J2: Revisited
S5, EP13 "J2: Revisited"
On Demand
On the trail of a stolen mystical object, Jade goes through a portal and meets her future self.
Original Air Date: Jul 08, 2005 • Crackle • 21m
The Powers That Be, Part 2
S5, EP12 "The Powers That Be, Part 2"
On Demand
With all the demon chi under his control, Drago begins the summoning; Section 13 and the Chans call in everyone they can to stop Drago from carrying out his world-threatening scheme.
Original Air Date: Jun 25, 2005 • Crackle • 21m
The Powers That Be, Part 1
S5, EP11 "The Powers That Be, Part 1"
On Demand
Drago takes Jackie, Uncle and Black hostage and demands all of the demon chi the team collected.
Original Air Date: Jun 25, 2005 • Crackle • 21m
Weight and See
S5, EP10 "Weight and See"
On Demand
The gang must find the items containing the Mountain Demon Chi while a frustrated Drago draws up a new plan of attack.
Original Air Date: Jun 18, 2005 • Crackle • 21m
Stealing Thunder
S5, EP9 "Stealing Thunder"
On Demand
Now in possession of the Thunder Demon Chi, Drago moves to capitalize on his growing powers and the gang must separate the chi from him before it forms a permanent bond.
Original Air Date: Jun 18, 2005 • Crackle • 21m
Clash of the Titanics
S5, EP8 "Clash of the Titanics"
On Demand
The gang goes to the Arctic to retrieve castanets holding the Thunder Demon Chi.
Original Air Date: Jun 11, 2005 • Crackle • 21m
Antler Action
S5, EP7 "Antler Action"
On Demand
When the chi containment unit suffers damage in an earthquake, one chi escapes and possesses a teenager with heroic aspirations.
Original Air Date: Jun 11, 2005 • Crackle • 21m
Mirror, Mirror
S5, EP6 "Mirror, Mirror"
On Demand
The gang visits Uncle's hometown and contends with a mirror containing evil spirits who bring people's greatest fears to life.
Original Air Date: Jun 04, 2005 • Crackle • 21m
The Demon Beneath My Wings
S5, EP5 "The Demon Beneath My Wings"
On Demand
When Jade's teacher, Miss Hartman, absorbs the Sky Demon Chi, the team must brave the haunted Windsor Mansion to save her.
Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2004 • Crackle • 21m
Dragon Scouts
S5, EP4 "Dragon Scouts"
On Demand
When the Enforcers' nephews come to visit, the Enforcers try to convince Jackie they have left their evil ways behind.
Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2004 • Crackle • 21m
Black and White and Chi All Over
S5, EP3 "Black and White and Chi All Over"
On Demand
A new crisis involving two demon chis steals focus away from Jade's birthday party.
Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2004 • Crackle • 21m
It's All in the Game
S5, EP2 "It's All in the Game"
On Demand
The team joins a game show set on an island to recover a chi-infused object being used as a prop.
Original Air Date: Sep 18, 2004 • Crackle • 21m
Relics of Demons Past
S5, EP1 "Relics of Demons Past"
On Demand
Drago escapes from custody and assembles the Dark Hand to gather several powerful weapons.
Original Air Date: Sep 11, 2004 • Crackle • 21m