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Project RunwayAmateur fashion stylists and designers compete to craft the best possible clothes while attempting to cope with various thematic, material and time constraint challenges. Challenges include fresh takes on materials like fake fur and concepts like the classic cocktail dress, a color-themed team challenge, and one where the competitors are in charge of dressing stars of another reality show. Having been on the air since 2004, "Project Runway" has provided some professional designers, including Christian Siriano and Leanne Marshall, launching points for their careers.
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S20, EP14 "The Finale"In a "Project Runway" first, three all-star finalists race against the clock to complete eight finale-worthy looks in just eight days; with the pressure mounting, all these finalists are shining jewels, but only one will be crowned.
S20, EP13 "The Sky's the Limit"The final four designers push themselves higher than ever for the Avant-Garde Challenge, inspired by the breathtaking views of Manhattan from the 91st floor of Summit One Vanderbilt; famed stylist Law Roach and Steven Kolb from the CFDA guest judge.
S20, EP12 "Let Me See Your Peacock!"The remaining all-stars must create show-stopping red-carpet menswear looks that fully embrace the trend toward the flamboyant; Emmy Award-winning actor Colman Domingo joins the judges to help determine whose look will be in and whose will be "fowl."
S20, EP11 "Double Bind"The designers are faced with one of their hardest tasks yet: a one-day challenge that forces them to create one runway look that showcases two opposing fashion styles.
S20, EP10 "Freedom"For the first time, the final seven designers are given the freedom to design whatever they want; on the grand outdoor runway of Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park, their daring "freedom looks" will be unveiled, rain or shine.
S20, EP9 "Below Decked Out"Fan favorites from the cast of "Below Deck" walk the runway in the infamous Real Client Challenge; Real Housewife Luann de Lesseps and former Below Decker Kate Chastain guest judge to help the panel decide who will sink or swim.
S20, EP8 "Uncut Hems"It's the halfway point and the designers are hitting the road to a denim explosion; in a throwback challenge, they'll create all denim looks while competing in head-to-head battles where only one designer can be safe from elimination.
S20, EP7 "Fashion, Inside Out"The jockstrap is back; the all-stars must create high-fashion looks featuring couture undergarments in this one-day challenge; fashion icons Sergio Hudson and Paulina Porizkova help separate the hot from the not.
S20, EP6 "Like Totally '90s"The designers must create chic and cohesive mini-collections inspired by the '90s; designers take to the halls of a New York City high school to showcase their styles, all while trying to impress guest judge Jennie Garth.
S20, EP5 "Seeing Red"The designers are forced to share a single bolt of fabric to demonstrate how they can stand out from one another and prove why they're the top designer; actor, producer and Emmy Award-winning writer Lena Waithe joins as guest judge.
S20, EP4 "Coronation Day"For Coronation Day, the designers are blindly paired together and tasked with creating couture modern gowns that exemplify royalty; Wes Gordon, the Creative Director of Carolina Herrera and gown expert, serves as a guest judge.
S20, EP3 "Toying With Fashion"The all-stars are tasked with creating a runway look using toys for FAO Schwarz.
S20, EP2 "Project Redemption"For their first challenge of the competition, the designers have to rewrite history by reinventing the look that either got them eliminated or gave them the lowest score in their past, and turn it into a high-fashion moment for the runways of today.
S20, EP1 "Meet the All-Stars"Fourteen designers from across 19 seasons of "Project Runway" descend on New York once again to vie for the coveted title that has eluded them all. The iconic designers meet one another and catch up on their successes after leaving the Runway.
S19, EP14 "Finale"This season's winner is chosen at the iconic New York Fashion Week.
S19, EP13 "The Sky Is the Limit"Four designers compete for the three spots in the season finale; the designers need to show the judges their brand and vision for the future of fashion in a single look.
S19, EP12 "The Model as Muse"For the first time ever the designers will be creating looks for the same Supermodel in this one-of-a-kind challenge.
S19, EP11 "Haute Hair"In this one-day challenge, the designers are each teamed with an up-and-coming hairstylist for a head-to-toe fashion collaboration to create an innovative design and hair look.
S19, EP10 "The Housewives"Bravo's real housewives of Potomac, Orange County and New York City bring their signature attitudes to the catwalk for a client challenge like no other; emotions run high as each designer is paired with a housewife to create a reunion show look.
