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Pink Panther and PalsA teenage version of the iconic character shares adventures with old friends and some new cartoon pals.
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S1, EP26 "A Pink in Time; Quittin Time; Reel Pink"Pink time travels to Roman and Egyptian times; Ant is on vacation so Aardvark follows; Pink goes to the movies and ends up onscreen.
S1, EP25 "Note-ably Pink; Shutter Bugged; Astro Pink"Pink Panther blasts off to try to save Earth from joining Big Nose's planet collection; Aardvark tries some new hobbies; Pink Panther and Big Nose wage a musical battle.
S1, EP24 "A Pinker Tomorrow; Awful Aardvark; Pinkular Mechanics"Pink Panther wakes up in a colorless future, Aardvark gets a mustache, and Pink Panther tries to stop the rust gremlins in his broken scooter from destroying the city.
S1, EP23 "Pink on the Pitch; Happy Hunting; Catching Forty Pinks"Pink and his team of children go up against Big Nose and his team of robots in a football match; Aardvark tries to escape a hungry leopard; Pink goes sleepwalking.
S1, EP22 "The Pink, the Bad, the Ugly; Anti-Ant Trance; Shorely Pink"Hoarse and Sheriff Pink try to rescue the town's money from bandit Big Nose; Aardvark tries to hypnotize himself; Pink Panther gets roped into a strongman competition.
S1, EP21 "A Fairly Pink Pumpkin; If Wishes Were Ants; Pink on the Hoof"Big Nose gets jealous of Pink's bigger pumpkin; Aardvark gets three wishes, and Pink dreams of the cowboy life.
S1, EP20 "Frosted Pink; AardvARK; Pink! Pow! Kaboom"Pink Panther attempts to buy a frosted beverage at Big Nose's convenience store; Aardvark constructs an ark; Pink Panther gets sucked into creating his own comic book.
S1, EP19 "Enchanted Pinkdom; Eli the Aardvark; Stop-Pink for Directions"Little Pink Riding Hood journeys through a fairly tale land; Eli the Elephant gets amnesia and believes he's an aardvark; Pink's high-tech scooter goes haywire.
S1, EP18 "Pink Trek; One Too Many Chefs; Pink Kahuna"Pink tries delivering mail in the Wild West; One Too Many Chefs; Ant gives Aardvark cooking lessons; Pink Kahuna; Pink's holiday is spoiled by beach patrol.
S1, EP17 "Make Pink Not War; Pick a Caardvark; Pink Stink"Pink gets trapped in a water balloon war; Pick a Caardvark; Aardvark tries to trick Ant using card tricks; Pink Stink; Pink has to deal with a smelly goat.
S1, EP16 "Pink or Consequences; Z Is for Aardvark; Pink Me Out to the Ballgame"Pink goes on a game show; A baby zebra thinks Aardvark is its mother, and Pink and Big Nose fight for a foul ball.
S1, EP15 "And Not a Drop to Pink; Ant-Arctic; Pink on the Canvas"Pink turns Indiana Jones into a pyramid; Ant heads off to a snow holiday; Pink is totally outmatched when wrestling.
S1, EP14 "The Pink Is in the Mail; Aard Fu; Pink's Peak"Pink takes a job as a mailman; Aardvark trains in Kung Fu to catch Ant; Pink and White Horse must scale an unconquerable mountain.
S1, EP13 "Pink Beard; One Small Step for Ant; Chilled to the Pink"Pirate Big Nose searches for treasure on Pink Panther Island; Ant vacations on the moon; Pink and Big Nose are snowed in.
S1, EP12 "Pink Pink Pink Pink; Spaced Out; Shop-Pink Spree"A stereo system can duplicate objects; Aardvark chases a tiny alien; Pink wins a shopping spree for being the millionth customer.
S1, EP11 "Knights in Pink Armor; Grampy's Visit; Itching to Be Pink"Pink is sent out to slay a dragon; Grampy Aardvark tries to help his grandson catch Ant; Big Nose's dog has fleas.
S1, EP10 "Life in the Pink Lane; Mitey Blue; Wild Pinkdom"Pink competes in a bowling tournament; Ant remembers meeting Mitey Mite; Big Nose wants to get a picture of Pink.
S1, EP9 "Pinkaroni Pizza; Find Your Own Ant; Gold, Silver, Bronze & Pink"Unable to find a parlor nearby, Pink decides to make his own pizza; Aardvark competes with a hedghog to catch Ant; Pink and others compete in Olympic events.
S1, EP8 "Cleanliness Is Next to Pinkliness; Baby Makes Three; Pinkazoic Era"There is not enough hot water for Pink to shower at the same time as his neighbor; Ant agrees to take care of Mrs. Gorilla's baby; evolution of primitive man and panther.
S1, EP7 "Pink Suds & Clean Duds; Dog Daze; The Pink Painter Show"Pink has an eventful day at the laundromat; Aardvark hires a dog to catch Ant; Pink and Big Nose compete for an art critic.
S1, EP6 "Pink Pool Fool; The Aardvark's New Moves; The Mighty Pinkwood Tree"Pink drains the water from Big Nose's pool to use it for skateboarding; a sloth makes a deal with Aardvark; Pink tries to save his tree.
S1, EP5 "Remotely Pink; I Didn't See That Coming; Pink Party of One"Pink gets a universal remote control; Aardvark tries to use invisibility spray to catch Ant; Pink is not dressed properly for a fancy restaurant.
S1, EP4 "Pinxillated; Zoo Ruse; The Spy Wore Pink"Pink plays video games at an arcade; Aardvark escapes his zoo exhibit; Pink, as a spy, must retrieve a disc from an office building.
S1, EP3 "Pink Magic; Party Animals; Pink n Putt"Pink takes over a magic show; Aardvark invites Ant to his birthday party; Pink is challenged to a game of miniature golf.
S1, EP2 "Pink Hi-Tops; Land of the Gi-Ants; Pink Thumb"Pink wants trendy sneakers; after fighting with Eli the Elephant, Aardvark is dropped into a prehistoric world; Pink reacts when pollution ruins his garden.
S1, EP1 "Pink Up the Volume; Zeus Juice; A Pink and Stormy Night"Pink plays instruments in his garage, annoying his neighbor; Aardvark tries to get in shape; Big Nose hopes to test his monster machine on Pink.
A teenage version of the iconic character shares adventures with old friends and some new cartoon pals.
Original Air Date: Mar 7, 2010
Genres: ComedyKids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVY7
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (26 episodes)
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