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The Real Housewives of PotomacThe "Real Housewives" franchise continues to expand across America, with this edition landing in Potomac, Md., a community of rolling hills and gated mansions just up the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. As is standard for the franchise, the reality show follows several well-to-do women who are part of the exclusive society. Women who have been featured include former Miss District of Columbia Pageant winner Ashley Darby, who became a stepmother to a 21-year-old and a 24-year old after getting married at the age of 22; Robyn Dixon, the ex-wife of former NBA player Juan Dixon; and philanthropist Gizelle Bryant, a single mother of three who raises money to help residents of impoverished cities.
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S8, EP21 "Reunion - Part 3"Gordon shares heartbreaking news; Ashley gives an update on her divorce with Michael; Keiarna takes the stage as the ladies discuss who is to blame for the altercation at the GnA Showcase; Andy attempts to mend the fractured group.
S8, EP20 "Reunion - Part 2"Gizelle becomes emotional reflecting on her relationship with her late father; Robyn reveals the reason her friendship with Candiace came to a seeming end; Wendy and Nneka face off to clear up all the rumors, but things go south.
S8, EP19 "Reunion - Part 1"Robyn gets called to task for always defending Juan; Candiace is caught off guard; Mia opens up about her new boyfriend.
S8, EP18 "An Iconic Ending"Mia hosts a reveal party for the ladies' Icons photoshoot; Ashley's friendships are called into question; Charrisse confronts Candiace; news of a couple's shocking separation breaks.
S8, EP17 "Fashion Show-Down"Ashley and Gizelle work on their fashion line; Robyn and Juan tour potential franchise locations; Wendy organizes her pilot episode; Mia brings everyone together for an iconic photoshoot.
S8, EP16 "Boiling Point"Charrisse hosts her annual Crab Boil and invites her closest friends; Gizelle gets emotional while taking her daughter Grace off to college; Candiace accuses Robyn of a surprising betrayal; Charrisse reaches a boiling point of her own.
S8, EP15 "Fool's Gold"As the Dominican Republic trip winds down, Wendy and Candiace respond to Gizelle's accusations about their demeanor regarding her daughter's education; Karen revisits the identity of her secret trainer; Mia has some choice words for Ashley.
S8, EP14 "Sun's Out Buns Out"The ladies kick back in the DR with some fun and revealing games; just when it seems like the drama is done and dusted, things go left between an unexpected trio.
S8, EP13 "Sharing Is Caring"Ashley comes clean about her divorce; Nneka and Wendy meet in hopes of making peace; Gizelle braces for Grace's impending graduation; the group sets off to the Dominican Republic, but things get off to a surprising start.
S8, EP12 "Blazed and Confused"Wendy's husband, Eddie, throws a launch party for his new marijuana business; several long-running feuds threaten to disrupt the festivities.
S8, EP11 "First Come, First Served"Mia gets candid with Robyn about her marital issues; Gizelle and Ashley collaborate on a foray into the fashion world; Karen invites a few of the ladies to Surry County for a special occasion.
S8, EP10 "Friendship Is a Mother"Candiace hosts a special Mother's Day brunch; Rayvin meets with Gizelle and Grace to talk college.
S8, EP9 "Hard Conversations"Mia invites the Dixons to a cooking experience; Gizelle takes Grace to a self-defense class as she prepares to send her off to college; the ladies come together to support Karen's PAVE event and rally behind an important cause.
S8, EP8 "Painting Austin Red"Karen's Triple Twenty continues as the group takes on an art project of the Grande Dame herself; the ladies wrap up their trip with a drag show, but things turn shady when they're asked to participate.
S8, EP7 "Don't Rock the Boat"The ladies experience a chicken spin on bingo, but Robyn is sent over the edge; Gizelle and Karen discuss the state of the group; everyone comes together to celebrate Karen's "Triple Twenty" with an adventurous excursion.
S8, EP6 "Tequila, Tears, Texas"Ashley continues her mission to keep spirits high and Austin weird, but plans are derailed when Robyn is pushed to her breaking point.
S8, EP5 "Pie in the Austin Sky"Ashley attempts to combat rising tensions in the group with a trip; Mia and Robyn bond over recent personal struggles; the rift between Wendy and Nneka widens as new claims and questions arise.
S8, EP4 "In a Pickle"Karen invites all of the couples to a fun day of pickleball; Candiace comes face-to-face with Robyn and Gizelle; Nneka confronts Wendy.
S8, EP3 "Heaven Is a Place in Potomac"Ashley's housewarming party continues as Robyn shares Juan's response to her intervention; Gizelle prepares for Grace to go off to college; while Wendy organizes her two sons' first communion brunch, Nneka makes claims against Wendy's family.
