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Man vs. WildA seasoned adventurer and survivalist deliberately "strands" himself in remote locales and makes his way back to civilization to provide in-depth advice for travelers who may find themselves lost on what was expected to be a routine hike or other trip.
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S7, EP6 "Working the Wild"Bear takes the viewer behind the scenes to meet the camera crew who are never far from the action.
S7, EP5 "Land of the Maori"In New Zealand, Bear is heading towards civilization but first he must cross a raging river, climb an active volcano and scale a waterfall.
S7, EP4 "Red Rock Country"Bear travels to southern Utah where he attempts to descend a rock pinnacle armed with only a lasso; Bear's craziest airplane stunt.
S7, EP3 "Iceland: Fire and Ice"Bear is dropped off on an ice cap that covers an active volcano and must make his way in blizzard conditions.
S7, EP2 "New Zealand: South Island"After parachuting into this remote area, Bear must cross the country's highest mountain range and figure out how to start a fire in a waterlogged forest if he is to survive this adventure.
S6, EP6 "Global Survival Guide"Bear Grylls gives tips and techniques on how to find water in the desert.
S6, EP5 "Malaysian Archipelago"Bear Grylls struggles to find food and freshwater off the coast of Borneo.
S6, EP4 "Borneo Jungle"Bear Grylls battles torrential rain, snakes and leeches to survive in the Borneo jungle.
S6, EP3 "Norway: Edge of Survival"Bear tries to cope and survive in harsh climate of Norway.
S6, EP2 "Cape Wrath, Scotland"Off the coast of Cape Wrath, Scotland, Bear fashions a wetsuit from the skin of a dead seal and faces a chilly swim; he has a close call with a deadly rock fall before making camp in an old boat.
S6, EP1 "Arizona Sky Islands"Surviving scorching deserts and freezing mountains in Arizona.
S5, EP7 "Behind the Wild"The team that films Bear during his excursions.
S5, EP6 "Extreme Desert"Bear puts himself in the path of a manmade sandstorm and pushes his body to the limit when temperatures go from minus 40 to 110.
S5, EP5 "Fan vs. Wild"Bear takes two fans into the Canadian wilderness to face their fears head on.
S5, EP4 "Georgia-Eastern Europe"Bear must survive after driving a snowmobile out the back of a hovering helicopter in the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains of the Georgian Republic.
S5, EP3 "Canadian Rockies"While in the Canadian Rockies, Bear is buried alive by an avalanche, swims below an ice-covered lake and is air-lifted to the hospital.
S5, EP2 "Northern Australia"Bear relies on survival skills honed by the aboriginal people to survive in Australia's Northern Territory.
S5, EP1 "Western Pacific"Bear is marooned on a desert island somewhere south of Papua New Guinea.
S4, EP13 "North Africa"Bear is stranded in Northern Africa and gets creative finding food, water and shelter.
S4, EP12 "Shooting Survival"Behind the scenes with Bear Grylls stalwart crew.
S4, EP11 "Urban Survivor"Bear uses his wilderness survival skills to stay alive in a city post-disaster.
S4, EP10 "Guatemala"Bear rappels onto a live volcano in Guatemala, navigates a waterfall, creates a nest to sleep in and encounters ancient Mayan ruins.
S4, EP9 "Big Sky Country"Bear goes paragliding above the Rockies, traverses gullies and makes the most of abandoned debris.
S4, EP8 "China"In the aftermath of a typhoon in China, Bear encounters swollen rivers, limestone gorges, and stinging ants, and catches bats for food.
S4, EP7 "Pacific Island"Bear Grylls creates critical fresh water and uses tribal techniques to fish while deserted on a Panamanian island.
S4, EP6 "The Inside Story"The crew discusses how they produce "Man vs. Wild" and what it feels like to follow in Bear's footsteps.
S4, EP5 "Alaska"Bear Grylls goes to Alaska, where he ice-hops onto a glacier, hangs by his fingertips over a waterfall and avoids getting crushed between an iceberg and his rescue vehicle.
S4, EP4 "Texas"Bear goes to Texas and navigates a desert and deep gorges and encounters a diamondback rattlesnake.
S4, EP3 "Vietnam"Bear Grylls encounters leeches and a deadly spitting cobra, eats a forest scorpion and avoids a river flood in the jungles of Vietnam.
S4, EP2 "Alabama"Bear travels to Alabama, where he takes on white water, comes face to face with a wild boar and braves a raging forest fire.
S4, EP1 "Arctic Circle"Bear heads to the Arctic Circle, where he encounters a frozen waterfall, wild reindeer and some of the coldest conditions on the planet.