S19, EP9 "The Last Straw"The designers are asked to create an elegant cocktail dress from an actual cocktail bar; one of fashion's most exciting designers, Christopher John Rogers, is the judge on the guest list for this VIP party.
S19, EP8 "Couch Couture"The designers are challenged to solve one of fashion's eternal struggles: if comfortable can really be chic; there's nothing comfortable about designing for a one day challenge with a surprise visit from Geoffrey Mac and Cyndi Lauper.
S19, EP7 "Are You Fur Real?"Working in pairs, the designers must create innovative avant garde looks highlighting one of the most trendy and complicated of materials, faux fur; Billy Porter, the icon of modern avant garde fashion, is the guest judge.
S19, EP6 "Fashion Is Back, Baby!"Designers collaborate with some of New York City's most talented accessory designers; each collaborating duo is challenged to create a coordinated one-of-a-kind look and new accessory.
S19, EP5 "Go for the Gold… Sequin"Figure skating icons Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir need looks for the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics; the designers will compete in pairs and the winning looks will be worn by Tara and Johnny at the Olympics.
S19, EP4 "Flower Power"For their fourth challenge, the designers show up to discover their work room has been flower flashed; the designers must create their own unique floral print from scratch and turn it into a high-end runway look.
S19, EP3 "If You Got It, Haunt It"The designers are sent to sleep in a haunted mansion to find inspiration; if they can survive the night, they'll have two days to create a hauntingly chic masquerade gown for a runway show with award-winning actress, Taraji P. Henson.
S19, EP2 "#Streetwear"In their first individual challenge, the designers take on streetwear, the most relevant and individualized style in fashion; the competitors create breakout looks to catch the eye of their cool guest judge, social media fashion icon, Wisdom Kaye.
S18, EP14 "Finale, Part 2"The remaining designers hurry to put the final touches on their collections, balancing advice from pros while attempting not to lose their own point of view and it's game, set, match when Serena Williams joins as a guest judge for the final runway.
S18, EP13 "Finale, Part 1"Christian visits the remaining contestants at home as they complete their final collections, but then it's back to the workroom to refine and revise, because even though New York fashion is here, that doesn't mean everybody will show.
S18, EP12 "The Height of Avant-Garde Fashion"The remaining designers must think big to make an avant-garde look that is extraordinary and in a fashion first, the runway starts with a season long retrospective, outside and 16 stories high, in New York City.
S18, EP11 "Olympic Game Plan"Designers are paired with real athletes who are competing to be in the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic games and the designers need to make their dream outfit for a victory night celebration.
S18, EP10 "Live and Let Tie Dye"Tie dye is back in a big way, and the designers will need to create their own textiles to elevate the trend from casual to couture; in a twist that may feel more like a trick to the designers, it's an overnight challenge.
S18, EP9 "Suit Yourself"The challenge is all about turning the tuxedo on its head; inspired by Christian Siriano's Oscar look for actor Billy Porter, the designers must find a way to take the tuxedo into the future with a mix of male, female and non-binary models.
S18, EP8 "Sheer Genius"The designers face a one-day challenge using sexy, sheer fabrics; staying in the game becomes more and more difficult for several designers who are reaching their personal limits and question their ability to make it to the end.
S18, EP7 "Project Runway X Ashley Longshore"Collaborations between fashion designers and artists are all the rage; the designers get a chance to enter into one with painter Ashley Longshore whose outrageous pop art gives the runway some of the boldest looks of the season.
S18, EP6 "There Is Only One You"The designers are challenged to think about their family histories and channel those stories into a look of their choosing; the stakes are high in this one-day challenge, as the designers must face and embrace who they are in order to succeed.
S18, EP5 "Sew 80's"Singer Cyndi Lauper inspires and guest judges a team challenge; the designers must create cohesive mini-collections paying homage to Lauper's 1980s fashion style with a modern take; Christian throws out a mid-challenge twist that changes everything.
S18, EP4 "The Ultimate Upcycle"Guest mentor Karla Welch tasks the designers with dressing her client, Karlie Kloss; the designers must recycle donated clothing from a Goodwill store to create their looks, and they must be both resourceful and fast for this one-day challenge.