S8, EP2 "Home Sweet Drama"Robyn discusses her intervention with Juan; Karen meets with Mia; Ashley throws a housewarming party and invites her new friend Nneka.
S8, EP1 "Projections and Deflections"Gizelle has a new love interest, Ashley has a new house and Mia has a new lifestyle; rumors of Juan's alleged infidelity return, but he stands firm on his innocence; with Robyn remaining by his side, Gizelle has no choice but to confront her BFF.
S7, EP20 "Reunion Part 3"Ashley and Candiace discuss what led to the dissolution of their once burgeoning friendship; the husbands join and Chris confronts Gizelle about the accusations she made against him; Karen faces off against Charrisse and sets the record straight.
S7, EP19 "Reunion Part 2"The rift between Candiace and Gizelle continues as they address Gizelle's allegations against Chris; Gizelle opens up about her recent surgery and dating a younger man, but the ladies question her willingness to share information about her life.
S7, EP18 "Reunion Part 1"Ashley reveals the reason behind her recent breakup with Luke and what she is set to gain from her divorce settlement with Michael; Mia discloses how she and Gordon lost control of their businesses and updates the group on their financial status.
S7, EP17 "A Grande Finale"Ashley lands her dream home with a little help; Robyn makes an unexpected change to her wedding plans; Gizelle reveals her health diagnosis; Karen and Charrisse have a showdown at Candiace's music video reveal party; Mia confronts Karen.
S7, EP16 "The Naked Truth"After returning from vacation, the ladies discover that what happens in Mexico doesn't always stay in Mexico; Ashley spills the beans about Mia and Wendy's interesting exchange; Charrisse shares a story about Karen that leaves the ladies shocked.
S7, EP15 "Indecent Disclosure"Karen questions the validity of Robyn's upcoming nuptials and brings up alleged rumors about Juan; Robyn shares a suspicious photo with the ladies; Mia reaches her breaking point with Jacqueline but attempts to repair her friendship with Wendy.
S7, EP14 "Shake-Ups and Makeups"Karen reveals the reason she stopped being friends with Charrisse and the ladies question her version of the truth; Mia does something that causes her and Jacqueline's friendship to hang in the balance.
S7, EP13 "Sisterhood of the Traveling Beefs"Gizelle receives some serious news from her doctor; Robyn is adamant about keeping some guests off the list while planning her wedding.
S7, EP12 "Mic Drop"Karen hosts her first-ever live show as the ladies brace themselves for a Grande Dame Experience; Mia and Gordon discuss their relationship with Jacqueline.
S7, EP11 "Show Time!"When Gizelle and Robyn put on their live podcast, Karen takes shady notes for her own live show; Candiace shoots a music video with rapper Trina; Robyn broaches a tough subject with Juan; Wendy and Eddie deal with an unexpected emergency.
S7, EP10 "Cleaning Up the Mess"The ladies return to Potomac and get back to business; Gizelle and Robyn prepare for their "Reasonably Shady" live show; Karen prepares for a live experience of her own; Ashley gets emotional about her separation with Michael; Gizelle hosts a party.
S7, EP9 "Ambush in Paradise"Karen and Mia struggle to recover after an explosive confrontation; when Candiace is caught talking trash about the group to the public, Robyn confronts the issue with the help of a special guest; Ashley brings a rumor about Karen to the table.
S7, EP8 "Queen vs. Queen"After Mia and Wendy argue, the ladies must decide with whom their loyalty lies; Candiace arrives to find that Wendy has been ostracized from the group but she makes up for it by bringing her to meet rap legend Trina.
S7, EP7 "Beef is Served"The girls trip continues as the ladies head out for dinner where there's a lot of beef on the menu; the birthday girl, Karen, continues to deflect questions about her friendship with Charrisse.
S7, EP6 "Burnin' and Beefin'"The Burn Session continues and Candiace confronts Ashley by dropping a bombshell rumor; Gizelle attempts to make things right with Candiace, but her apology isn't well received.
S7, EP5 "The Burn Session"In the aftermath of her divorce being leaked to the press, Ashley visits Candiace hoping to strengthen their budding friendship.
S7, EP4 "Not All Fun and Games"Robyn hosts a Family Fun Day for everyone and their kids but leaves out one of the ladies; Gizelle and Mia are unimpressed by Robyn's hosting skills; Karen falls unexpectedly ill after she catches sight of Charrisse.
S7, EP3 "Stand in Your Truth"Robyn loses her cool with Wendy and accuses her of being phony when it comes to Mia's alleged health scare; Gizelle's allegations against Chris leave Candiace furious; Robyn asks Juan for a prenup, but things don't go as planned.
S7, EP2 "Allegation Nation"Karen's spring fling concludes with a whole lot of drama; Mia battles more than just a health scare when the ladies make a jarring allegation; a liberated Ashley hosts a sexy dance class for the ladies; Gizelle drops a bombshell allegation.
