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Return to AmishIt stands to reason that TLC wants to "return to Amish." The network got considerable traction by documenting Amish and Mennonite lifestyles and how they contrast with others today, beginning in 2012 with "Breaking Amish," its highest-rated freshman series. The profiled young men and women experienced unfamiliar cities, including New York, and now they have returned to their roots. The spinoff "Return to Amish" features some of those people -- Abe, Jeremiah, Rebecca and Sabrina -- back in Pennsylvania, where they become reacquainted with traditions while having life-changing experiences like marriage and pregnancy.
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S7, EP10 "Funky Cold Sabrina"Jeremiah pays tribute to his father; Rosanna's brother, Ray, gets arrested, and she and Johnny face an uncertain future; Fannie confesses her feelings to Daniel; after Sabrina gives birth, everyone comes together to meet Sabrina's baby.
S7, EP9 "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog"Kenneth, Daniel and Fannie reveal their decision on whether they will go English or stay Amish to their families; Jeremiah meets his biological grandmother; Johnny and Rosanna risk everything to help Fannie; Sabrina is rushed to the hospital.
S7, EP8 "What's the Frequency, Kenneth"Daniel, Kenneth and Fannie get their English makeovers; Jethro proposes to Sabrina; back at home, Rosanna and Johnny make a surprising discovery and must get the blessing of their Bishop to marry.
S7, EP6 "Smooth Oper-Ada"Daniel brings home an English girl, and Fannie is heartbroken; Ada makes a sudden announcement that she's leaving; Johnny's fear about partying at the house leads to a blowout physical fight between himself and Ray.
S7, EP5 "Meet You All the Way, Rosanna Rosanna"Rosanna desperately tries to persuade Johnny to stay in the English world; Kenneth faces a harsh reality about his dream; Ada finds romance; Maureen makes a shocking decision; Ray and Daniel make a bet that leaves Fannie in tears.
S7, EP4 "Come On, Maureen"Rosanna's brother accuses Ada of eroding the Amish values in the house; Jeremiah wants to apologize to Dennis; Fannie has a traumatic beach experience; Maureen confides in Sabrina; Johnny becomes angry when Rosanna models a bikini in public.
S7, EP3 "Fannie, Are You OK?"Jethro comes back to make amends with Sabrina; Kenneth tests his basketball skills; Rosanna's older brother learns about her sleeping arrangements; facing being shunned, Fannie flees to Florida only to be dropped in the middle of more drama.
S7, EP2 "Daniel, My Brother"Johnny panics when he goes to an English nightclub for the first time; Jeremiah and Carmela help Sabrina with a medical scare; Daniel makes a date with an English girl; Kenneth arrives in Florida to pursue his dreams of playing basketball.
S7, EP1 "Karma Carmela Chameleon"Ada hopes Maureen will join her in Florida; Jeremiah and Carmela get away from the stress of baby-making; Rosanna must choose between her Amish boyfriend or the English life; Jethro has left Sabrina while she is pregnant with their third child.
S7 "Chronicles"The gang of outsiders decides whether to follow their dreams in the outside world or stay in their Amish communities; returning cast members give a fresh perspective on past seasons and a glimpse at what's to come.
S6, EP10 "The English Makeover"Ada throws a party to celebrate Maureen and Rosanna's English makeovers; when Jeremiah reveals he wants to be a father, Carmela's answer could make or break their marriage; Sabrina and Jethro try to fix their relationship.
S6, EP9 "The Last Time You See Your Family"Maureen's Amish parents deliver a blow, but she feels support from Daniel; Rosanna realizes that her decision to leave the Amish community will affect everyone in her family; Sabrina wrestles with whether Jethro will fall back into his old ways.
S6, EP8 "The Family Resemblance"Maureen and Rosanna must decide to go English or stay Amish; Jeremiah comes face-to-face with his biological cousins for the first time; while Sabrina is trying to salvage her relationship with Jethro, others are slower to absolve him of his sins.