S18, EP3 "Sleigh the Runway"The designers are awakened by a surprise visitor; the designers are challenged to show their holiday spirit in the perfect party dress; channeling their own holiday memories, the designers must transform a winter wonderland into a wearable wonder.
S18, EP2 "Cats of the Urban Jungle"Designers must create a fresh take on a timeless classic: animal prints; taking inspiration from the 2019 movie, "Cats," the designers must tame their prints to create stylish looks that can compete on the runway and in the Flash Sale challenge.
S18, EP1 "Blast Off"With luggage still in tow, the designers are greeted at the TWA Hotel at John F. Kennedy International Airport ready to take flight with their first challenge to create an innovative look inspired by humanity's continued push into space exploration.
S17, EP14 "The Final Runway"The final three designers grapple with all aspects of putting together a winning presentation, including casting models, hair and makeup consultations and putting the final touches on their collections; with Diane von Fürstenberg as a guest judge.
S17, EP13 "One Elle of a Day"The remaining designers arrive at a new workspace to learn about their final challenge; Nina Garcia meets them at the Elle Magazine offices where they are tasked with a surprise 11th look; only three of them will move on to compete in the finale.
S17, EP12 "The Art of Fashion"It's the last challenge to determine which four designers will move on to the finale; they must create their biggest and best looks as well as designing experimental art installations; with rapper Cardi B and Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo.
S17, EP11 "New York City of Dreams"The designers head to Christian Siriano's store and atelier, where they meet the women who keep New York City moving; the designers are asked to create dream dresses for civic workers from the post office, sanitation department, FDNY, NYPD, and more.
S17, EP10 "What Do You Care About?"The designers dig deep in this challenge to use their skills to bring attention to a social cause they care about; Elaine Welteroth mentors each designer on channeling their creative voice for change; the designers are hit with a Flash Sale twist.
S17, EP9 "The Stitch Is Back"The designers learn they'll be creating over-the-top looks inspired by the movie, "Rocketman," which tells the life story of musician Elton John; the designers will receive help from some highly qualified assistants for this project.
S17, EP8 "Blame It on Rio"Stylist Marni Senofonte challenges the designers to create a mini-collection for actress Morena Baccarin ("Deadpool") who is heading to Rio de Janeiro on vacation; the designers race to create cohesive looks that tell a vacation fashion story.
S17, EP7 "Elegance Is the New Black"The designers are surprised with an invitation to a Brandon Maxwell photo shoot featuring Karlie Kloss; the final 10 designers will have to impress Maxwell with their take on elegance; then, they are faced with a flash sale challenge.
S17, EP6 "Power Play"The designers each create their own female video game protagonists with a functional and stylish look fabulous enough to earn them an extra life in the competition.
S17, EP5 "High Fashion to High Street"The designers visit the studio of trailblazer Dapper Dan, who introduced high fashion to the hip-hop world by creating luxury street wear; the designers are asked to create their own take on the future of street wear.
S17, EP4 "Survive in Style"The designers are whisked away for a camping trip and challenged to create survival chic looks; the work room, accessories wall and runway are moved to the woods where the designers must battle the elements in order to stay in the competition.
S17, EP3 "All the Rage"The designers are tasked with creating bold head-to-toe looks using a single print; celebrity stylist Marni Senofonte surprises the designers by lending her expertise in this go-big or go-home challenge.
S17, EP2 "The Future Is Here"The designers are challenged to create a mini-collection showcasing the future of fashion; the designers find out their models will be completely transformed with special effects body modifications, inspired by Simon Huck's A. Human' exhibit.
S17, EP1 "First Impressions"Sixteen designers arrive in New York; the designers showcase their best looks and meet their mentor, Christian Siriano; the designers must create a look inspired by some of the biggest names in fashion, but with a twist.
Amateur fashion stylists and designers compete to craft the best possible clothes while attempting to cope with various thematic, material and time constraint challenges. Challenges include fresh takes on materials like fake fur and concepts like the classic cocktail dress, a color-themed team challenge, and one where the competitors are in charge of dressing stars of another reality show. Having been on the air since 2004, "Project Runway" has provided some professional designers, including Christian Siriano and Leanne Marshall, launching points for their careers.
Original Air Date: Dec 1, 2004
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Rating: TVPG
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