S7, EP1 "Spring Awakening"The Darbys might divorce, but Ashley's story doesn't quite add up; Wendy explores a new venture; Mia's murky social media behavior is questionable; Karen hosts a spring fling celebration of life party; some of the ladies are confronted on their lies.
S6, EP22 "Secrets Revealed"Gizelle embarks on her movie career in a role that she wasn't exactly made for: a stylist; Askale and her hubby on a double date with Candiace and Chris; Mia gives her son Josh the birds and the bees talk; Robyn wins Dean's approval.
S6, EP21 "Reunion Part 4: Nicki Minaj Takeover"Nicki Minaj takes over and surprises the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Potomac"; Nicki gets down to business on the reunion stage, unafraid to ask the difficult questions, she leaves no stone unturned.
S6, EP20 "Reunion Part 3"Gizelle and Robyn dispute their involvement in the Eddie rumors, however Wendy has some "big" receipts ready for all to see; the husbands join the stage, but things go off the rails when Chris addresses Mia's "salad tossing" claims.
S6, EP19 "Reunion Part 2"Gizelle becomes emotional while discussing her friendship and history with Karen; the ladies continue to take Candiace to task for her habitual line-stepping; Mia is questioned about her erratic behavior; Wendy gets fired up about the Eddie rumors.
S6, EP18 "Reunion Part 1"Mia is held accountable for her "lies" throughout the season, while Gizelle is questioned about why things didn't go as planned with Jamal; Candiace is confronted by the women about her reckless behavior, specifically toward Mia.
S6, EP17 "Altar-ed State of Mind"Karen and Ray prepare to say "I do" again; Robyn brings up issues from the past; Gizelle reveals a well-kept secret; Juan's attempts to broker peace between Michael Darby and Chris Bassett goes off the rails.
S6, EP16 "Crab-boiling Over"The group wraps up its trip with a crab boil -- and things between Ashley and Gordon get heated.
S6, EP15 "Lost at Sea"Wendy's couple's trip continues; Gizelle and Robyn leave in the middle of the night, furthering the tension between them and Wendy.
S6, EP14 "Tossing Salads and Spilling Tea (Bags)"On a couples trip to the Eastern Shore, Candiace and Mia's argument puts a damper on Wendy's "Good Vibes Only"; Wendy's hosting skills are under pressure when two surprise guests are left without adequate accommodations.
S6, EP13 "GVO or GTFO!"The ladies and their husbands head to Maryland's Eastern Shore for a couples trip, but the Green Eyed bandits threaten to stay home due to their rocky relationship with the hostess.
S6, EP12 "Reasonable or Shady?"Karen is ready to reveal her new candle line to the rest of the ladies, while Wendy struggles to get on equal footing; Mia's family and her mom sit down for some much needed time together, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
S6, EP11 "No Business Like Shade Business"Gizelle hits some speed bumps trying to teach her daughter Grace to drive; Ashley's family isn't happy with Michael's proposed venture into the movie business; Karen and Wendy work on putting together their candle lines.
S6, EP10 "Goddesses of War"Candiace and Chris cool off from their fight and realize it's not very pleasurable to mix business with marriage; Karen gets to work in a new position in an unusual place.
S6, EP9 "High Infidelity"Wendy fills in Eddie on the betrayal that took place in Williamsburg; Gizelle and Robyn open up about their history with infidelity; Mia seeks answers from her estranged mom about why she ended up in foster care; Candiace preps for her music video.
S6, EP8 "Talk to the Braids"After an explosive confrontation in Williamsburg, tension is at an all-time high between Wendy and the Green-Eyed Bandits; Candiace hopes the ladies of the estate and cottage can twerk it out.
S6, EP7 "Gossip Girl!"Robyn has a heart-to-heart with Gizelle about her lack of motivation and is met with tough love; Ashley joins the ladies for a post-birth getaway, bringing her breast pump and a whole lot of drama in tow; Candiace hosts a whiskey tasting.
S6, EP6 "Land of the Free, Home of the Shade"Ashley and Michael adjust to caring for two children while on a family photoshoot; It's Candiace's first time hosting a girl's trip, but the mood dampens after Gizelle and Karen's issues resurface again.
S6, EP5 "The Rumor Mill"Ashley's new baby, Dylan, makes a first impression that Gizelle will never forget; Mia opens up about her childhood trauma to Gizelle and Robyn.
S6, EP4 "Going Ham at the Pajammy Jam"Mia and Gordon wonder if she can repair the broken relationship with her mother; Gizelle works on showing compassion when her oldest daughter goes through a life obstacle; Michael surprises his very pregnant wife, Ashley, with a new venture.
