bungalow; one longs for privacy, while the other wants room for late-night cooking; these siblings are desperate to create harmony and find the perfect home to accommodate their distinct lifestyles.
S16, EP4 "A House Fit for a Queen"A mother of three boys wants to sell the house they've called home for eight years; her oldest hopes to change her mind; he loves the property and his mom's short commute.
S16, EP3 "A Rock Wall and a Hard Place"After a couple that dreamed of living in their current neighborhood bought a foreclosure home that needed a lot of work, she feels like the to-do list is too long to make it a forever home, but he's unwilling to budge.
S16, EP2 "Custom Chaos"A couple who built their home made mistakes with their floor plan and now they need more space -- he feels they need a design expert to improve the layout, but she thinks the best option is to find a new home.
S16, EP1 "On Shaky Ground"A real estate broker on the lookout for the perfect family home spotted a diamond in the rough and convinced his wife to buy it and while he sees its unlimited potential, she can't see past the long list of fixes.
S16 "Fan Faves: Master Office Issues"A couple wants more space and functionality in their 1990's home and while Hilary is determined to give them the luxuries they want, David searches for their dream home in the neighborhood they love.
S15, EP9 "Design Intervention"After buying their first home together, a family grew by three young children; while the home has been improved, she's had enough of the small space and is ready to expand into a house with plenty of room to raise their family.
S15, EP5 "Elbow Room"The addition of two adopted sons turns Jill and Joe's once-cozy house into a loving home with a lot of chaos and not enough space; Joe wants to make improvements to the inside of the home to match its kid-friendly outdoor spaces.
S12, EP13 "Ashley & Ryan"After buying a bad house in a good neighborhood, a couple is feeling overwhelmed when the renovations were not completed by the birth of their child.
S12, EP12 "Anna & Andrew"A couple needs more space for their teenagers, but they live close to friends in an ideal neighborhood.
S12, EP11 "Kathy & John"Kathy struggles with the functionality of their home; John is determined to renovate and keep the house.
S12, EP10 "Amanda & Grif"Amanda believes their home has too few closets and no privacy; Grif thinks a makeover will make the house functional again.
S12, EP9 "Deena & Sully"A couple with plans to foster children debate the benefits of remodeling their current space or moving to a family ready home.
S12, EP8 "Master Mistakes"Needing an immediate place to live, pharmacist Sam and lawyer Valerie purchased their mid-century modern home under pressure.
S12, EP7 "Gormans"Cole and Ashley bought their first home sight unseen, and must decide whether to renovate or find another home.
S12, EP6 "LaShawn & Lola"A mother and daughter disagree over their home.
S12, EP5 "Sarah & Ryan"After buying a home in an up-and-coming neighborhood, a woman wants to stay, however, her husband wants to flee the house's flaws for a perfect place.
S12, EP4 "Kim & Tyler"Tyler and Kim have a charming house in the heart of the city; Kim grows tired of the limited space and sharing her bedroom and bathroom with the kids, but Tyler doesn't want to move.
S12, EP3 "Emilee & Jody"Emilee and Jody bought their home with the intent to fix it up, but they've lived in a construction zone for years, and now Emilee doesn't think the home has enough space.
S12, EP2 "Nathan & Anne"A couple contemplates raising their family in a mid-century home.
S12, EP1 "Shannon & Mason"After adopting their teenage daughter, a couple debates if their house can function with four.
S11, EP13 "Dave & Sonya"While Dave loves their house; Sonya wants a home without a to-do list.
S11, EP12 "Marty & Shannon"A couple is torn between a family-ready home and their century-old farmhouse.
S11, EP11 "Thomas & Sarah"A man loves the location of his house, but his wife feels confined by the cramped living area, and would prefer a more open concept in the country.
S11, EP10 "Nevada & Kevin"Nevada is tired of chaos, while Kevin thinks their home can be made functional.
S11, EP9 "Greg & Rodolfo"With an unfinished basement and cramped spaces, a home no longer suits the purposes of a couple who likes to entertain.
S11, EP7 "Josmell & Carla"While a woman feels cramped in their townhouse after the birth of her daughter, her husband is determined to make it work for their new family.
S11, EP6 "Shana & Jeremy"After relocating to a rural home, a couple wants a home that combines urban functionality with the room that they have.
S11, EP5 "Matt & Marci"A realtor helps a couple find a home large enough without losing the charm of their current home; expanding a highly-debated space.
S11, EP4 "Gary & Lauren"In spite of a large yard, a couple is divided over their bungalow's ability to house their growing family.
S11, EP3 "Vince & Jennifer"A large family no longer fits in their home, they need more space either through renovation or a move.
S11, EP2 "Jamie & Greg"After a two-year search for their dream home, a couple needs the house to be more functional, or they need to find a new one.
S11, EP1 "Kelly & Eric"After spending two years fixing up their home and increasing the value, a couple must decide whether or not to sell.
S10, EP13 "Delilah & Dan"Delilah has had enough with Dan's renovations.
S10, EP9 "Christine & Rick"A family lives in a small home with a chopped-up floorplan.
S10, EP8 "Sue & Bruce"With their tiny house crawling with people, Hilary makes the most of Sue and Bruce's home while David presents a move-in-ready space.
S10, EP5 "Barb & Pete"A couple and their teenagers struggle with a small home.
S10, EP1 "Danielle & Richard"Richard wants to move to a larger home, but Danielle doesn't want to leave her elderly aunt, who lives next door.
S3, EP5 "Gallagher"The Gallagher family is in need of a domestic do-over before baby number four arrives.
S3, EP3 "Ed & Martine"One of the show's contractors has had little time to complete his own home's renovations.
S3, EP1 "Michael & Jeffery"Michael and Jeffery agree their home is not working for them, but can't agree on the solution.
S2, EP12 "The Bayda/McLean Family"Mother Natalie and son Brandon are feeling overcrowded in their 1100-square-foot home.
S2, EP10 "The Smout Family"Opinionated art collectors are caught between spiraling expectations and over the top opinions.
S2, EP7 "The Ford Williams Family"Gerard and Laka are planning to adopt, but their charming home could work against them.
S1, EP13 "The Pliskat Family"The layout of this urban duplex has the Pliskats living in half of their space.
S1, EP12 "The Turner Family"Victoria and Scott feel they're growing out of their dream home with the kids and the business growing fast.
S1, EP11 "The Preston Family"The Prestons are feeling the charm of their country home wear off.
S1, EP10 "The Roedger Family"Maggie and Roy are out of room and ideas; Hilary needs to give the family the functional layout and update they need.
S1, EP9 "The McGeachie Family"Derek and Andy realize the 100-year-old house they fell in love with is not practical for a toddler, a newborn and a future third child.
S1, EP8 "The Wood Family"After four years of renovations, Suzanne and McLean have hit a wall, literally.
S1, EP7 "The Thomson Family 2"The Thomsons are running out of room in their quaint and cozy home.
S1, EP5 "The Doudelet Family"Jay and Shari Doudelet's home offers two living spaces.
S1, EP4 "The Thomson Family"Layout issues have a young family wondering what to do with their house.
Interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin compete for the affections of fed-up homeowners looking to either renovate or sell, as Farr transforms their worn-out space into a welcoming one while Visentin works to find them a new home. At the end of each hourlong episode, the homeowners decide if the changes designed by Farr are enough for them to stay in their current home, or if the new property Visentin has found better suits their needs. So whether they love it or list it, the homeowners come out on top.
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