Working the Wild
S7, EP6 "Working the Wild"
Bear takes the viewer behind the scenes to meet the camera crew who are never far from the action.
Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2011 • Discovery • 43m
Land of the Maori
S7, EP5 "Land of the Maori"
In New Zealand, Bear is heading towards civilization but first he must cross a raging river, climb an active volcano and scale a waterfall.
Original Air Date: Aug 19, 2011 • Discovery • 44m
Red Rock Country
S7, EP4 "Red Rock Country"
Bear travels to southern Utah where he attempts to descend a rock pinnacle armed with only a lasso; Bear's craziest airplane stunt.
Original Air Date: Aug 12, 2011 • Discovery • 43m
Iceland: Fire and Ice
S7, EP3 "Iceland: Fire and Ice"
Bear is dropped off on an ice cap that covers an active volcano and must make his way in blizzard conditions.
Original Air Date: Jul 25, 2011 • Discovery • 44m
New Zealand: South Island
S7, EP2 "New Zealand: South Island"
After parachuting into this remote area, Bear must cross the country's highest mountain range and figure out how to start a fire in a waterlogged forest if he is to survive this adventure.
Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2011 • Discovery • 41m