A Crafty Transformation
S6, EP13 "A Crafty Transformation"
On Demand
A family loves the good bones of their home, but with a fourth child on the way, their cramped living space quickly loses functionality; Drew and Jonathan roll up their crafting sleeves to design an organized home with room for the growing family.
Original Air Date: Feb 09, 2022 • HGTV HD • 43m
Denise & Bob
S6, EP12 "Denise & Bob"
On Demand
Bob and Reiki master Denise have made many happy memories in their suburban home, but the house's dated oak finishes and choppy layout are weighing on the couple; they need help revamping their home to make it a space with positive energy and flow.
Original Air Date: Feb 02, 2022 • HGTV HD • 43m
Our Best Friends' Reno
S6, EP11 "Our Best Friends' Reno"
On Demand
Drew and Jonathan's best friends from college bought a home with ample potential, but the 1970s style desperately needs an update; the brothers swoop in to transform the main floor and give their friends a gorgeous space to finally call their own.
Original Air Date: Jan 26, 2022 • HGTV HD • 43m
Keeping It in the Family
S6, EP10 "Keeping It in the Family"
On Demand
A woman inherits a home that's been in her family for generations, and soon she will pass it on to her son; Drew and Jonathan balance the family's design styles to rework the layout and crumbling kitchen so this legacy home will be built to last.
Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2022 • HGTV HD • 43m
'90s Builder Upgrade
S6, EP9 "'90s Builder Upgrade"
On Demand
A couple buy their builder-grade home while expecting their first child; now that they're a family of four, the uneven floors and cramped deck are an issue; Drew and Jonathan manage conflicting design ideas to give this home a much-needed overhaul.
Original Air Date: Jan 05, 2022 • HGTV HD • 43m
Out of the Time Warp
S6, EP8 "Out of the Time Warp"
On Demand
A family has decades' worth of memories in their home, but the '80s finishes and uneven floor levels have them desperately ready for a change; Drew and Jonathan transform the kitchen and living spaces to breathe new life into their forever home.
Original Air Date: Dec 29, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m
The Final Move
S6, EP7 "The Final Move"
On Demand
Drew and Jonathan update the awkward floor plan of a single-story house with some 1970s quirks for two high school sweethearts who have moved 14 times in 15 years, and are ready to make their forever home dreams a reality.
Original Air Date: Dec 22, 2021 • HGTV HD • 42m
Do a Little Dance
S6, EP6 "Do a Little Dance"
On Demand
Drew and Jonathan aim to create a modern, spacious home from a choppy layout that is no longer functional for four adults living under one roof.
Original Air Date: Dec 22, 2021 • HGTV HD • 42m
Vintage Meets Modern
S6, EP5 "Vintage Meets Modern"
On Demand
A family thinks their 1960s house is a vintage treasure that's full of charm, but its impractical layout and frustrating kitchen are showing their age; Drew and Jonathan blend traditional and modern elements to turn this property into a cozy home.
Original Air Date: Dec 08, 2021 • HGTV HD • 42m
Perfect Score Reno
S6, EP4 "Perfect Score Reno"
On Demand
An active family loves having room for sports in their backyard, but the low ceilings and an awkward layout inside keep the home from being perfect; Drew and Jonathan plan a modern renovation to turn this dated property into an ideal home.
Original Air Date: Nov 24, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m
A Sturdy and Safe Forever Home
S6, EP3 "A Sturdy and Safe Forever Home"
On Demand
A couple are attached to their charming and one-of-a-kind 1940s home, but they could do without its more mysterious and dysfunctional quirks.
Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m
Building on the Memories
S6, EP2 "Building on the Memories"
On Demand
A husband surprised his wife and daughter with a charming 1950s home, but renovation plans were put on hold when he passed away; Drew and Jonathan want to turn this forever home into a dream home so they can build on the memories they've made there.
Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m
Modern Cowboy Makeover
S6, EP1 "Modern Cowboy Makeover"
On Demand
A former cowboy and his family love their vintage ranch house, but the awkward layout, dated yellow kitchen and unsafe fireplace need a lot of help.
Original Air Date: Nov 03, 2021 • HGTV HD • 43m