P & T Could Die Any Minute

S9, EP12 "P & T Could Die Any Minute"

Airs: Apr 01, 2023

Featured magicians include Jandro, Ben Krantz, Judge Gary Brown and Puck.

The CW • 60m
Four Fools and Counting…

S9, EP3 "Four Fools and Counting…"

Airs: Mar 25, 2023

Featured magicians Yann Yuro, Helen Coghlan, Jason Michaels and Alexander Boyce.

The CW • 60m
Sleight of Foot

S9, EP2 "Sleight of Foot"

On Demand

Featured magicians include Theron Christensen, Jaana Felicitas, Benjamin Barnes and Brian Curry.

Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2023 • The CW • 60m