S6, EP3 "Jiminy Crickets!"Robyn struggles to get her life in balance; Wendy turns to the Grand Dame for some advice; Mia shares a traumatic childhood experience; Ashley is days away from going into labor; Gizelle gathers the ladies for a party to celebrate the mom-to-be.
S6, EP2 "Sing Sing for Your Supper"The rift between frenemies Gizelle and Karen grows deeper, and unexpected sides are taken; Wendy announces a drastic new career change, and Ashley prepares for the arrival of her new baby but worries about keeping Michael happy in the process.
S6, EP1 "The Nude Interlude"Ashley has a bun in the oven, Candiace has a new home of her own and Karen is set to walk down the aisle; after a mysterious and salacious invitation, the ladies gather and become acquainted with new friends.
S6 "Karen's Grande Dame Reunion: The Grande Dame of Surry County"Karen sets out to plan her first-ever family reunion at the farm in Virginia; prior to the reunion, Karen's young cousins task her with confronting Karen's Aunt Val, the current owner of the family farm, about the succession plan for the land.
S5, EP22 "Reunion Part 3"A heated exchange ensues between Chris Samuels and Chris Bassett; Karen and Ray Huger talk about the status of their relationship; Ray makes a surprise announcement; Robyn shares her feelings about where she and Juan stand with their marriage plans.
S5, EP21 "Reunion Part 2"Candiace and Monique go head-to-head; the ladies confront Karen about where her loyalty lies; Gizelle and Robyn lay everything out on what fueled the alleged trainer plot; Ashley clears the air about Michael, and she makes a shocking revelation.
S5, EP20 "Reunion Part 1"Candiace and Monique see each other for the first time since the dramatic altercation; Gizelle sets the record straight on her relationship; Karen and Gizelle discuss the ups and downs of their friendship; Wendy reflects on her first season.
S5, EP19 "Deck the Halls With Drama"Robyn and Juan seek couples therapy; Gizelle tries to ensure Robyn's engagement goes off without a hitch; Candiace confronts Karen about setting her up; Michael Darby and Chris Bassett square off.
S5, EP18 "Shifty Wigs"Gizelle plans a family photo shoot; Wendy struggles with telling her mother she wants to quit teaching; Ashley arranges for Michael to speak with her uncle and mom; Karen celebrates her wig line launch with a party.
S5, EP17 "Fifty Shades of Betrayal"Robyn reveals the ladies' photos on her "Embellished" website, causing tension; Ashley and Gizelle host a dominatrix party, but the fun comes to a screeching halt when Ashley reveals her statement in defense of Monique; Candiace feels betrayed.
S5, EP16 "Picking Sides"The ladies play a prank on Wendy; Gizelle struggles to keep a secret; Karen surprises the group with details about her marriage.
S5, EP15 "Portu-Girl-Bye"The ladies head to Portugal for some fun and sun, but the distance proves to be too much for Ashley; Karen questions Gizelle's relationship with Jamal, causing a heated discussion; Robyn sides with Karen against her fellow green-eyed bandit.
S5, EP14 "Hats Off ... Shades On"Ashley tries to find happiness; Monique files a counterclaim against Candiace; Robyn hosts a photo shoot for her hat line.
S5, EP13 "No Shows and Show Downs"A lack of support makes Monique feel more isolated; Juan asks Robyn's parents for their blessing; Gizelle and Jamal struggle with a long-distance relationship; Wendy hosts an evening of wine and politics.
S5, EP12 "Fully Charged"Wendy and her husband host a Sip and See for their baby girl, and they extend an invitation to Eddie's estranged parents; Ashley and Michael seek counseling; Karen continues to fight for her marriage; Candiace decides to take a legal step.
S5, EP11 "Taxing Times and Blurry Lines"Karen invites Gizelle and Ashley to her homecoming in Virginia, but an emotional visit to her childhood farm shows the ladies a different side of the Grande Dame; Robyn's tax woes go public; Candiace considers legal action against Monique.
S5, EP10 "Sorry…Not Sorry"Karen hosts the ladies to hear Monique's side of what happened at the winery; Candiace seeks therapy to deal with the aftermath of the altercation; Monique attempts to apologize for getting physical.
S5, EP9 "The Tipping Point"The ladies try to make sense of the altercation between Monique and Candiace, but are left in the dark; Gizelle heads to Atlanta for her daughters' restaurant opening; Ashley presents Michael with a post-nuptial agreement.
S5, EP8 "Serving up Betrayals"Ashley confronts Michael about the blog rumors; Gizelle gathers the ladies together for a wine tasting to celebrate her literary award, but the celebration is quickly halted when tension escalates to an alarming level.
S5, EP7 "Fireball and Firepits"Karen reveals intimate details about her relationship with Ray; the husbands join their wives at the lake house; Candiace tells Ashley about Michael's alleged escapades.