S3, EP11 "Romania"Bear Grylls enters the forest of Transylvania, where he encounters steep ravines, an underground water system and an adult brown bear.
S3, EP10 "Turkey"Bear Grylls travels to Turkey to test his survival skills.
S3, EP9 "Dominican Republic"Bear Grylls demonstrates how to survive hurricane season in the Dominican Republic.
S3, EP8 "Oregon"Bear Grylls takes on Hell's Canyon in Oregon, where snowdrifts, frozen lakes, burnt-out forests, and frigid white-water rapids await.
S3, EP7 "Yukon"Bear fights his way across the frozen wastelands of North America's Yukon.
S3, EP6 "Belize"Bear Grylls navigates the jungles of Belize.
S3, EP4 "South Dakota"Bear's latest adventure takes him to the Black Hills, the Great Plains and the Badlands of South Dakota.
S3, EP3 "Ireland"Bear tries to survive the rugged West Coast of Ireland, where he must scale 2,000-foot-high sea cliffs.
S3, EP2 "The Deep South"Bear Grylls survives the deadly swamps of the Deep South.
S3, EP1 "Baja Desert"Bear Grylls travels to the desert of Mexico's Baja California, battling a bee sting and a deadly diamondback.
S3 "Bear's Ultimate Survival Guide, Part 2"Bear takes on dangerous snakes, fishes for catfish using only his finger and joins tribes who survive in the toughest terrains.
S3 "Bear's Ultimate Survival Guide, Part 1"Bear offers a survival guide for the most dangerous of places.
S2, EP14 "Siberia"Bear continues his travels in the Sanyan mountains of Siberia where he meets the Tuvans, who have lived there for 20,000 years; he eats squirrel and swims naked through icy water to illustrate survival techniques.
S2, EP12 "Ring of Fire, Part 2"Bear choppers into petrified swamps devastated by the 2004 tsunami and has to navigate his way out, facing killer lizards, snakes, waterfalls and sheer cliffs.
S2, EP11 "Ring of Fire, Part 1"Bear advises how to survive on a deserted island without food or running water.
S2, EP10 "Namibia"Bear Grylls demonstrates how to survive in Namibia, one of the hottest, most-barren places on Earth.
S2, EP9 "Zambia"Bear Grylls heads into the bush of Zambia and survives some of the world's biggest rapids.
S2, EP8 "Bear Eats"Bear Grylls takes viewers into nature's kitchen.
S2, EP7 "Andes Adventure"Bear Grylls survives wild weather in the wilderness of Patagonia.
S2, EP6 "Patagonia"Bear Grylls demonstrates how to survive on a deadly Patagonian glacier.
S2, EP5 "Jungle"Bear Grylls demonstrates the survival skills needed to navigate through the deadly jungle of Panama.
S2, EP4 "Panama"Bear tackles the deadly mangrove swamps and infamous viper habitats of Panama.
S2, EP3 "Desert Survivor"Bear puts his survival skills to the test in the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert.
S2, EP1 "Sahara"Bear puts survival skills to the test in the heat of Sahara Desert.
S1, EP15 "Scotland"Bear Grylls ventures into Scotland's Cairngorms.
S1, EP14 "Ecuador"Bear Grylls demonstrates how to survive in Ecuador's jungles.
S1, EP13 "Kimberley, Australia"Bear Grylls demonstrates how to survive in Australia's outback.
S1, EP12 "Mexico"Bear Grylls demonstrates how to survive in Mexico's Copper Canyon.
S1, EP11 "Iceland"Bear Grylls demonstrates how to make a snow cave, find water in deep tunnels and avoid frostbite in Iceland's arctic conditions.
S1, EP10 "Everglades"Bear Grylls demonstrates how to stay alive in the dangerous waters of the Everglades.
S1, EP8 "European Alps"Climbers survive in the Alps in potentially fatal conditions.
S1, EP7 "African Savannah"Bear travels across Kenya.
S1, EP6 "Sierra Nevada"Bear uses his knowledge of American Indian survival techniques in the Sierra Nevada.
S1, EP4 "Alaskan Mountain Range"Bear Grylls faces one of Alaska's toughest environments, the Chugach Mountains.
A seasoned adventurer and survivalist deliberately "strands" himself in remote locales and makes his way back to civilization to provide in-depth advice for travelers who may find themselves lost on what was expected to be a routine hike or other trip.
Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2006
Genres: NatureTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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7 seasons available on demand (65 episodes)
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