S6, EP7 "The Black Sheep"After a night of passion with Daniel, Maureen worries about an abnormal itch; Sabrina and Jethro have an emotional face-off; Jeremiah meets his biological cousin; Rosanna goes on her first date.
S6, EP6 "The Most Awkward First Kiss Ever"While out with new friends, Rosanna gets asked out on a date; Maureen has her first kiss, but she has reservations about going further; Jeremiah meets his biological cousin; Jethro walks out on Sabrina and their kids.
S6, EP5 "The Truth About Jeremiah's Dad"Jeremiah learns the truth about his father; Rosanna and Maureen buy their first bathing suits, but then they learn that they must leave Florida abruptly; Sabrina confronts Jethro after finding text messages on his phone.
S6, EP4 "The DNA Test Request"After hours alone in labor, Sabrina must have an emergency C-section; Roseanna has had enough of hearing about Maureen's new beau; still having doubts about his biological father, Jeremiah asks Dennis to take a DNA test.
S6, EP3 "The Time Has Come"While questioning his own father's legitimacy, Jeremiah discusses having a baby with Carmela; Maureen and Rosanna are in awe of the rich English; Sabrina is afraid something is wrong with the baby, and she must head to the hospital alone.
S6, EP2 "The Past Isn't the Past"Ada takes Maureen and Rosanna to the ocean for the first time, but Rosanna contemplates returning to her Amish community; Jeremiah connects with his biological father; an unexpected guest threatens Sabrina and Jethro's baby shower.
S6, EP1 "The Panic in Amish Park"The pandemic has forced Jeremiah, Carmela, Ada and Sabrina to come together in Florida; Sabrina prepares for the arrival of her second child, while Jeremiah and Jethro must make peace; Rosanna and Maureen decide to leave their Amish communities.
S5, EP8 "No Turning Back"Jeremiah, Carmela, Ada, Dawn and Lowell gather for Shelly's wedding; Shelly hopes that her Mennonite mother will come to her English wedding; Lowell and Lisa prepare for the unexpected arrival of their babies.
S5, EP7 "Stay Amish or Go English, Part 1"Jeremiah and Ada must decide the future of their donut stand business; Mary learns her fate with the Amish Church; Shelly meets her biological mother; Lowell finds out surprising news about his baby during an ultrasound; Dawn reveals a dark secret.
S5, EP6 "Forgive Me, Carmela"Jeremiah makes a desperate plea for Carmela to return; Dawn and Shelly go full English; Lowell must make a difficult call to his Mennonite parents; Mary takes a risk that could threaten her standing in the Amish community; Sabrina says goodbye.
S5, EP5 "Going Full English"Despite initial success with the donut stand, tensions mount between Jeremiah and Carmela; Lowell decides to get a makeover; Mary must confront an Amish woman speaking out against her to the Bishop; Sabrina works at the donut stand.
S5, EP4 "Jeremiah's Dark Past"Jeremiah faces challenges as he opens his donut stand for the first time; Mary attends church for the first time since returning home; Shelly debates whether she should contact her biological mother; Dawn wonders about going home.
S5, EP3 "Sabrina's Surprise"Lowell, Shelly and Dawn rebel against Jeremiah's rigid rules and explore the English world; Mary must find a way to please the Bishop; Sabrina tries to make things right with Jeremiah; Jeremiah's temper creates problems.
S5, EP2 "Donut Season"Jeremiah and Carmela introduce Lowell, Shelly and Dawn to the English world; drama unfolds between Shelly and Lowell and threatens to ruin everyone's time; Sabrina reacts to news of her father's death.
S5, EP1 "Leaving Everything Behind"Mary must decide if she will rejoin the Amish church; Jeremiah and Carmela make a risky decision to save their marriage; Sabrina must prove to Jeremiah that she's changed; Shelly, Lowell, and Dawn decide to explore the English world.