S5, EP6 "The Text Heard 'Round the Lake House"The ladies host a pageant to help pass the time at Monique's lake house; Wendy and Ashley make amends; Candiace receives a shocking text about one of the women's husbands, and she debates whether to break the news.
S5, EP5 "Look Who's Squawking"Monique invites everyone to her lake house, but the ladies are not prepared for her additional guest; Karen expresses her dislike for Wendy's obsession with her sex life; Ashley decides to bring baby Dean along for the festivities.
S5, EP4 "Celebrations and Strange Explanations"Gizelle's daughters have questions about her relationship with their father; Candiace and Ashley finally bury the hatchet; Monique expresses her marital frustrations to Chris; Karen decides to throw a housewarming party.
S5, EP3 "Sip and See You Later"Gizelle spends her birthday with Jamal and the girls, but underlying tension makes for an awkward celebration; Candiace struggles to understand Monique's anger toward her after their recent reconciliation.
S5, EP2 "The Rumor Meal"Gizelle and Monique bury the hatchet and host a support dinner for Ashley, but after learning about Candiace's sudden connection to a longtime foe, Monique starts to doubt their friendship.
S5, EP1 "Old Testaments, New Revelations"Gizelle rekindles her relationship with ex-husband Jamal Bryant; Ashley struggles to adjust to life as a new mom; Monique introduces her new parrot-child, T'Challa, to Potomac; Gizelle confronts Candiace; Monique encounters an old frenemy.
S4, EP21 "Reunion Part 3"The husbands take center stage; the couples reveal bedroom secrets; the group discusses the charges against Michael; the women reveal secrets about Michael from seasons past; Chris Bassett and Ray chime in with new information.
S4, EP20 "Reunion Part 2"Monique and Candiace address the breach of trust that damaged their relationship; Robyn's future with Juan is questioned; Gizelle and Monique address their ongoing feud; Robyn reveals whose "bleep" Michael wanted to "bleep" that night at L2.
S4, EP19 "Reunion Part 1"Gizelle and Karen confront each other; Gizelle makes a shocking revelation about her love life; Candiace's mother, Dorothy, joins the couch; Ashley and Candiace have a heated exchange; Michael Darby makes a jaw-dropping appearance.
S4, EP18 "Mom's the Word"Robyn and Juan make a grand gesture to solidify their relationship; Candiace begins making financial strides; Karen finally reveals her La Dame perfume with an extravagant soirée; after taking a pregnancy test, a fearful Ashley visits her doctor.
S4, EP17 "Unanswered Questions"Scrambling to find Katie, the women are shocked to discover her true whereabouts; Gizelle battles mother nature; Karen teaches the ladies a unique technique; the fun comes to screeching halt when Karen and Ashley get into an unexpected conflict.
S4, EP16 "Trouble in Paradise"The ladies enjoy a day of adventure in the Cayman Islands; Ashley and Candiace resolve their issues; Robyn decides to confront Gizelle about her behavior at her open house; Katie's behavior gets more questionable, and she decides to make a statement.
S4, EP15 "Cayman We Get Along?"The ladies head to the Cayman Islands, but things get off to a bumpy start; Karen and Gizelle engage in a showdown in the hotel lobby; Ashley confronts Katie about the gossip she's been spreading about her husband.
S4, EP14 "Open House and Closed Doors"Ashley finally makes contact with her distant relative but receives a startling reaction that leaves her in tears; Candiace and her mother are still at odds; Robyn hosts an open house, but things go sour when Gizelle confronts Monique.
S4, EP13 "Opening Old Wounds"With her due date fast approaching, Monique calls on Chris for help but is caught off guard by his unexpected reaction; Ashley decides to seek out her roots; Katie and her boyfriend, Jacob, spread some surprising information about Michael.
S4, EP12 "Good Will Haunting"With the help of singer Macy Gray, Karen and her daughter, Rayvin, record a tribute to her parents; Robyn plans a haunted house party for Juan's birthday, where an unexpected guest makes a surprise appearance; the charges against Michael are dropped.
S4, EP11 "Can I Get a Witness"After feeling like an absentee mother, Gizelle focuses her attention on Adore; Candiace and her mother try to work on their relationship; Ashley goes to therapy to deal with stress and realizes she is still suffering from old wounds.
S4, EP10 "Showdown at the Hoedown"Robyn confronts Gizelle; Candiace and Chris have a fight of epic proportions; Katie hosts the ladies at a hoedown, but breaking news about Michael overshadows the event and one housewife is left feeling vindicated.
S4, EP9 "Days of Our Knives"Robyn finally reveals Michael's secret comment, causing everyone to wonder about Darby's marriage; Candiace takes her mother to therapy; Ashley performs at Gay Pride, but the joyful event turns sour once her issues with Robyn reach a boiling point.
