U-Fly; Yeti or Not
S5, EP3 "U-Fly; Yeti or Not"
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Alvin's too short to ride a new amusement park ride; while on a ski trip, Alvin convinces Theodore there's a yeti nearby.
Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2021 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Unboxing Day; Dave's Pavilion
S5, EP2 "Unboxing Day; Dave's Pavilion"
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Alvin's attempts to earn money as an internet influencer almost puts a local toy store out of business; the Chipmunks accidentally ruin Dave's new pavilion, and they allow Miss Miller to take the fall.
Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2021 • Nickelodeon • 23m
Deserted; The Great Snack Off
S5, EP1 "Deserted; The Great Snack Off"
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After getting detention again, Alvin's convinced Dave will drive him to the desert and abandon him there; Alvin and Theodore play a seemingly innocent game, which leads to unexpected consequences.
Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2021 • Nickelodeon • 23m