S4, EP6 "Amish Pair-O-Dice"Mary takes Jeremiah and Carmela to Las Vegas for the honeymoon they never had, but a fight between Abe and Jeremiah threatens the trip; Mary brings the family together for Jeremiah and Carmela's vow renewal; Rebecca and Sabrina come face to face.
S4, EP5 "Chasing Raber"Mary supports Sabrina at a custody hearing for her newborn baby; Carmela leaves Jeremiah after an explosive argument; Rebecca takes her GED test and is shocked by Abe's reaction.
S4, EP4 "From Here to Maternity"Tensions settle down as everyone makes up in Florida; Jeremiah and Carmela meet with a specialist to see if they're able to have a baby; Mary throws Sabrina a baby shower; Sabrina goes into labor a month early.
S4, EP3 "Fun in the Shun"Jeremiah needs alone time with Carmela to help their marriage; Rebecca's arrival in Florida creates upheaval for everyone's vacation; Sabrina learns the fate of her parental rights to Oakley and worries that her newborn child will also be taken.
S4, EP2 "I Got You Abe"Sabrina's plan of having a home birth is in danger when medical concerns are revealed; Jeremiah and Carmela's new homeowner stress begins to take a toll on their marriage; Rebecca continues to take GED classes; Mary and Abe journey to Florida.
S4, EP1 "Mary With Children"The cast returns with new goals and new dilemmas; Sabrina fights a custody battle for Oakley while coping with a pregnancy; Jeremiah and Carmela want to build a home in Florida; Rebecca wants to go back to school; Mary's father passes away.
S4 "Rebecca"Detailing Rebecca's journey, when at 19 she left home and her Amish life behind, and has grown into the strong, outspoken young wife and mother that she is today.
S4 "Mary"A fresh perspective on Mary Schmucker's journey on the show through archival footage and new interviews, plus a recap of the events that led to her shunning from the Amish church.
S4 "Abe"Abe Schmucker comes from a well-known Amish family but converted to the English lifestyle, leaving the community he had been a part of his entire life; interviews with family and friends document his journey.
S4 "Jeremiah's Story"Jeremiah Raber is well-known as the bad boy; archival footage and interviews highlight moments of his journey through the years.
S4 "Sabrina's Story"Former Mennonite Sabrina Burckholder was adopted into the lifestyle and eventually learned she couldn't fully connect; new interviews document her quest to find her place in the world despite struggles and setbacks.
S4 "The Schmucker's Story"Andrew, Esther and Katie Ann Schmucker, three of Mary and Chester Schmucker's five children, leave the Amish.
S3, EP8 "License to Wed"Mary makes a decision about her future; Kate proves herself at Fashion Week; the cast meets Jeremiah's fiancé, but a wedding day mishap threatens the ceremony.
S3, EP7 "The Announcement"Mary decides her fate; Jeremiah makes a life-changing announcement; Kate has the opportunity of a lifetime working Fashion Week in Los Angeles; Abe and Rebecca make a decision about his teeth; Sabrina receives news her daughter's custody.
S3, EP6 "Rebels Without a Claus"Celebrating an Amish Old Christmas with Mary; Kate receives some unsettling news about her internship; Jeremiah confronts Kate during dinner.
S3, EP5 "Breaking Dad"Mary makes a meal to bring everyone together and make peace; Jeremiah spends time with his kids in New York City; Rebecca and Abe discuss her bakery job; Sabrina goes on a special date.
S3, EP4 "You Lie!"Sabrina overcomes nerves to speak in front of a college class; tension escalates between Rebecca and Sabrina; Esther makes a deal to experience English life.
S3, EP3 "Dental Dilemma"Mary brings her youngest daughter to New York City and Rebecca reacts negatively; Abe decides if the cost of his impending dental work is worth compromising his Amish beliefs.
S3, EP2 "Banished"Everyone takes a road trip to New York City to surprise Kate and revisit old memories; Jeremiah reveals his long distance relationship to Sabrina; Mary secretly sends for help from Punxsutawney.