S4, EP8 "Sex, Lies and Butter Knives"Monique has an underwater photo shoot to commemorate her pregnancy; Karen shows off her sexy dance moves with Ray; Candiace hosts a dinner party; Ashley and Candiace get into a heated argument, causing a serious meltdown.
S4, EP7 "Salty Behavior"Monique celebrates her rainbow pregnancy, but her mother-in-law presents new challenges; Candiace reveals to Gizelle that Monique called Katie a name; Ashley and Karen share a spiritual moment, but the presence of a visitor brings Karen to tears.
S4, EP6 "Boundaries, Bayous and Beignets"The ladies wrap up their time in the Big Easy with some enlightening and frightening experiences; unresolved issues fester between Ashley and Candiace; Karen unleashes her fury on Gizelle and leaves everyone speechless.
S4, EP5 "The Big Easy Show Down"Gizelle takes the ladies to a plantation where her ancestors were enslaved; the women hit New Orleans' legendary Bourbon Street for a night of fun, but the merriment comes to a halt when Candiace questions Ashley's plans to have a baby.
S4, EP4 "The Wig Easy"Ashley moves forward with baby-making plans; Candiace and Robyn grapple with Michael's comment; the ladies head to New Orleans to learn more about Gizelle; things get heated between Karen and Gizelle, and the Grande Dame makes a dramatic exit.
S4, EP3 "Hot Mike"A revelation forces Gizelle to rekindle her relationship with a long-time foe; Robyn and Juan work to ensure that their financial foundation remains on solid ground; Ashley's drinking causes Candiace to doubt her baby-making intentions.
S4, EP2 "Here Comes the Bride"Candiace's big day is here, but instead of focusing on her soon-to-be husband, she's more nervous about her mother's unpredictable behavior; Ashley tries to make amends to Karen and Monique; Gizelle ends up in a heated discussion with Monique.
S4, EP1 "That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles"Gizelle delivers homemade treats to Karen but is shocked by what greets her at the door; Ashley and Michael are back in baby-making mode; Candiace reveals she's invited her half-brother to the nuptials, causing her mother to launch a verbal attack.
S3, EP20 "Reunion Part Two"The husbands join the women on stage; Karen goes after Michael; Ray explains the rumors about his wife's infidelity; Gizelle opens up about the "new" man in her life; Ashley reveals big news about her relationship with Michael.
S3, EP19 "Reunion Part One"The women revisit this season's emotional highs and lows while trying to mend their fractured friendships; Monique and Robyn get to the core of their rivalry; Candiace reveals intimate details about her relationship; Karen sheds light on her life.
S3, EP18 "Unsolved Mystery"Ashley finally gives Michael an ultimatum on having a baby; reality starts to set in for Candiace that she is about to be an instant stepmother; Robyn throws a birthday party for her youngest son; a new family member makes a special appearance.
S3, EP17 "Hot Gossip, Cold Pizza"Gizelle, Robyn and Ashley come up with a plan to find out if Karen really lives in her house.
S3, EP16 "Au Revoir Drama"While the ladies celebrate Monique's birthday with a fabulous night of burlesque, Candiace finally uses her vocals to win the women over; Ashley and Karen exchange heated words and accusations regarding Karen's marriage.
S3, EP15 "Turm-Oil in France"As the ladies enjoy a wonderful day on the French Riviera, Candiace feels left out; Monique and Charrisse's friendship is put to the test, leading to a revelation that stuns everyone.
S3, EP14 "Cannes We All Just Get Along"As the ladies travel to the beautiful South of France for a relaxing vacation on the French Riviera, Gizelle and Robyn clash over their accommodations; Monique opens up about her marriage; Ashley questions Karen's living situation.
S3, EP13 "Mime Your Own Business"Candiace and Chris get marriage insurance in the form of a pre-nup; Ashley decides to give Michael a surprise; Karen and Gizelle try to work things out over lunch; tired of all the fighting, Monique decides to plan a trip to France.
S3, EP12 "Can't Hide From These Green Eyes"Ashley must face the truth about why Michael is hesitant to have more children; Robyn confronts Karen about her lies in a public forum; Charrisse is left questioning her friendship with Monique; Candiace is stressed from wedding planning.
S3, EP11 "Ex's and Oh No's"Having one extra ticket to her gala, Monique decides to invite an unlikely guest to sit at her table; baby talk puts another roadblock in Ashley and Michael's relationship; finding a wedding venue creates tension between Candiace and Chris.
S3, EP10 "RSVPlease!"Candiace attempts to persuade her mother to give her control over the family business; Ashley and Michael revisit their prenuptial agreement; Monique and Robyn host two different events on the same day; Gizelle receives advice.
