Last Miner Standing

S15, EP12 "Last Miner Standing"

Airs: Feb 08, 2023

A key crew member abandons Kris as he tries to hold onto the Mistress; Shawn fights to retain his crown as the Gold King of Nome; Zeke and crew have a bro-down on the Havilah; Emily and Vernon's crews vie for a strong, lucrative finish to the season.

Discovery • 121m
There Will Be Blood

S15, EP11 "There Will Be Blood"

On Demand

A shocking injury jeopardizes Kris Kelly's gold goal for the season; Mr. Gold gambles on northern winds and low tides to provide a huge paystreak; Zeke cleans up on the Havilah; Emily and Vernon rally their crews to end the gold summer strong.

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2023 • Discovery • 84m
The Miner's Code

S15, EP10 "The Miner's Code"

On Demand

Shawn and Vernon embark on a harrowing rescue mission on a stormy Bering Sea; Mistress problems force Kris into limp mode; Zeke relaunches the Havilah with a wild crew.

Original Air Date: Jan 24, 2023 • Discovery • 84m
Diver's Ed

S15, EP9 "Diver's Ed"

On Demand

The Gold Ship crew strikes out on their own while Vernon is away; Shawn faces an unexpected malfunction on the Myrtle just as Dave Young comes to inspect it; Zeke and Emily hope that new divers will bring huge paystreaks; Kris returns to the Reaper.

Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2023 • Discovery • 84m
Truce or Consequences

S15, EP8 "Truce or Consequences"

On Demand

Shawn and Kris attempt to settle their feud for good; Vernon tussles with an annoying moocher; Jane Kilcher faces a huge challenge out on Claim 14; in the hopes of jump-starting his gold season, Zeke embarks on a marathon suction dredging campaign.

Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2023 • Discovery • 84m
Brawl of Duty

S15, EP7 "Brawl of Duty"

On Demand

As tempers flare, the conflict between Shawn and the Kellys becomes physical; mechanical difficulties plague the Mistress; Vernon is thrilled to have his A-Team back in action; Jane celebrates a gold-laden birthday; Emily drops a bombshell.

Original Air Date: Jan 03, 2023 • Discovery • 84m
Golden Girls

S15, EP6 "Golden Girls"

On Demand

The parallel journeys of Emily Riedel and "Alaska: The Last Frontier's" Jane Kilcher highlight their challenges and triumphs in different Alaskan locales as Emily prepares to bring Jane aboard The Eroica to take charge while Emily's gone.

Original Air Date: Dec 27, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Bad Blood

S15, EP3 "Bad Blood"

On Demand

The long-running feud between Shawn Pomrenke and Kris Kelly illuminates the Kellys' questionable track record and the events that pushed the rival miners to the brink of war.

Original Air Date: Dec 15, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
This Means War

S15, EP2 "This Means War"

On Demand

Two monster dredges duke it out on the Bering Sea as a war brews between Shawn and Kris; Vernon's diver bleeds on his ascent; Emily deals with mechanical difficulties; a notorious nomad returns to team with Zeke.

Original Air Date: Dec 13, 2022 • Discovery • 84m
The Empires Strike Back

S15, EP1 "The Empires Strike Back"

On Demand

Mining empires expand and clash in an epic battle to dominate Nome; Mr. Gold has a plan to yield 3000 ounces; the Kellys impress a new investor; Vernon builds a kingdom on Claim 56; Zeke has a deal to work Tomcod; Emily makes a surprise announcement.

Original Air Date: Dec 06, 2022 • Discovery • 84m