S3, EP1 "Judgment Day"Everyone comes together to support Mary during a time of crisis; Kate looks for new ways to establish herself in the fashion world; Sabrina's return triggers an emotional reaction from Abe and Rebecca.
S2, EP8 "Big Decisions"Mary gets more than she bargained for when she heads to NYC to visit Kate; Jeremiah gets into trouble with the law; Chapel visits Andrew.
S2, EP7 "Ultimatum"Jeremiah visits his children in Ohio; a big change in Katie Ann's life; Mary is pressured by the church to shut down the B&B.
S2, EP6 "A Secret"Kate lands a fashion show and sets up a photo-shoot; Katie Ann settles into her new English life with Abe and Rebecca; Abe and Rebecca discover a secret that Jeremiah has been hiding.
S2, EP5 "Other Side of the Fence"Guests arrive at the B&B and Kate saves the day; Abe helps an Amish man into an English lifestyle; Rebecca helps Mary become healthier; Chapel visits Andrew.
S2, EP4 "Mother Schmucker's B&B"Unexpected guests before the Bed and Breakfast opens; Jeremiah is forced to reach out to Katie Ann when he is confronted by Rebecca.
S2, EP3 "A Real Emergency"Awaiting news on Mary while Kate rushes to Punxsutawney; Jeremiah deals with an unwelcome presence; out-of-towners pop into the Bed and Breakfast too early.
S2, EP2 "Under Arrest"Chapel finds the courage to confront Mary, but her poor health finally catches up with her; Mary's dream of running a Bed and Breakfast.
S2, EP1 "Broken Family"Mary continues to be shunned because she attended Andrew's wedding; Jeremiah and Katie Ann try to live by the rules; Kate's new look.
S1, EP8 "The Shunning Truth"Hosted by Michelle Beadle, a revealing reunion looking into the lives of each person and finding out what they have been up to since the show.
S1, EP7 "Second Chances"Andrew and Chapel prepare for their big day, but nothing goes as planned; Rebecca gives important advice and Jeremiah makes a final commitment.
S1, EP6 "Rebel Without a Clue"Jeremiah makes a decision about his life; Andrew lets loose at his bachelor party; Chapel goes wedding dress shopping; Mary and Chester have unexpected news.
S1, EP5 "Brother, Where Art Thou?"A major decision for Andy and Chapel's relationship; Mary and Jeremiah open a store together and Sabrina's baby girl is born.
S1, EP4 "Six More Weeks of Winter"Chapel gets heartbreaking news and must tell Andrew while Mary and Jeremiah present their business idea at the local Groundhog's Day Festival and Kate stays focused on her new career in New York.
S1, EP3 "I'm Amish, What Are You?"The Schmucker family meets Abe and Rebecca's newborn baby; Sabrina's pregnancy takes a scary turn; Mary and Chester argue about the church; Chapel receives some news.
S1, EP2 "Shunned & the City"Mary takes a trip to New York City and Katie Ann tags along. Talking babies and shunning in Pennsylvania while Andrew and Chapel have an important appointment.
S1, EP1 "Home Is Where the Beef Is"There's a gathering at Mary Schmucker's; her husband, Chester, is in for a rude awakening; Andrew has a score to settle with Jeremiah; Rebecca and Sabrina are expecting big things; Kate awaits an opportunity.
It stands to reason that TLC wants to "return to Amish." The network got considerable traction by documenting Amish and Mennonite lifestyles and how they contrast with others today, beginning in 2012 with "Breaking Amish," its highest-rated freshman series. The profiled young men and women experienced unfamiliar cities, including New York, and now they have returned to their roots. The spinoff "Return to Amish" features some of those people -- Abe, Jeremiah, Rebecca and Sabrina -- back in Pennsylvania, where they become reacquainted with traditions while having life-changing experiences like marriage and pregnancy.
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