S3, EP9 "A Happy Medium"Candiace decides to face her fears; Monique organizes a donation drive for Hurricane Harvey victims; an emotional Gizelle breaks down over her relationship; Robyn and Juan seek closure, but a visit from loved ones leaves the couple in extreme shock.
S3, EP7 "Blue Skies and Blue Eyes"The women continue their weekend escape; Karen starts hurling insults at Robyn, leaving everyone confused; the women enjoy an afternoon of fishing; tensions arise as allegations swirl over Monique's denials and Karen's possible secrets.
S3, EP6 "I Came From Jesus"Monique has a car accident that leaves everyone concerned; Karen embraces her entrepreneurial spirit; Ashley plans a fun retreat for the ladies, but things take a surprising turn as two of the women challenge Candiace when she stands up for herself.
S3, EP5 "Shade in a Bubble"Ashley invites Gizelle and Candiace to yoga; Karen sends her daughter off to college; Robyn continues to settle into her new home; Candiace invites the ladies to Bubble Soccer, but things go from playful to personal as the ladies interrogate her.
S3, EP4 "First Ladies and Second Chances"Gizelle decides to write a book; Monique and Robyn try to get to the root of their issues; Candiace hopes to step out from her mother's shadow; Ashley seeks the advice of a therapist and tries to choose between her husband and her mother.
S3, EP3 "Meme Your Own Business"Michael pressures Ashley to cut financial ties with her mother; Robyn and Juan get acclimated in their new home; Monique throws Chris a 40th birthday party; a three-way fight between Robyn, Ashley and Monique gets out of hand.
S3, EP2 "Meet the Press"Robyn and Juan upgrade their lives by moving to a new condo; Gizelle takes her new boyfriend on a romantic picnic; feeling betrayed by her friends, Karen holds a "press conference" to answer their questions regarding her financial situation.
S3, EP1 "You Gotta Make Millions to Owe Millions"Monique and Chris adjust to their new Potomac neighborhood; Ashley decides to give her marriage another shot; Karen and Ray become the talk of Potomac after a shocking headline; things get heated between Karen and Robyn.
S2, EP14 "Reunion, Part Two"The men join their wives on stage; Juan tells his side of the story; Monique ruffles feathers by rapping freestyle; Charrisse drops "tea" about Karen; Ashley reveals an explosive secret about her and Michael, causing jaws to drop; Andy Cohen hosts.
S2, EP13 "Reunion, Part One"Suspicions surface regarding Karen's move; Gizelle and Monique go head to head; Charrisse disputes cheating allegations; rumors swirl around Robyn and Juan's relationship; Charrisse accuses Gizelle of having an open marriage; Andy Cohen hosts.
S2, EP12 "Home Is Where the Truth Is"Robyn confronts her ex-husband about their relationship; Monique shows off her new home; Gizelle tries to find the courage to break it off with her boyfriend, Kevin; the women attend a party at Karen's new home and are shocked by her new life.
S2, EP11 "The Grand Dame Sham"A sunset cruise hits rough waters when Charrisse confronts Karen; Robyn becomes the Belle of Bermuda; Ashley discovers Michael has been making big changes at the restaurant; Karen reveals she no longer resides at her coveted Potomac address.
S2, EP10 "Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle"The trip turns sour after Karen leaves some of the women out of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; Robyn makes a decision regarding her relationship; Monique and Gizelle finally address their issues; the women come together for a sunset cruise.
S2, EP9 "A Host of Issues"Gizelle is shut out of Monique's summer bash; Ashley reveals a decision about her and Michael's future; Robyn goes to therapy; Karen's scheme to get away with her friends goes awry after she decides to kick Charrisse to the curb.
S2, EP8 "War of the Darbys"Ashley and Michael's marriage is tested when she unveils a new menu for their restaurant at a press event; Gizelle and Karen head out for a double date; Robyn questions her home life and identity after a birthday dinner for her mother.
S2, EP7 "Over the River and Thru the Woods"Charrisse struggles to break the news of her marriage troubles to her daughter; Monique and her husband, Chris, try to reconnect; Karen reveals her most guarded secret; Robyn and Gizelle decide to confront Ashley at her restaurant.
S2, EP6 "Messy Games"After Gizelle is kicked out of Monique's party, Ashley deals Charrisse a low blow about her marriage; Gizelle and Charrisse decide to host a" Juantervention," causing Robyn to take a hard look at her relationship.
S2, EP5 "Kick the Trick Out"While hosting a friendly card game, Monique is forced to kick Gizelle out of her home; Charrisse announces her divorce to a room full of strangers; Karen throws a party for her mother's 70th birthday; Ashley confronts Robyn over rumors about Juan.
S2, EP4 "Mother Knows Best"Gizelle finds herself on a date with her new boyfriend and her mother; Charrisse throws a birthday party for her daughter; a get-together at a hookah lounge turns sour when Ashley puts Charrisse on edge; Monique shuts down Gizelle's hazing antics.
S2, EP3 "Hold Your Horses"The women don their best hats to attend the Preakness Stakes; Charrisse gives herself a new champagne room; Karen welcomes her daughter with open arms; Monique celebrates her husband's induction into the Alabama Hall of Fame.
S2, EP2 "All Tea, All Shade"Gizelle finds a new love interest; the women attend Katie's Casino Royale event; Karen organizes a high afternoon tea; Gizelle gets her claws into Charrisse's new friend, Monique; Karen questions Robyn's loyalty.
S2, EP1 "Don't Let the Zip Code Fool Ya"Gizelle accuses Charrisse of cheating on her husband; Ashley's involvement in a new charity causes tension in her marriage; Robyn and Juan adjust to their new lives; Karen and Ray butt heads as they hunt for a new home.
S1, EP12 "Reunion"Katie's revelation about her relationship with Andrew leaves everyone wondering; Ray and Michael join the group to weigh in on Michael's behavior during the beach trip; Gizelle and Katie make shocking allegations.
S1, EP11 "Reunion"Gizelle, Katie, Ashley, and Robyn try to pull Karen down off of her pedestal as "grande dame"; Robyn makes a surprising admission about how she feels about her ex-husband; the topic of race comes up and sparks a feud.
S1, EP10 "Rules of Enragement"Andrew announces he's taking a weeklong trip to Scotland without Katie; Ashley puts pressure on Michael to start a family; Gizelle hosts a lunch to get the women's friendships back on track, but an uproar ensues which threatens to drive them apart.
S1, EP9 "Fifty Sense"Charrisse throws a birthday bash for $80,000; Karen faces an empty nest; Robyn and Juan weigh an out-of-state job offer; Ashley and Karen's friendship flounders; Michael's game of "grab-ass" on the dance floor stirs up trouble.
S1, EP8 "All Shades of Shade"Katie blows off a focus group for Gizelle's budding makeup line; Robyn becomes confused after taking a romantic trip down memory lane with Juan; Karen may push Ashley too far by putting her and husband Michael on "parole."
S1, EP7 "Reading Is Fundamental"Gizelle confronts Katie about her strange behavior; the others encourage Katie to put Gizelle in her place; it appears as though Ashley has rescued the trip until a surprise from her husband throws the future of her new friendships into question.
S1, EP6 "Beach Session"Ashley must persuade her new friends not to leave her beach house, after the accommodations turn out to be unsatisfactory; Katie tries to gain support for her philanthropic efforts; Charrisse convinces the women to divulge their darkest secrets.
S1, EP5 "Error on the High Seas"Karen hosts a couples' soirée aboard a yacht; Gizelle's newest suitor scores an invitation to the party; Katie finds herself in hot water; Robyn is shocked by the news that Charrisse's marriage has reached a point of no return.
S1, EP4 "Desperately Seeking Marriage"Katie renovates the house behind Andrew's back; Charrisse tells her friends the shocking truth about her 18-year marriage; Karen learns how to fly a plane; Ashley gossips online, incurring the wrath of her close-knit community.
S1, EP3 "What a Little Whiskey Can Do"In Washington, D.C., Katie socializes to attract attention to her family's charitable foundation; Robyn faces a choice that threatens her unconventional relationship with ex-husband Juan; Ashley hosts a whiskey-tasting event in downtown D.C.
S1, EP2 "Divas, Queens and Bubalas"Karen and Charrisse question Gizelle's reputation; Katie taps into her Jewish roots for the twins' naming ceremony; things become unpredictable when the women meet boisterous beauty queen Ashley Darby, who hopes to be able to join their circle.
S1, EP1 "Mind Your Manners"Gizelle's lack of good manners puts her at odds with Karen, grand dame of high society in Potomac, Md.; Katie tries to spur her boyfriend to ask her to marry him; Robyn must decide if she wants to rekindle her relationship with her ex-husband.
The "Real Housewives" franchise continues to expand across America, with this edition landing in Potomac, Md., a community of rolling hills and gated mansions just up the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. As is standard for the franchise, the reality show follows several well-to-do women who are part of the exclusive society. Women who have been featured include former Miss District of Columbia Pageant winner Ashley Darby, who became a stepmother to a 21-year-old and a 24-year old after getting married at the age of 22; Robyn Dixon, the ex-wife of former NBA player Juan Dixon; and philanthropist Gizelle Bryant, a single mother of three who raises money to help residents of impoverished cities.
Starring: Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Candiace Dillard, Wendy Osefo, Mia Thornton
Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2016
Genres: DramaRealityTV Series
Playback: HD
8 seasons available on demand (152 episodes)
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